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North's eyes blinked open slowly as the induced lethargy gradually left his body. He scrubbed at his eyes tiredly.

Why was he on a tiny bed? His vision swam as North struggled to sit up and make out where he was. The last thing he remembered were, strangely enough, dancing carrots with candy canes. He grumbled under his breath. Sandy's work no doubt. North glanced around the room. Beside him Bunny was in his own battle against his sleepy state, and Tooth and her small counterpart still looked to be out for the count. Why were they all asleep? Suddenly, North became aware of a weight leaning against his side. He looked down to find a small, brown-haired child snoring deeply, head lolling against North's arm. As Tooth finally began to stir, North stared bemusedly once more around the room, desperately trying to remember the context for the situation he had, quite literally, awoken to.

And then bolted upright in the remembrance of the circumstances of their unplanned naptime, panic racing within his chest as he realized Jack and Sandy were missing.

"Bunny! Tooth! We need to leave, now!"

As he hustled his still drowsy teammates out the child's window, grumbling at the forced eviction from their comfy sleeping spots, whistling loudly for the sleigh and fighting the lure of sleep himself, North couldn't help but listen to that little voice in the back of his head that was only confirming what the unabating panic in his chest and the Very Bad Feeling North's belly was telling him. He tried to push away the thought, the feeling that something was so very, very wrong, but the stark panic urging him to do something, you have to do something, just wouldn't go away. Jack and Sandy needed their help. They were in trouble.

Big trouble.

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