I guess I should do a disclaimer...

Disclaimer: I do not own the Warrior Books or the Harry Potter books, but I do own all of the fake characters I makebup. :)

In the Wizarding World.

"Friday! It's so good to see you again!"

"Hi Breeze! Can't wait for school, right?"

"I know right! Zander is just laughing at how exsited I am about this."

"You know, our Aunt Alice and Uncle Tomas had kids!"

"Wait, huh?"

"Aunt Alice had a girl named Millie. Like 30 years ago because she is a lot older than our parents. She disappeared on her 6th year I think."

"And Uncle Tomas?"

"He had a kid named Rusty like 26 years ago. He was in his 3rd year I think. I dug around a bit over the summer..."

"That is just amazing!"

"I know right! I wish we could have met them..."

"Me too..."

In the Warrior's world.

"All cats old enough to, I don't know, be an apprentice, gather in the clearing for a clan meeting." said the new leader, Dappledstar. She was still getting use to things. Being leader is hard work. She watched as the cats gathered around her.

"Thank you Dappledstar, I can take it from here." Said Poppysong, the medicine cat, seeing Dappledstar's nervousness.

"Are you sure?" asked Dappledstar uneasy.

"I'll be fine. Just relax, you have been very tense sense your father died leaving you in charge.

Cavestar was Dappledstar's father and had died only one short moon ago.

"SkyClan," began Poppysong. "I'll had a dream last night from StarClan. They are warning us. The other clans have become evil. Soon our world will be turned upside-down and no one will trust unless the Magic will be revealed."

As Poppysong finished, she watched as nervous glances were exchanged. The Magic must be found soon. Poppysong thought. Or all of the clans are doomed.

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