The waves lapped gently against the worn leather boots on link's feet as he stared out over the ocean of Isle Delfino, thinking of an old time, and old love, and old life. He missed his Ex-Lover so much, and he never even knew his real name. Ever since they first locked eyes in the cave, when he was given the sword, he knew that he and the old man in the cave were meant to be. Those words, so full of passion, and young foolish love. 'It's dangerous to go alone: Take this.' If link had ever had the courage to propose, those are the same words he would have used, handing the old hermit a ring, forged with the powers of the Triforce, and more importantly, Link's love. He sighed, thinking of the way the beard used to sway in the wind, but then stopped himself. He had a new family now, a spouse, and soon, a new child.

He felt sorry for the kid, but adoption was always hard. He knew that he and Harry would be able to show their new child he was wanted. He also felt bad for Harry. It was like that movie, Stuart Little! With the mouse who gets adopted into the human family. Given, unlike the movie, due to some unfortunate situations, Harry Potter was his own mother. Nothing a family couldn't work through. At least the movie got the mouse thing right. Link stood up, and started slowly walking back to his hotel room, to go and meet his new son, Pikachu.

Pikachu was just like any other kid in the orphanage. Small, yellow, and covered in fur. The head of the orphanage had strange habits, but they were normal to the small rodent by that point; in fact, Pikachu himself was currently tied up and dressed like Willy Wonka.