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Summary: Goku and Vegeta has fallen in love with each other, but what will happen with there wives, they want to get divorces but also don't wanna hurt there kids feelings. They both love there kids even though Vegeta doesn't show it much nor does Goku, but they do. But what if something else happens that will change there lives forever.
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Chapter One:

Goku was training with his eldest son near a lake as Vegeta flew past them. Vegeta saw them and decided to stop and watch one saiyan is particler. Goku. Vegeta found himself to like Goku a little more than he should sense he is with Bulma Briefs. But he's been trying to break up with her, but with Trunks as young as he is doesn't need a divorce weighing on his small shoulders. Trunks is only 8 years old, Vegeta didn't think a small boy should deal with a divorce and his son, he didn't think that a little kid should have to go through that. Vegeta didn't like having to stay with Bulma even though he liked the powerful Goku more. Goku sensed Vegeta's ki and stops training to look up which got him to diserve quick kick in the face by his eldest son. Goku grunted and stumbled backward but held his stance looking at Gohan. Gohan laughed loudly for a bit before sensing Vegeta as well.
Goku looked up as well as Gohan and Vegeta cursed his self for not masking his ki so he could watch Goku longer. Vegeta scowls at the saiyan and the demi-saiyan then flew off. Vegeta flew at his superspeed trying to get away from Goku so he didn't see him flush. Vegeta didn't want anyone to know that he started to like the big idiot more than should, expecially Goku himself. He was pretty sure that Goku didn't like him that way at all. But only as a friend, well more like just a good training partner. Vegeta cursed his self again, he found himself thinking about Goku's rock hard and masculine body. Goku barely broke a sweat with his son. Yet Vegeta still felt the man as attractive. He flew to a secerete area that he had told no one about. He used this area to train or to think about Goku without anyone bothering him.
The field had a small lake near it, it was covered by trees surrounding the small patch of field. The grass grew exceptionally great depending on Vegeta's fighting. Vegeta sat near the lake taking his boots off and sliding his feet in it feeling the hot sun hitting his face. 'It sure is hot today', he thought to himself sighing. He decided to cool himself off by going for a swim. He stripped and got in the lake swiming across to the other side then back a couple times. After doing that he floated for a bit. He started to feel someones ki, that ki is someone who he didn't want to see right now. He sighs to himself and starting swimming again masking his ki so Goku didn't sense him. But what Vegeta didn't know was that Goku was coming towards the lake.
Vegeta kept swimming until he herd a very familiar voice, a voice that turned him on in so many different ways. "Vegeta?", Goku says landing by the lake. Vegeta looked up at him. "What do you want Kakorat? How did you find me here? No one new about this place but me", Vegeta growled out. He didn't want to growel at Goku, there was no reason, but he didn't want to admit he had feelings for him. "I know about this place Vegeta", Goku says, then continues, "I come here after I'm done training with you, or Gohan, or Gotan to cool off and relax". Goku smiles a big goofy grin and strips getting in the water. 'He has no modesty at all!' Vegeta thought even though he liked what he saw for a second. He shook his head knowing he was getting even harder under the water. He tried to keep it hidden as best as he could.
Goku swam toward Vegeta, but Vegeta humphed and swam backwards towards the other side of the lake. Goku tilted his head at Vegeta and swam away to him, "Hey Vegeta what are you doing?" Goku said. "Getting away from you", Vegeta says even though he didn't want to go away. He wanted to feel every muscle on Goku's body, he wanted to kiss as much skin as he could on the big saiyan. But Vegeta wasn't going to say that. Vegeta started to blush softly as he thought of kissing the, now wet skin on Goku. He kept swimming backwards but Goku swam towards him.
"Hey Vegeta why are you swimming away from me?", Goku asked confused, "Can't we just sit and relax here". Vegeta blinked softly liking hte sound of Goku's voice, but if he herd any more of Goku's voice he might grab the big loof and kiss him. Vegeta wasn't going to do that, he didn't want to act desperate or needy. Who was he kidding, he was desperate and needy. He needed Goku, he was desperate to have him. Vegeta sighed and leaned against the edge of the small lake that looked like a big pond. He lifted his face up to meet the intense heat rays of the sun.
Goku smiles at and looked up at the sun as well, his eyes closing feeling the suns rays over his face. Goku started thinking that Vegeta has been acting a bit more rude than usual. He wouldn't have flown away that fast from seeing him and Gohan. And the scent he was giving off, made Goku want to do things that he never would've thought of doing to anyone let alone Vegeta. The one who tried to kill him and destory Earth. Goku sighed softly to himself biting his lip a bit. He smell the scent that Vegeta was giving off now. Damn, he wanted to grab that body and kiss it, kiss Vegeta's lips and slip his tongue through his lips. But he knew that Vegeta wouldn't like that, he knew that Vegeta would kill him for it.
But what he didn't know was that Vegeta was ever slowly swimming closer to Goku as not to let the big loof know he was coming closer. Vegeta got closer then kissed Goku deeply. Goku gasped then instantly kissed him back, he didn't know what had happened but he let Vegeta take the lead. Vegeta kissed him roughly his mouth moving over Goku's hard and fast. Goku softly groaned in Vegeta's mouth and blushed a bit as well.
The kiss ended sooner than Goku wanted it to end. He slowly opened his eyes to see Vegeta blinking softly at him with a smirk upon those wonderful lips. Those lips that were on his. Goku blushed more and noticed that his hands were on Vegeta's chest softly. Vegeta smirked more at the blushing loof then stood up and walked out of the small lake putting his clothes on, then flew back to Bulma's house.

They've kissed! Yayy! But now what will happen? Find out on the next chapter.