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Word Count: 5,099

Summary: (HP!Bleach xover) Eleven years ago, four year old Willow Astrid Potter was murdered by the Dursleys, and her wandering spirit was later found and adopted by Mayuri Kurotsuchi and was renamed as Nemu. Now at age sixteen, her unknown past has come looking for her to drag her back into a world and family she has no interest in being a part of. -(Independent!Powerful!Grey!FEMALE Harry) -(slight Manipulative Dumbledore bashing, extreme Ron, Molly, Ginny, and Potter bashing)-

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The Daughter
Prologue: One Life Ends, Another Begins
Originally Created By: TheBlackSeaReaper
Adopted By: Sakura Lisel

Not much is known about Nemu Kurotsuchi and her past. It was said that Mayuri Kurotsuchi was working on a different version of a mod soul, when through an accident he created her. As time went on, Mayuri did a number of experiments on her to improve her and help protect her in case anything bad should happen to her. Nemu is well known for having little or no emotions at all, always obeying Mayuri's orders no matter what they may be, and almost always following him around where he goes.

It is also known throughout the Soul Society that Mayuri Kurotsuchi is a cold-hearted bastard that sees everyone as a potential guinea pig in his lab. He never cares about anyone, but himself and his experiments. And whenever Mayuri goes out to do a mission, people always hope that he would be killed. And also, people would feel sorry for Nemu for putting up with him, as she seems to get the brunt of all of the injuries in battle when Mayuri and she were fighting together.

It was believed by the members of Soul Society who knew the duo that Nemu was an Enhanced Artificial Mod Soul who had been created out by one of Mayuri's experiments for a project he had been working on for a few decades called the 'Nemuri Project', with the previous incarnations not surviving for long, before the current Nemu succeeded. So no one truly questioned where the girl now known as Nemu Kurotsuchi came from, when Mayuri first brought her out to meet everyone when she was around five or six years old and show her off as a success in his efforts.

But what if this was mostly a lie? What if the information on how Nemu came to be was a lie? And what if Mayuri Kurotsuchi was not totally a cold-hearted bastard that we know? What would you do then? If the soul reapers of the Soul Society knew that he had some heart in him, and wasn't as bad as made himself out to be around others no matter how small it was, they would believe that the world was coming to an end and then they would run around like headless chickens, while Mayuri and Nemu would cackle mercilessly at their antics.

What if the shy and withdrawn obedient girl image Nemu put on when she was around everyone else was also a lie? As she hid away a side of her that she never let out except when she was alone with her father, while out in public she played the part of a subservient docile doll around others who followed Mayuri's, in order to not draw attention to herself that she more than what she seemed? Only a very few close friends of the duo has seen this other side of Nemu more than once, and promised to not tell anyone else unless the other person already was in on the secret.

The truth of the matter is that back before Mayuri took her in, is that when Nemu Kurotsuchi was once a four-year-old human little girl when she died two days before her fifth birthday. She had then spent a couple of months wandering around the living world when Mayuri found her and gave her a reason to live by serving him.

The truth is Nemu was formerly known as Willow Astrid Potter, the eldest child born in a set of twins with a younger brother named Rowan Evan Potter, but she was magically disowned dumped off at the Dursleys, because she was a deemed a squib by her former family, just days after an attack on her birth families home by an evil wizard named Lord Voldemort.

The reason for her abandonment was that it was believed that her twin brother had beaten Lord Voldemort that night using his magic leaving nothing left of the dark lord except his wand next to a pile of ash and robes. Albus Dumbledore had arrived that night after the attack and after inspecting the twins, Nemu had been knocked out during the attack while Rowan was still wide awake and sobbing loudly inside of his crib, and it was because of that Albus had decided that young Rowan Potter had been the one to defeat Lord Voldemort because of crescent moon shaped scar on Rowans forehead, even though Nemu had a lightning bolt shaped scar on her own forehead.

After running some tests on the twins, it had been discovered that Rowan had very little magic inside of him it had been believed that young Rowan had used up all of his magic by defeating the Dark Lord and since he did not have any magic extreme and drastic measures needed to be done to ensure that Rowan would have to power to beat Voldemort once more if the dark lord somehow ever returned.

It had taken a few months of researching old tomes and spells, before their parents had discovered a magic transference ritual spell that could transfer another person's magic into somebody else, though there were warnings in the book about what could happen if the spell was used, but James and Lily didn't care as long as it meant that Rowan would have magic, and with Albus Dumbledore's encouragement they had chose young Willow Potter to be the one the ritual would be used on because he thought the transferal would be a perfect match because Willow and Rowan were twins. It didn't take long before they used a ritual to rip Willow's magic out of her body and gave into Rowans own body, and rendered her into a squib.

Shortly after that on November 5, 1991 the Potters went to Gringotts where they officially disowned her from their family, since they no longer had any reason to keep her around anymore now that her magic was gone, and before giving her to Albus who dropped her off at the Dursleys front doorstep with only a letter telling Lily's sister that James and Lily were dead, and that it as Willows only remaining family they were to keep her under their roof.

Little did they know that Rowan was born without magic in the first place and instead it was young Willow Potter who had saved all of them from Lord Voldemort's reign of terror as a baby? And also what they didn't know was that when Rowan gets older, he will start losing his magic, because it was never really his to begin with, as it starts to leech out of his body and slowly return to its rightful owner.

Now, it's time to find out the real history of Nemu Kurotsuchi.


~-Potter Manor – October 31, 1991~-

It had been a peaceful and quiet night that night with no sign of any trouble coming for the happy family on that fateful October night.

Lord Voldemort had attacked the Potters with the intent to murder James and Lily's twin children, in order to try and stop a prophecy from coming true that said that one or both of the twins supposedly had the power to stop him once and for all.

Lily and James twin children were a boy named Rowan Evan Potter and a girl they named Willow Astrid Potter. Willow was the first born of the two, born barely fifteen minutes before Rowans own birth, and despite what some of the more traditional Pureblood families liked to believe, the Potters considered Willow to be the chosen heir of the Potter family because she came out of her mother first ahead of her brother.

Willow had inherited her father's unruly pitch black hair and her mother's emerald green eyes and was already starting to look like a younger miniature version of her mother, while Rowan had gained his mothers bright red hair, but had James Potter's hazel colored eyes and looked more like James.

That particular night, James and Lily had not been home, but had left the twins in the care of James recently widowed mother, Dorea Euphemia Potter nee Black who had volunteered to stay and watch over the twins for them while James and Lily went off to a Order of the Phoenix meeting that had been scheduled that night.

A few hours after they had left home, James and Lily were immediately alerted by their homes wards telling them that their home was under attack, before seconds later Dorea's Peacock patronus appeared inside of headquarters telling that the Voldemort was there attacking the wards, and that she couldn't aparate out of the house with the twins.

The entire Order had rushed out of headquarters and headed straight for the Potter home, only to arrive too late, as all that was left was the smoldering ruins of what used to be their home with the Dark Mark floating high in the sky for everyone to see.

James and Lily had been the first to rush inside, calling for his mother, only to receive no answer. After a quick search of the house, they soon found Dorea's dead body lying on its back a few feet away from the twins nursery room where the door to the nursery was hanging wide open completely off its hinges, her wand still clutched tightly in her dead hand as she stared blankly up at the ceiling.

James immediately broke down into tears at the sight of his dead mother, as he stood over her for a moment, while Lily pushed past him as they heard crying coming from within the nursery.

Upon entering the nursery room, it was to find that the room looked like a hurricane had hit the room as everything was strewn around the room, and nearby lay the discarded robes of Lord Voldemort lying in a pile of ashes with the dark lords wand sticking out of the robes.

Little Rowan was sitting up in his crib crying his eyes out, with a still bleeding cut on the left side of his neck that was in the shape of a star, while Willow was lying completely still in the crib next to Rowan's looking like she was dead.

James had immediately scooped up Rowan and tried to calm the boy down, as Rowan's tiny hands clutched at his father's clothes as he cried while Lily rushed over to check on Willow, already fearing the worse, before letting out a loud sigh of relief when she saw that her daughter was not only still alive but just unconscious even though she had a strange lightning bolt shaped scar on her forehead.

A few minutes later, Albus Dumbledore had come into the nursery room and after a quick perusal of what had happened, and after casting a few spells on the twins, Albus announced that it was Rowan Potter who had been the one who had beaten Lord Voldemort that night, using the magical protection of his grandmother to protect himself and Willow from dying.

After that night everything changed for the Potter family, as they mourned Dorea Potter while the rest of the magical world celebrated the death of Lord Voldemort and their savior, Rowan Potter.

~-End Flashback~-

~-Potter Manor – November 5, 1991~-

It has been over five days since the fateful Halloween attack on the Potter family that had left the family devastated. A lot of things had changed since the fateful night that Voldemort had attacked the Potter family, leaving James mother Dorea Potter who had been babysitting the twins dead at the hands of Lord Voldemort, while the twins somehow survived the attack barely harmed except for oddly shaped scars on their bodies.

Young Rowan had been declared the savior of the magical world that night, and everyone celebrated and threw parties in Rowan's honor when they heard the good news of Voldemort's defeat, and Lily and James basked in the glory of all the fame their son was bringing to them, while they showed him off to everyone who wanted a glimpse of him, while just barely paying attention to Willow anymore.

In the days since that fateful night, the Potters soon found themselves on the receiving end of some horrible news concerning their son, as they took the twins in for a checkup to make sure neither one was suffering from the after effects of that fateful night.

The medical checkup on the twins at St. Mungo's showed that both Rowan and Willow were in perfect health, but Rowan's magical core was almost non-existent, and that he was nothing more than a squib as far as the medical tests that were run on him could tell.

As a result of the prognosis, James panicked before quickly casting a Obliviate spell on the Healer before the Healer had a chance to react, along with the Confundus charm and had the Healer change Rowan's medical records to show that there was nothing wrong with Rowan's magical core, before the couple thanked the doctor and took their children home to try and figure out what they were going to do now.

In the days since the prognosis, James and Lily tried to think of everything they could do to try and rectify their current problem involving their son, as worry filled them about what would happen if it was discovered that their son who was seen as the Savior of the Magical world was nothing more than a Squib.

With everything else that had happened since the night of Voldemort's attack, James and Lily had handled things as best as they could with dealing with the funeral of Dorea Potter and the well wishes of their friends and family who had had come to pay their final respects for Dorea, as well as send their congratulations to the family for bringing Rowan into the world with the power to save all of them from Lord Voldemort once and for all.

After some discussions about what they would do about the situation involving Rowan, as they stared down at the two babies they held in their arms, James came up with an idea as he stared down at his daughters sleeping face, before glancing over at Rowan once more, as he remembered what the Healer had said about Willow's magical core.

He remembered reading about a magical transference spell in a copy of his mother's old Black family books that she had brought with her when she had married his father. At the time he had always thought the spell was a stupid one, especially seeing how it would basically turn the one who's magic was being transferred into a Squib when it was used, but now that he thought about it, the more he decided that it wasn't a horrible spell at all, especially during the current circumstances.

The more he thought about it, the more he knew it was a horrible idea, especially seeing what it would do to Willow, but he figured that the sacrifice would be worth it if it meant that the rest of the magical world didn't find out that their savior was nothing more than a squib. Even if it cost him his daughter.

When he brought up the matter with Lily, Lily had been hesitant at first, especially when she heard the implications of what could happen to Willow, but it didn't take Lily long to finally agree to do the spell for Rowans sake.

It had taken Lily and James a few days to search through all of Dorea Potter nee Black's old magic books before they finally found the spell they were looking for, and while they were searching, they decided on a few plans concerning Willow's future once they had transferred her magic over to Rowan.

Since she was going to become a Squib because of the ritual, they had reluctantly decided to magically disown her from the family, and would be renouncing all claim to her as a member of their family, and name Rowan as the new heir while sending Willow off to the magical world to live instead of having her grow up in a magic filled household with them, and hopefully she would forget about them after some time had passed.

Lily and James also decided that they were going to send her to Lily's older sister, Petunia Dursleys nee Evans to have Petunia raise her for them, in hopes that Petunia would get over her petty grudge over Lily and raise Willow seeing how Willow didn't have any magic either, so shouldn't cause Petunia any trouble.

Lily and James had just returned home from Gringott's after signing off on some paperwork that allowed them to officially magically disown their firstborn child, Willow Potter, as heir to the Potter fortune and give everything to her brother Rowan using a unbreakable magically binding contract to make it binding, as they both felt that with Rowan being the savior of the magical world, meant that deserved being the heir more than Willow would. The documents also dissolved all guardianship and familial connections they had with her.

Thanks to the special contracts that James and Lily had both signed, Willow's disownment procedure was now over a hundred percent unbreakable, and irreversible, though Lily and James had left a loophole in the contract that it could only be cancelled unless James, Lily AND Willow all agreed to have the contract in order to bring Willow back into the family. If all three didn't agree, then the contract would remain in place.

"James are you certain we are doing the right thing?" Lily Potter asked her husband as they crowded around the crib of their daughter who was sleeping peacefully, the fifteen-month-old blissfully unaware of what her parents were planning, as the got ready for the magic transference.

"Lily we have to do this. If it gets out that Rowan lost his magic the night Voldemort attacked, we wouldn't be able to live down the shame that the savior of the magical world is nothing more than a squib. He needs this ritual, and if it means sacrificing Willow's magic for his sake, then it's something I am willing to do," James said as he barely looked at his wife, as he stared down at the sleeping forms of his children Willow and Rowan Potter, before letting out a sigh as he ran a frustrated hand through his unruly messy black hair for a moment, "We have already gone through the process of disowning Willow so that Rowan may inherit everything when he's older. If we do this ritual on the twins, we can transfer Willow's magic over to Rowan so that he can have her magic instead, and we can send Willow off to your sisters to live out her life as a muggle and will be out of our hair. Though I don't understand why you insisted on putting that loophole in the contract."

"You know why James. Despite her becoming a squib, I don't want to completely give up on her, unlike you and this silly Pureblood 'let's kick Squibs out the family' nonsense you believe in," Lily said with a slight huff as she glared over at her husband for a moment, as she sadly glanced down at Willow once more sadly, before a frown appeared on her lips, "You should remember that she wasn't born a Squib, but we made her one in order to help her brother. Who knows what the future might lead to, that we might actually need that loophole we put in the contract one day for all that we know right now?"

"Whatever Lily, lets get to it before we change our minds." James said as he picked up his wand and his mother's spell book.

"Fine." Lily said as she does the same.

An hour later found Willow Astrid Potter waking up inside of a wicker basket with a warm blanket wrapped around her and a note attached to the blanket, to the sound of her Aunt Petunia's screams as the older woman found her niece abandoned on the front step of #4 Privet Drive.

To be continued...

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2. Harry becomes suicidal and depressed and tries to change himself much to the displeasure of Dumbledore and his 'friends'. After an argument with Ron and Hermione, he befriends Draco Malfoy just to spite all of them and they become close, until Dumbledore calls Harry in for a meeting, and basically tells him how he can and can't act, and casts a spell on him that hurts him if he goes against Dumbledores rules, but he ignores it and endures the pain. Last chapter I saw, Harry had reached the point where he was going to jump off the astronomy tower just as Draco shows up just as he jumps and Draco manages to reach him in time to grab him and try and pull them both back up before they fall to their doom.

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