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Kirito, or rather Kirigaya Kazuto had always been a magnet for trouble. First was the SAO incident, then the Death Gun incident, then Alicization. That wasn't even counting the fact that after waking up from SAO, he found that Asuna had been trapped in ALO by the bastard Suguo. Thus, it was only natural for something to go wrong after he defeated the 'Goddess' of 'Underworld'.

(Line Break)

Meanwhile, in another world, the soul of a red-headed boy finally died. After throwing away pieces of his emotions; his soul, he finally had nothing left to throw away. Thus, his soul shattered. Through the malfunction of the Soul Translator (STL), the vessel was selected to be the perfect container for a certain Beater. At that point, his soul had not recovered, and so the STL decided to perform an extremely dangerous procedure: the fusion of souls.

By picking up the fragments of the vessel's soul, and fusing it together with the unresponsive soul, the soul was fixed. Yes, these two souls had the highest compatibility with each other thru their link of swords. Which soul, out of the two was saved however, couldn't be told. It could have been the vessel that was saved, or it could have been the beater. Or it could have been a new entity. One that would change the events to come.

Thus, the first memory of the 'Black Swordsman' was Hell. The fires that burned, the cries of the souls it ensnared, that was his first memory. He tried getting up, he really did. But there was only so much the legs of a nine year old could do. Yet he never gave up. He had to get up, he had to survive! The instincts drilled into him during SAO were trying to keep him alive, even in a vessel. However, there was already no strength left in the body. As he gazed into Hell, he wondered 'Is this the end?'

*Scrabble Scrabble*

"A survivor, I found a survivor! With this, I'm saved!" The boy looked up to see a black-haired man weeping tears of joy while holding him in his trembling arms. At that moment, the boy thought that he had never seen anything that beautiful, anyone that happy. The only thought running in his head at that moment was 'I wish that I could be that happy too.' And with that, the fatigue finally caught up to him, plunging him into sweet, soft unconsciousness.

*Ten years later*

"Hello everyone, my name is Emiya Kirito. Nice to meet the all of you!"