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Being trapped in this unusual world with Hermione was absolute agony for Remus. As a result of this confinement, he had nothing else to focus on except her and his growing attraction for the lovely brunette . He tried to distract himself with life around his home or talks with Sirius, but the world and associated side characters were disappointingly surface level. Everything about this world was meant to funnel him and his attention towards the fair maiden he'd kidnapped.

Of course, this was by design. Why would two lovers want an experience where they were diverted from their primary objective — an enjoyable sexual experience?

But the typical user of this book wasn't a werewolf, of course, so they didn't have to live with the usual agony of sensory deprivation that the facade of the world created. In fact, the only thing that smelled normal in this whole entire place was Hermione. It only made her smell lovelier than she usually did. Moony was content to bask in her scent, wanting nothing more than to bury his nose into the crook of her shoulder. Remus, on the other hand, didn't want to slobber all over Hermione like some kind of uncouth beast! He was certain that she would not appreciate that one bit, especially considering that he was likely the last wizard in Grimmauld Place that she would want to go through this unusual experience with.

Merlin, he needed to get out of here.

Hermione's patience with the situation seemed to be evaporating as well. She spent most of her time thumbing through the empty books, trying to get him to play games with her — anything to pass the time before Queen Minerva's messenger inevitably returned.

On the start of the second day in the Jarl's home, she'd spent most of her morning staring out of the back window, sighing again and again. Remus watched her nibble on her lower lip so much that he worried she might make herself bleed. Obviously she was warring with herself over what to say, but he couldn't imagine what it was that she wanted to ask.'

"What is it?" He demanded, hoping to put them both out of their misery.

Hermione turned to face him, brown doe eyes wide in surprise. Then she pointed to the river that they had come in on, just outside of the city walls. There was a small eddy that was well hidden by a thicket of bushes. "I was just thinking that might be the perfect place to take a bath," she said, sounding hopeful. "Please, Remus, will you take me?"

He looked at it, feeling uneasy about the situation. "I don't know if that's a good idea."

"Please," she repeated, practically begging. "I've been in the same dress for days now and I feel disgusting."

He thought about protesting — assuring her that she had absolutely nothing to worry about, as Moony was happy to attest to — before he decided that he wouldn't mind a quick dip either. He hadn't been able to cast any cleansing charms without his magic, so he hadn't felt entirely clean since he landed in the book either. "Alright, let's go," he agreed.

"Oh thank you!" Hermione said, her mood considerably brightened.

He led her out of the large house and then out of the walled city, encountering no resistance from any of the characters. Once they got to the stream, he quickly looked around, just to make certain that no one would disturb them.

When he turned around, Hermione had divested herself of the cursed pink dress, but she was having a bit of trouble with the corset, her hands reaching behind her for the laces. Clearing her throat, she turned to face him, her cheeks a pretty pink. "I'm sorry, Remus, do you think you could help me with this?" She asked, clearly unaware of what she was asking of him.

He took a deep breath in, hoping that he wouldn't react to her state of semi undress. He would have done anything not to look at her while she was bathing herself, but now he had no choice but to look at her. She was still covered by a thin, white chemise, but it was so sheer that in the sunlight he was able to make out the soft curves of her body.

Remus gave her a nod and watched her turn back around so he could have access to the laces. He closed the distance between them, before cautiously gathering her wild curls in his hand, moving her hair over one shoulder to reveal the tight laces of her corset. Moony was immediately enthralled at the sight of her perfect, pale neck and he had to fight the urge to mark her as his own, leaving little love bites up and down the sensitive skin. His fingers plucked at the lacing, until the corset fell to the ground, at last freeing her from its confines. He heard her make a satisfied little sigh when the tension was released, making his breath catch in his throat.

This was agony.

Such perfect agony.

"Thank you," Hermione murmured softly, before looking over her shoulder to give him a coquettish smile. "Now, I am going in the water. No peeking!" she teased.

Remus wished that she would stop the teasing. He already felt like an old lecher — he didn't need to be reminded not to look at what he couldn't touch.

He turned away from the water's edge until he heard her enter the water. Then, despite himself, he couldn't resist the temptation and turned back to face the river, hoping to catch just a glimpse of her bare flesh. Instead, he got so much more.

Hermione had just resurfaced and he was rewarded with a full view of her breasts. He was powerless to look away from her, eyes still shut tight from dunking her head under the water, her long, glossy hair pulled back over her shoulders, revealing every inch of her torso to him. Water dripped down her breasts, her nipples pink and tight from the cold.

His mouth went dry and he bit back a growl, not wanting to be caught staring. Instead, he forced himself to turn away and began to remove his own clothing. His wolf pelt cloak dropped to the ground first. Remus took deep breaths, willing his erection to go away. He was not going to make Hermione feel uncomfortable - he didn't want her to think that he was trying to take advantage of the situation. He pulled his shirt up over his head and peeked over his shoulder, wondering how his companion was faring.

To his surprise, he caught the witch staring at him with flushed cheeks, her lips parted breathlessly.

Merlin, he longed to walk over to her and press his lips against her own in a kiss that would reveal all of his feelings. Would she protest if he tried to take it deeper, allowing his tongue to war with hers? Would she let him consume her?

Clearing his throat, he decided to scold her. "I'll ask the same courtesy from you, Hermione. No peeking while I get into the water."

She squeaked, clearly embarrassed at being caught out, and immediately turned away from the shore. Remus then had the confidence to remove his last article of clothing and make the short walk into the water. It was cold, but not unbearable. Still, it was definitely helping to cool his blood.

Once he resurfaced, Hermione swam towards him, holding her hand out to him. "Here," she said, using her other arm to cover her breasts.

Remus kept his eyes firmly on her brown ones, but took what she offered - a rough bar of soap that she'd brought with her. It didn't smell like anything, to his disappointment, but he hoped the act of cleansing himself would help with making him feel cleaner.

It seemed as though Hermione couldn't keep her eyes to herself, though. Remus caught the little traitor letting her eyes trail down his chest, lingering at the reddish blond hair on his chest. He felt exposed and embarrassed, wondering if she was bothered by the fact that it didn't match the sandy color of his hair or if she minded the hair at all. He wondered what she thought of his body. He wasn't the most muscular man in the world, but he was strong. He could throw her over his shoulder and drag her off to his lair to have his way with her if he wanted to.

Which he was trying to tell himself that he absolutely did not want to do.

He watched, helplessly, as she caught her lower lip between her teeth and her head dropped to one side, before her eyes continued down to where his body met the water. A shiver raced up her spine, probably from the cold. Whatever it was, it made her realize that she had been staring and that they were really standing quite close to one another. Her cheeks went quite red and she turned away, making her way towards the edge of the water.

Knowing that she had just gotten her fill of him, he didn't feel so badly when he looked at her arse when she got to the shore, completely unaware of his gaze. He'd known it would be nice, but - fuck, maybe he shouldn't have looked. Her body would haunt his dreams forever now.

Dunking his head back under the water to clear his head, he quickly finished with his own bath, running the bar of soap up and down his body. When he exited the water, Hermione was facing away from him, seated in the green grass with the chemise restored. While it had previously been nearly see-through, the dress now clung to her slightly damp skin.

Remus quickly toweled off before dressing again himself. When he was fully clothed, save his cloak, he saw Hermione wringing out the extra water from her hair, before pulling it into a tight plait.

"There is nothing to do about the frizz, so this will have to do," Hermione said with a frown, before standing up, her corset in hand.

"I think your hair looks lovely," he said, the compliment sounding unsure and odd.

Hermione laughed. "Well, you just wait until it dries and then we will see if you still think so," she said with a grin. "Do you think that you could help me with this?" she asked, holding up the corset.

"Are you sure you want to put it back on?" he asked, thinking that it must be uncomfortable.

She nodded with a sigh. "Yes...I think it would be more uncomfortable to wear nothing at all. Plus, we don't exactly know what's coming next. I would hate to be unprepared," she explained, before wrapping it around her body.

Remus started to tug on the laces, thinking that that sounded rather sensible. "Tell me if its too tight," he murmured, trying the laces off slowly.

"It's perfect," she assured him, before picking up her pink dress and pulling it over her head, until she was covered up once again. He wasn't sure if it was a blessing or a curse. On the one hand, he shouldn't have so many traitorous thoughts if she was covered up. On the other, the dress was clearly doing everything it could to show off all the curves that he now knew were hidden away.

"Let's get back," Remus suggested, not wanting to be outside of the city walls for too long, especially when he had absolutely no idea what was in store for them. He wished Hermione had at least read the summary of the book so he had some warning.

"Maybe they will have some food for us," she suggested, sounding hopeful, before leading them in the direction of the main gate. "Although, I don't know if you'd noticed, the food and drink doesn't do anything for me here."

"I had," Remus said in agreement, glad to know that he wasn't the only one. "It must be some sort of stasis modification, so that couples who use the book have all of their needs met."

Hermione made a little noise in agreement, before happily launching into her own theories of the charms work needed to pull off a book of this nature. Remus was happy to have anything to focus on other than what Hermione looked like under that dress. He'd always loved their discussions of magical theory and was easily pulled into the conversation as they walked back to safety.