Chapter 1 Meeting Lilly

Jasper Park Canada 9:30 a.m.

There once was a man who goes by the name of Christopher Lewis, who lived on the outskirts of Jasper Park Canada. Both his parents died when he was 14, and lived 5 years with his adoptive parents fantasizing to complete his life goals. When he graduated from high school, he decided to move to the forest of Canada and study habits of many animals. He studied hard in high school to make it to college to be an animal veterinarian, but his scores wasn't high enough sadly. This didn't stop young Christopher from wanting to learn more and help animals that are in danger. He wanted to get up close and personal to the most dangerous animals in the world. Even if it could mean his life would be taken over super overprotective animals, the thrill filled his blood with adrenaline. Christopher was always finding himself in big trouble with bigger dangerous animals who's willing to sacrifice their lives for the life of their offspring. It was just another morning in the timberlands and Christopher was out exploring the new area. He's been in Jasper for a few weeks and almost been killed by bears three times already. It won't be long before one of the bears finally finish the job. There was this dark cave next to a huge waterfall and his tendencies told him to explore what's inside it. Christopher made his way down a rocky hill and slowly walked over to the cave. With his hand on his machete in case of a menacing animal who's obviously not friendly. There was a carcass of deer on the cave cold ground with a small puddle of warm blood around it. Some of the bones were showing and it looked and smelled pretty fresh. It was very quiet and getting darker as he walked deeper inside the cave. Chris heard a cracking noise by his foot scaring the life out of him. He calmed down when he saw it was only a bone he stepped on. Chris then continue savaging the den for maybe something useful he can use. There were a lot of blood on the walls and he even saw someone's hand blood print on the walls.

"Shit" Chris whispered to himself admiring around the scary looking cave.

Chris saw something shine at the very back of the cave grabbing his attention. He walked to it camly as the sound of water dripping into a puddle was hearable in the background. The closer he got the brighter the silver flash was starting to shine. Chris shaded his hand over his eyes and squinting, noticing it looks very familiar. When he was close enough, he realized it was his fancy knife his grandfather gave him before he died.

"Yes I found it!" Chris said trotting over to the knife kneeling lower to take a good look at it before picking it up. There was a little blood and flesh on it, but he dipped it in one of the water puddles cleaning it off to make it brand new again.

"I thought I lost you" Chris said smirking before wiping it off on his pants. He glanced at the knife one last time and smiled before slipping it back in its original case.

He resumed his purpose by exploring the cave, taking small steps lurking his head around. Suddenly a small growl occurred in the cave making him pull out his machete. The sound immediately turned into a whimper and whining raising suspension of this animal's age. He turned to where the sound was coming from and heard another small whimper. All he could see was one lavender glowing eyes backing away in the darkness frightened.

"Come on out buddy...I promise I won't hurt you" Chris said carefully putting his machete away. The animal stayed put and moved backwards more timidly.

"Hold on I got something…" Chris said holding up a finger before taking out a seasoned piece of caribou bait he use to lure animals.

Chris tossed the bakt out in front of the animal and it jerked back scared, but soon the animal realized it wasn't harmful and began to walk to the bait. The animal sniffed the meat several times and quickly chumped it in one bite. Chris studied the muzzle of this animal and it didn't look like a bear cub or anytype of best for that matter. It looks much like a wolf maybe coyote pup that was close to aging out of its puppy years in three months or so. From the looks of the fur color of this animal it was completely pure astonishing white.

"See you can trust me I won't hurt you" Chris said moving his hand to the muzzle of this animal.

The pup whimpered lightly at first taking a step back until Chris made a soothing sound with his mouth. He was nearly inches away from touching the animals muzzle before, he heard a deeper growl behind him. Chris gulped and slowly turned his head to see an adult bear on its hind legs with drool dripping from its muzzle.

"I'm in deep trouble…" Chris said staring up at the bear terrified.

The bear roared and swung his massive paws trying to make contact with his face showing zero signs of mercy. Chris dodged the attack and the bear connected his attack to the den walls leaving four huge claw marks. The animal Chris was trying to bond with took off for the exit and he wasn't far behind. The bear chased them both out the cave back into the morning foggy timberlands. Chris ran his emergency route he created when he got chased by this same bear for the second time. The white furred animal ran a different direction full speed retreating further into the timberlands. When Chris ran up through the trees scared for his life half the distance to his home, he didn't hear the bear anymore. He stopped his running and took a look back to see no bear chasing him. His eyes widened after he realized where the bear is possibly doing right noe.

"Oh's after that pup" Chris said running back to where he last saw the bear.

When he made it back to the waterfall he heard a loud roar and commotion west of his location. Chris ran full speed to the sound of the danger, dodging and jumping over trees willing to die to save this pup's life. As he ran he heard the noise of the bear get louder and much more aggressive. Chris came to a stop when he almost fell off a steep cliff into an on flowing muddy river, knocking a small piece rock into the traveling water. He then heard a loud whimper of the pup again just below him on the right side. He looked to his lower right and saw a completely white furred wolf pup backing against a rock cornered with no way out. The bear growls viciously walking closer to the pup with pure hatred in its eyes. Chris closed his eyes and sighed deeply for what he was about to do, hoping he'll live to see another day afterwards. Without further hesitation Chris jumped down off the cliff nudging all his weight on the bears back to push it in the flowing river away from the pup. The bear cried out surprised trying to keep above the water and escape the heavy current flowing river. Eventually to the bear's luck, it grabbed a hold to a log, and pulled itself out the river before tumbling down the waterfall. The bear shook itself dry and gave them both a long roar to its defeat from the distance. After the bear grumpily walked out of sight behind the trees, the pup and Chris eyes shot to each other.

Christopher admired this pup and didn't see any male parts or features so he assumed it must be a female. He was in awe admiring the most beautiful white furred pup he has ever seen in his life. She had a bang covering her left eye and had the most rare lavender eyes. He walked over to the pup and she shyly moved backwards hiding in a nearby bush.

"No it's's me remember?...I won't hurt you" Chris said reaching his hand out to touch her muzzle again.

She backed away at first but as his hand got closer she started to sniff it. Shortly the pup started to lick Chris hand making him chuckle from the trust he's gaining; or maybe just for the rib steak he ate earlier getting washed off his hand. He rubbed his hand under her muzzle and she purred thumping her tail on the warm dirt. The sensation was too much for the young pup and she laid on her back with her tongue hanging out her muzzle panting; kicking her hind legs in bliss.

"Awww you're so cute" Chris said chuckling rubbing her belly and noticed she blushed a bright cherry red.

"Where's your parents? know it's not safe for you to be out here alone" Chris said massaging underneath her neck again. Chris heard a loud growl and was pounced on by an tan-ish wolf hitting his head hard on the ground. He soonly felt sharp teeth over his neck and knew his life was ending before his time. He started to blackout and the last thing he heard was…

"Lilly run now!" A feminine voice said.

"Mom no don't kill him he saved my life!…" The young pup said.

Few Hours Later...

Chris P.O.V.

I woke up with a nasty headache and blurred vision. It wasn't long before everything came back in HD and I noticed I was in a small dark den. All my weapons and gadgets was gone off of me including my phone. I rose up and groaned from the pain in my head and took a look around and saw a she-wolf in the back mixing some type of herbs together. When she finished she walked over to me and I panicky backed away.

"Relax...I won't hurt you if you don't try to hurt me…" She said in an annoyed tone.

"Woah..did you just talk to me?" I asked shocked and freaked out.

"Um yeah I let me fix your head up you have a big gash" She said walking over to me again.

"I really need to stop eating my baits...because I think I'm going crazy" I said in disbelief and she put some type of weird mixture on my head.

"Owww" I whined moving her paw away from inflecting more pain.

"Oh stop whining you'll be fine" She said placing a medium sized leave on my gash and rubbed this honey mixture to keep it on.

"Better?" She asked looking at me in the eyes.

"Y-Yeah thanks…" I said not blinking scared to move a muscle.

"What?" She asked from my staring.

"I've never been this close to a wolf before that can kill me any second" I said slightly nervous.

"Like I said if you don't try to hurt me I won't hurt you" She said walking back to her mixtures and grabbed this liquid substance that was in a red bowl. She walked back over to me with the bowl in her mouth and put it in my face.

"Drvink...thvishh" She managed to say with the bowl in her muzzle.

"No way…" I said pushing it back unsure I should trust whatever she's giving me. She rolled her eyes and sat the bowl on the ground

"It'll help with the pain now drink" She said pushing it back to me with her nose and on cue my head throbbed making me whine.

"You sure?" I asked with a raised eyebrow ready to take anything to make it stop.

"I'm positive...your body don't seem much different from ours since my herb worked on the cut on your head" She said smirking at her well done job looking at my forehead. I shrugged my shoulders and picked up the weird looking bowl moving it around as it made a nasty squishy noise. I turned bacm at her unsure to drink this and she nodded in approval.

"...*sigh*...okay" I said before drinking the entire mixture.

"Ewkkk...that was disgusting what was in that?" I said sitting the bowl down wiping my mouth and she picked it up bringing it back to her little station.

"Bugs a few leaves and a little poison" She said smirking and my eyes widened.

"What!?" I shouted surprised which resulted in me grabbing my head in pain.

"Shhh relax human...I used them to where they are helpful instead of dangerous" She said calmly rolling her eyes with a giggle to her joke.

"Oh..well then thanks...I guess" I said not fully believing her.

"No problem human" She said mixing more herbs together.

"Chris…" I said.

"What?" She asked looking back at me.

"My's Christopher but you can call me Chris" I said smiling.

"I never thought humans had names" She said seeming to be a little taken back.

"What you think we called each other?" I asked curious to what wolves think about humans.

"I don't know...something weird I guess" She said adjusting things around in the den. It was a small silence until I spoke up again.

"Sooo...what's your name?" I asked starting a new conversation.

"Alex...alpha pack healer" Alex said proudly.

"An excellent pack healer I might add" I said smirking at my compliment and she smiled slightly.

"Thanks" Alex simply said resuming back to mixing herbs.

"Um Alex?...where's my stuff?" I asked looking around for it.

"I have no clue they carried you here'll have to discuss that with the pack leaders who are about to be here soon to decide mercy or death" Alex said smirking but at the same time casual about it.

"Excuse me come again? said mercy or death?" I asked making sure I heard right.

"It's when the pack votes to show you mercy to let you live or...die...and I think you know what that means" Alex said emotionless suddenly and I gulped at the thought of being eaten alive.

"Who would've thought I will die doing something I love to do" I said shaking my head but ready to face my destiny if so be it.

"What is that exactly?" Alex asked turning to mr with perked ears.

"Saving animals from danger and healing them when needed...I have also been studying instance of your kind and by far I've learned a lot" I said informatively.

"Well if that's they case I think you deserve to live...but sadly I don't believe you so I'm not buying it" Alex said and continued doing whatever she was doing.

"You have every right not to...I know what you think...that I'm some type of hunter or killer?" I asked curious to her answer but she didn't respond just ignoring me.

"If I should say that it is illegal for humans to hunt wolves of any sort and could face serious consequences...I wouldn't dare kill a wolf unless I have too" I said as serious as I could to let her know I'm harmless.

"You're telling all of this to the wrong wolf Ipersonally don't care what they do to you I'm just doing my job" Alex said bluntly shrugging her shoulders not having a care in the world.

"Do you not have a heart or something?" I asked confused to how someone can be so blunt about death and she let out a small growl.

"I do have a heart just not towards humans!…your kind killed my parents and I seek to avenge them with your burning carcass!" Alex shouted angrily snarling at me in pure hatred.

"I'm truly sorry and I know how you feel to lose both your parents...soon you'll have to accept their faith and move on in life and make something good out of it" I said with a bit of emotion in my voice to her pain.

"That was a cute little speech was I supposed to feel better?" Alex questioned sassily unsatisfied with my response.

"No I just wanted you to know I understand exactly how you feel…when you lose your parents the sadness doesn't go're biggest fear becomes grief and everyday is a struggle waking up pretending like everything is normal...there's so much you wish they had the chance to witness but..." I suddenly stopped feeling the tears swell in my eyes to the day my parents died. There was a small silence in the den while Alex appeared to show sympathy in her face.

"Ugh why would you care anyways you want me dead" I said sighing sitting in a troubled fetal position. After a few more seconds of complete silence Alex spoke up.

"Have you done anything bad towards any member in our pack?" Alex asked in a rather soft tone than her low one earlier.

"No...I saved this one pup named Lolly or Lilly I think but I'm not sure if she's apart of you guys pack or not" I informed not taking my head away from the fetal position.

"Well that's good news you saved the pack leaders daughter" Alex said in a warm tone while walking a little closer to me. My head shot up in disbelief to see a smiling Alex in front of me.

"Wait that was the pack leaders daughter?" I asked playing back the image of the pup in my head again.

"Yes she is and I'm sure they'll be pleased to know you saved their pup" Alex said smiling widely swaying her tail lightly.

"I hope so or this can mean bad news for me" I said before feeling my headache coming back and Alex noticed this before asking me.

"Hey you have been out for a long time...are you thirsty?" Alex asked in a mother like tone acting so nice now but I didn't question it.

"Yeah that would be helpful..especially after drinking whatever you gave me" I said trying to sound less offensive but to my surprise she didn't seem upset

"Okay stay here and if you don't someone will track you down and kill you" Alex said informatively in a smooth tone like she says this all the time.

"A-Alright didn't plan on leaving anyway" I said nervously smiling at her while she left.

"Don't touch anything while I am gone either or I'll kill you myself" Alex warned with a slight giggle and my eyes widened. "That'd a weird way to joke with a stranger you're holding captive" I thought.

I looked around the den admiring all the weird looking potions and mixtures she had laying around. It was actually somewhat neatly well decorated for a wolf that is. I shook the thought out of my head when I heard someone walking up the slope to the den. There was no way I can defend myself if it's an unfriendly wolf and I was scared out of my mind not knowing what to do. I bolded up my fist as my only defense willing to fight for my life if I have to. A small white muzzle popped around the den's corner sniffing for scents. When it smelled something interesting, it peaked it's head in and saw me sitting there. I realized it was that pup I saved earlier, and she smiled slowly walking in. The pup sat at a respectable distance in front of me while I just admired her beauty.

"H-Hey" She said timidly fumbling with her paws adorably.

"Hello there...what's your name?" I asked calmly with a wide smile eager to know more about this pup.

"L-Lilly...what about yours?" Lilly asked staring at the ground too shy to look at me. I would think it's because she's never seen a human this close before and is nervous.

"My name is Chris" I said smiling at her widely and she peeked her head up comfortable with my happy tone.

"Well ok...nice to meet you Chris...and uh... thanks for saving me I thought I was a goner" Lilly said finally giving me eye contact smiling widely wagging her tail.

"Woah…" I said amazed by this pups one in a lifetime appearance.

"Woah what?" Lilly asked puzzled and blushing at the way I was staring.

"Your eyes are so beautiful" I said smiling making her cheeks burn a brighter red.

" eyes look pretty cute too.." Lilly said nervously blushing harder at her own compliment avoiding eye contact.

"Thanks Lilly but they're nothing compared to yours it's" I said astonished by her eyes and I could see a slow smile creep on her face.

"So your parents really about to kill me?" I asked sparking up a conversation about my life being on the line.

"I don't know yet...but I won't let them kill you if it makes you comfortable" Lilly said with that remarkable smile and suddenly a small tan-ish pup ran in sliding to a stop at the den entrance.

"Lilly!...there you are…" The young she-wolf said.

"You really need to stop-...HUMAN!" She yelled pulling Lilly's arm trying to run only to clumsily fall.

"Lilly what are you doing?!..he's going to kill us!" She yelled terrified.

"Kate he's not going to kill us...he saved my life earlier from that bear remember?" Lilly asked looking annoyed by her sister sudden entrance.

"Wait this was the guy you were talking about?" Kate asked admiring me awkwardly.

"Yes" Lilly said staring at me smiling and I gave a small wave.

"Are you sure this is him?...I thought he was a...well...wolf" Kate said walking behind Lilly still frightened of me.

"Why does it matter to you just please go before you raise suspense" Lilly said quickly nudging Kate out the den.

"No we need to go back to our den or mom is going to kill us when she finds out we're here with the human" Kate said strictly pulling her forearm dragging Lilly out with her.

"I don't care what mom does I'm staying here!" Lilly whined shaking out of the grasp of Kate moving further into the den.

"I'm the oldest and mom put me in charge so I say we go now!" Kate demanded stomping her paw on the ground. Lilly eyes widened to how loud she was being and pinned her ears down.

"Shhh Kate you're gonna get us caug-...*sigh*...ok fine whatever just to shut you up I'll leave" Lilly said annoyed and disappointed rolling her eyes from frustration. Lilly turned to me with a half smile and said.

"I'll see you later...Chris" Lilly said forming a big grin on my face before the sisters walked out the den side by side.

"I don't trust him" I heard Kate say

"You don't trust anyone Kate...besides...he seems nice I like him" I heard Lilly shot back.

"At least someone trusts me" I said smiling to myself sitting back into the fetal position against the den walls. After a while Alex came back with a bowl of water and placed it in front of me.

"No bugs or poison this time right?" I asked half joking and half serious.

"Maybe" Alex said smirking walking back to her station.

"It's hard to tell when you're serious so are you joking?" I asked and she rolled her eyes.

"Yes silly...just drink up" Alex giggled sliding the bowl in front of me. I killed my thirst with the cold refreshing water but now I was starting to get hungry.

"I thought you might get hungry so I hunted this earlier" Alex said dragging a dead ripped open caribou to me, licking blood clean from her muzzle.

"I uh..okay" I said staring at the caribou's insides feeling like I'm about to barf.

"This should last you until this evening" Alex said smiling proudly at her hunt. She noticed my uneasy look and immediately began to question it.

"What's wrong?...does your head hurt again?" Alex asked with a hint of worry in her voice.

"Oh uh's not that...I um...thanks for the lunch I gratefully appreciate it Alex but I'm not hungry" I said politely declining her hospitality trying to stop myself from barfing.

"Are you sure? seem hungry to me" Alex said studying my body language and I nodded.

"Yes I'm positive thanks anyway" I said unable to hold further gaze upon the ripped open caribou. I'm definitely not vegan but it did hurt me mentally to see a poor lifeless animal in front of me.

"Hmm okay...but take just one little bite you have to consume something after the herbs you drunk" Alex said squinting her eyes to stare me down with a glare. I could tell she sensed I was hiding the true fact.

"Come on just a little piece that's it" Alex said ripping a small chuck of meat out the caribou walking up to me with it in her mouth.

"I-I-I...uh I don't think-"

"It's one little piece why so hostile?" Alex asked reaching it towards my face prepare to feed caribou tl me. I backed my head away from the raw smell and gave up my act.

Okay okay look I'm sorry but I can't eat this" I said holding my nose from the fresh smell it gave off and Alex seemed confused.

"Why do you mean?" Alex asked backing her muzzle away from my mouth restraining the hunk of meat.

"I mean I can't eat caribou in that manner it has to be prepared in a certain way" I explained furthermore and she nodded in understanding eating the meat herself.

"I'm sorry I guess I should've asked what do humans normally eat anyway?" Alex asked curiously licking her muzzle clean from blood.

"Humans are omnivores we eat both plants such as fruits and meat of prey...but I was raised to roasted the meat over a roaring fire until it's tender" I explained to her and Alex wagged her tail slightly amazed by something.

"Weird way of eating meat but oddly enough I think I prefer it that way better...that actually sounds good now when I think about it" Alex said after visually imagining cooked caribou and the tasting possibilities.

"I know for a fact you guys would've loved burgers without the veggies of course" I said chuckling from the thoughts of an entire pack munching down some Burger King or something.

"Burgers?" Alex asked in curiosity and I chuckled.

"Yeah it's the most delicious 3 pounds of meat filled entree you could ever devor with some of the best ingredients" I said hearing my taste buds beg for a burger right now.

"That sounds pleasant I suppose" Alex said licking her lips wagging here tail enjoying our conversation about food.

"Taste better than it sounds believe me" I said chuckling and randomly my backup phone in my sock began to ring. When I reached down in my sock to grab it Alex pounced on me.

"What are you doing?" I asked fighting her off me and the headache she brought back.

"No the real question is what are you doing?...take it out and throw it to the side slowly" Alex growled unaware what my phone is, snapping her jaws in my face.

"Okay okay...there" I said tossing it out my sock aside and her ears perked from the sound it made.

"Are we cool now?" I asked and Alex walked over to my phone to investigate by sniffing it.

"What is this thing?..tell me now" Alex asked demanded turning to growl at me.

"Calm down it's not dangerous it's called a destined to tell the of day time..determine today's or this following weeks weather and navigates me around the timberlands so I won't get other phone that was taken away can do a lot more fun entertaining things" I explained leaving out the communication with other humans part so she doesn't think I'm up to something.

"It doesn't seem harmful...sorry" Alex apologized sliding it back to me.

"It's fine I didn't expect less from you" I said picking it up and checking the time.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Alex asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It's just something it seems you would do if you didn't trust someone " I said in a respectable manner not to draw any lindd

"If I didn't trust would be dead" Alex said glaring at me with a "for your information" look.

"So you trust me?" I asked smirking trying to trap her in my game.

"I didn't say that" Alex said, shaking her head in disapproval.

"You don't trust me?" I asked chuckling at my remarks.

"I didn't say that either" Alex said denying any interest.

"Then what are you saying?...I'm confused" I said chuckling knowing I got her trapped now.

"I am...I...ugh just shut up okay" Alex said rolling her eyes and walking back to her station again. I chuckled to myself and laid down on the hard cold den floor staring at the ceiling dropping my eyelids.

All I could hear was the sound of Alex mixing some herbs and the nature of birds outside the den. I've grew to become comfortable to the sounds and was drifting calmly to sleep. Many paw steps escalating closer shot my attention up and glance outside seeing multiple shadows walking to the den. About five wolves walked in the den staring me down and all of them looked pretty average sized but not really intimidating than I thought they would be.

"So you're this Chris my daughter been chatting about?" The grey maturely looking wolf said smiling.

"Depends on which daughter you're talking about" I said unsure if it's Kate or Lilly he's referring to.

"Our youngest Lilly of course" He said with a widen smiling sitting on his hind legs.

"We heard great wonders for what you've done for Lilly and would like to thank you for saving our daughter" The tan-ish she-wolf said that admired so much like Kate.

"I um..*clears throat*...I love to help just apart of my nature" I said smiling kindly giving both I would guess pack leaders eye contact.

"Let me introduce ourselves…my name is Winston and this is my mate Eve" Winston said formally introducing themselves to me.

"Nice to meet you Winston and the beautiful Eve" I said politely sending them my condolences.

"Oh he's such a charmer isn't he?" Eve asked giggled to the fact I called her beautiful.

"I wouldn't say I'm a charmer...I was just raised with proper etiquette" I corrected grinning, which made both Winston and Eve smile.

"That you were indeed" Winston said grinning back pleased with my response.

"I'm guessing you guys are the pack alpha leaders?" I asked turning my gaze between both the alphas.

"You bet we are and I am inducting you an invitation" Winston said smiling at me pleasantly and I gave a puzzled expression.

"Invitation to what?" I asked confused for him to enlighten me.

"We would like to invite you to dinner tonight to know you mate and I have many wonders about your kind and want to ask a few questions you have no choice" Eve said nicely and I nodded in approval before saying.

"And If I say no?" I asked out of curiosity to their response.

"You have no choice" Eve growled startling the alphas behind her to coward in fear.

"Okay then uh...I'll be there" I said nervously chuckling hiding the huge lump in my throat.

"Good boy" Eve said smiling with a sudden happy mood change.

"When can I get my stuff back?" I asked looking for a yes.

"If tonight's dinner goes well" Eve said turning to walk out the entrance.

"We'll see you tonight Chris" Winston said walking out the den beside his mate with everyone following. When they were all out of sight I sighed in relief.

"Scared shitless?" Alex asked speaking up front the back startling me.

"A little.." I said nervously rubbing the back of my neck.

"If you didn't do anything wrong I would say everything will go fine...just be genuinely honest and inform them with anything they ask you" Alex said smiling to ease my nervousness and I nodded half smiling.

"So I can't leave..can't I?" I asked her and she shook her head no.

"Sorry but I'm afraid not" Alex said laying down on her belly a respectable distance from me resting her head on her paws. I sighed leaning back against the den walls not looking forward to sitting around for almost five hours doing nothing. It was a long silence between us and randomly Alex tail began to wag and she lifted her head.

"So tell me about burgers again?" Alex asked turning her head to me willing to learn more about them.