Five Worlds War

The Gladiator!

First I would like to say the own of this story belong to ND2014. It is just a two chapter or a filler part to his main story and talk place after the current arc he working on or the one after that. I just doing my own fight and nothing more to chance the event of his story at all the much. First part is to introduce Skullak and his interaction with others. So please enjoy and be ready for an epic fight of the life time.

Somewhere far in a wasteland mountain area stood five figure until the dark heavy cloud the cover the land in a light darkness. It was not raining, but bolts of lightning strike in the sky as the light the area up some.

On was side for the area were the four Acts of Order. The four were the second ranking member the Coalition's Blacklist they fear some in various ways. First was the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy. Second was the Fire Dragon Slayer, Natsu Dragneel. Third was the Hero of the Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto Uzumaki. Fourth was Substitute Soul Reaper, Ichigo Kurosaki.

A few day ago the Acts of Order were give a challenge my an individual that wish to face their top warriors in battle. The person promise that this was not trap at all and in the end wasn't at all. Luffy, Natsu, Naruto, and Ichigo stood strong and ready as the look across at their opponent. Their opponent that stood not to far from them was an Arrancar.

He appeared as a fairly muscular, handsome young man with short brown hair and blue eyes. His mask remain is on the left side of his head, which looked like a broken gladiator helmet. He wears a customized uniform, which is a long sleeve jacket with a black line starting at the collar and curving down to his right hip. He also wears white hakama and a black sash. His Zanpakuto is a katana with a black sheath, black hilt, and a golden circle guard.

Ichgio look at the Arrancar and seem to remember another that has a very similar uniform too. He remembered the Captain of the Exequias, Rudobon wear the same unform, but the Arrancar before him has more of a shorter collar and didn't wear black gloves. Other then that this Arrancar and Rudobon had similar uniforms.

Meanwhile all round and hidden in away. Both the Alliance and Coalition sides they send up various camera like system for everyone to what this battle. Hundreds of video snails were watch for all in either the Alliance or Coalition side. For the snails safety power magic and Kido spell protect the snail for being hurt if anything get out of hand or big.

With the many members of the Alliance, they had mix feeling about this. Women like Orihime, Hinata, Boa, and Lisanna worry about the men the loved. Others like Gajeel complain about this find a one of four match with be boring and won't late to long. Many agree and didn't worry that much at all, since they believe in their heroes.

However, their was only one among them that look worried and sad. That was Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck. She had tears in her eyes and should believe who she was see after a very long time. 'It's you Skullak! Why are you doing this?'

Elsewhere in various area and place for the Coalition many of powerful villains what their own mix feeling about this Arrancar named Skullak too. In Dressrosa, Donquixote Doflamingo was once again able to take over because thank to all their most powerful Gladiators help the Order of Light, Doflamingo was able to once again take over. Standing next to him was Trebol.

Doflamingo didn't look happy and he sworn at see Skullak on the monitor. "Doffy what the matter?" asked Trebol. "Is it that Arrancar the visit us before?" Doflamingo frowned more and remember when Skullak came to visit him and made a bit of a fool out of him.

It was a normal day for Doflamingo, he regain his island and ruled a King again. He was sitting back and relaxing with a cool drink in his hand. Then Trebol came in and said, "Doffy we seem to have a guest that would like to talk with you."

This interested Doflamingo because it very rare for him to have a guest or something other then a member of his crew to talk with him. Trebol stood by Doflamingo's side as the both wait as Skullak came in calm with his hands in his pocket.

Doflamingo didn't know who this way, but he grin and said, "Well, I would never think an Arrancar would visit me at all. What is the pleasure of coming here?"

Skullak was silent and said, "Donquixote Doflamingo, a man that is truly evil. Kill his own father as a child and kill you own bother too. You're truly a monster." Doflamingo just laugh and said, "You flatter me Arracnar, but still way are you here?"

"I'm here to make you Fear me!" said Skullak. This surprised Doflamingo, but Skullak draw his Zanpakuto and make and horizontal slash that slice Trebol in half, while Doflamingo dodge at the last second. the wall behind them and anything outside on the mountain top too.

Of course thank to power of their devil fruit, Trebol was about to reattach his upper half with their lower half again. Doflamingo just laugh and said, "What that you best to try to do anything again me and my powerI I have and can use any time?"

"Actually no, but that was just a Normal slash and nothing more," said Skullak. Trebol look shock and thought, 'That was a normal slash? He slice to that much behind us and didn't use anything what we learn about Arracnar called reiatsu at all.' Trebol was sweating at bit seen Skullak didn't know that was released to the powers an Arracnar has.

"Besides, if I used anything again you it would just down you how powerless and weak you are," said Skullak. "After all you are just mere humans."

Doflamingo was insulted and feeling like he was being mocked. However, before he could do anything others that were part of his crew that were still with him and not were at other place that Order of Chaos have control over.

Then a high pitched voice said, "You dare mock Master Doflamingo and dare to attack him in his own home?" Skullak turn to see a figure coming out of the stone floor and he have to look up as the large muscular figure that was Pica glared down mad at Skullak.

"Oh on of the eilte huh?" said Skullak not care about this voice at all. "Impressive, but still your powers are not threat to those of an Arrancar. You stone will shatter to nothing again me." "Then I'll crush you with my bare strength then," said Pica as his over his right hand in Haki.

Pica punched at Skullak, but Skullak held up his left hand and was about to catch Pica fist in his hand and didn't budge at all when if the floor cracked under him some. Pica look shocked and pushed forward and he was starting to sweat, his read become red, and his become bloodshot some too. However, Skullak just stood there completely unfazed and said, "You we might have powerful, but you leave yourself wide open and show you how foolish you devil fruit user are."

Skullak clutch is right hand in to a fist and punch right a Pica in the stomach. Pica eyes wide as her cough up blood and was send flying out of the room and out of the building too. Trebol's jaw dropped and Doflamingo look shocked, but a bit hard to tell with this glasses one.

Skullak look to him and said, "Have anyone else that with to try me?" Then a voice above him said, How about face a power that will shatter your bone completely iin!" Look up was Machive and he was hold his crossed-shaped shape before him.

He come down at Skullak and said, "Let see how you can hand the power off the Ton Ton Fruit and many Hakai no Senton Vise! (1000 Ton Vice of Destruction)" Skullak held his first back and punch at Machive and his shield as the poweful overweight man came down at all.

Both seen to be even in power as Skullak look serious and Machive was grinning. When with 1000 ton of weight was crashing down on Skullak he continue to hold his ground and the floor behind him was shatter apart because of the weight. Both Doflamingo and Trebol grin seeing this will be over soon.

Still Skullak was still punching forward with this punch and Machive said, "Most impressive, but it time for me to go all out and squish you like the bug you are Arrancar. Jigoku no Manton Vice! (10,000 Ton Vise of Hell)"

The weight become even more heavy as the sound of shattering bones in Skullak's legs and arm were hear by the three Pirates. They laugh, but Skullak said, "Like I told you before. It doesn't matter if you have a devil fruit. You Are All Still Just HUMANS!"

Skullak flared out his reiatsu as in was all black and blazing out in the large room. This was Doflamingo first time to see reiatsu up close before. It was even more his have a sweat drop going down his face as he has feel anything so power in a long time.

Then another cracking sound was hear and saw it was coming from Machive's shield. "Now Fly Away Human!" said Skullak as his broken fist shatter Machive's shield and sent the large man fly up in a ball of black reiatsu through roof.

Doflamingo was slightly shaking a little as he look at Skullak. He was still about to stand not caring about the broken bones in his legs or arm at all. Skullak look to him and said, "Good it seem I made you fear me some. I all I have show you was 10% of my strength."

'Who that Hell is he?' thought Doflamingo. 'The one I hear that can be this power are the Esapda. However, I know there is only currently one nine since on was killed. Where does he fit in?'

"So have anyone else left for me or should I leave know I put fear into The Joker, Donquixote Doflamingo," said Skullak. This just made Doflamingo get mad, but lucky he still had a few others and lucky for him another member of his crew come in or this time fly in.

Land in was Monet the Harpy and said, "Well, look like a handsome young man is making a mess around here. Never thought we get to see an Arrancar like this up close. Nothing then that broken helmet on your head, you look just as human as any of us."

Then what happen next was nothing at all. Doflamingo was ready to something, but nothing happen at all. That was become Skullak stood there absolutely shocked. His brown eyes were wide large and he seem to be slightly shaking with a frown as his lips tremble and they saw a single tear coming out of his right eye as Skullak see to be unable to do nothing be stare at Monet.

This confused Doflamingo, Trebol, and Monet very much on what going on. They the heard a voice said, "Lord Skullak are you Ok?" Arriving in the room were two more Arrancars.

First was a rather handsome, spiky silver hair man with three dark blue diamond shaped tattoos above his left eye and yellow eyes. His mask remain is a crest along the right side of his head. He wears a standard uniform with a cape that covers the upper half of his uniform. His Zanpakuto is a katana with a dark blue hilt and a silver sheath.

The second was a dark-skin, fairly muscular man with brown hair with his hair in a dread-locked hairstyle with several ornaments at the end of them and an earring on his left ear. He had red eyes and two purple lined tattoos down his cheeks. His mask remain cover the top of his face with two strange linear emblems between his eyes. He wears a standard uniform and his Zanpakuto is a large katana with a dark purple hilt and sheath.

They were Arrancars 17 and 18, Aisslinger Wernarr and Demoura Zood. The former Guardian of the 22nd Underground Passage way, but truth were the two fraccion of Skullak Tuma.

Both when up to their Lord and were worry about him very much. However, when Aisslinger saw Monet he was shocked and said, "Cirucci!" This confused the pirates more and Monet asked, "Who's Cirucci?"

Skullak hung his head down and started to walk away not care about the pain in his legs at all. Demoura followed his Lord, while Aisslinger remain behind for the moment and should explain to Monet about what just happen.

"You see, you have a very close appearance of Lady Cirucci back in her day when she and our Lord were Hollows together," said Aisslinger. "Lord Skullak was never going to be part of this war no matter what. Not even King Baraggan or Lord Konton could change him mind. However, after the death of Lady Cirucci Sanderwicci everything change for out Lord. The woman in love completely and would do anything for her and protect was kill. It shattered our Lord completely and he on one mission now to destroy the Order of Light and make them until stand the truly Aspect of Loneliness themselves."

Monet was touched my this, however, Doflamingo burst out laugh and said, "You got ti me joking my right? That why this... Skullak guy is doing this just before some woman died." He continued laugh, but then a black bala come right at Doflamingo and hit him hard. He feel to his knee and cough of blood as the reishi power attack hit him.

Everyone look to see Skullak held his left hand out and filtering some. He had a very mad look and his glare at Doflamingo with pure hated and said, "Once I crush the Order of Light I coming after you and kill you in the most painful way I can think of to make you fear and beg to spare you."

Skullak turn and let with Demoura and Aisslinger following their Lord. Trebol and Moent look to Doflamingo still in pain and glare up at the leading Skullak and was mad too.

Doflamingo didn't really care about this fight very much, but thought it would be very entertaining for him. He didn't care wish side would win anyway. I would take away one or four threat to him in the future if Dressrosa would be attack.

Elsewhere, somewhere on the sea was the Blackbeard Pirates on there ship and watch this battle too. Marshall D. Teach also known as Blackbeard was sitting and eat pie. With him was most of his crew, expect for two. The first one was Jesus Burgess, who was part of a team of fighters like Lao G and Mask de Masculine. Teach hear the Jesus and Mask became a power tag partners too.

Then second member was Van Augur. He was part of the Marksmen team lead by Lille Barro, Stern Ritter X and leader of the Schutzstaffel. Other skill marksmen members were Coyote Starrk and Robert Accutrone.

Teach was grin and usually and said, "Well look who it is. That Arrancar that came to talk with me before. Seem and was tell that truth and going to fight all four of them himself." Teach the thought back a week ago when Skullak visit him.

Teach was enjoy one of his pie and said, "To think I would have a guest some, but an Arrancar. Now that is a surprised Zehahaha!" Skullak look at Teach and his crew, but didn't expect anything from them at all.

"Marshall D. Teach out of the four Lords you the weakest of them, but you don't seem to care about that at all," said Skullak. Teach grin and said, "And why should I? I happy just being at the top as it is. I got everything that I want in the end."

"Is that so?" asked Skullak as he stood. "I here you once were a care man that care about his fellow crew mate when you were part of Whitebeard. Yo were a man I could have respect and called a friend. However, you have that all up for what power? Firend, family, a good life for on devil fruit. Do you regret you choice at all?"

Teach was surprised for a moment, but laugh and said, "I don't at all. I got the fruit I been looking for and become one of the most power Pirates of all. Now one Devil Fruit can be used again my Dark Dark powers with the power I took from Whitebeard too."

Skullak tood before Teach with a glare and said, "I see." Them point his hand out at Teach, which made back Blackbeard question what he was doing. "You saw you have the power to negate any devil fruit power right? However..." Skullak the charge his normal cero that was black and in was burning Teach. "You have to power to stop other that have jutsu, magic, and reiatsu."

Teach was in pain, but then a shot were hear and Skullak cero vanish and Skullak's head as hanging back. Teach and the rest look to Van as he shot Skullak in the head. However, Skullak brought his head forward and reach up and grabbed the bullet that didn't completely nothing to hurt Skullak at all thank to his hierro.

"You see to have very loyal man Teach," said Skullak crushing the bullet with fingers and turn to leave."Just don't betrayal them like your first one."

Teach still grinning thought, "Your quiet an interesting man Arrancar. Least see how you'll make this battle interesting." Teach and his crew all want to see how the battle will go.

With the Alliances, there were a few others have encounter Skullak before and as Nelliel about him. Two were Nico Robin and Sabo. Robin was the first to think back with her encounter with Skullak.

A few week back Robin return to her home island of Ohara with a bouquet of flowers to pay her respect to her family and friends that were kill evilly by the World Government so many year back. It has been the first time in a long time she return to how home.

Robin made her way to where the Tree of Knowledge used to be. However, when she did she show that she was not alone to her surprises. She saw a lone figure just stand their. She Robin got close and saw the mask remain the rest on his head and know that he was an Arrancar.

"Nico Robin I presume," said Skullak, which made Robin flitch. "Don't worry, I not here to do anything to hurt you. Just here to pay my respect to those that died just before the want to learn."

Skullak turn to look at Robin and she saw him holding a bag. "I here you like learning don't you?" said Skullak walking to an bit scared Robin. He stop and dropped the bag and books fell out of it. "Books!" said Robin shock.

"Indeed, one that take about the history of Hueco Mundo itself," said Skullak. "I quite curious how long it will take you to learn the language of the Arrancars, but trust me we have think in the past only a few of us know about."

Skullak then walked passed Robin to leave, but stop and said, "Jaguar D. Saul. A giant that I would wish I could have met. A man that was not blinded for loyal and followed his heart to do the right think. Like him I too am against the Word Government and don't get along with them at all. Beside, it be a long time you return here, so I think you would be happy the Saul is alive. Seem Aokiji is a very smart man and one that won't kill a friend at all. Just remember Miss. Robin to never give on your dream and follow them no matter what."

Then Skullak left using sonido as Robin was shock to see an enemy action so nice and the book he left for her too. Most of all learning the Saul was alive and she remember the attack Aokiji use was called Ice Time Capsule, which meant Saul was put into a frozen sleep. She quick when to the spot were Saul was frozen as a child and say the his body was gone.

Robin was happy to learn that Saul is alive and was part of the Alliance in the Giant Squad as the leader. After all he was a former Vice Admiral and was both strong and smart. I just made Robin happy he was alive and the return after a long time.

Also watching this upcoming fight were the Giant Squad. Former Admiral Saul was the leader and was dresses in his uniform again when in the Marines, but without the coat and still wore his cowboy hat. The other member of the squad were Dorry, Brogy, Oimo, Kashi, Hajrudin, and Little Oars Jr. Each were very interesting in this fight too and most of them were Luffy's friend because he was a friend, his brother of Ace, or being the Captain to a crew mate a giant was friends with.

As for Sabo he was think back to now to his encounter with Skullak and the words is once to him too.

Sabo when to the island that had the grave of Whitebeard or Edward Newgate and Ace to pay his respect one more time and hope to give strength to be able to keep his friends and comrades alive during the work of good vs evil. Sabo reached the graves, but saw someone sand before Whitebeard's and look at it. Sabo was about to ask who this man was, but when he saw the mask remain on the left side of his hand Sabo was shock to see an Arrancar here.

Skullak sensed Sabo and didn't turn around when he spoke. "Seem I'm the only one here to pay his respect too. However, you here for you 'brother' Ace, I'm here for Whitebeard."

Sabo was confused why an Arrancar from the Coalition be here or why care about Whitebeard at all. Skullak then said, "How I would wish to meet the strongest man in the World you live in. I man the care about his crew as his own family and was truly an honorable one too. To die still by standing and show that he was strong until the end. What a glorious and honorable death to be about to see."

Skullak turn to Sabo and continue on. "I have big plan and I hope to show all the there are other like Edward Newgate even on the Coalition side that are warriors with great honor too. I will so all something that will change the fate of this war."

Sabo wonder what Skullak meant about change the war. He felt like something big was going to happen in the fight and just hope Luffy will me OK.

Other remember have a quick encounter with Skullak, but he never reveal his name to them at all. Hancock remembered her encounter with him and found his Love Love power have no effect of him at all, since only Luffy wasn't effect before he one attractive to her at a lover, but just saw her as a friend. She remember the words Skullak told her.

"Why are powers didn't work? I have two theory. One it because half of us Arrancar have hole in our chest where are hearts used to be. Second it become your just nothing women and I'm not attracted to you at all and in love with another that is the one and only woman I would live until the end."

Another that look at Skullak with great interests was Kyros, the legendary Gladiator. He know powerful warrior and after just see Skullak he felt like he was look at something that was not just great as him, but honorable too. He was very interesting and want to see this fight and how it might change thing for the war too.

The same was with his daughter Rebecca too. She knew about powerful individuals by just look at them. She knew this Arrancar was much different for the others she see or hear about. It made her worry for Luffy and the others, but a part of her want to know more about this Arrancar too.

Meanwhile in Mariejois, the Leader of the World Goverment known as the Gorosei where also watch this two blades battle to them. Since it didn't matter want side won, things just would get worse from them. If the Four Acts win, they just continue to make a mess of think. However, if Skullak won, he promised to return and kill them along with the Celestial Dragon for the crime of being evil people.

That why Fleet Admiral Sakazuki and other like Smoker, Tashigi, Hina, and a few other there. They were their just to protect them all just incase Skullak win this fight. Many will see him as the hero to the Coalition, but the World Government see the Arrancar as a threat.

Sakazuki or Akainu glare at the monitor at the five. He didn't like any one of them and found them all annoy and troublesome that ruin anything that the Marine try to keep in order in the name of Justice. However, he hate Skullak the most then the Acts. He was rubbing the new scar in got from Skullak not that long along and remember the threat he promise to the World Government on what he will do the them all.

It was a calm day in Mariejois with Sakazuki reporting about things to the Gorosei able what Konton has been planning. Truth other them high rank Marines of Justice and Kaname Tosen himself were along to come to the Holy Lands. Tosen was the one other aloud because of his strong will of Justice and would bee a great Admiral if he was form their world.

Then a royal guard come him report about an Arrancar appearing on the Holy Land and ruin everything and fear the noble most the Celestial Dragons out have their land step on and their air polluted my a demon. It didn't take long for Skullak to reach and enter meeting the Gorosei. He actually had a little fun see the hundred of guard try to stop him all were defeat in one hit by Skullak.

Sakazuki step forward, but Skullak said, "Don't need to be so mad all the time Feel Admiral. I'm just here to have a little talk with this five leader of the World Government and that's it." Sakazuki didn't like this, but the Gorosei allow this so they could get Skullak to leave the Holy Land faster.

"I'm here to tell that I'm going to change everything," said Skullak. "Also reveal everything you old fools have been hide for 900 hundreds years. The lost history of the Void Century!" Hit made the Gorosei look Skullak in shock as he continue one. "I was about to learn all of his that to my powers like using Garganta to travel around you world to find every singel poneglyphs and read the language. Have to thank my mother for teaching me every language their when I was young, since we Arrancars are over 1000 year old so it does make sense few of us when to the Living World during those time to collect knowledge too. I learn what all your ancestors did to the Great Kingdom and the evil thing they did. No wonder you try to hide it and kill all tat research it. Think people will you the three Ancient weapons Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus. Also fear those that cans say the name too."

With Skullak then said the name as the Gorosei just look at Skullak in absolute shock. "You think your men of Justice, but you all lied and using the Marines that I seen have good men and women to keep your secrets that you and the Celestial Dragons. Also talk about the Celestial Dragons, I can't believe you like such rich, greed, and inhuman people do what the like to other. Make people slaves and not are about the Justice in that. I can't wait to return after my battle because I going to being the true God of Death to rot everything here to nothing."

The Gorosei glared at Skullak as his grin love see their fear if this info get out. They then order Sakazuki to kill Skullak not are if he part of the Coalition forces at all. Sakazuki step forward, but Skullak just look at him still smiling and turn to leave. This enrage Sakazuki as Skullak just mock him by walking away thinking he was not a threat at all.

Angered Sakazuki covered his arm in manga and attack. Skullak just look back and then the magma was was completely slice in half with shock Sakazuki see Skullak drew his Zanpakuto and the blade was cover in his black reiatsu. Then a slash mark was made on Sakazuki's chest and he saw that his powers didn't help him and his physical body was cut and made him bleed.

Sakazuki clutched his chest, but look up to see Skullak's blade point are in his face. "I'll show you that we Arrancars will be fear by you human and that your devil fruit power as nothing to the release form we have too."

Skullak strike at Sakazuki agian on his fore head making a scar. After the Skullak sheath his sword and walk a bit before sonido away. The Gorosei were shock to see the Feet Admiral injure like that, while Sakazuki was angered and will get revenge one day.

Sakazuki clutched his fist and was bring justice to any of the Acts of Order or Skullak himself. Bit more off to the side Smoker noticed Sakazuki anger. He then though back to his talk he had with Skullak not to long ago either.

Smoker and Skullak were just sitting on a bench not say anything to each other yet, while Tashigi stand a bit before the too and look at them. Skullak look to Tashigi and smiled to her, which made her slightly blush.

"I have to say there not many women out their like you," said Skullak, which made Tashigi wonder what he meant. "Not many skilled women with a sword out in the world. Should be honor to be in the small rank of women that have master the blade." This make Tashigi happy and felt honor to hear such kind words.

"You truly are an interesting me Smoker," said Skullak making Smoker look to him. "You a man the has great respect and care for him comrades. You truly someone I would like to fight with in battle as a team. Still you have to question thing the World Government do like former Vice Admiral Saul did. Sometime it best to follow your heart and do the right think then obey the law. After all no all pirates are evil and Luffy had changed thing for the best from what I learn. Just surprised you have switch side yet, since I know that quite a few others in the Coalition don't like being on this side and want to be on the Alliance side."

Smoker thought about the world Skullak told him and made sense. He did question the action of Konton and World Governments actions. He watch this up coming battle with interest want to see what Skullak was plan to do to change things.

Elsewhere on Kuraigana Island, was the castle and home of Dracule 'Hawk Eyes' Mihawk one of the Warlords and the Great Swordsman in the World. Mihawk had a great interests in the fight too and remember the talk he had with Skullak.

In Mihawk's castle, the powerful swordsman was have dinner with his Arracanr guest. Both were eat quiet, but Skullak then said, "Mihawk you are truly a very interesting man I met." Mihawk put down his glass of wine and asked, "How so?"

"First you're the one Warlord that doesn't have a devil fruit power. Second you shock you with the Coalition because their many powerful swordsmen to face on either side. Finally, you still on the title of Great Swordsman, but only for your world. I would like to test you skill to show that some of us Arrancars are at your level of skill and might be better then you."

Mihawk wait for the battle to be started and thought, "Show me you skill and power Skullak Tuma. I would like to see how powerful you truly are."

Meanwhile at Mercurius or the prison, many inmate were in a large room were they can talk to each other and be about to watch this fight too. However, they were along be watch my Kama, Uosuke, Neppa, Kamika, and Cosmos the Garou Knights. Lucky all the prisoners all have special cuffs they negated their powers.

Ninjas cuff were made to seal up their chakra and they were not about to us any type of jutsu. Wizard's cuff seal them off from using their magic powers. For devil fruit users, they wear seastone cuffs that negated their powers completely. One was Admiral Borsalino, after his lost he was put in prison, but because of his personality he didn't see to mind too much like others were. He took interested in this fight too, since had been a while for him to see something interesting.

As for Quincy and Arrancars, their cuffs negated their reiatsu and seal up their power. Quincy weren't able to manipulate reiatsu and Arrancars were about to use their nature powers like Bala and Cero. Also Arrancars have their Zanpakuto took away from them too.

Among the Stern Ritter that were captured, Loyd was happy because he was lucky then both Berenice and Bambietta were. Both women were also muzzled up too. Berenice because she would stop talking and Bambietta because the Knights were very annoyed with her screaming all the time and other prisoners were happy for that too.

As the Arrancars, the one that were watch for the first to start more then anyone were Dordoni, Shawlong, Edrad, and Yylfordt. Dordoni believed in his old friend Skullak and knew the former Espada leader can win. Shawlong and his fellow believe too, since Skullak was a teacher to all the fraccions and trained them all. They knew Grimmjow would be watching this too, since he alway want to defeat Skullak, but could never be him at all or even make him go into his Resurreccion at all either.

Elsewhere with the Alliance, were the nine members Supernovas. There are 11, but Luffy in one the battlefield, while Zoro was hang out with Kenpachi as the wait for the fight to begin. Most of the Supernovas weren't friend with Luffy at all, but most of them had respect for him.

First was Capone 'Gang' Bege. Know as father to his crew, he was interesting in this fight too. Never an allies to Luffy, but he hate the Coalition more then the Alliance. Next was Jewelry Bonney 'the Gutton' a women that had a appetite that match Luffy and others. She was on good terms with the Luffy and other have respect to them.

Next was Basil Hawkins the Magician. He was currently shuffling his deck of Tarot Cards. The others were curious about Basil and some member of the Alliances ask if he knew the out come of the this up coming battle. To many surprise and even Basil himself, he could predict won will win the fight this Arrancar going to have with the four Acts of Order. However, he did know one think and that outcome will end with death, since he continue to draw the card of Death.

Next is the Sea Roar Scratchman Apoo. He was a very curious man and enjoy see think he never seen before and only hear of. He was quite interesting in this fight.

Next was Eustass 'Captain' Kid. He was a rival to Luffy, but he didn't like the World Government at and believe being on the Alliance side was better so he be allow to kill anyone he like or don't like at all on the Coalition. Still he was mad the he could have been ask to be part of this fight too. Still it will help him see and know the full extend of Luffy, Ichigo, Naruto, and Natsu power are to gain his respect.

Next was 'Red Flag' X Drake. He was interesting in this up coming fight too. Be a former Marine, his knowledge do help the Alliance out some when need. Next was 'Mad Monk' Urouge. He was grin and quite excited for this fight. He was look forward to some hard on action and how strong the Four Acts of Order can be.

Next was the 'Massacre Solder' Killer also Kid's right hand man. Killer despite his hand was a nice guy and calm man too. Other just question what he look like under his mask. He too was interesting in how this fight will good and if it will change anything.

Finally was Trafalgar D. Water Law the Surgeon of Death with his crew too. He out of the Supernovas was the close one to be a friend to Luffy. He did worry some about Luffy and the others, but see and hear about the think the done in impossible fight they seem to come out in winning at the end. Still he fell like this Arrancar was different from the one the already face before.

Still Law had a lot to thank Lord Chitsujo for, but the biggest was him bring back Corazon or his real name Donquixote Rosinante. See the man that was so nice and caring to him made Law very happy and it was a very touching moment too. Rosinante had hope for the Acts of Order too and wish to see their strength to be about to fight against his older brother Doflamingo when the time comes.

Meanwhile at Nirvana, a number of Coalition high member were watch and wait for the fight to start. First was Orochimaru, who was quite excited because he want to see how power all five warrior are and if anyone of them would make a great new vessel for him.

Next was Sir Crocodile. He wasn't that interesting that much in the fight yet can't see how one Arrancar could fight the Four Act of Order along. Also their was Szayel Aporro Granz. He of course was just smiling because he knew Skullak quite well and powerful he was too. Szayel just hope Skullak would try to live one of the Acts of Order body intact so he can experiment on.

Last was Brain hold his staff Klodoa. He was put in change of Nirvana and kind of the leader of the others. He too what interesting in this fight and want discovers will be make too.

"I don't get way this is so important," said Crocodile. "What so special about this Arrancar anyway?" "I have to agree," said Orochimaru. "However, he is about to weaken one of the for Acts I can take one to be my new vessel."

"Don't worry, Skullak won't lose at all," said Szayel leaning against the walk twisting his pink hair with his useless smile on his face. Both Crocodile and Orochimaru glared at him. However, Brain asked, "Then tell us what kind of man this Arrancar name Skullak is?"

Szayel then stop as her frown for a few moment before smiling again, but this one was more of a kinder smile. "Skullak in an absolute fool that believe in honor and comrades come first. However, that also his great strength to make him a force you don't what to mess with."

Meanwhile at the Cube the floating island that is the base for the Dark Guild Tartaros, others were their watching too and wait as well. On his throne and watch with his smirk smile on his face was Mard Geer Tartaros. He believed this was going to be very entertaining.

As for others, their was Kyôka. She had more respect to the Arrancars the the others did, since Arrancars were the close being in the Coalition that are almost related to the demons. Their was Nnoitra Gigla too sit on a chair with his hand behind his head and him legs crossed on a stool. He was of course grinning and look forward to this too, hope all five fighters kill each others.

Tesla Lindocruz stood by his master side and hope Skullak can do it, but he didn't say it, but thought it. Lastly was Ulquiorra Cifer watch too want to see what Skullak will do against the Four Acts of Order.

Meanwhile on the island that had Cocoyasi Village, it was once again too over my Arlong as his base of operation. He had all his crew again, minus Hatchan who on the Alliance side. Also with Arlong was Hody Jones and his crew too restore to their youth that to Konton. Arlong was the leader, but make Hody his second in come of all, which he was happy to follow Arlong.

The fishmen all watch and were not to interested in the fight, but still they were still hope for this Arrancar to crush Luffy for them just incase they can't. As for other that were part of the fishmen force, first was Torafuzar. Even if he was a demon, he was still welcome for his hate for humans too. Torafuzar didn't mind at all and actually felt like he was more with his own kind with the fishmen then the demons.

Next was Dellinger. Like the other member of the Donquixote that were spread around in many other Coalition group or unit and keep an eye on all the fools they will be under Doflamingo. As for Dellinger, he was going to enjoy watch this fight.

Next was Kisame Koshigaki member of the Akatsuki and another welcome member to be part of the fishmen forces too. Kisame was a man that didn't fear many things at all and enjoy surprise or see think he has heard about. He look forward to what the Arrancar named Skullak and the Four Acts will do.

Finally was Tia Harribel with her three fraccions Emilou Apacci, Franceska Mila-Rose, and Cyan Sung-sun. Harribel was surprise welcome too when she told her release form was based off a shark. Arlong surprising welcome her because it not everyday to get a strong woman to be part of his group. She also proved too after beating up a few fishmen that were try to have fun with her only to get beat so bad the Arlong just luagh and already like Harribel after the performances. After for her fraccions, they were not welcome at first because not of the had a sea creature type to them, but after Harribel proved herself her only request the her fraccions were along to stay and Arlong allow and in beat anyone that disagree with his choice.

After for the upcoming fight, Apacci, Mila-Rose, and Sung-sun were cheering for their teacher and were confident in him win, since they can't see him never lose at all. As for Harribel, she had all her hope on Skullak too, since she knew he been a lot of pain after the death of Cirucci and Harribel wanted to be Skullak's lover to help heal the pain that's been in.

Meanwhile in Alvarez, Zeref was watch with this Spriggan 12. However, Zeref wasn't going to have this force in his empire join in the war at all. Still they were still about to at least with this fight. Watch were Ajeel Ramal the Desert King, August the Magic King, Bradman the God of Death, Brandish μ the Country Demolisher, Dimaria Yesta the Valkyrie, God Serena the Hybrid Theory, Invel the Winter General, Jacob Lessio, Neinhart, two others, and Wahl Icht the Adjudicator.

Each of the 12 have their own thought and say their own option feel want the think about the Acts of Order and Skullak Tuma. Zeref however was remember his talk with Skullak not to long ago.

In a forest, both Zeref and Skullak was sitting together quiet. Zeref worried about Skullak, but he told Zeref's power shouldn work on an Arrancar at all. After all Arrancar as already dead in away and spirit being.

"Tell me Zeref why do you wish to die so back?" asked Skullak. Zeref smiled and said, "Have to be immortal for 400 years with this cure make me wish to find away to break it and die."

Skullak smirked and said, "Only 400 year? Try living over more then 1000 year like me then we can understand one anything." Zeref look to Skullak shocked, but remember that the more strongest hollows have live longer then most beings. "At least you live in a peace world and not a dead desert were you life in try to survive every day."

Zeref was silent the heard Skullak said, "If you like I or one of my comrades or his Majesty to kill you for you. I believe I have to power to it. Or other like Szayel, he has a voodoo power the can crush your organ and muscles. His Majesty has the power of time its self. Don't matter if you really immortal or curse, nothing in any world last forever and his Majesty for rot away you life and free you maybe."

Zeref smiled and said, "I might think about that, but I have a question to if its not to personal. How would you like to die?" Skullak was quiet, but smiled and said, "How I would like to die? Haha, I really know for a long time. After all I lost the one thing in my life so I be happy to die. However, I wish to die face the most powers opponents for all and use my full strength and not hold back at all. I want to die in the most glorious battle of all and die with a smile to show all my comrades it Ok and they must live on to continue the fight for the Arrancars race."

Zeref look at the screen a bit worry and felt like something bad was going to happen. He really didn't want to lose Skullak because to Zeref he was the first friend he got in along time.

Meanwhile at the Mountain's Graveyard, which was the main Akatsuki hideout. Watch was Madara Uchina and seen wasn't too interested in the fight right now. He just thought it was be something to pass the time for boredom.

With him were several others too. First was Nagato with all the power of the Six Paths on Pains, while make him look healing. He was really hoping Naruto was be safe and could win. Next was Konan and she was the same too. She wanted Naruto to win, but both fear a little about this Arrancar, since the Espada with them had completely confidents in Skullak win.

Next was Obito, who has been secretly hope for Naruto to win and proven himself one again to him. He worry about this knowing almost nothing about this Skullak other then some info Starrk told about him. Make this Skullak be an opponent the can win, but Obito know the miracle Naruto could make and believe in him.

As for the Espada was it was Coyote Starrk. With him was of course Liynette Gingerback too. Starrk look completely awake for this and smiling too. Skullak being the close thing to a brother for Starrk, he knew in would be a hard fight for Skullak to face all four of the Acts of Order, but be one of the few Arrancars that knew about Skullak's secrets.

Lilynette for course was cheer for Skullak because he was the better older bother to her then lazy Starrk was and Skullak help her because strong too through his training he did with her.

Next was Sugar eat grapes. She becomes friend with Liynette too. She watch with interests and would like to know about this Skullak man too. If Lilynette was cheering with excitement for him, then she would too.

Finally was Diamante and he enjoyed watch exciting fights too. Seen Doflamingo send a top member of crew to various hideout where other Coalition forces are. Seen Doflamingo wanted to keep an eye out one his allies that he really didn't trust at all, since to him all were going to be his puppets to be about to take over and rule as King of the Coalition.

Meanwhile one the Grimoire Heart Airship, watch for this fight to start were Hades, but his real name is Precht Gaebolg and with him was Sōsuke Aizen. Both were enjoy cups of tea. Also with them was Senor Pink, who slim down and wear his gentleman suit again, however he still wear as pink bonnet in the memory of his wife and son.

"So Aizen want is this Skullak person like?" asked Hades. "He one of your former Arrancars right?" Aizen was sipping on his cup of tea and after he finish put it down and answer Hades.

"Skullak... he was a very useful Arrancar and did help me quite a lot, but after I got Starrk to join, Skullak usefulness was done. After all it didn't matter in the end, since all the Arrancars were just to weak to me."

Hades frowned at hearing that, since he need ever member of his guild to help him and thought they were very useful. He even still think of his old friends when they were treasure hunter and form Faily Tail too. He look back to the waiting fight and hope this Skullak can make Aizen eat his own words.

As for Senor Pink, he was watching Skullak close and can see and understand him already because Skullak was like him. A man that lost the most important person in his live and had nothing left to just fight or serve. Pink was interesting know about Skullak and wonder who this woman in his life that he love very much was.

Meanwhile in Las Noches, many force for the Coalition were wait for this fight to begin. As for Las Noches itself, it become a powerful fortress then it was before and a place that would be almost impossible for the Alliance to face again.

The leader was none other then Emperor Baraggan Louisenbairn. Out of all the Espada, Baraggan was the most easy one for Konton to join him, since Konton gave everything that was taken for Baraggan back. Baraggan was once again King of Hueco Mundo and regain his throne too thank to Konton and because of that Konton was the only person Baraggan will allow to be a follower too.

As for Baraggan himself, he was sitting on his bone made throne and had a very rare smirk on his face. Our of all of those who were still loyal to King Baraggan, there was no one as loyal as Skullak. The most powerful and loyalist warrior then Skullak is. Baraggan had do worry or doubt that Skullak will crush this ants and bring victory to the Coalition.

Stand on both side of King Baraggan was his six elite loyal fraccions. First was the beautiful Charlotte Chuhlhourne, next was the battle loving Avirama Redder, next was the skilled and intelligent Findor Carias, next was the powerful giant Choe Neng Poww, next was the mighty Nirgge Parduoc, and last was the fast and swift Ggio Vega.

The six fraccions are very loyal to Skullak as they were to their Majesty. They look up to Skullak great see him as the teacher the trained them to reach the fullest of their power and make this more still at want their special at too. They believe in Skullak and knew he can't look to four humans. They wait with must excitement one what surprises Skullak had plan for the Acts of Order.

As for the Coalition force the are under Baraggan's control, first was is the former Warlord Gekko Moriah. Moriah was quite interested in Hueco Mundo and found Hollows to be very strong creature to be made into zombie, thought since they were already dead in away, it was a bit hard for Moriah to fine away to make new zombie. Still he was enjoy this war because the more that died the more new type of zombie he can have. As for the fight, he didn't really care about it, but he did care about the end result because the Act of Order and Skullak was be perfect zombies for him to have.

Next was the last for the Privaron Gantenbainne Mosqueda. He was never about this fight and very worry too. Dordoni was capture and poor Cirucci was killed. It hurt him the lost of his old comrade, but see his leader on the screen. He knew why Skullak was doing this and it hurt to know what kind of pain Skullak was in when he had to her about his beloved Cirucci death.

Next were Aisslinger Wernarr and Demoura Zodd. Both are Skullak's fraccions and they were completely loyal to their Lord. They were very happy when their Lord return and help them seal their Resurreccion and trained them to be able to fight like they used it when they serves, since being force to be Guardian and be in their Resurreccion for many years weak the two and Skullak didn't what his fraccions to weak at all in this war. Both were cheer for their Lord and knew how powerful Skullak is and knew no humans boys would be about ti beat his powerful honorable will.

Next were Asgularo Ebern and Luders Friegen. Former Arrancar that were give Quincy powers. However, their loyal was to Skullak now after he too them as his fraccions and train the to be stronger too. Both gave up their Quincy powers and only us their natural Arrancar powers and their Resurreccion too. Both were look forward to see Skullak crush the Act of Order and give the Coalition a bit win to achieve completely victory.

Next was Pica and he was the second most dangerous person in this group. Because of his Stone-Stone power he can become all of Las Noches and be that living fortress. As for the fight, he still had a gauge against Skullak for embarrassing him in front of Doflamingo, but had respect for Skullak for not laugh at his voice when the first met. Pica wanted Skullak to win so he can have a fight with him too.

Next was Monet. The harpy woman power of her Snow-Snow would be very useful in a cold desert like Hueco Mundo. However, the main reaches she join the Las Noches team was to learn more about Skullak Tuma and the late Cirucci Sanderwicci too. Baraggan being one of the oldest Arrancar and the King of Hueco Mundo must have knew Skullak well, since he talk very high about him as his most loyal warrior. Monet want to know he Skullak true is because the first sight of him make her heart feel warm. Along with Aisslinger tell her the Cirucci was supposed to be married to Skullak after the first battle was over with.

Next was Zetsu. The plant man with two personalities or to different individual being that were combine together. White Zatsu was the funny one and would enjoy this fight. Black Zetsu the more serious one and believe it power to travel around Las Noches make him feel important and useful. He seemed to want to watch this fight to get info. Since his main plan was get Konton to free Kaguya so she can ruin over all human, demons, souls and etc.

Last was the Captain of the Exequias Rudobon Chelute. He was Skullak's oldest friend and he had much faith in Skullak and his powers. He might have never become an Espada, but felt like a welcome member of the Privaron family. Rudobon want Skullak to show all the power of the Arrancars and so the Alliance to never take any Arrancar light in battle.

As for the Amy forces in Las Noches, it was quite different the most other. First were Moriah's zombie for all the dead grunts and soldiers on both side and he made them into his personal zombie to server him to protect Las Noches. Second were the huge army of White Zetsu clones. They might not be the strongest, but their power to steal chakra and shape shift. Last were the almost unlimited force of Calaveras. They are consider the strongest because their Arrancar with skill swordsmanship skill and can use bala and cero.

All were watch and wait for this battle to begin. Moriah doing his laugh was excited because he had a win-win situation. If Skullak won, he would make the Acts of Order into his most powerful zombie, but if the won he still get a Arrancar to make into a zombie.

Then Baraggan the lash out and grabbed Moriah by his neck and held the large man before himself. Despite looking old, Baraggan was very strong and glare at him. "I', going to tell you once. If you dare do anything to the Arrancar that are my loyal warriors like Skullak. I'll age your neck now and break it. Understand?"

Moriah nodded in fear and Baraggan tossed him down. Moriah was breathing a bit heavy and rubbed his neck before getting up. Baraggan's fraccion just smirk like see their king show that he don't like other messing with thinks that were important with him. The six look back that the screen with for their teacher to start.

"Ohh, Lord Skullak is like a rose," said Charlotte hold a white rose. "Handsome and charming, but has his thorns to be deadly too." "Baa, I shall to my ritual to give Lord Skullak lucky to with," said Avirama.

"Right like you did before and got you head cut off," said Findor. Avirama yelled, "Are you mocking my and my ways?" "Exacta! If you did what Lord Skullak trained us to do by weakening your opponent down and use your Resurreccion to finish him. You could have won," said Findor.

"Yet, you did that and still lose," said Poww. Findor looked away scowling not want to remember his fight with Hisagi. "You might have been the only one that one, but still lose in the end," said Nirgge to Poww.

"Tch that because he was the only one to face against a Captain's Bankai you fool," said Ggio. "You lose against the weakest lieutenant of all." "And you lost too squirt," said Nirgge.

"Because I was fight a Captain that wasn't fight at full strength," said Ggio mad. "That woman dare mock me. Those damn Soul Reapers mock all of us."

Aisslinger and Demoura look at Baraggan's fraccions and could understand them some. "Lord Skullak will never fail," said Aisslinger. "He has never lose and never disobey an order either." "Yea, Lord Skullak will crush puny human and be hero of the Coalition," said Demoura.

Both Ebern and Luders remain silent, but also believe in Skullak and hope for his victory too like all the other Arrancar present. "I don't know what you all have so much faith in this Skullak," said Pica with his high pitch voice. "He got a lucky shot on me before."

Charlotte, Avirama, Findor, Demoura, and Ggio all covered their mouth and try not to laugh, since those that laugh at Pica are killed brutally. Black Zetsu was covering White Zetsu mouth because he was about to laugh and Black Zetsu was in no mood to dead in a stupid way at all because of his other half laughing at Pica.

Baraggan look to Pica and said, "You have no idea the power that Skullak have. If he fought you for real, he would only need to use a fraction of his power to win."

Pica seemed to be stop and sweat a little knowing that Arrancars were powerful, but some can be more of a threat even Devil Fruit User. Gantenbainne was silent too, but still worry. Skullak was their leader and now their were only a few of the original Espada left. Himself, Dordoni, and Nelliel were left and if Gantenbainne knew how his former leader and good friend fights and think, this was not going to end very well at all.

Monet just chucked to herself and said, "You men are quite a funny bunch. I can see why Skullak got a liking in you all. Sigh, I can't wait to take him as my own. I'll be this lovely harpy and we be happy together." Every just stared at Monet as she was blushing and thinking.

Rudobon step forward and said, "I don't think it will be that easy for you." Monet look to the mask Arrancar and frowned. "Why?" She asked him.

"Well, Skullak is a man the don't ask for anyone to be a mate to him," said Rudobon. "Cirucci was the one and perfect woman who gave my friend the most happiness time if his live and he did the same for her too. There is barely anyone that could replace Cirucci, but being you are a harpy, Skullak might have feel when see you. However, Lady Harribel been one that has been in love with Skullak too and if you want him, you probably going to need to face her too. After all your Snow-Snow power is strong, but against Lady Harribel with the power of water manipulation, I can't see you win at all."

Monet puffed her cheeks up and turn away blushed mad. She finally found someone interesting that she want to have, but now she need to try to with him if another woman what him. Baraggan was tired of this pointless talk and told everyone to be silent. The fight was about to start and no one didn't want to miss it at all.

Meanwhile at the Silbern, the headquarter of the Vandenreich several member of the SternRitter gather to watch this interesting fight that going to start. Sitting on this throne was Yhwach. The Almighty King of the Quincy race. He was never fond of Arrancar and just used them, but Skullak seem on slightly interested Yhwach just a bit. Since he was going to face the Acts of Order alone.

Next was the Grand Master of the SternRitter, Jugram Haschwalth stand my his Majesty side. Haschwalth was curious about this battle that was going to start soon. It was Balance out the outcome in the War for the future.

Next were the four Schutzstaffel. They were just visiting because each one is in different group in the Coalition. First the Lille Barro, the first Quincy give power by his Majesty and leader of the Marksmen team. Lille was sitting and polishing his rifle. He took an interesting in this fight and watch to see how this will turn out.

Next was the cloaked Pernida Parnkgjas. It just stood their and look at the screen. While Askin Nakk Le Vaar was chilling out have a snack and drink his café au lait. Askin was curious too about this fight, but just happy he didn't need to be in it or close either. It would be to troublesome for him because truth he would be about to defeat the Acts of Order with any problem with his powers, but he just didn't want to do anything at all because it was be far to much work and take to much time. Because all four Acts were brute fighter anyway and Askin just didn't like to fight like that at all.

Last was the epic Gerard Valkyrie, He had a big grin on his face and just wish he could have been part of this fight. He was jealous of Skullak fight all four Acts of Order by himself. Gerard wish that was him and it would be fun fight four powerful open and make a Miracle happen to defeat them.

While in the room various other SternRitter were there to watch this fight too. Since they knew his Majesty would mind them being their and return to the Coalition group that are part of. As for who was there to watch, there was hothead, yet kind hearted Bazz-B, the detector NaNaNa Najahkoop, the man of love Pepe Waccabrada, the silent iron Cang Du, the SuperStar Hero Mask De Masculine, and the cyborg BG9.

As for how the felt about this fight going to start. Bazz-B was interested, thought want to face Natsu and see who fire is stronger. NaNaNa didn't care at all and Pepe just sat in his basket laughing. Cang Du was interested along with Mask too, thought he was a jealous and with that was him going to have a being watch by thousand that could be future fans. Lastly BG9 was more interested in collecting data. He'll be able to come up with plans to defeat the Acts of Order and help the Coalition if Skullak loses.

"So who wants to bet on how long this fight will last?" asked NaNaNa. Pepe laugh and said, "Don't really care about this Arrancar huh?" "Of course not," said NaNaNa. "An Arrancar fight the four Acts of Order along with stupid and bet he last just ten minute."

"That just stupid, I call it would be at least a good solid half an hour," said Bazz-B. "What do you think Cang Du?" Bazz-B nudged Cang Du, the silent man just didn't say anything at all.

"Ha if it was me and my team we would make it as long at possible to our fans," said Mask. "Isn't the right James!" "YEA!" cheered James on Mask's shoulder.

Bazz-B just look annoyed and said, "Right, I can true see why both you and Jesus Burgess can be long lost brother. Also that old Lao G guy is just weird."

"How dare you most the Star allies," said Mask. "Jesus is just great of a fight as me and Lao G, I still look fro Liltotto where ever she is. She is still alive if I remember right, but Lao G really want to be SternRitter G badly."

"Yea right of course he does," said Bazz-B bluntly. " What want other weirdos Mask got himself team up with." Cang Du surprisingly nodded to Bazz-B in agree of one. Cang Du was in a team of silent members in the Coalition and hard for anyone other then their leaders to have then talk.

"What about you BG9?" asked Bazz-B. "I have to time for you illogical matters," said BG9. "I must collect data for his Majesty so we can defeat the Act of Four for good if this Arrancar fails. Which I predict a 50-50 change of him win or losing this battle."

"I going to bet this fight will later over an hour or two," said a voice. The SternRitter turn to see Shaz Domino hold some of his knives and smirking at them. "Ha, what a fooling best Holy Scar," said NaNaNa. "Truth I still don't know what his Majesty let something like you join the ranks of the SternRitter."

Shaz frowned, but saw at least Bazz-B, Mask, and Cang Du were a bit nicer then NaNaNa and Pepe. BG9 was completely forced on screen. Shaz then thought back to his talk he had with Skullak not to long ago this week.

Shaz live was not an easy one at all. Being a creation of Gremmy and not a real born Quincy, Shaz was mock and disliked. Today Shaz meet Skullak and talk.

"So you Shaz Domino huh?" said Skullak. "The only creation of the fool Gremmy to break free of his control and become alive himself with you power. Most impressive I think. Have an advance version of high-speed regeneration and being made a SternRitter is a big accomplishment."

"Well, thank you for the word," said Shaz. "Still other don't think of me a the true Quincy like them, even if I'm alive and free. Just hard some time."

"Yea, I know how it free, but never give up and you prove yourself to them all and show you powerful like the rest of them," said Skullak.

Shaz just smiled believed Skullak was different from all the other Arrancars. He believed in Skullak and want him to win too.

Meanwhile, at the castle of Konton, the leader of the whole Coalition was wait with a glass of wine for the fight to begin. With his were all his General talking with each other about this Arrancar think in can fight all four of the Acts of Order alone. Konton himself didn't know anything about Skullak, so didn't know his power or want he can do either. Konton thought back when Skullak came and request he ask to him.

Konton just stared at the Arrancar that stood before him. "Why did you just say?" asked Konton. "I ask for a request to fight the Acts of Order alone," said Skullak.

Konton just blinked and said, "I don't even know who you are Arrancar, but what will make you think I would let this." Skullak smirk and said, "Because I'm on the few that can do it."

"Are you mocking me?" asked Konton. "No, I would do that," said Skullak. "I'm just saying that I can defeat the four of them and help being victory to the Coalition quicker with them defeat and out of them way."

Konton never met someone like this before, but said, "Very well, I let you do this." Thank you my Lord," said Skullak. "However, I wish to this the alone and have one to interfere in by battle."

"Very well, but if you going to do it alone, perhaps a Devil Fruit can..." NO!" said Skullak interrupting Konton. No has done the before and Konton was surprised. "I don't need an gift or power you can give. I win this battle with my own skills, powers, and strength alone. I'm not going to dishonor myself at all."

Skullak turn and walked way from a still shock Konton. Never as anyone refused a gift or power from him at all. This made Konton asked, "What is you name Arrancar?"

Skullak stop at the down and paused for a few moment before look back at Konton and said, "My name is Skullak the Undefeatable Gladiator." With that Skullak left Konton's throne room.

Konton still question who this Skullak was. Baraggan, Starrk, Harribel, and other Arrancars just say Skullak was a man the never lose of fail at any mission or battle. His power were nothing special, but to him it make him a power foe to those the dare cross him and take him on. Konton was very curious in see Skullak's power and see if he can truly bring the Coalition victory.

Back at the mountain valley area where Luffy, Natsu, Naruto, and Ichigo were stand before Skullak as all five of them has serious look on their faces. Lightning in the dark sky continue to strike as the four heroes look to their Arrancar opponent.

Luffy flared his Haki, Natsu flared his fire around him, Naruto flared his chakra, and Ichigo's flared his reiatsu. Skullak did the same flare his reaitsu too. The five hit each other and blow a fearsome wind of power out.

Skullak make a small grin looking forward to this. He said, "Let's Begin!"

To Be Continued!

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