Fairy Tail

The Royal Dragon Slayer

Chapter 2

Lightus: We are back!

Azrael: One of the reviewers asked if the ruby key I got was Royaldra.

Lightus: good guess but it is not Royaldra but someone more close to Azrael.

Azrael: Lightus owns nothing but me, Seraphi and some of the magic! Also the cover is an image of me if I didn't have the white and black in my hair.

Azrael POV Dream

"Azrael catch me if you can!" A girl's voice calls out to me as I turn round to see a 10 year old girl who looks a bit like me but with ruby red hair and eyes.

"Big sister?" I ask with tears in my eyes as she just nods as the scene changes to a burning town with the 10 year old girl carrying a 4 year old boy with the royal blue hair and eyes as tears run down his face.

"Don't worry Azrael I'll keep you safe." The girl says as she runs with a trail of blood coming off of her.

"No not this dream!" I yell as the scene changes again to a part of some woods, with the girl using a tree to stand as my four year old self has tears in his eyes as the girl slides to the floor with a large wound on her chest.

"Azrael I'm sorry but I'm dying, I couldn't keep you safe." She says as the four year old me hugs her as she dies.

"SIS!" The four year old me and myself yells as I wake up yelling it.

Azrael's house

"SIS!" I yell as I wake up.

"Azrael?" I hear Seraphi ask. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine Seraphi." I tell him.

Next day

I wake up again to shouts from next door that sounds like Lucy, Natsu and Happy. "Hey will you three shut up!" I yell as I get up and dress myself as I pick Seraphi up and walks to Lucy's.

"Azrael you live next to me?" Lucy asks.


"Hey Azrael, Seraphi want to come on a job with us?" Natsu asks.

"Sure why not." I say.

On the way to Everlue's mansion

"So all we have to do is get rid of a book?" I ask?

"Yup." Natsu tells me.

"And we needed three of us for this?"

"More fun." He tells me.

"And why is Lucy dressed like that?" I ask pointing to Lucy who is dressed like a maid.

"For the job." Happy says as Natsu nods.

Just after Everlue has called Lucy ugly

"Ok that guy is an ass." I say as Natsu and Happy look at me. "What!"

"Azrael why did you say that you're only 11 and how do you know that word?" Lucy asks.

"Just do."

"Now let's get in to that fat man's house!" Seraphi says.

In the house

We are walking with Natsu and Happy being loud when we need to be silent like ninjas and just as both Lucy and I tell them the Ugly Maid Army appears. "Natsu well done now the Ugly Maid Army is here!" I yell.

"Let's get them then Azrael! Natsu says.


"Fire Dragon, Iron Fist!"

"Royal Dragon, King Fist!"

Both Natsu and I attack with our Iron Fist and King Fist knocking the maids out.

"We are ninjas." Natsu says.

"Aye Ninjas." Happy copies him.

We get to where the book should hopefully be.

"Lucy, Natsu, Happy look over there me and Seraphi will look here." I tell them as we look on other sides of the room.

"Azrael look here!" Seraphi calls as I go over to see that Seraaphi has found a book called the Gem Key's.

"We'll look at this later." I tell him as I put it in my bag without anyone knowing.

"We found it! Now Lucy let me burn it!" Natsu yells making me and Seraphi go over to them.

"Let me read it first!" Lucy yells as that Everlue appears.

"So you wanted DayBreak then!" He yells.

"Natsu buy me time I need to read it, I think something is hidden in this book." Lucy says as she runs out and I grab Happy and Seraphi and follow her.

"Natsu I'll keep Lucy safe ok! I say as I run out.

With Lucy and Azrael

"Lucy hurry up!" I yell.

"I'm going as fast as I.." Lucy doesn't get to finish what she is saying as that Everlue grabs her from the wall behind her knocking her keys away.

"Tell me what is the secret boyoyo!" He says.

"Let her go!" I yell.

"I'll let her go." He says as he throws Lucy at me after knocking Happy and Seraphi into the sewer water. "Now tell me the secret boyoyo!" He yells.

As he lobbed Lucy at me the Ruby Key in my coat pocket falls out catching everyone who doesn't know I had it look at it.

"Boyoyo is that a Gem Key?! I must have it boyoyo!" Everlue yells.

"Open the Gate of the Giant Crab! Cancer!" Lucy yells as a man with Twin Scissors and crab legs on his back.

"What kind of hairstyle would you like today? -ebi" Cancer asks Lucy.

"A hairdressing crab?" I ask as Everlue attacks me.

"Give me that key! Boyoyo!" He says.

"Never!" I say as I push him off me. "Now open Gate of the Blazing Stone, Rubyturn!" I yell as a 17 year old girl appears in ruby red armour with ruby red hair and eyes.

"What is it you need sir?" She asks me as I stand there in shock as I think /S….sis./

"Azrael get her to help Cancer!" Lucy says. "And how do you have a spirit?!"

"Rubyturn help Cancer out!" I tell her.

"Yes sir!" She says as she attacks Everlue but is knocked over with Cancer when the big maid appears after Everlue said open gate of the Maiden, Virgo.

"She is a spirit?!" Lucy asks.

"Natsu what are you doing on her back?" I ask as I see Natsu in the maid's back.

"I jumped on to her and Lucy how do you have two spirits out?" He asks as he jumps down and points to Cancer and Rubyturn.

"The Girl is Azrael's." Lucyh tells Natsu.

"Rubyturn, attack Virgo please." I ask Rubyturn.

"Yes sir." She says as she attacks Virgo as Natsu helps.

Everlue goes to attack Both Rubyturn and Cancer again but I get in the way taking the hit and it hurt like hell.

"Azrael!" Natsu, Lucy, Happy and Seraphi yells.

Rubyturn throws Virgo at Everlue and Cancer cuts his hair off.

Back at Azrael's home after finishing the job and bumping in to Grey and fighting a group of dark mages

"Azrael why did you freeze up when you first summoned Rubyturn?" Seraphi asks me.

"I'll tell you after I'm sure I'm right. Now open gate of the Blazing Stone Rubyturn!" I yell as Rubyturn appears again but this time in a ruby red tube top and jeans with combat boots and her long ruby red hair flowing down her back.

"You called sir?" She asks.

"Rubyturn. W….why do you lo….ok like my dead sister?" I ask as tears flow down my face.

"Azrael what are you on about?" Seraphi asks me.

"Before Royaldra took me in I was with my older sister Ruby after our home was burned down but Ruby got hurt as we ran and died two days later but at the time I was 4 and couldn't do a thing to save her." I tell Seraphi as I sit down in tears.

"Azrael." I look up as Rubyturn speaks up.


"I look like your sister because I am her." She tells me as I look at her with a look of rage on my face. "Before you yell at me and say I'm lying let me finish. The day I died was the day Royaldra found you right?"


"Well he saw you crying over my dead body and combined me with the key of the Blazing Stone to save me, hoping one day me and you will meet again." She tells me as I cry.

"So you're my big sister Ruby?" I ask.

"Yes." She says as she hugs me.

"So I can call you Ruby then and not Rubyturn then?" I ask.

"Of cause you can little brother" She tells me as we hug each other.

"I missed you Ruby." I tell her as I start to fall asleep. "Are you able to stay with me sis?" I ask.

"Summoning does not use up your magic so yes I can stay with you as long as you want." She tells me.

"Thanks sis." I say as I fall asleep.

Ruby's POV

"Azrael I missed you too little brother." I tell Azrael as he falls asleep.

"So you're Azrael's sister?" The white cat asks. "I am Seraphi by the way."

"Yes I am and could you bring me that book he took please." I ask him as he gives it to me.

"What are you looking for?" He asks.

"The list of the Gem Keys." I tell him as I find them.

"Can you read them out please sis." Azrael says as he opens an eye.

"Of cause bro." I tell him.

"Thanks sis."

"Ok first there's my key the key of the Blazing Stone Rubyturn, then there is the key of the raging sea, Jadeform, then the key of the shining dragon Diamondranon, then his sister the key of the great sky Sapphiredra, then there is the Keeper of the earth Emeraldtell, there is also the key of the rainbow stone Opalnon, and the last two are the key of the sand stone Topazall and finally the key of the dragon knight Pearlersword." I tell Azrael and Seraphi.

"Sis do you know how I can find the other 8?" Azrael asks.

"I'm not sure bro but if I remember I'll tell you ok?" I tell him.

"Ok sis can we sleep now?" He asks.

"Sure thing Az sure thing." I tell him with a small smile as I call him by his nickname.

"Ok sis." He just nods as I lay down with him as I kiss his head.

"Good night Azrael sweet dreams." I tell him as we both start to fall asleep.

"Good night Seraphi, good night Ruby." Azrael says as he falls asleep.

I look up with a smile. "Thank you Lord Royaldra for saving me." And with that I follow Azrael to sleep.

Next day at the guild Azrael's POV

I'm sitting at the bar with a smile on my face as Seraphi sits next to me.

"Azrael you look happy." Mira says as she walks past.

"I know." I tell her.

Grey walks over. "Are you happy about meeting Erza?" He asks.

"I haven't really heard of her." I tell them shocking them.

"But how?" Grey asks.

"When you have no home you hear loads of things over the years and then start forgetting them." I tell them.

"Wait you were homeless before joining?" Mira asks me as I nod.

Natsu and Grey starts fighting as the door slams opens. "I'm guessing this is her." I say.

Erza walks in carrying a large horn and puts it down as she looks pissed off at everyone who looks away but me who gives her a cocky smile showing my pointed teeth. After she talks about how everyone needs to stop playing around and do jobs right, she talks to Lucy for a bit making Lucy fear her. Once she finished talking with Lucy she walks over to me as I'm drinking so coke.

Without looking I talk to her. "Before you say anything I'm Azrael RoiyaruTenshi, my last name meaning Royal angel." I tell her without looking at her as I drink my coke.

"I'm Erza." She says.

"I know the guild wouldn't stop talking about you coming back." I tell her.

She sits next to me. "I heard you're a Dragon Slayer."

"That is right." I tell her.

"Would you like to tag along on a job?" She asks.

"Depends." I say.

"On what?" She asks.

"Who is going?"

"Me, Natsu, Grey, Lucy and Happy." She tells me.

"Ok both Seraphi and I are in." I tell her as Seraphi pops up.

"We going on a job?" He asks.

"Yes we are old friend." I laugh.

"Meet us at the train station later on." Erza says.

Train station

We are all here but Erza. "what's taking her so long?"

"No clue Azrael." Lucy says, as Natsu and Grey are fighting again.

Not long after that Erza appears with loads of bags. "How many do you need!?" I ask.

We board the train and not long after Erza knocks Natsu out.


Lightus: Yes the Ruby key is really Azrael's older sister and you now know Azrael's last name.

Azrael: What key will I find next?

Lightus: If you guys want to see what key Azrael will get next tell me in your review or pm me for those who want to give me ideas for what key will appear next here are the names,

Jadeform AKA Jade

Diamondranon AKA Diamondra

Sapphiredra AKA Sapphire

Emeraldtell AKA Emerald

Opalnon AKA Opal

Topazall AKA Topaz

Pearlersword AKA Pearl

Azrael: What key should I get next? And there is a reason why two of the keys have dra at the end guess why.

Lightus: R&R and I will take questions!