I recently finished watching Kamen Rider W, and decided that I wanted to create a fanfic using OCs that a friend and I created. I hope all of you enjoy it.

Please note that the two of them won't have access to the Gaia Library and the Xtreme Memory. I don't want to make them too overpowered and accessing the Library makes it too easy for them to kick monster arse. I'm going to try and not use too many major canon villains from W, but I will probably use canon memories. That means, the Sonozaki family won't be the main villains, but Foundation X will. Also, the two canon halves of W won't exist either; instead, W will be the two OCs.

Wish me luck.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

There was fire.

Two teens ran for their lives as the world exploded around them. Monstrous creatures pursued them as they fled garbed in ragged clothes, a sealed case gripped in their hands. Dodging fireballs that were launched at them, the two teens ran for the stairs that would lead them out of this hellhole, but their escape was cut off by a blast of energy that exploded in their path. Glancing at each other, they knew what they needed to do and made a dash for the windows overlooking a large drop. Opening the case, one boy pulled out a device that he placed on his waist and tossed a USB like object to his companion as a similar device materialized on his waist. Pressing a button on the objects in their hand, they inserted them into the devices on their belts and leapt through the glass into the open air.




Alexander Drake, or Alex as he preferred to be called, was jolted awake as the school bus he was riding went over a bump. Alex had hair that was pure white due to traumatic events when he was younger and he had fair skin with grey eyes and an athletic build.

"Nightmares again?" asked Daniel Feldman, Alex's close friend that sat across from him on the bus.

Daniel had short black hair and a slim build. He had blue eyes and stood a good head taller than Alex. The two of them had been best friends for years and stuck together through a lot.

"Yeah," said Alex, "of that night again."

"I don't blame you," said Daniel, "that night was pretty bad."

"I really would rather talk about something else," said Alex.

"All right," said Daniel, "so what do you think this new school will be like?"

Before Alex had a chance to answer, the bus came to a stop and a nervous brown haired boy got on board. Alex heard the bus driver tell the teen that the school, Yokai Academy, is a 'scary place.' This caused Alex to raise an eyebrow before watching the teen as he took a seat on the near empty bus.

"So, you're going to Yokai Academy too?" Daniel asked the new kid.

"Yeah," said the teen, "looks like it."

"I'm Alex," said Alex, "and this is Daniel."

"Nice to meet you," said the teen, "I'm Tsukune."

"What do you think the school is like, Tsukune?" asked Alex.

"Well," said the boy nervously, "the bus driver said it would be scary."

"It can't be that bad," said Daniel.

But, as if fate itself was working to refute his claim, the bus then passed through a dark tunnel, and when it emerged, the world had changed to one with a red sky and a skeletal forest around the road they were driving on.

"…what?" said Daniel weakly.

"And that's why we don't tempt fate," said Alex with a sigh, "at least we probably won't run into a vampire or something. Our lives aren't that weird."

The bus came to a stop eventually, and the three teens got out and looked around. The place looked rather spooky and Alex could swear that he saw some bats fly overhead. The group hefted their bags and headed down a path that led them through the forest.

"What kind of place is this?" wondered Daniel.

"Dunno," said Alex, "we weren't really given a description when we got the letter saying we were enrolled here."

"Me either," said Tsukune, "my dad just found an application that a guy dropped and filled it out."

Alex laughed, "Looks like we're the blind leading the blind here."

The group had a good laugh before they continued walking. They were well along the path when a girl's voice was heard.

"Look out!"

Acting on reflex, Alex pulled Daniel out of the way just as an attractive girl with pink hair shot out of the trees riding a bicycle. Unfortunately, that reflexive defensive action didn't extend to Tsukune and the poor teen was knocked to the ground as the girl's bike slammed into him.

"Owwww!" groaned Tsukune as he picked himself off of the ground.

"I'm so sorry," said the girl as she crouched in front of Tsukune, "I get anemic at times."

Tsukune blushed at the close proximity of the attractive girl and chuckled, "it was no trouble." However, as he said this, a trickle of blood ran down his face from where he scratched his cheek during the fall.

"Oh, you're hurt!" said the girl as she knelt down and pulled out a pink handkerchief.

"Hahaha, it's nothing," laughed Tsukune as he tried to reassure the girl.

But Alex and Daniel noticed something Tsukune missed. As the girl drew closer, her face grew slightly flushed and her eyes glazed over before she began to lean toward his neck.

"I'm sorry," said the girl, "this scent."

And with that the girl bit into Tsukune's neck with canines that were longer than normal, before drinking some of his blood and pulling away with an embarrassed look.

"I'm sorry," she said, "I can't always control myself. You see, I'm a vampire."

"…Shut up," muttered Alex to Daniel as his partner gave him a pointed look.

"A v-v-vampire?" stammered Tsukune.

"You don't dislike vampires, do you?" asked the girl nervously, causing Tsukune to blush from the cuteness.

"Of course not!" said Tsukune.

"Wouldn't be the strangest thing we've seen," said Alex, getting a nod from Daniel.

"I think that won't be a problem," said Daniel, "as long as you don't try to turn us into an undead army."

This got a laugh from the group. Once Tsukune and Moka got to their feet, they continued on their way, with Moka bringing along her dented bike.


Orientation was rather dull, and Alex and Daniel soon found themselves in their homeroom alongside Tsukune as class was beginning. The three boys had gotten separated from Moka, as they found their way to their class. As the bell sounded, the teacher walked in, causing the three teens to raise an eyebrow at her obvious feline appearance.

"Hello everyone, and welcome to Yokai Academy," said the teacher with a smile, "I'm Shizuka Nekonome and I'll be your homeroom teacher this year. As you all know, Yokai Academy is a school for monsters. While you're here, you'll learn to co-exist with humans, so remember that you must remain in your human forms while on campus."

This caused Tsukune to pale drastically while Alex and Daniel's eyes widened at this declaration. Before they could say anything, a large student that looked like he had more muscles than brains spoke up.

"But teacher," said the student, "wouldn't it be better to just eat the humans and have our way with the females?"

This statement made Alex's blood boil, but a look from his partner kept him from reacting, which was probably for the best, considering what the teacher said next.

"Oh no," said Nekonome, "that wouldn't do at all. Besides, any human that comes here would be executed."

Alex and Daniel exchanged glances. They would have to play this carefully, or they'd wind up dead. Deciding to remain silent they watched Tsukune carefully as the boy began to panic. Luckily he was saved as the door opened and a familiar face walked through.

"Ah, I'm sorry," said Moka as she walked in, "I got lost after orientation."

The males in the class immediately started to whisper as they regarded the pink haired vampire with lustful eyes.

"That babe is hot!"

"Look at that body!"

"Thank you god for placing this goddess here."

Moka didn't hear these comments, because seeing Tsukune siting in the class distracted her. A large smile appeared on her face and she ran up and hugged him, causing the brunette to gain a blush the same shade as Moka's hair.

"Tsukune!" said Moka happily, "We're in the same class!

Tsukune began to sweat a bit as every male in the class, besides Alex and Daniel of course, gave Tsukune jealous glares that promised death and dismemberment for being the subject of the new beauty's affections.

"Miss Akashiya," said Nekonome as two tufts of hair on her head twitched like cat ears, "if you could find your seat-nya?"

Moka blushed slightly for making a scene and hurried to take the seat behind Tsukune, allowing Nekonome to start the day's lesson. As the teacher talked, Alex and Daniel shared another glance, knowing that they would need to talk about this later.


"What have we gotten into?" sighed Alex as he and Daniel leaned against a wall. They had gotten together to talk after classes got out, while Tsukune had been snatched up by Moka and taken around campus, "We're in a den of monsters."

"To be fair," said Daniel, "I'm not sure how well we'd fit in at a human school. Not after that."

"That is a good point," said Alex as he fingered his white locks unconsciously, "we aren't really what one would consider normal."

"We might actually fit in here more," said Daniel, "in fact, we could even pretend to have a true monster form."

"You mean that?" chuckled Alex, "I guess that would work. It's not like any of them would know what it is."

"Then that leaves one thing," said Daniel, "what about Tsukune?"

"What do you mean?" asked Alex.

"He's probably going to be having a heart attack thanks to all of this," said Daniel, "we don't want him to panic and do something he'll regret."

"We'll talk to him tomorrow then," said Alex, "we'll meet him before classes begin."

"That sounds good," said Daniel.

"Just one thing though," said Alex, "will we stay?"

"Is there really anywhere else we can go?" asked Daniel, getting only silence in response.


The next morning, Alex and Daniel headed toward Tsukune's dorm after getting dressed and gathering their things. Unfortunately, they found that he had already left and thus, they hurried along the path of the school hoping to find the brunette before something bad happened. When they finally found Tsukune, they saw that he was talking to Moka. The two teens were about to catch their attention, when they heard something from Moka that caused them to stop.

"No way," yelled Moka, "you cant go off to some human school! I hate those humans! I went to a human school, and everyone teased me and bullied me because they didn't believe that I wasn't a vampire! You're the first friend I've ever had that didn't dislike me for being a vampire. You can't leave!"

"What if I told you," said Tsukune quietly, "that I was one of those humans that you hate? Would you still want me to stay?"

"What?" said Moka in surprise and confusion.

"I'm a human," said Tsukune, "I don't belong here, and it was only because of an accident that I was enrolled. I'm leaving. I know you hate me, so this will be for the best."

With that, Tsukune ran off toward the bus stop, leaving Moka standing there alone. Alex gave Daniel a look before walking up to the distraught vampire while his black haired partner headed to catch up to Tsukune.

"You alright?" asked Alex kindly.

"Alex?" said Moka in surprise, "How much of that did you hear?"

"Daniel and I heard enough," said Alex, "do you want to talk about it?"

"I just can't believe it," said Moka, "how could Tsukune be a human."

Alex debated a bit before deciding to come clean, "You know," he said, "Tsukune isn't the only human in this school. Daniel and I are ones too."

"No," said Moka in shock.

"Yes," said Alex, "though we have some tricks of our own, we are actually humans that came here because of a request that was sent to us. We're not leaving, but I understand if you don't want to associate with us."

Before Moka could answer, Alex was pushed to the side by a thick arm and the large student from earlier that had advocated for killing the male humans and raping the females lumbered forward, grabbing Moka by the arm.

"Hey, Akashiya," said the student lustfully, "Aono isn't around, so how about you ditch this deadbeat here and have some fun with me?"

"Saizou!" exclaimed Moka.

"Oi!" said Alex as he got up, "Leave her alone."

"Or what, shrimp?" sneered the now identified Saizou, "What can you do about it?"

"I can kick your ass," said Alex.

"HA!" laughed Saizou, "Like that could happen. In fact, we're not in school right now, so I don't have to hold back!"

The teen's body bulged as his muscles expanded and his skin turned gray and leathery, transforming him into a hulking monster of a man with a long forked tongue and an ogre-like appearance.

"Now what are you gonna do, shrimp?" roared Saizou.

"I guess I shouldn't hold back either," said Alex.

Alex pulled a red and black device out of his bag that he placed on his waist, with a belt extending from it to wrap around his waist. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a black device that resembled a USB drive. Holding it up, Alex pressed a button on the device.


"Ready partner?" asked Alex.


While this was happening, Daniel managed to catch up to Tsukune at the bus stop.

"Wait up!" said Daniel.

"Don't tell me," said Tsukune, "you're a monster too?"

"Actually," said Daniel, "I'm human just like you and Alex."

"What?" exclaimed Tsukune in surprise, "But then why are you here?

"It's complicated," said Daniel, "but we need to be here for now, and can't leave. I think if you'd give this place a chance, you might find that you have some friends."

"But Moka said…" began Tsukune.

"She said she disliked the students at her old school," said Daniel, "the ones that tormented her because of things she couldn't control. She never once said that she hated you, quite the contrary in fact."

"How can I even face her though?" asked Tsukune in dismay.

Daniel's eyes widened as the black and red device materialized on his waist, "You might have to think of something. Alex and her are in trouble."

"How do you know this?" asked Tsukune.

"No time," said Daniel as he pulled out a green USB-like device and pressed a button, "ready."


Daniel slotted the device into one of the two slots on the device, causing it to vanish into data. Once he did this, he turned to Tsukune.

"Go! Find them and help!" he managed to say before he suddenly lost consciousness, causing Tsukune to run off to find the others.


Back with the others, the green device materialized in the slot on Alex's belt. Pressing it into the slot with one hand, he inserted the black device with the other hand, before angling the slots so they formed a W.

[Cyclone Joker!]

A bodysuit materialized on Alex's body, with one half being colored green with a sort of scarf and the other being black. The form had red eyes and a crest on its forehead that resembled a W as well.

"What the hell are you?" growled Saizou.

"I…no, we," said Alex, before Daniel's voice chimed in at the same time while the right eye on the figure's head flashed, "are the two in one Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider W."

And cut! I hope you like this first chapter. It ended up being a lot longer than I intended, so I decided to put the fight and explanation in the next chapter with Kurumu's appearance there as well. Thanks for reading.