Dear readers (not that I have many yet) I promise I will still be continuing my flc the governor's daughter but here is something new for you. Before I begin I have to explain something about myself. I have a passion for writing and hunger for singing I'm 14 years old and at 15 months I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called cerebral palsy. CP affects everyone differently Luckily I have a mild case. For me it makes it difficult to walk and participate in athletic activities. I have frequent muscle spasms and I have a little trouble with my balance and my muscles are almost always tense (but like our friend Elphie I won't let it bring me down!) this fic is not a story but a letter to Nessa. when I saw Wicked last year I felt compelled to analyze her because we deal with adversity very differently but yet we share a lot of the same pain. so I thought I'd write her this letter to tell her how I feel and maybe show her an easier way to get through her disability. Alright enough of my babbling here it is (sorry if my grammar sucks I'm bad at typing)

Dear Nessa,

Hello I'm your biggest fan!

Let me start by saying that I feel what you feel I know what it's like to be confined by something you can't control. What's wonderful about my life is I have a choice to either be dependent on people or be as independent as possible. This is why I hate it when some people say you're too needy you can't help it that chair controls your life you have no choice but to depend on your friends and family for from everything to bathing to getting to class on time. Like you I have sisters to help me get through those hard times. I have a twin sister Who is a lot like Elphaba she's strong and helps me with whatever I need I'm very grateful for her. I think you're a beautiful sweet intelligent girl but I need to warn you you need to respect your sister she does more than you realize and if you don't start now it will come back to you. As swaddling as it May feel to be daddy's little girl you don't always have to listen to him because I know what happens to you in the future and due to your fate I might listen to your sister a little more if I were you. (don't ask how I know that. ) (do yourself a favor and don't watch a movie called the Wizard of Oz it's dreadful) Right now you probably have just gotten back from a date with Boq and you are remembering the warmth of his kiss taking it in and reliving the moment. He's a good boy but keep your eyes open make sure he stays true to you and give him some space boys need that. (I don't know much I'm only 14 but it's just a hunch) For the record I just want to say I think you're wonderful person and I think you'll make a wonderful governor Remember to keep your spirits up a beautiful girl with a sharp mind like yours shouldn't go to waste. I know you're busy but if you're ever in trouble please read this letter

Your adoring fan,


PS if you ever feel sad try singing writing or watching f musicals that's what I do to cope