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Kamil's P.O.V

"Raeger, I'd love to," She smiled at the man, my heart breaking. I know I just met this girl but still, it hurts. It was stupid of me to think that I had a chance with Lil on my first day in town. She clearly likes this Raeger guy. Me and my jealousy should stay out of it.

"Awesome. I'll see you tonight then?"

"Yes, I'll come over around 7." Lil told him while blushing.

"Until tonight then," Raeger held onto her hand, kissing it. I was annoyed at the sight. "I should get going, Fritz may need me to help him again. Oh, and it was nice to meet you Kamil."

"You, too," I said slowly, trying to hide my jealousy. Once he left, I turned to Lil. "So, is he your boyfriend?" I couldn't help my curiosity with that question.

She looked at me, "No," She sighed, "I wish. I had a huge crush on him for a year now," She admitted, "I can't believe Raeger finally noticed me." She smiled, coming back to reality. "Oh, sorry, I was going to show you my farm, wasn't I?" She blushed in a embarrassment. "We can go now if you'd like."

"That's... That's okay. I shouldn't waste anymore of your time. Maybe some other time."

"Um...okay? So, I'll see you around?" She asked as I walked away.

I turned to face her. "Yeah, I'll see you around, Lil." I smiled at her before walking away. I need time to think.

I've been in the forest all afternoon, thinking. Thinking about life. Why am I here? Yes I know on business but...I don't know what to think anymore. I came to Oak Tree Town to forget about Lillian, not to fall in love with a girl who looks like her. Not to mention, she has the same name as her. I sighed. I've made up my mind. I have to forget my feelings for Lil, it's for the best. She likes Raeger anyway.

Back in town, I went back to the inn, where I saw Lillie and Melanie. They're sisters right? "Hey Kamil," Lillie greeted me with a smile.

"Hey." I waved to them.

"Are you okay?" Melanie gave me a look, "You don't look so well."

"I'm fine. I'm just a little homesick." I admitted.

"A broken heart?" Lillie spoke up.

I looked at Lillie. How did she know that? I told her nothing. "It's complicated," I admitted, walking passed them.

"How so?" Lillie followed me.

"I bet he likes someone here already. However his old feelings for the other person in his old village is still on his mind." Melanie said as she followed.

"Guess that's possible," Lillie giggled, "Who's the girl?" She looked at me, "Unless you're in love with a guy?"

I smirked at that comment.

"I bet it's Lil. He likes Lil." Melanie looked at me curiously, "I knew it! You like Lil! You're blushing."

I sighed, "Okay, yes, I like Lil, happy? I like Lil, however she has feelings for someone else."

"Raeger." Lillie nodded at me, "Yeah, we know."

"So, who was the other girl?" Melanie questioned.

"Her name was Lillian."

"But that's-"

I stopped Lillie, "Lil's name. Yeah I know."

"And kinda mine. Lillie's also short for Lillian, you know."

"Yeah I realized that. However you don't look like Lillian."

"Huh? But-"

"Lil looks like Lillian." I showed them Lillian's picture that I had in my pocket.

"Oh..." Lillie paused for a moment, "Are you sure you like Lil? It's possible that your feelings for Lillian is still there. Seeing Lil is bringing back those old feelings."

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