Fairy Tail

The Royal Dragon Slayer

Chapter 1

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"Wake up!" A light voice is heard yelling. Waking the sleeping boy to see where the voice is coming from to see a little white cat shaking him.

"Seraphi please not so loud." I tell my little Exceed friend, Seraphi.

"Right sorry Captain." He says as he smiles.

"Seraphi please don't call me captain."

"Right sorry can't help it sometimes Capt." He laughs as I smile.

"It's ok."

"Should we go sign up to that Guild then Capt?" Seraphi asks me.

"Indeed we are my friend." I tell him with a smile.

"Can't wait to see another Dragon Slayer?" He asks me as he turns to me seeing me eating a ruby. (A/N: Yes a ruby you will see why later)

"Yeah that's if what we have heard about is true." I tell him as I keep eating the ruby.

"Do you think they will let us join?" Seraphi asks me.

"We can only hope can't we." I tell him.

"True." He says.

Normal POV Fairy Tail Guild Hall

Mira is cleaning the bar as normal when the doors open making her look up to see a boy around 11 and a white cat on his shoulder. The boy having royal blue hair with some white and black mixed in to it that stops half way down his neck, his eyes being the purest light blue she has ever seen that reminds her of diamonds, the boy is wearing a short sleeve red top with royal blue trims under a black jacket again with royal blue trims, black jeans with the same colour trim as the jacket and top with a white belt, finishing the look are black combat boots.

The white cat is wearing what appears to be armour but as the pair walk to the bar Mira can see that it isn't armour but an armoured light blue top and bottoms, the cats's eyes are weird seeing how the left one is a ruby red and the right is an emerald green.

"How can I help you?" Mira asks the boy with a smile.

The boy looking up at her with a hard yet sleepy look that no 11 year old should ever have sighs. "Is there someone with weird magic here?"

"What do you mean by weird?" Mira asks back as the boy sighs.

"Is there anyone here who uses weird magic yes or no?" The boy asks again.

As this is happening a boy in nothing but his boxers walks over hearing this. "Mira who is this kid?"

"He hasn't said his name Grey." Mira tells Grey.

"Who are you calling a kid!" The boy puts the white cat on the bar top before turning round to face Grey.

"You kid." Grey says as he goes to poke the boy but the finger is grab by the boys hand with great speed.

"Don't." Is all the boy says as he lets go.

"Capt don't get mad!" The white cat says.

The boy sighs. "Your right Seraphi."

"Aren't I always?" Seraphi jokes.

"Not all the time." The boy says.

"Em what did you mean by weird magic?" Mira asks the pair.

"Well the Capt is looking for another Dragon Slayer." Seraphi tells Mira and Grey.

"Another one?" Grey asks.

"Why?" Mira asks.

"Because the Capt is one!" Seraphi says.

"Seraphi please not so loud remember." The boy sighs.

"Right sorry Capt."

"Well there is one Dragon Slayer in Fairy Tail but he is away right now." Mira tells them.

"Oh." The boy says.

"So kid what's your name?" Grey asks.

"I'm not a kid!" The boy yells.

"Tell us your name so I don't have to call you kid then." Grey tells him.

"It's Azrael." The boy now known as Azrael says as he pulls a small emerald out of his jacket and looks at it.

Grey laughs as Mira smiles. "that's a nice name." Mira says.

"What a dumb name!" Grey laughs.

"Says the guy in just his boxers." Azrael says.

"Shit! Well at least my name isn't dumb." Grey says going to find his clothes.

"I'll have you know I'm named after an angel!" Azrael yells.

"Isn't Seraphi an angels name as well?" Mira asks.

"I think so." Azrael says.

"Azrael are we going to ask to join the guild or not!" Seraphi yells.

"If it will get you to stop yelling fine." Azrael says as he turns to Mira. "Are we able to join the guild?"

"Let me just go get the master ok?" She asks.

"Sure." Azrael says as Mira goes to get the guild master.

Azrael POV

Sometime later the white hair girl comes back with a small old man as I finish eating the small emerald. "I'm guessing you're the guild master then?" I ask the old man.

"Yes I'm Makarov the guild master of fairy tail." He tells me.

"I'm Azrael and my friend here is Seraphi." I tell him as I point to Seraphi.

"I didn't get to tell you my name before. I'm Mira." The white hair girl tells me as she gets a stamp.

"What's that for?" Seraphi asks.

"To give you your guild marks." Makarov tells us.

"Where would you like it and what colour?" Mira asks us.

"Back in black please." Seraphi says as he turns round and lifts up his top and Mira stamps his back.

"Can I have it in a royal blue please?" I ask as I hold out my left arm as Mira stamps it in a nice royal blue.

"Welcome to Fairy Tail." Makarov says and walks away.

"Where is he going?" Seraphi asks.

"Most likely to do paper work." Mira tells us.

"Oh that sucks." I say as I sit down at the bar, as Seraphi sits on the bar next to me.

"Azrael." Mira looks at me as she returns to behind the bar.


"Are you an Emerald Dragon Slayer?" She asks me.

"Why do you ask?" I ask as I start eating a small ruby.

"Well because you were eating an emerald when I came back with Makarov." She says.

Before I can answer the doors are thrown open and in walks in a boy with pink hair and a blue flying cat with a blonde hair girl behind them, and not a second later the whole guild but me, Seraphi, Mira and the blonde girl are fighting.

"Does this happen a lot?" I ask Mira as I take a bite of the ruby in my hand.

"Yeah." She tells me, just as that Grey walks over to the pink hair boy saying fight me Natsu.

"Miraa look after Seraphi please." I tell her as I get up. "I need to stop this fight." I say as I finish the remaining half of the ruby and place my hands before my chest.

"What is he doing?" Mira asks Seraphi as the blonde girl moves to the bar.

"His Dragon Slayer magic!" Seraphi says with a smile.

A ball of ruby red energy builds up in my hands. "Royal Dragon Ruby Force!" I yell as I send it flying at Grey just missing Natsu and pushing Grey in to a wall.

"Hey I had him where I wanted him! Why did you help?!" Natsu yells at me.

"What type of Dragon Slayer magic was that!?" Both Mira and Grey ask as Grey walks over.

"Wait you're a Dragon Slayer!" Natsu yells again.

"Yes and please not so loud." I tell him.

A giant footsteps on Natsu. "Stop fighting!"

"Oh hi master." Mira says making the blonde girl yell in shock that the giant is the guild master as he goes back to sizes.

Grey walks over to me. "What type of weird Dragon Slayer magic was that?" He asks.

"That was my Royal Dragon Ruby Force attack." I tell him.

"Does that mean you're a Royal Dragon Slayer?" Natsu asks.

"Don't be dumb Flame Brains! There is no such thing as a Royal Dragon Slayer much less a Royal Dragon!" Grey yells.

I sigh as I hold my ears. "Please not so loud. And that's where you're wrong boxer man."

"Boxer man?" Grey asks.

"You're in your boxers!" Natsu yells as he punches Grey sending him flying making him lose his boxers.

"Now he is wearing nothing." Seraphi says as he throws Greys clothes at him. "so put them back on!"

Grey puts his clothes back on. "Ok Azrael what did you mean by I'm wrong about there not being a Royal Dragon and Royal Dragon Slayer?"

"Firstly I'm standing right here and I'm a Royal Dragon Slayer and secondly I was trained by the Royal Dragon, Royaldra." I tell him.

"Then why did you eat that ruby?" The blonde hair girl asks who I overheard was called Lucy.

"Because I can't eat royalty and gems are the next best thing because most royalty have loads of gems." I tell her.

"Plus whatever gem the Capt eats he can use a Royal gem spell." Seraphi tells them.

"It's another Happy!" Lucy and Natsu yell.

"My name is Seraphi and don't yell the Capt doesn't like it." Seraphi tells them.

"Thanks Seraphi." I say.

"Azrael let's get a job to do." Seraphi tells me.

"You can go pick partner." I tell him.

"Right Capt." he says as he flies to the board as I go sit at the bar as Natsau sits next to me.

"So what was your Dragon like then Azrael?" He asks.

"Royaldra was the only family I had… No. He is the only family I have apart from Seraphi." I tell him.

"Why did you say was and had then changed it to is and have?" Natsu asks.

"Well I have a feeling Royaldra will return and still see him as my dad." I tell Natsu.

"Like with me and Igneel then." He says.

"Right." I nod.

"Azrael I have found just the right job with just the right money reward, that will be able to get us a good house." Seraphi says as he flies over with a piece of paper and gives it to me to read.

Yes Royaldra showed me how to read, write along with other things I would need. "Please help me my wife has been kidnapped please save her. Reward 200,000 Jewels." I say reading the job out with a smile. "Seraphi you always did have a good eye for things like this let's go." I tell him as I get after telling Mira that I'm taking a job and leave with Seraphi.

Natsu POV

"Mira are you sure letting him take that job is ok? He looks around 11 years old."

"Natsu he will be fine, plus I have a feeling that both Azrael and Seraphi are more then they seem." Mira tells me as I get up and leave with Happy and Lucy running after us saying she'll help as well.

Azrael POV

Me and Seraphi get off the train and start walking to where we need to meet the guy who posted the job. Also unknown to Natsu, Happy and Lucy I know they are following me and Seraphi, yes I know their there. When we get to the house the guy tells us where the ones who took his wife are. "don't worry sir we'll save your wife." I tell him as me and Seraphi leave.

Abandoned werehouse

As soon as Seraphi and I walks into the wherehouse 50 people with half holding swords and the other half ready to use magic. "Seraphi you go and set her free." I tell him as I point to a woman tied up.

"But capt."

"No butts!" I yell at him as he flies to help the woman.

"They only sent a little kid, this will be esy!" The one who I guess is the leader says.

"Don't call me a kid!" I yell as I get ready to fight.

"Why not kid?" Another guy asks.

"Because this Royal Dragon King Fist!" I yell as I punch him with a royal blue glowing fist knocking him out. After that a long fight started 5 minutes later only 5 guys were left, as I was eating another ruby. "Time to end it." I say as I finish eating.


A ruby glow covers my left hand.


I lift my glowing hand up.


A spirit looking ruby red great sword appears in my hand.

"GREAT BLADE!" Iyell as I slam it on to the floor knocking all the guys out.

Seraphi and I take the woman back to the man where he pays me with the 200,000 Jewels but the wife gives me a weird gem saying only use it in a time of great need, she also gave me a weird ruby red key.

Train station

"You three can come out now!" I say as Natsu, Happy and Lucy come out of hiding.

"How did you know?" Lucy asks.

"Noise." Is all I say as we head back to the guild.

Azrael's new home night time

"Seraphi this key is a Spirit Key."

"Like Lucy's?" He asks.

"A bit but this type of key will only work for me." I tell him before thinking /I think/, as we lay down to go to sleep.


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