Unknown Horizon

Chapter One: First Date

"Okay everyone, everything has to be perfect," said Steven stirring the pot. He was eagerly excited about tonight, for tonight was Luna and Garnet's first date. His dad explained to him what a date was and once he learned he was super excited for Luna and Garnet. Garnet was like a second mom to him, always keeping him safe and showing him how much she loved him. Luna was in his mind the coolest aunt a kid could ask for. Not only did she teach him how to sword fight, but play basketball and they even fused with his other aunt/older sister at times, Alex to form the fusion known as Melody.

"This is exciting, now Amethyst are you sure that neither Garnet nor Luna know what we are doing?" asked Pearl, cutting something with a knife.

"Positive P, I sent G on a huge mission, she won't be back for a good hour and L, is busy with Lap, everything is covered," promised Amethyst taking a table outside.

"I got the cloth let's go Amethyst," said Alex smiling.

"You got it," said Amethyst. Steven continued stirring the pot as memories of just a few weeks ago flashed in his mind, when Garnet and Luna both revealed that they were in a relationship.

A few weeks ago

Steven was teaching Lapis how to play Mario Brothers. "Steven, I don't understand why these gold coins help us?" said Lapis trying to get her character to jump.

"Well Lapis, the more coins we have the higher the score," explained Steven.

"Is that important?" asked Lapis looking confused.

"Well yeah, that's the whole point of the game," Steven said smiling.

"Um okay, oh no Steven you're being attacked by a monster!" Lapis cried. True Steven's character was about to get eaten when Lapis, not thinking used her water power having a water ball blast onto the TV. Luckily Steven turned off the game before it got ruined, as for the TV, it seemed okay just need to have the screen dry off. "Sorry Steven," Lapis frowned, wondering when she was going to get the hang of things, as Steven told her.

"It's okay Lapis, it was just an accident," Steven said smiling. Lapis gave him a sad smile but remained silent. Just then Amethyst burst into the room.

"Hey Steve-man and Lapawhirlpool," she said.

"Hey Amethyst did you need something?" asked Steven.

"Yeah Pearl and Garnet along with Luna want us in the kitchen, I'm also supposed to grab Alex," she said.

"Is everything okay?" asked Steven getting worried. She just shrugged and headed off to fetch Alex. Steven and Lapis headed into the kitchen. Pearl was sitting on a chair, Garnet stood by the fridge her arms crossed, and no one could read her expression. Luna was leaning against the fridge arms crossed as well, but she apparently kept looking from the floor to the clock, avoiding eye contact.

"Oh good Steven, Lapis, Amethyst found you, now we just need Alex here," said Pearl smiling.

"What is going on guys?" Steven asked.

"I don't know, Garnet, Luna what is going on?" Pearl asked looking just as confused as Steven and Lapis did.

"When Alex gets here, we will tell you," said Garnet gently.

"Um okay Garnet," Pearl said smiling yet she looked nervous. Steven just sat by Pearl and Lapis sat by Steven.

"Hey guys I found Awesome Alex," said Amethyst.

"Here I am," Alex said smiling. "What is going on?" she asked looking at Luna.

"Um Garnet and I wanted to tell you all something important and we wanted everyone here," said Luna looking nervous. Garnet held her hand and smiled down at her.

"It'll be okay Luna," she assured.

"Right um Garnet and I are officially dating," said Luna. The room was silent until Alex let out a squeal.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so happy for you guys, about time!" she added hugging Luna and Garnet.

"Oh great now you two will be all mushy gushy," said Amethyst rolling her eyes but smiling nonetheless.

"What is dating?" whispered Lapis to Steven.

"It means that Garnet and Luna are in a relationship, that is romantic, like that one movie about that couple we saw with dad," Steven said.

"Oh how wonderful for you two," Lapis said smiling.

"Yeah awesome," Steven said hugging them.

"You're okay with this Steven?" asked Luna. She wasn't sure because she never dated anyone when Alex was younger; mainly no human caught her attention romantically, so she wasn't sure how Steven would react to her and Garnet being together.

"Of course I'm happy for you too," Steven said stars in his eyes. Luna smiled happy that he was okay with this. The only person who wasn't saying anything was Pearl.

"Pearl, are you okay?" asked Garnet.

"I'm fine it's with all due respect Garnet, can you and Luna be in a relationship, when you, Garnet are a relationship?" Pearl asked.

"I know this might be odd Pearl, but I love Luna and want to have a chance to show her that. This will not be easy, but I am not going to let me being a fusion stop us from being happy, if Luna is willing to work with me on this relationship, then I will as well," said Garnet placing an arm around Luna.

"Well Garnet if you are sure then I will be happy for you both," said Pearl smiling.

"Thank you Pearl, that means a lot to us," said Luna smiling.

End flashback

"Okay everything is done here, Pearl are you done over there?" asked Steven.

"Yes I think I did well," Pearl said smiling at her handiwork.

"They look great," said Steven hugging her. She slightly blushed and hugged him back.

"Okay let's put this on a plate, Luna and Garnet should be back any minute," said Pearl. Steven nodded and took the food on the plates outside. Just as the warp pad went off Garnet appeared just as Pearl and Steven went outside, so she didn't see anything.

"Wonder where everyone is?" she questioned. She just shrugged her shoulders and was heading to her room when Steven, who came back inside saw her.

"Hey Garnet, I was wondering when you got back," he said.

"Hello Steven, I finished the mission, but please explain why I had to travel to Hershey, Pennsylvania just for a chocolate bar?" Garnet asked. Normally if Garnet went on missions sure she picked up a cool rock for Steven or a pretty shell for Pearl, or just a minor human thing for Amethyst. Yet, just getting a chocolate bar seemed odd.

"Well, actually Amethyst forgot to tell you that we thought there could be more gem monsters in other states, and you were actually supposed to um check for mutants the chocolate bar was just a souvenir," explained Steven.

"Hmmm, maybe I should do a double check to make sure I didn't miss anything," Garnet said frowning heading back to the warp pad.

"Uh wait," said Steven blocking her path. "Uh I mean that you look tired from all those missions that I wanted you to relax, so I have a surprise for you," said Steven.

"A surprise, really, what kind of surprise?" asked Garnet playing along.

"The secret kind, first maybe you could wear that one outfit you wore when we had the Pizza Family over for the beach party," suggested Steven.

"Okay Steven," said Garnet now smiling realizing the boy was up to something but would play along. She morphed into a red tank top with a black skirt that revealed more of her right leg and covered the knee of her left leg and had a red strip at the bottom.

"You look pretty Garnet mind if I um do your hair please?" Steven asked. He felt kind of silly he hadn't played with Garnet's hair since he was like five.

"Okay Steven, I see no harm in it," she said. He quickly grabbed some stuff from the bathroom and when he returned she knelt down before him. He removed her glasses and brushed her hair down, almost how Sapphire's hair looked then parted it, pulling it back into a bun.

"What do you think?" he asked showing her the job he done.

"Very nice Steven, anything else for this surprise?" she asked standing up.

"Um, a splash of perfume, Alex called this mystic midnight," he said holding up a purple bottle. "It um smelled nice would you mind wearing it?" he asked.

"Not too much," she told him. He nodded and squirted some on her neck.

"Okay, now please close your eyes, no peeking and hold my hand," Steven said. Garnet nodded closing her eyes and held Steven's hand. He led her outside to a table. "Here you go," he said helping her into a chair.

"I smell food," said Garnet.

"Yeah it's part of the surprise, and your next surprise is almost here," he said. "Just keep your eyes closed a bit longer," said Steven. Garnet said nothing and just waited holding Steven's hand.


"Okay Lapis, I think you did great sword fighting we can pick it up tomorrow," said Luna as they headed back to the house.

"Thank you Luna," said Lapis smiling. She was happy to know her sword fighting was getting better but more importantly she was happy to be part of Steven's plan. Within a few minutes she saw Alex walking up to them.

"Hey Luna, hey Lapis," said Alex.

"Greetings Alex," said Lapis.

"Hey um Amethyst needs your help with something outside," said Alex giving her a secret smile.

"Oh okay I'll go help her," said Lapis.

"Well I think I'll turn in early," said Luna rubbing her eyes. "You sleep well Alex, I'll talk to you tomorrow," she added as she headed to her room.

"Um wait Luna, Steven has a surprise for you outside," said Alex quickly.

"A surprise huh? What kind of surprise?" she asked.

"The secret kind," answered Alex trying to hide her smirk. Luna knew Alex was up to something; she didn't need to be a mind reader to know that, but decided to play along.

"Okay Alex, I'll bite," she said.

"First thing first change your outfit into the one you wore when we went to Tennessee," said Alex.

"Why?" asked Luna looking confused.

"Just do it," said Alex. Luna shrugged her shoulders but changed her outfit. She was now wearing a light blue low cut blouse, a darker blue denim skirt that went down to her knees, and silver boots. "Now do your hair," said Alex. Luna changed her hair now it was curly and long, two silver clips on each side keeping her bangs out of her face, and last two silver moon shaped earrings.

"Is there anything else?" Luna asked.

"Yep, close your eyes and allow me to lead you outside," said Alex, holding Luna's hand. Luna closed her eyes and Alex led her to where Steven's surprise was. The cool air wrapped around her and she found herself sitting in a chair. Luna also knew that she wasn't alone. Besides from Alex, Luna felt someone else was here, and that she smelled food too. "Okay open your eyes," said Alex, her voice sounding very happy.

When Steven saw Alex with Luna he was overjoyed that just as Alex told Luna to open her eyes, Steven told Garnet to open her eyes. When both gems opened their eyes, they both were very surprised. They were sitting on a round wooden table, covered by a red and white checkered cloth. A candle was in the center with two carnations one white and the other red. A plate of food was before them, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the shape of hearts, a small bowl of macaroni and cheese, with apple juice in a wine glass. Right next to them on a chair was Steven's music player playing violin music.

Garnet blushed when she saw Luna, the moonstone looked stunning. Luna blushed at the sight of Garnet for she looked gorgeous. "Surprise!" everyone exclaimed.

"You two been so busy with missions, that you two haven't had a first date," began Steven smiling.

"So, we all band together to help you out," said Amethyst.

"It was hardly any trouble at all," said Pearl.

"Hope you two have fun," said Lapis shyly.

"Yeah you two kids have fun we'll be inside," said Alex as they all headed inside leaving Garnet and Luna alone.

Once they were alone Luna chuckled. "What is so amusing?" asked Garnet smiling.

"Did you have a vision of this?" Luna asked.

"No, but this explains why I had to travel to Hershey, Pennsylvania just for a chocolate bar," chuckled the fusion.

"And why Lapis, suddenly wanted to learn how to sword fight," said Luna. "Well, better not let the food go to waste," she said taking a bite out of the sandwich. "MMM I love grape jelly," Luna said gently.

"I always thought macaroni and cheese was pretty good," said Garnet eating a little bit. "I believe on a date we talk about ourselves to get to know each other," said Garnet getting nervous. She might be the perfect relationship of ruby and sapphire, yet being in a relationship with another gem, as well as talking was not her strong suite. Garnet has always been actions speak louder than words kind of gem.

"Garnet it's okay to be nervous," Luna said touching her hand. Garnet felt her breath quicken when Luna touched her.

"I just wish I could show you more how you make me feel, everything has been so crazy, I've never been good at verbally expressing myself," Garnet said looking away her fist tightening a bit.

"Hey I'm nervous too Garnet," Luna told her. Garnet looked at her, seeing the calmness in her eyes. "Have you forgotten, that you are my first relationship, I never had one with a gem before," Luna said.

"Have you, I mean have you?" Garnet wanted to ask but couldn't bring herself to ask the question. Knowing more about Luna's past was important to Garnet, but Luna liked to keep some things to herself, plus imagining Luna with someone else, human or gem made Garnet somewhat upset.

"Well, my first kiss was by a human male," said Luna. A far off look was on her face.

"Who was this person?" asked Garnet a knot forming in her stomach.

"It was during World War One, I disguised myself as a man, it was hard had to rearrange my eyes, hide my um scar", motioning to the crescent moon across her face, "At least that is what I told everyone that is what it was," Luna explained. "Long story short, he was my commanding officer, we got separated from our troops I saved his life, and he found out I wasn't male or human. Instead of ratting me out he kept it our secret and after the war, we respected each other that we came back home, he led me to a secluded area and asked if he could give me something for saving his life. I agreed and he kissed me and from then on he called me angel and we stayed in touch till he died five years ago, had a wife and five kids," explained Luna.

"I see I am sorry for your loss," said Garnet rubbing Luna's arm.

"It is okay, he had a good life that is all I cared about," Luna said gently. "Was that it, I mean did you ever fall for a human?" Garnet asked.

"Not really, I made tons of friends but never been in love," said Luna.

"I just wish I could rewind time and prevent you from leaving," Garnet said frowning.

"Everything happens for a reason Garnet, if I never left I never would have met Alex, if I never met Alex, we never would have found Steven," explained Luna.

"Too true," said Garnet. "I am grateful that you kept him safe," said Garnet. She held Luna's hand trying to get the words out but once again was failing.

"No problem and Garnet, you tell me how well you love me, in fact it reminds me of a song," said Luna, reading Garnet's mind by accident but assuring her that it was okay. Garnet waited for Luna to tell her what song; in truth she missed hearing Luna's singing voice. Luna just smiled and opened her mouth a gentle tune came out of her mouth and Garnet was enjoying the song.

The smile on your face

Let's me know that you need me,

There is a truth in your eyes

Saying your never leave me

A touch of a hand

Says your catch me if ever I fall

You say it best

When you say nothing at all

Garnet stood up and held her hand out to Luna. "May I have this dance?" she asked. Luna nodded and they waltzed on the beach, their bodies in sync with each other. Garnet twirled Luna around lifting her up. Luna smiled as she let out a laugh, as she is twirled under the moonlight. Both gems not needing to fuse just wanted to be together. Sure they had trouble expressing themselves verbally but none of that matter for now all that mattered was that they were together. Garnet leaned down kissing Luna gently on the lips, in her own way saying I love you Luna. The moonstone in her way said I love you Garnet, by kissing back.


"I do hope they are having fun," said Pearl.

"I bet they are having fun," said Alex sitting on Steven's bed.

"Should we check on them?" asked Pearl wanting to look out the window.

"Chill P, come watch TV with us," said Amethyst as Steven flipped on the television. Suddenly the TV turned to static.

"Oh man it did this yesterday too," said Steven frowning.

"No worries I can fix it," said Amethyst kicking it. "Is it fixed?" she asked. Steven only shook his head but just then the TV began to jumble until to everyone's shock Peridot's face appeared.

"This is Peridot calling Yellow Diamond….my escort has been probably destroyed, Lapis Lazuli has turned traitor…my mission compromised…please send help", said Peridot looking terrified and then the message went away. A dead silence engulfed the room.

"Amethyst bring Luna and Garnet inside quickly," said Pearl turning five shades whiter. Amethyst nodded and headed outside. Within minutes everyone was in the kitchen.

"Where could Peridot be transmitting that message?" asked Garnet back to her normal form.

"Some place secluded and with a lot of power," said Pearl. Just then Steven, Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl at the same time said, "The communication hub!'.

"Gems let's move," said Garnet as everyone including Alex scrambled to the hub to stop the message before it reached Yellow Diamond.

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