The Two Ssayains Who Fell In Love

BY: Alyssa Brandon

Goku POV

It's been a couple years since we've come back home, to planet Vegeta, and we decided to go back to earth to visit Bulma and Gohan. Cali was an adorable little 1 year old. Her birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks. She was going to be two years old, the little rascal. Goten has gotten a little comfortable around everyone, I think he's decided to leave the memories from his time on Earth behind him. He deserves it and I hope that his mother is in jail or whatever the humans there called it. Trunks is highly engaged in training more and more with my father or my brother. Sure, I fought my brother after we landed here just because he deserved a better beat up than the one Piccolo and I gave him before when I first found out I was an alien from another planet. Radditz and I now get along pretty well as well. Goten absolutely loves my brother, Radditz trains him if Vegeta or I can't do it. Sometimes my father will help as well, Bardock. When we got to Planet Vegeta. The first sayains we met were Vegeta's father and my father.

Of course, King Vegeta praised his eldest son for all his achievements he's done since King Vegeta has been dead for over 30 years now. He also scolded his son because he knows what insane things his son has done after he and the whole planet was destroyed. Tarble, Vegeta's little brother, even showed up to say hey and a welcome home, of course, Tarble was never killed because King Vegeta sent him off to another planet so Freiza would never get a hold of him. So, when he got wind of Planet Vegeta being revived and hundreds of other sayains meeting the same fate he immediately came back home. My father also praised me for becoming one of the strongest sayains out there, along side Prince Vegeta and himself. Goten was very drawn into his self for the first few months of being in a new place, let alone a planet. He always stayed by my side, grabbing onto my pant leg or if he could, grip onto Vegeta's pant leg. Goten was always aware of where he was and who he was with. But after several months he slowly had opened up and got closer to my brother than anyone else really. Trunks though, he was closer to his grandfather than anyone else.

We're getting on the ship now to head back to Earth, my dad, Radditz, and even Tarble decided to come with us. King Vegeta can't, because, of course, he has a planet to run and control. Trunks was super excited to see his mom again Goten was really excited to see Gohan after 2 years away from him. Cali was the main one fussing though, she hated ships she always whined when we were within 10 feet of one. Vegeta and I haven't found out why she's like this, maybe it's because it's not an open space and she likes open space to be able to rome around and explore. There isn't much to explore in a ship, but it'll only take about 3 days to get to Earth so I hope she doesn't get too fussy with us. It's really hard to calm her down once she gets to a certain point. I did get her to sleep so I could get her on the ship and in her crib in my and Vegeta's room on the ship for now. She'll sleep through the take off which is good, that's where she gets scared instead of just fussy.

Radditz was showing Goten how the ship worked and how it takes off while my father was in the training area of the ship with Trunks. Trunks is just like Vegeta when it comes to training the older he gets. He always asks if he could train with either Vegeta, me and or my father. Sometimes it'll be Radditz, but because Radditz is always with Goten and teaching him new things about ships he can't really do much to help train Trunks. Sometimes I feel like my brother is spoiling my son but you know what are uncles for if they can't spoil their nephews or nieces. I laid Cali softly in her crib laying this cute plushie that Bulma gave her before we left Earth as a farewell/see you again gift. She loves the plushie, she, as in Cali. It's a plushie of a puppy, the fur is a dark brown with white spots on it. It also has a cute red ribbon around it's neck, like a collar. I put a tag on the ribbon so that she could name it when she gets older and is able to talk more than babble with her baby talk.

After making sure she was comfortable I felt arms around my waist and I smiled softly, "Hey 'Geta"? I said quietly as not to wake Cali. "Hey, you seem tired. Why don't you nap through the take off too?" He whispered rubbing my sides soothingly. A nap did sound so appetizing to be honest. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to nap for a bit, "Sure 'Geta, as long as I get to use you as a pillow". I chuckled softly after saying that and he nodded smirking. We walked to the king size bed and laid down, my head on Vegeta's chest and his arms around me. Sure, I was a bit taller than him but that didn't matter to us as long as we can both cuddle each other as much as we can. "I love you Kakarot." He said softly running his fingers through my hair as I slowly fell asleep after saying a quick, "I love you too 'Geta".

Vegeta POV
Watching both these two sleep is honestly one of my favorite things to do, other than train. Cali is just like her Mae` when sleeping, she is a very stubborn sleeper and heavy sleeper. She'll sleep through anything really. (Mae` means mom or mommy or mama in Brazilian language it's also in Portuguese language as well) After making sure that Kakarot was completely asleep I moved out from under him and covered him up then left the room shutting it quietly behind me. I went to see how Radditz was doing with the ships technical things and when exactly we'll be taking off. "Hey, hair ball. How's everything going in here? When will we be heading off to Earth?" I said walking up behind he and Goten. Goten looked up and smiled up at me, "Look, dad! He taught me how to fly a ship!" I smiled at him and said, "That is awesome! I'm sure when you get older we'll let you actually fly a ship alright". He nodded and Radditz began talking, "We'll be taking off in 5 minutes, so make sure everyone is strapped down in a seat with buckles." "Kakarot and Cali are asleep", I said, "They'll be sleeping through the take off".

"Are they both okay?" Radditz said, "I know Kakarot loves the take off part though". "He's really tired though, so I told him he should take a nap after putting cali asleep, because she hates ships for some reason and we don't want her fussing too much when we take off so you don't get distracted". I said to him and moved Goten to a seat buckling him in as Radditz starts the ship to take off in 5 minutes. "I'll go get Bardock and Trunks", I said walking off to the training room. I didn't even knock on the door, I just walked in announcing my arrival and yelled out, "Alright children! We'll be taking off in 5 minutes, go get buckled in". I knew Bardock was smirking the moment I said children instead of children and man. It was fun picking on him though, because he knows that if he beats me up Kakarot will tear him a new one. Trunks happily nodded and ran off to sit next to Goten as Bardock walked up to me and I smirked at his annoyed face.
After getting those two I went back to my room and grabbed Cali carefully and put her in a seat that Bardock made for her. I buckled her in, and not surprisingly she kept sleeping through all that. I put her stuffed animal between her cute chubby arms then carefully woke Kakarot up to put him a seat with the others right next to Cali and I. He fell back to sleep a second after I was buckling him up for him. Then I got into my own seat and nodded to Radditz as he pressed a button and did a few things on a keyboard and we were off. Three days in a ship though, hopefully I won't get too claustrophobic.

It's already been a day and Cali is fussier, Kakarot is back in the room trying to keep her calm but it's hard. She has her stuffed animal and a bottle. Bardock was standing by the bedroom door as of contemplating something then slowly knocked on the door. I was standing with Radditz as he was teaching Goten more things about the ship. A soft come in was heard through the door and Bardock walked in shutting the door. I went to put my ear up to the door, "Want me to help? Radditz was the same way on ships". I heard a shuffling then a soft coo of words. A song, I do not know the song myself. It is a beautiful song though. It's in our sayain language. (I'm going to use Spanish as there sayain language so please bear with me. And I am sure there are some fans of this song or this movie the song came from.) I didn't realize that Bardock could sing though, He was saying, "A la nanita nana nanita ella nanita ella, Mi nina tiene sueno bandito sea, bandito sea". Even I was calming down from my nerves of claustrophobia. "A la nanita nana nanita ella nanita ella. Mi nina tiene sueno bandito sea, bandito sea." I leant my head against the door as he continued.

"Fuentecita que carre clara y Sonora. Ruisenor que en la selva. Cantando y llora. Calla mientras la cuna se". (The song is A La Nanita Nana from The Cheetah Girls 2. If you wanna play it while reading this you can. It is just a beautiful song in my opinion) After few more minutes Cali's cries had calmed down to barely anything. You could still hear a few more whines but that soon stopped as Bardock came to a complete end with the song. I slowly opened the door to see Kakarot asleep, you could see he had bags under his eyes. Bardock was holding Cali as we rocked her softly wiping away the remnants of tears from her face. "I didn't know you could sing", I said softly even though I knew that Kakarot would stay sleeping. "It's not something I tell everyone. Only Radditz and Gin knew I could sing." He said and laid Cali carefully in her crib. We walked out of the room to talk more.

"I never heard of that song though", I told him as we both walked to the training room to get some training in. "It's an old song from centuries ago. From our sayain ancestors. Only your father and I really knew about the song and what it means." He said getting in a stance. I got in my stance as well and said, "Well it's beautiful." Then we got to training, heavily and powerfully. Bardock can fight I'll give him that but he relies heavily on his brute force and speed. I rely on my Ki and speed. Which this is good for us, he can help me rely a lot more on my brute force rather than just my Ki and speed. I can help him rely more on his Ki as well. It's a win-win situation with us. We trained for hours on end because it's takes a while to tire us out. We finally stopped when Kakarot came in yawning loudly and said, "Come and eat you two, it's 4 hours". I laughed and walked over to him as well as Bardock. His father nodded and us three all walked out to the head of the ship to eat really quick. Radditz was feeding Cali some soft foods and we all got to eating as well.

Only a couple more hours and we'll be at Earth landing next to Bulma's home. Of course, she doesn't know that we're coming, she'll be surprised and a little mad because it took us 2 years until we decided to come and visit her. Cali was fussing earlier again so Bardock quieted her down again with the same song. She was holding on her stuffed dog toy as flew on in space heading straight to Earth. Trunks was getting annoyed because he was getting claustrophobic like I was. Like son like father huh? Goten was kept company watching Radditz getting ready to land the ship. Kakarot was napping again with me under him as a pillow. I rubbed his back running my fingers through his black hair as I stared up at the ceiling. I started thinking back to when we left Earth the first time with everyone.

We gave it an extra month to make sure Kakarot was able to fly safely as well as Cali. Goten was super excited to go and Trunks was just a little hesitant because he would be leaving his mother. Gohan though, he was really upset but I'm sure he made it through and picked his self-back up. I mean he's got Videl with him and she's always able to keep picked up and calm. As we were trying to get on the ship Trunks would not let go of his mother at all, he was crying and I honestly felt bad for the kid I really did, but his mother want him to go and explore but he has to be back to visit every so often. Goten wouldn't let go of Gohan until Kakarot said, come on Goten I need to set the ship ready to take off. Goten immediately gave his brother one last hug then flew into the ship right into his father's arms. Cali was asleep, thankfully, she was only a month old, so this would be very hard on her. Kakarot waved to everyone then I shut the ships door and after only 10 minutes we were gone and headed to Planet Vegeta.

"Hey, 'Geta, we need to land alright", I heard Kakarot say. It's already been a couple hours. I was in my head for longer than I thought I was. I nodded and stood up as Kakarot picked Cali up to buckle her up in her seat as she slept on. We walked out to everyone else around the head of the ship area and we were all buckled in and Radditz began taking us down safely. We landed on Bulma's grass behind her house and Trunks immidetely unbuckled jumping up and down and flying around. Excited to his mother after so long away. The video monitor start flicking on and off with an incoming call and Radditz answered and there she was, the blue haired science freak. She blinked looking at the hair ball, not recognizing him until she saw me in the back ground. "Vegeta! Where have you all been! I was getting pissed off you know! I deserve to my son!" Her voice was already annoying me and I talked between in my teeth. "Why do you think we're here blue haired freak!" I said to her and she laughed and said. "Great, "Come on in the house. You don't have to knock, just be quiet please". The called ended and I sighed with a little relief and we all exited to the ship.

Trunks was the first one to fly off and into the house with Goten following closely behind him. The rest of us were more civilized than the kids of course and we walked in to find Gohan sleep on the couch and Trunks tackling his mother in a hug. Goten was poking Gohan's cheek. Bulma was laughing and sitting up with Trunks in her lap, they were on the floor. Cali had woken up and was staring around at the new place, trying to take it in. She babbled softly wiggling around Kakarot's arms a bit. Kakarot looked at her as she flicked her tail a little angrily. "She wants to fly around Kakarot", Bardock said to him and I blinked. Wait, she's trying to fly already! "Kakarot blinked but loosened his grip on her as she began floating up slowly. Radditz stepped closer just incase she lost control and began falling. She started floating about as Gohan woke up from the poking on his cheek.

He blinked up at Goten then smiled hugely, "Goten! Hey little champ, how are you?" Goten giggled and said, "I'm fine Gohan, maybe you could come to Planet Vegeta we leave to go back home". Turns out, Gohan was already contemplating that because he and Videl had a huge falling out and broke up, he wasn't going to say what about. He watched as Cali floated around the living room and a man started walking down the steps frightening Cali a bit and she immediately flew back to Kakarot her tail wrapping around his wrist tightly. I looked at the guy, he was blonde with green eyes and a bit taller than I am. "Hey honey, who are these people"? He said and Bulma looked up giggling softly. She stood up with Trunks by her side holding her hand tightly. "These are the people I was telling you about.", She said pointing either us to tell us who we are. "That's Vegeta, my ex. That's Goku, his boyfriend. And these are Trunks and Goten. The baby is Cali. I don't know the other two big men though. Who are they Goku?" She said as the man came to wrap an arm softly around her back.

"This is my father, Bardock and my brother, Radditz", Kakarot said rubbing Cali's back softly then giving her to me. She quickly wrapped her tail around my forearm and the man's eyes widened. "Woah the baby has a tail!" He yelled out hurting Cali's hears making her whine and speak covering her face up in my chest. "Quiet human", I said annoyingly rubbing her back. He blinked at my words then looked at Bulma. She laughed softly and said, "Guys, this is my boyfriend, Yuu". I rolled my eyes and said, how about we all get some sleep. We've been on the ship for three days. I know Cali was frustrated and couldn't get her sleep right and neither could Kakarot. So we are going to my old room to get some sleep. Bulma nodded smiling softly as Gohan and Trunks, and Goten began playing a video game. I walked up the stairs with Kakarot behind me gripping my shirt softy.

"So Bardock and Radditz huh", I heard Bulma began as we got farther away from them and too my old room. Kakarot flopped down on the bed covering up and was instantly asleep. I smirked and laid down as well putting Cali between Kakarot and I so she didn't roll off the bed in her sleep. Soon Cali and I both fell asleep to the sound of Kakarots snoring.

After about 3 months at Earth Radditz and Bardock were ready to leave and honestly so was I. Gohan was ready too, he had just finished putting some things he needed in the ship. Bardock had Cali and was quieting her down in Kakarot and I's bed room on the ship. Kakarot was saying by to Bulma telling her that he'll try and visit another time and hopefully it won't be as long as it had taken the first time to visit. Trunks, of course didn't wanna leave he was wasn't as hesitant as before and since Goten's whole family was now here he was just fine and talking to Goten on the ship. Raddit'z was at the controls and yelled out, "Come on children! We should get going". Trunks nodded, giving his mother one last hug before flying off into the ship and Kakarot gave her a hug as well then walked onto the ship. Soon, we were off again.

Goku POV
I was happy, for once in my life I was really happy. I heard from Bulma that Chi-Chi was handled when we left for Planet Vegeta. I smiled at that, and Yuu, Bulma's now boyfriend is a cool guy, he eventually got used to us being in the house for though few months and he was close to Gohan a bit. Helped him with studies until Gohan decided to drop out and move to Planet Vegeta with all us. Bulma gave us a few more stuffed animals for Cali for when she got older and Ii smiled at that. Now she had more than just a stuffed puppy. I was just happy that nothing can ruin our lives again.

After we got back to Planet Vegeta I had my father take the kids to out to explore and all that, along with Radditz, doing whatever he was doing. I wanted to spend some time with Vegeta alone for a while. I missed that a lot. After everyone was gone and we were in our room at the palace I kissed Vegeta hard on the lip my hand on his chest armor he always wore. "Vegeta, please I miss you", I couldn't care less if I was sounding demanding or whiny. I just want Vegeta, no I needed him! He smirked softly at me and pushed me on to the bed before tossing his armor off along with the blue under suit then he ripped my training Gi off my body. I groaned at the cold air reaching my hot body. He bent down and kissed me deeply and passionately, his fingers twining in my ebony hair as I ran my fingers over his chest, feeling the muscle underneath my finger pads.

He kissed at my neck, biting and sucking earning a low growl from me. Why was I so easy for him to make me groan for him? I just don't understand it, but I also don't care. As long as I get Vegeta I am happy. He tweaked one of my nipples as he bit into the other forcing another groan from my throat. "V-Vegeta, please, d-don't tease", I mumbled out and he chuckled as he kissed and sucked lower, reaching my navel. I shivered as his cold breath hit my skin. "But it's fun to tease you", he said softly as he slowly ran his fingers between my legs, on the inside of my thighs while nipping the skin right next to my groin. I moaned out a little too loudly in my opinion and I covered my mouth quickly, embarrassed. "Kakarot, don't be embarrassed, it's fine. No one can hear us, and you know that", He said and pressed a small kiss to the top of my girth. I moaned out into my hand as he began licking my hard shaft as if it were a lollipop. "V-Vegeta, oh god, please", I moaned out arching my back as my hands went to pull at his dark hair. "What do you want Kakarot?" He said slowly and slowly.

Damn, why does he got to use that voice on me, "'Geta, p-please fuck me". I groaned out as he took my length into his mouth sucking hard. I yelled out at his on just the tip, then went down farther, shoving my length farther into his mouth. I arched my back pulling at his hair, I'm going to cum if he doesn't stop. "'G-'Geta I'm going to.." I couldn't finish as I came down his throat. I watched him swallow every bit as I panted heavily. He lifted his head up licking his lips then kissed me deeply, I could taste my sweetness on his lips and tongue as he explored my mouth with his tongue. I groaned into his mouth as I jerked my length back to life. I moaned more as he broke the kiss to tell me to get on my hands and knees, and I obeyed knowing I'll get what I want. He spread my ass cheeks and licked my hole earning a surprised yelp from my mouth.

He slipped his tongue inside my hole all the while moving his fingers to my lips. I greetedly sucked on those fingers getting nice and wet. He soon slipped one inside of me pulling it in and out before sticking another in and scissoring them inside me. I moaned loudly arching my back again. "'Geta, please hurry. I want you so bad", I groaned out gripping the bed sheets. I heard him chuckle as he removed his fingers and slowly slipped his large length inside me. I yelled out at the pain mixed with pleasure as he began to pump in and out of me at a fast pace. "Oh, fuck yes Vegeta", I moaned loudly as he fastened his pace gripping my hips tightly. I threw my head back yelling out as he grunted and moaned along with his trusts. I thrusted my hips back against him adding to both of our pleasure. "Kakarot, I'm going to cum. C-Cum with me alright", He said grunting, his thrusts becoming irregular. I felt the pleasure boiling up in my lower belly, I yelled out just as he thrusted one last, cumming deep inside me and I screamed out shooting a big loud on the bed sheets.

"Damn Kakarot, I missed this", he said between pants and I laughed softly. He pulled out laying down on the bed and I laid with him my head on his shoulder as I traced lazy circles on his chest with my middle finger. I slowly fell asleep as did Vegeta. And I am sure we have many things to come across later in life, but right now I am happy, we all are happy.

The End!

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