This story is about the girls at the sleepover having a conversation and telling stories about comparing themselves as Disney Princesses. It's really cute! This is still the 50's so Ariel and Belle weren't made yet. Let's just pretend that they are!

That night, the girls were all snuggled in the sleeping bags Sandy's bedroom. It was Friday and it was the first time Sandy plans a sleepover for the first time at her place. They have been having so much fun drinking, eating sugary snacks, watching some scary films. Even Rizzo is quite impressed of what Sandy put together though her room isn't really that much like the other ladies. Then later they all got tired a called it the night.

About an hour after they gone to bed, one of them in the sleeping bag is having one of those "amazing dreams".

She was mumbling out loud in her sleep, and the four girls woke up to that sound Marty asks, "Who's mumbling?"

"Not me…" Rizzo grumbles in her pillow.

"Not me," Sandy called out from her bed.

"Me neither…" Frenchy yawned.

That lead up to one person in the room.

Jan is in her sleeping bag tangled up hugging and… kissing her teddy bear with other stuffed animals around her spot. "Putzie… Mmmmmm… Putzie…" She snuggles with her bear and mumbled once more, "Let's sleep now… Ok…" Then she sighs contently.

Rizzo sighed and crawled out of her sleeping bag to Jan and then tries to wake her. "Jan. Jan! Wake up!"

Jan yawns in her sleep and cuddles. "I love you tooooo…" She slurred.

She frowned at her and then shakes her shoulder. "Jan! Wake up!"

Jan opens her eyes and asked rubbing her tired eyes groaning, "Ohhhh… Morning already? I had an amazing dream…"

Frenchy chuckles, "Well… You sort of woke us up."

"Oh… I'm sorry… Was I snoring?" Jan yawned and hugs her bears tightly.

Marty replied, "You were mumbling you're boyfriend's name in your sleep."

Jan says, "I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to."

"And you were kissing your teddy bear," Sandy said.

"You mean making out?" Rizzo asks Sandy. And she nodded.

Jan yawned again and stretches, "I'm sorry. I just had an amazing dream. In fact, I just had the most amazing, greatest, romantic dream of my life!"

Rizzo asked, "About what?'

"Me and Putzie!"

Frenchy asked also, "Didn't you have a dream with you and him?"

"That was three times- oh no wait! Four times! And this one is amazing!"

Sandy got out of bed and went to Jan and asked, "Care to tell us? If it's really amazing! I bet it'll be fascinating!"

Rizzo groaned crawling back into her sleeping bag trying to go back to sleep.

"It's about me and Putzie in a fairytale! A Disney fairytale! Snow White!"

Marty asks playing along, "Really? That has got to be the amazing dream ever."

"How could it be a fairytale? You know how tragic this story is?!" Rizzo shouts trying to get them to be quiet.

"Romeo and Juliet is actually really sad than that.." Sandy says sadly. "I played Juliet back at home in a community play."

Frenchy suddenly spoke up, "Wait! Jan! You mean Disney's Snow White?"

Jan nodded shaking her pigtails.

"You know what?! You look exactly like Snow White!"

"Do I?" Jan asked shocked. No one ever told her except Putzie that she's exactly like a princess.

"You do! You know she has animals following her? You have stuffed animals around you! How about you can tell us that dream? It's like a story!"

Rizzo groaned into her pillow and Sandy agrees since she's awake, and Marty reluctantly agreed to have Jan tell the story.

"Ok. Here's how I begin..."

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