Hiro tried not to look too guilty as he gazed into Baymax's huge, hyperspectral cameras.

Most would call them eyes... and most would say Hiro failed miserably.

"Hiro, I do not understand. Your recent actions have conveyed your disinterest in me."

"Baymax." He held up his hands, avoiding Baymax's brimful state as it allowed. "I know what I've done... I know, I know I'm terrible at words. I know... " he looked. At first so he wouldn't have to meet his friend's eyes. But then to see what he'd done. "I know I'm the worst friend in the entire world," Hiro achingly looked up. "I know nothing I ever say or do is gonna make up what I've done to you! Baymax, I put you here. I put every one of us in this mess. It's my fault we're going..." When Baymax said his name, he paused.

The robot looked up a moment.

Hiro knew he was just ascertaining everyone else had gotten to a safer distance.

"Baymax, please at me." He entreated.

Baymax complied questioningly. Hiro realized his friend really didn't understand.

"Please... look. at. me."

The robot struggled. Hiro wilted.

His honey-colored eyes were deperate as he touched Baymax's enormous face. "Will you stop just being my healthcare companion for a second? You know you're more then that to me." If robots could look confused... "Baymax, you're my best friend. My Maxie."

"I am your Maxie?" Now he was really confused. "But you never intended to tell me."

The teen fell to his knees, shaking his head. "I'm no good at this."

"Hiro, I truly mean these things to you?"

"Yes." Hiro stood up and tried again. He was never good at-, "Baymax, I love you." The teen grabbed onto his puffed-out pal. "You're my best friend and I love you." He slowly felt a large hand cup his back from behind. Hiro looked up teary-eyed as a big, balloon finger brushed his bangs back. Baymax still looked surprised. "Buddy, I know you don't believe me." When Baymax touched the side of his head, he stopped. He looked at him.

That moment they had in Hiro's garage came to him, but he wasn't thinking of Tadashi.

Hiro wasn't thinking of Tadashi.

"Hiro," Baymax said in realization.

The teen grasped onto his face harder:

He felt the slight pressure increase gently on his back.

"I know you can't believe me," Hiro reiterated. "You don't have to forgive me. I just... I just want you to know I love you. No one can ever take your place, and I am sorry I..."

And Baymax hugged Hiro like he had when the teen had reactivated him.

"You are my best friend." The healthcare companion closed his eyes, "I love you, too."

Some peace Hiro had never known, as if things had fallen into place somehow, entered.

He smiled with full acceptance.

"And I am satisified with my care."

Baymax opened his white lids and looked down at him.

"That is very clever, Hiro." He said a bit less robotically.

His best friend nodded once. "That's why I thought of it." he said happily.


GoGo sized the mechanized dragon up with a wry look. "Now what'd we do about you?"

His red-suited head turned to her.

Fred punched his tethered claw into his other tethered claw. "I say we finger-trap him!"

Wasabi scratched under his chin where some beard was growing. "I say we grill him."

Honey chuckled nervously. "I say we free him?" she said.

"I say we find out what his deal is!" Cass marched over and the dragon stepped back.

His claws went up; The woman didn't mess that.

"Who are you?" she demanded.

He tilted his head to the side and then pointed up at Hiro.

Baymax and he were shrinking at an incredible rate even from this distance.


The robot blinked as he and Hiro hurtled back down to earth.

Something clutched his middle and he saw big, black gloves wrapped tightly around him as they fell like a descending meteor. It took a few moments and then the parody of the moment hit him; Hiro was trying to protect him. Something shifted and the boy gasped.

His friends were waving at him some distance below at they were now gently floating down. Blinking, he rubbed at his head and turned to see Baymax, deflated, acting as a parachute. Hiro grinned sheepishly up at his buddy and hugged onto his arms willingly.

"Y...you are not still mad at me?" Came a woozy voice.

Hiro's eyes widened perceptibly. "Baymax?" he turned to see his friend's wonky eyes.

"Low... battery." The robot's head fell to the side.

Baymax hadn't been recording him the previous night! He'd sacrificed re-charging to-,

"H-Hiro... am-am I b-bad friend?"

The teen shook his head immediately. "No! Of course not."

"Th-then why didn't you... why didn't you want me around?"

Hiro felt a wave of emotion pierce his heart as he listened to him.

"Maxie," he gripped his friend's arm for security. "It's not that I didn't want you around. I..." Baymax listened thoughtfully. "I was scared. Scared of myself. You didn't cause it."

"Why... why couldn't you just t-tell me?"

Hiro considered this. "I don't know," he swung on his friend's arms lightly at they were nearing the ground, it was so lighthearted he smiled. "I wasn't myself... Maybe I was the robot," he smiled up at his best friend. Baymax smiled back at him with his eyes.

"You are... prepare for..."

The teen casually turned so that his feet slid across the dust and cement-pebbled earth.

Baymax landed safely in his arms and Aunt Cass presented the charger she had picked up on the quick run home. Everyone stood around what was at once a completely better outcome in direct contrast to their last major event; and an even more bewildering one.

"Okay," Fred turned his sky blue eyes knowingly towards the dragon. "Shall I?"

He lifted a tethered claw to unmask the vermillion vigilante.

"No need," A man said from beneath the dragon's head, raising his claws.

Everyone pulled back in surprise a bit as a short-haired, familiar-looking man revealed himself. Aunt Cass narrowed her green eyes a moment, then she stepped back as she realized who this was. The Asian man wore no glasses but he was rather recognizable.

"Hello, Hiroto," the forty-something man smiled at the teenager.

"Hasaki?" Aunt Cass questioned.

He smiled at her knowledgeably. "Hello, Cassandra," he said in a warm voice.

"Aunt Cass?" Hiro looked at her.

"Hiro... this is your Uncle Hasaki." She said reluctantly.

The man sighed. "Cassandra, he looks just like Chi-Chi." His gaze shifted back to Hiro.

"My Uncle Hasaki?"

This uncle in question looked upon his nephew pleasantly and asked:

"Duōshǎo qián nǐ shuō pǔtōnghuà?"

Hiro stared back at him in confusion.

Hasaki grew noticeably displeased. "Cassandra, you haven't been consistent with him?"

"I didn't consider a language we never speak at home a requirement," She hissed.

The team looked at Aunt Cass's hot-temper with growing confusion.

"Wait! What?! Since when has our family ever spoken Mandarin Chinese?"

Hasaki turned back to Hiro with a smile. "Your mother's looks, but my personality."

"Hiro is nothing like you!" Cassandra shouted fiercely, planting herself at his side.

He looked up at her in shock as the man touched his forehead to his fingers.

When he did this Fred elbowed GoGo, Wasabi and Honey exchanged a look.

They were all smiling now.

"Aunt Cass?" Hiro's request edged on a demand.

"All right," She looked at him anxiously and touched his face. He dropped his shoulders.

Everyone huddled closer.

"A long time ago..."

Krei cleared his throat. "I hate to interrupt everyone," he said as he came closer. "But I need to point out that I'm still going to need Hiro to sign that check if the downtown is ever going to get repaired." His wryness outmatched even the most sarcastic teenager.

Hiro smiled and cuddled his charging Baymax close to him. Wasabi touched his arm with a proud look as the others took one last moment to revel in their happy ending. It was also in this moment that Hasaki realized this was not his and he was merely an intruder.

"I..." He stepped back.

"Ahhh, man." Fred held up his fingers.

Hasaki approached him with a chuckle. "Having some difficulties?"

Fred nodded.

The man took out a small tool kit, pulled out a thin piece of metal and slid it into the tiny hole in the green-and-yellow, zig-zag tiled trap. With an expert twist, the tiny paper came right off. Fred floundered in his own amazement and gratitude as he lunged up to hug the man. "Oh!" Hasaki held his arms back, laughing. The others joined in, relieved.

Hiro stared at him in some awe. "You're really my uncle, Mr. Hasaki?"

Cassandra eyed the teen nervously.

"Really, Cassie? You didn't-,"

"Don't call me that!"

"Are you into science?" GoGo looked at the man questioningly.

"Well... no, I was never the Trekkie type I'm afraid." he clasped his hands. "But I am a skilled linguist in seven languages of all dialects, an avid calligrapher and a skilled ma-,"

"In some parts of San Fransoyko, it's considered rude to brag." Aunt Cass cut him off.

He smiled slowly. "I was going to say, I am skilled in martial arts. Second only to-,"

"Don't you have some more of Hiro's life to miss?"

Hasaki finally acknowledged her terseness. "If you would just let me explain..."

"If it's okay," Hiro came to stand between them. "Can we do all that back at home?"

Aunt Cass smiled.

"Yes." The man nodded. "We'll have plenty of time to discuss these things later, Hiroto."

"Uh... Hiro," The teen looked at him in confusion. "I'm sorry, you're both siblings, or...?"

The gold in Hasaki's eyes brightened. "I'm your father's brother, Hiro. A Hamada."


Spat... pat... spatter... Rain.

When the noise of something that wasn't "Ow," hit Baymax's sensors, he flipped open his eyes immediately. Confused, his black optics darted around Hiro's darkened room. He blinked and then noticed a hand grasped the bottom of his charger. Looking up he saw an arm wrapped tightly across the top of his concealed head. It took Baymax an unusual few seconds to grasp what was going on when he saw Hiro sleeping with his cheek resting lopsided on top on his arm. The robot blinked up at the teen, knowing it was Hiro who usually awoke to find Baymax holding him. Now he shut his eyes, for the moment not bothering with his odd reactivation, and allowed things to be as they were.

II. The next morning...

It was sunny and cloud-spotted as Hiro led his best friend excitedly down a sidewalk.

"Hiro, I do not see the practicality in blindfolding me." Baymax stumbled about.

"We're almost there!" The teen bounced forward every few steps. "Eyes closed?"

"Why would further impairment of my vision make me a better best friend?"

"Cause how 'bout..." Hiro removed the red sash. "A healthcare companion."

Baymax stared up the length of a tall, brick-building that was a nursing facility.

"Hiro?" Surprise came into his voice.

"I know it's not fancy, or..." The teen pushed on the robot's port, removed the yellow card with his battle moves and offered him a blue one instead. "This," Hiro smiled, but it didn't quite touch his eyes. Baymax took the offered card and looked at it between his chubby fingers. "It has all your memories on it. The good and not so..." he shrugged a little, looking away. Then changed his mind. "I know Tadashi's chip was compromised."

"Hiro," he said slowly.

"Your chip." Hiro smiled. "The virus can't touch that back-up drive. I had to cancel all of your old healthcare protocol because that's where the virus was... but, Baymax, I could never... I couldn't take your first healthcare chip out, even though I re-uploaded your coding onto the blue one, the green one is what makes you, you." Hiro shook his head a little, remembering."I can't explain it and I can never replicate it. The blue one is just in case." He looked down at the yellow battle chip in his hand when Baymax picked it up.

Hiro turned to him curiously.

"I am your healthcare robot," He touched the green chip. "And a superhero." he placed Hiro's yellow chip back in. Baymax then looked into the big, honey-colored eyes of his hero. "But most importantly, Hiro." He touched the blue chip. "I am your best friend."

No one peered out of the hospital or paused on the street.

No one said the future would be easy or that man and machine would always agree.

No one even commented on the 100-foot robot from yesterday.

But as Baymax and Hiro embraced, there was no where else either wanted to be.

The End.

A/N: GAH. I'm so sorry it took so long to finish. I've been busy, lazy and that's just as inexcusable as... HEY! I finished a Big Hero 6 fanfic. HOORAYYYY! Yayyyyyy. xD Well, I hope this was as fun to read as it was to write. I actually started this story because a close friend of mine passed away back in March. And, well, I didn't really get a chance to say goodbye. So this is my story dedicated to Joyce. :3 Rest in peace my dear friend.

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