I almost didn't get this one out on time.

Isn't the world crazy? Life is just... crazy.

Especially with how things are going on, I was planning on trying to crunch out the real next chapter this time, and surprising everyone with a big epic comeback!

Imagine that, three years of nothing but an annual hiatus update, and then BAM, real chapter 20, in 2020 no less!

That would have been amazing, right?



Crazy how plans can change in just a few minutes.

I know that some of you probably have assumed this story to be permadead, and me as an author to have retired, or something.

That is not the case. I've actually been writing loads of stuff! Just... not this story.

But that will change, as soon as I can get through what I'm currently going through.

Chapter 20 will get there, it WILL get finished, it WILL get released... eventually.


Right now, I just hope I'll still have some of my original readers still around to read it and review, and I look forward to reading said reviews.

Please be kind, I can only do my best, and I promise I'll do my best

This is Player 1, signing off for the 3rd time now, on this

See you in the official Chapter 20, people

Peace out