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"Trixie, left!" I yelled.

"On it," Trixie answered as she took my left and front. Our Mechas were upgraded thanks to our Engineer-cum-mechanic Kord Zane. The Shane gang had got a new mission and that had kept us busy the whole morning. Trixie showed me a message that the SlugTerra museum had a theft and that they needed us to get back what was stolen. A precious map had been stolen, they had told us. And the one who stole was, (really, did it have to be them,)The Twins- Locke and Lode.

Lucky for us, it wasn't some Dr. Blakk Jr. or someone. Seriously, I had enough of Dark Water and Ghouls. It was nearly a month since the Shane gang along with the help of the Shadow Clan defeated Dr. Blakk and that he was sucked into the deep caverns with that stupid portal he made to bring dark Bane into SlugTerra. That seriously was the most idiotic plan I had ever heard.

"Hello?" Trixie snapped her fingers in front of me. "Back to the present, mister. What were you thinking anyways?" She asked me. As always (which began a month ago) I was so intrigued by Trixie, her red hair pulled into two pigtails, her green eyes and pale skin just captivated me like the way, my dad, Will Shane had fallen for my mom. I had been too young back then, about ten years, to understand love. But now I wished that I could hear that story once again, knowing what it felt to be in love.

"Just that this is one of the most insane things I have done since I landed here." I grinned.

"Yes it is. That's what the Shane gang does." She smiled at me as she gave a lying kiss to me. We had begun going out for about three weeks now. The others, Kord and Pronto had begun teasing us since Trixie and I had our first kiss.

My sixteenth birthday was a big bash (against my wish, naturally) it was a week after we defeated Dr. Blakk. Trixie had gifted me my gift in the end after Kord gave me a Device that put me in contact with anyone in the whole of the 99 caverns and Pronto gifted me a Dish he had made especially for me (and I said thanks but no thanks) Trixie had gifted me a band that put me in touch with all of the other members of the Shane gang (she had made for the others too) and leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

That's it. Blood shot through my face. We broke apart and to my relief (and awkwardness,) she too was blushing. You can imagine what happened next. Kord messed up my room to such an extent that I could not stand in that room for more than a minute. He had somehow made me and Trixie spend our first romantic night together. I mean we spent time late in the night together working on projects and answering fan mail that came for me (man, it was so embarrassing when she read it).

The firing of a blaster woke me from that memory. Kord fired a Grenuke but he missed the twin by a mile.

"Sorry 'bout that. Miscalculations," Kord apologised. I shook my head and raced ahead. Trixie was a little ahead of me. Cramps had begun to form in my neck and I twisted it a little to ease myself. When I turned to my right, I saw a figure riding parallel to us. The figure turned its head to look at us and I got a fright: the eyes were blood-red. Crimson red.

The figure Looked at me and the eyes widened in fear. The next moment it was gone. I scanned the area once again but the figure had disappeared completely.

"Trix, change of plans. I'm taking a separate route. Meet you guys in the front, by the southern gorge. Go ahead." I ran off on my Mecha behind the mysterious-Mecha-rider before any of the Shane gang could reply to me. I knew Trixie would be frustrated with me. I was not a sort of the person who would actually go with the plan, because most of our plans backfire upon us and we just improvise on our situation, which happened to be lucky for us.

It was quite some time before I realized that I had been riding for what felt like hours and that I was stuck in the Jungle cavern. Exactly what I wanted. Then the figure darted in front of me to my right and I sped after the figure. I couldn't make what her Mecha was but that it was a Green and Black... cheetah?

The Red-eyed turned on me and shot a Grenuke at me, trying to distract me from him. I fired a few HopRocks in vain. Man, he did know his Slugs well; none of my slugs even touched him. I guess I was getting impatient because Burpy, my Infernus, came out of his Slug Tube and patted me gently on my neck. "Thanks, little guy. I needed a time out."

Taking a few deep breaths, I decided to change my tactics. Like I said, plan backfires, just improvise. I was getting good at such stuff, planning and all. But if my dad was here he would've given me a good reception regarding this dangerous habit of mine. The thought of my dad scolding me, ironically, brought a smile to my lips, the thought actually making me want to laugh. I shot a HopRock a little ahead of her, judging the approximate speed and stance of the Slinger in the next minute. And my work paid off, just as HopRock hit the Cheetah Mecha in the Hind leg. (Really, a Cheetah?) But like many of my amazing endeavours due to my inexperience, this plan too backfired but not in a it-backfired-onto-me sort of way; instead just a moment before the HopRock blasted the Mecha in the leg, the Slinger arched himself, did a back-flip and, Floppers, she shot a Phosphoro at me, achieving her goal of distracting me. When I got my senses back, I was in a Jellyish muck, unable to move my hands or feet. For a minute when I felt dazed, it all came back to me. When the Slinger fired a Phosphoro at me, distracting me, he had also shot a Jellyish when I was distracted, entrapping me in the endless Slush of Slime. And he was standing over me, except that it wasn't a He but a She.

I knew it. I had gone mad. A girl couldn't sling so well, at least not any girl I had met. Diana was different, being the daughter of Tom Por, an ex-friend of my dad and an awesome Slinger. Trixie was my girl friend, and being a Newbie, I didn't think that telling she is a good Slinger would be a waste of time because of two reasons- 1) She is a very good Slinger (naturally), and 2) Without her, we couldn't have defeated Dr. Blakk .

But this one stared at me like an X-Ray machine. I knew I had completely messed it up when I saw her eyes Narrow in irritation when I gave her an apologetic smile and a small sorry. Along with her scary Blood-Like-eyes, she had long straight back hair and a little tanned skin, quite a contrast to my Midnight blue hair and blue eyes. The only blue the two of us shared was Her Tank Top and my eyes. Underneath her Tank-Top She wore another Black High Neck top, leaving her tanned Shoulders bare. She knelt down beside me and, swiftly, pulled my Blaster out of me reach. My awesome defender Slipstream XVL was in the hands of a mad slinger who, till now as a grace, hadn't finished me yet.

"Wow. Expensive. Stole it from someone, huh?" She asked pointing the Blaster at me. Imagine how I felt at that!

"No, that is my Blaster." I confirmed in a trying-not-to-tear-her-apart way.

"A Shane's Blaster? You mean to tell me this is your blaster." I could see that she was trying hard not to laugh and I didn't feel funny about it.

"Yes, it is my blaster. Now could you please ... ugh ..." I struggled, but it was of no use. "Take me out of this mess awkward girl."

"Call me Rose. Are you the Shane?" She asked obtaining a babysitter's voice, trying to coo me. But what caught my attention was her name. There weren't many people who named their kids Rose, and they naturally didn't know about what it was. But She, Rose, I mentally corrected myself, had said her name in a regal way, as if she knew what it was. Could it be ... I decided against it; the probability was too vague.

"Yes, I am. I'm Eli Shane."

She gave the most hysterical laugh. Then Burpy somehow sneaked out, by blazing a bit of the Smile on my right shoulder, burning me partly in the process, making me wish for a billionth time that I were a slug.

Burpy put himself on fire and burnt her Combat boots causing her to yell in pain. When she looked down, ready to swat the Problem, she paused in utter confusion, staring at the Infernus, unable to make out anything, which I took as an opportunity not to miss.

"See? I am the Shane. Now will you let me out?" I struggled once again and looked at her. Her red eyes that had scared the Dark Caverns out of me, now was full of utter disbelief. She looked at me, frowned, and then looked at Burpy, and frowned again. Then she stared at me for such a long time, I felt my cheeks flush deep red.

When she finally made the connection, she gasped and hastily fired a Bubbalone at me, freeing me from nearly an hour of immobility. I stretched for some time and put Burpy on my shoulder. Then I turned to her.

"Whatever was that for?" I demanded.

She lowered her eyes in shame and guilt. "I'm sorry. I didn't know it. I was going to be the next Shane but you came now so -" Then she grew alert and turned her head so fast, I didn't follow it. When I followed her gaze, she was looking at a Gorge in the far off, and that's when I realised, something that had silently moved to the back of my head. I looked at Burpy, and from his reaction, I was sure he too had forgotten about it.

"Trixie," I exhaled.

"Come," Rose gestured to me. I didn't have any other option so I followed. Lucky for her that her Mecha wasn't damaged by my HopRock. After the forgiveness-es were asked and were given, we set off. Rose led me through a series of labyrinthine routes I hadn't found myself. Sometimes leaves of bushes smacked into my face as Rose, ahead, pushed them aside. Then in the middle, when a clearing came, she stopped and slowly crossed over to the other side. She motioned me to get off my Mecha and gestured me to stay low. She tossed me a 4 inch thick rope that she asked me to hold.

Then she told me the plan.

I was able to feel the ground vibrate for some reason. I looked at Rose. All the surprise in her crimson eyes on knowing I was the Shane had disappeared. She was now that girl I had first seen, calm composed and unnervingly cool. She looked at me and nodded, it's time. It was what I had guessed it to be: Mechas.

Just as they were seen over the horizon, I asked Rose, "Now?"

She shook her head, no.

Again a minute later I asked and this time she knit her slim eyebrows in annoyance. I could see that I had offended her and I didn't take any chances to offend her even more. I had a taste of that medicine a long time ago.

Then when it was just thirty seconds to put Plan-Alpha into action, she pulled the rope taut and our first victim tripped over it: Locke. The sound of metal on the ground was horrible to the ear, so horrible that I had to shut my ear and Burpy too did the same. A minute later as I stood up, still rubbing my ear, a missile shot out of nowhere and I was tackled by a Cave Troll and Molenoid, crushing me to leave me breathless (no, I mean really breathless, out of air, literally) Trixie pulled out the map out of Locke's hand and gave it to me as she leaned over and gave a peck on the cheek.

"You scared the hell out of us." Trixie smiled. Just as we had done destroying the map by setting fire to it, the Stalagmite 17 guards came and took Locke away.

"Where's Lode?" I asked.

"Don't know. They split up sometime in the middle of the chase."Trixie answered.

"Guys, you got to meet Rose. Rose -"I faltered when I saw that Rose wasn't there anywhere. "Rose?" I looked around. She was nowhere.

"Eli, is everything -"Trixie began

"Rose!" I yelled as I followed the path Rose took. I began slashing through the bushes with my blaster. Behind me Kord, Trixie and Pronto followed calling out my name.

I came to a wide clearing and spun around looking for her. The other Shane Gangers stared at me. I yelled once again, cupping my hands around my mouth. "ROSE!"

A blaster fired somewhere to my left and as I turned, a figure stood in front of me, arms spread out, her back to me. In the background, Trixie's eyes widened in Horror as she shut her mouth. Kord and pronto too were stunned. i saw that Lode, had fired the GeoShard and was grinning mischievously at me before he absconded away. He was right now the least of my problems.

Rose fell onto her knees and I managed to hold her as she touched the ground. I rolled her onto her back as the Shane gang made their way towards me.

"Eli is that ..."Trixie asked.

Rose's body was completely Frozen and Geoshard-ed. Rose opened her eyes slightly and called his name out for the first time. It was a hoarse whisper "Eli," before her eyes rolled up and she fainted.

"Yeah, it's her." My voice was hoarse. I remembered something she had told from my first encounter –"I was going to be the next Shane, but you came so,"

And I realised something I hadn't noticed. My voice was guilty as I spoke.

"She's Rose. Rose Shane"

And that's it. Yep. Same old starting, but different start. All OCs not mine. Just Rose and the Villian(and no, i am not telling the name). Slugterra is owned by Nerd Corps, not me.

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