"The end..." Marty finished with a yawn.

Jan claps softly and Frenchy giggles, "Really amazing Marty! If you take your curlers out! You'll look like Aurora!"

Marty yawns again, "Oh I do! That'll be quite amazing!"

"You seem tired," Sandy say noticing.

"No I'm not… Ok. I sort of am."

Rizzo shouts from her sleeping bag, "Good! Then we can all go back to sleep now."

"Wait! Frenchy didn't tell us her fairytale!" Jan shouted back hugging her teddy bear.

Sandy says, "Yeah Frenchy! Tell us!"

Frenchy sighs and then says, "I do look like this one interesting princess in the book, but I wanted to change the ending because it's not that 'perfect.'"

"Which one?"

She replied, "It may not be a Disney movie yet. But I sure hope they can make it into a Disney movie! The little mermaid!"

"Oooooooh! Mermaids! I love mermaids!" Marty says excited. Rizzo got annoyed. Not Marty too!

Sandy agrees, "So do I! Right Jan?"

Jan is all curled up hugging her teddy bear but is awake.

"You ok?" Sandy asked.

Jan rubs her eyes and yawned loudly. "I'm ok Sandy. I'm just a little tired finally."

"Then maybe my story can help you," Frenchy squeaks. "Cuddle up you guys!"

They all get cozy and Rizzo punches her pillow in frustration before burying her head in it.

"Ok. Once upon a time…"

Can someone help me with Frenchy as Ariel, because I'm having a writer's block on this! I need help!