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Last time on Rosario+W: With the brutal defeat at the hands of Kuyou and his Dopants, and the destruction of the Double Driver and the main six Gaia Memories used by Alex and Daniel to transform, things were looking bleak for the Two-in-One Kamen Rider. Luckily, Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari managed to use T2 Gaia Memories that they managed to obtain from members of Kuyou's group to take on several members of the Public Safety Committee and take their Gaia Memories for Alex and Daniel. Now, armed with the T2 versions of the memories they had lost, the Newspaper Club prepares for their confrontation.

Now, count up your sins. It's time to Ride.

The members of the Public Safety Committee were lounging in their headquarters, basking in the fact that they had scored a major victory over the Newspaper Club and had even captured a human intruder to be executed, when suddenly the door to the room was blown off its hinges by a powerful force, causing all the committee members to grab their weapons and jump to their feet.

Through the cloud of dust and debris, five figures appeared, walking into the headquarters of the Public Safety Committee with strength and purpose radiating off them. As the smoke cleared, the figures were revealed to be Inner Moka, Alex, Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari, with the latter three in their Dopant forms.

"Better count up your sins you bastards," said Alex as the Cyclone Memory appeared in the Driver on his waist, prompting him to push it down into place and slot in the Joker Memory before angling the slots into position.

[Cyclone Joker!]

"Because we're about to raise some hell in this place!" said Alex and Daniel from both halves of the Kamen Rider as their armor formed around Alex's body.

"GET THEM!" roared the Committee members as they pulled out their own Gaia Memories and used them to transform into their Dopant Forms, before rushing at the members of the Newspaper Club en-masse.

The two-in-one Kamen Rider ran forward, catching the lead Dopant with a clothesline technique, dropping him onto the ground before blocking a punch and slamming a kick into another's gut that sent it flying into a wall before grabbing the arm he had blocked and twisting into a judo throw that slammed the Dopant into the ground. With a battle cry, the rest of the club ran to meet the oncoming forces, beginning the assault to rescue their friend.

Several Dopants rushed at the Newspaper Club with a cry of anger, but Moka stepped in front of them with a thunderous look on her face. With a growl, she snapped her leg out several times in a blur of motion sending several transformed students flying across the room and through the concrete walls of the building, the vampire showing no mercy for those who had taken Tsukune from her.

Some of the Dopants decided to charge the other members of the Newspaper Club, but the girls showed that their new Dopant powers weren't just for show. With a wave of her DNA Mixer, Yukari used her powers to transfigure the ground under the opposing Dopants into concrete slurry, trapping them as they floundered in the liquified floor. Mizore followed through by throwing her hand out and casting a blast of burning sunlight that hardened the slurry around the Dopants, leaving them open for Kurumu to rush forward and slash at them with her Nazca Blade, putting them out of the fight.

While this was happening, Kamen Rider W was tearing through the gathered members of the Public Safety Committee with a ferocity his friends had not seen from either of his two halves. A Dopant leapt at him, but he grabbed it by the neck and sank his fist into its stomach area with his free hand, before slamming said Dopant into a desk, causing it to shatter from the impact.

W then pulled the Joker Memory out of his Driver and slotted it into the slot on his hip, causing winds to whip around the Kamen Rider and lift him into the air above the Dopants.

[Joker Maximum Drive!]

"Vortex Kick!" yelled the Kamen Rider as he flew down at the Dopants, boots first, splitting in half as he flew at them with both halves slamming into several Dopants, causing an explosion to engulf them. When the smoke cleared, the students were lying, untransformed, on the ground, with their Gaia Memories in pieces around them.

"Do NOT test us today," said Alex from his side of W.

"Because we are SO not in the mood," growled Daniel from his half.

Seeing that the remaining students were erring on the side of caution and hanging back, Kamen Rider W removed the two Memories from his driver and slotted two new ones in, angling the slots into the active state once he was through.

[Luna Trigger!]

The Kamen Rider pulled out the Trigger Magnum and swung it in an arc as he pulled the trigger, letting loose a barrage of yellow shots that homed in on several of the remaining Dopants, knocking them to the ground. Seeing that the Committee members had yet to take a hint, W pulled the Trigger Memory from his Driver and slotted it into his gun.

[Trigger Maximum Drive!]

"Fantasia Gatling!" called out W as he fired a large barrage of energy bullets that exploded against the enemy Dopants, sending them flying as their Gaia Memories were forcibly ejected and destroyed.

"They're too strong!" exclaimed one of the enemy Dopants, "I thought all we had to worry about was the Vampire?!"

"Guess again," said Mizore as she froze several Dopants to the ground while also creating a sheet of ice that Kurumu slid across, cutting down said Dopants and leaving them open for Yukari to trap them in pillars of stone that she formed with her new powers.

Kamen Rider W proceeded to walk deeper into the headquarters with Moka at his side, pulling out the Memories from his Driver slots and replacing them with two new ones.

[Heat Metal!]

"Now," said Daniel from his half of W as the Kamen Rider grabbed a transformed student by the collar and lifted him up to be level with his helmet, "where is Kuyou?"


In another part of the headquarters, Kuyou glanced down at the T2 Gaia Memory in his hand with a smile on his face as he contemplated their latest victory.

"I must admit," said the leader of the Public Safety Committee, "at first I was skeptical about these new powers you were granting to us, but after seeing the results…"

"I'm glad you approve," said the Darkness Dopant as he walked out of a shadow, "still, I will need you to deal with this Kamen Rider issue."

"Hmph," scoffed Kuyou as he tossed the Memory into the air and caught it, "they are no threat to me, and you should mind your tongue around your betters."

"Oh?" asked the Dopant before raising gauntleted hand with black flames dancing across it, "you think so highly of yourself?"

Kuyou's breath caught in his throat as a black aura formed around his body and a great pressure forced him out of his chair and to his knees as the Darkness Dopant towered over him.

"Do not forget yourself," said the Dopant coldly, "The power we gave you is nothing compared to the power I possess. Defy us, and you will lose everything. Follow us, and none shall be able to defy your whims."

The Dopant released Kuyou from his power causing the Yokai to gasp for breath as he pulled himself to his feet.

"Now," said the Dopant, "do what you must."

With that, the Dopant sunk into the shadow of the desk, leaving Kuyou alone in his office. Kuyou scowled at the disrespect shown to him and rose to his feet, when suddenly his senses went off, causing him to dive to the side as the door to his office, and the wall surrounding it, exploded inwards as one of his subordinates was sent flying through it, showering his office with debris.

"Hi there," said Alex as the Kamen Rider walked into the room with Moka, "miss us?"

"Akashiya-san," said Daniel as W spun his staff into a ready stance, "find Tsukune. We'll take care of things here."

"Hmph," scoffed Moka, "Don't assume to order me around. I know what I need to do."

With that, the S-Class Vampire ran off to find their captured friend, leaving Kuyou alone with the Rider.

"You seem strangely eager to be defeated again," said Kuyou as he reached into a drawer and pulled out his Driver, "nevertheless, I am happy to oblige."

"You'll find that we've gotten stronger," said Alex.

"And we've picked up a few tricks," said Daniel.

"We'll see," said Kuyou as he attached his Driver to his waist and held up his T2 Gaia Memory, "Henshin!"


Once his Rider suit formed over his body, Kuyou grabbed a sheathed Katana that had been leaning on his desk and quickly drew the blade before kicking his desk forward, forcing the Two-in-one Rider to have to leap over the incoming furniture and bring up his staff to block a downward swing from the armored Kuyou, a crater forming under his feet from the force of the blow. The two opponents clashed weapons for a few seconds, before W was forced to break the lock and roll to the side, before quickly bringing his staff back up to defend against several slashes from Kuyou's blade.

"You're good," said Alex as the Kamen Rider continued to defend himself, ducking under a swing and slamming the center of his staff into Kuyou's helmet, forcing him to stagger back and leaving him open for a kick that sent him through a wall.

"But we're better," finished Daniel

"Is that so?" said Kuyou as he climbed through the hole and his armor began to glow with heat, blue flames erupting along the blade of his Katana, coating his weapon in fire, "let's test that, shall we?"

Kuyou then rushed forward with increased speed, delivering a flurry of blazing slashes that broke through the Kamen Rider's guard and struck him across his armor, causing sparks to fly as they sent him staggering back.

"Getting serious, are we?" said Alex as he pulled the Metal Memory from his Driver, "Then we'd better end this quickly."

Quickly slotting the Memory into the Maximum Slot on the Metal Shaft, the Kamen Rider held it ready as flames erupted from the ends.

[Metal Maximum Drive!]

"Adamantine Hellfire!" yelled the Kamen Rider as he slammed the blazing ends of his staff into Kuyou's armor, sending the leader of the Committee flying back from the impact, forcing him to dig his heels into the ground, allowing him to skid to a stop.

"Impressive," said Kuyou as he cracked his limbs, "and it might have worked, but I am a Kitsune, and fire is my element. Your puny flames are an annoyance at best and your attack is not strong enough to make me flinch."

"Well then," said Alex as the Kamen Rider replaced the Metal Memory and removed the Heat one, "I guess it's time to switch things up."

[Cyclone Metal!]

Upon switching forms, the Kamen Rider rushed forward and swung his staff down on Kuyou's sword, but this time the attack was accompanied by a blade of wind that passed through his guard and caused the armored Kitsune to stagger back.

W was quick to capitalize on this and continued the assault with greater speed than before, gaining ground on Kuyou as he struck him with the wind blades before knocking him back over the desk he had kicked over him.

Kuyou recovered quick though and swung his sword in an arc that sent a wave of flames into the Kamen Rider, sending W through a wall, with Kuyou leaping through after him, bringing his sword down on his staff. The Kamen Rider was quick to break the clash, kicking the armored Kitsune off of him as he leapt back.

"Your attacks are weak," taunted Kuyou as he dusted himself off, "you'll fall like before, except this time, I will make sure that neither you, nor your friends, will ever oppose us again."

"We're not finished yet," said Alex from his half of the Kamen Rider as he rushed at Kuyou, only to be kicked aside by the Committee Leader.

"Then I shall have to remind you of your place," said Kuyou as he reached down and pulled the lever on his Driver, "beneath my boot."

[Accel Maximum Drive!]

As flames gathered around Kuyou's armored body, Alex pulled the Metal Memory out of his Driver and slotted it into the Maximum Slot on his staff, but when he moved to take the Cyclone Memory as well, his other hand shot up to stop him.

"What are you doing?!" exclaimed Daniel from his half of the Kamen Rider, "You know your body can't handle a Twin Maximum!"

"Like we have a choice?" said Alex as he jerked free of Daniel's grip, "We need to end this here and now!"

Before his other half could stop him, Alex slotted the Cyclone Memory into the Maximum Slot on his hip, causing energy to arc across his body from both slots.

[Metal Maximum Drive!]

[Cyclone Maximum Drive! Maximum Drive! Maximum Drive! Maximum Drive! Maximum Drive…]

Alex let out a roar of defiance as the two armored fighters rushed at each other, an emerald twister forming on W's staff as he dragged the end across the ground.

"Burning Fire Fox Acceleration!" yelled Kuyou as he leapt up for a flying roundhouse kick, flames and crimson energy forming on his boot.

"Double Vortex Infinity!" called out Kamen Rider W as he swung his staff upward to meet Kuyou's incoming form, sending him flying into the air propelled not only by the impact, but by the emerald cyclone that had been surrounding W's staff.

The swirling winds pulled Kuyou higher into the air, slamming him through the roof of his headquarters and holding him captive as the vortex spiraled around him. Kamen Rider W then leapt up at him, the winds carrying him up, as he raised his staff and made to slam Kuyou back into the ground. Kuyou tried to defend himself, managing to bring his sword up between them, but the force from the Kamen Rider's attack was too great and the Kitsune's sword was shattered as his armored form was sent hurtling down into his headquarters, destroying a good chunk of it.

Kamen Rider W landed in a crouch just as Moka arrived carrying an exhausted Tsukune. Walking up to the fallen warrior, Kuyou's armor now dispelled, revealing a humanoid monster form that had fox traits, he pressed the end of his staff against his throat.

"Never, ever, hurt any of our friends again," said Alex, "or next time, we won't be so merciful."

With that, the Rider left, leaving a furious Kuyou lying in the rubble of his office, too injured to move.

So that is the end of my version of the movie arc. We will be dealing with the repercussions of a Twin Maximum next chapter, and expect to see another Rider make an appearance in the near future.

This is Trace Carter saying, so long, and thanks for the fish.