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Weird shadows chased me as I ran blindly here and there. Her voice replayed in my head, her last words ringing in my head as I helplessly made my way through the darkness. "You promised me, Rose. Don't break your word."

All of a sudden I twitched and, feeling nauseous, fell forward, my hands reaching out for anything as a support. My hand made contact with a warm pulse beating irregularly underneath the wrist of a hand. When I looked up, smiling in gratefulness at the one who had given me solace in that hateful place, I shrieked; Eli stood there giving a ghoulish smile. His hands were lifeless and the blue-green veins were contrasting against the pale brown tan of his hand. His eyes were ghouled, red and lifeless, unlike my crimson ones. I also noticed that my hands looked a lot like his, except that it was slimmer than his.

"This is what you led me to, Rose." Her voice spoke in the background. "Only if you had listened to me -"

A cold wave spread over me, raising my hair on its ends. I gasped and opened my eyes. I was in a dimly, fluorescent lit room. I blinked; it was only a dream. I exhaled a breath as I observed my surroundings. I was lying on a bed and a computer ran beside my feet. There was a damp cloth on my forehead. Also there was someone looking over me.

The blue light did enough to highlight the features. The red-head had green eyes and she smiled at me.

When she spoke all Hell got lose. The years of getting stalked, kidnapped and tortured had given me experience and immediate reflexes I needed to fight my way through.

"How are you feeling?"She asked, putting her hand on my shoulder in a friendly gesture, and I acted.

The next moment I had her pinned on the floor in an awkward and painful position. Before I could stop her, she let out a grotesque scream that somehow reminded me of a girl screaming in a horror film I had seen with my father. I had a moment to assess my position. When she had put her hand on my left shoulder, I had pulled at it with my right and as she fell forward, my left hand reached out for her left arm, pinning it on her back, it touching her shoulder blade. And in that position she lay on the floor, motionless and screaming. I did nothing to stop her. I needed to know if anyone else was with her. My questions were answered when I felt the floor vibrate and the door opening to let in two creatures.

One was obviously a cave troll. His blue skin and abnormally huge build confirmed it. Behind the cave troll was a smaller figure I recognised to be a peach coloured Molenoid in a striped shirt with a yellow helmet on his head. The cave troll's eyes widened in horror as he drank in the situation and the Molenoid lowered his eyes in sadness, lowering his helmet and shaking his head.

"A great soul has left Pronto. May dear Trixie's soul rest in peace." He spoke as if at some funeral. And Trixie was still screaming, yelling and fidgeting under me, very much alive.

As I gave Pronto the Molenoid an awkward, weird look, the cave troll too turned his head and the both of us yelled at the same time, "Shut up, Pronto!"

Another set of steps echoed through the floor. I wasn't able to concentrate on the steps to figure out the person thanks to Trixie writhing in pain beneath me. I slowly realised that she wasn't going to harm me and that I could leave her free.

As I got up, letting her free, another person entered the room. This one was clearly a human and I knew exactly who he was.
"Eli," I breathed. Trixie had gone silent as she lay on the floor, too injured to move.

"Kord, take her downstairs. I'll meet you in a minute." Eli instructed the Cave troll as he made his way to me. "Explain. Everything. Now."

Both Kord and Pronto made their way out, Pronto shutting the door softly behind him.

I looked at Eli. He was angry, clearly. And I didn't know what to do.

I said simply, "In self defence." He gave me his best look of disbelief.

"In self Defence." He repeated and then stared at me. "I can't believe you."

"Trust me. Nobody does. And I don't blame you." I said as I sat down on the bed. "Eli, I wasn't brought up the way you were. You lived somewhere safe, away from all of this." I said pointing out around me. "It was necessary for me to use self defence because I could have been the victim of a threat. There was a time I lived with Dad."

"Was?" he asked me, eyes full of compassion and understanding. I just couldn't believe that just five minutes ago, he had been angry with me.

"Yeah, was. But then once when he said he wouldn't come home that night, and I spent the night alone, two people broke into our house. Finding me alone in the bed, sleeping soundly, they carried me away and I didn't even know it."

"Like, in Kidnapped?" Eli asked. He was listening to me faithfully, his blue eyes giving me solace and courage to go on. I gave a sad smile before I continued on.

"Yes. Then when Dad came home and he didn't find me, he began searching for me. He didn't find me for three days. The people who kidnapped me knew I had to be someone important, living with him and all. When Will Shane found me, I was weak and tired. They had done horrible things to me Eli, horrible things you can't even imagine. They tied me up, gagged while they kept me hungry and -" I choked, unable to go on. Eli sat beside me and put an arm on my shoulder.

"I get it. Then Dad sent you away, didn't he?" Eli spoke, caressing my back. Then he realised. "That's the reason he didn't let me sling until I was fifteen."

"Maybe," I sniffed. "How old are you?"

"Sixteen. You?"

"Eighteen." I answered, and then smiled seeing his shocked expression before continuing the story. "He sent me to an old friend he trusted." I paused before I continued. "Shanai."

The look on his face was as if I had frozen him solid. "Shanai? You mean like the Unbeatable Master?"

"Yes. I learnt these tricks from her. Then when I turned fifteen, ready to Sling, I visited the Shane Hideout. But -" Eli cut me in.

"Dad wasn't there. He had disappeared." Eli completed my story.

"I managed to live my life, smoothly, sharpening my talents against others. But I knew I had to wait for some more time. Blakk wanted to recruit me."

"Then?" Eli prompted. I marvelled at his ability to get information out of anyone.

"When I refused, he made me promise that I wouldn't come in his way and wouldn't turn against him. I just had to live my life. "

"Now he's gone. You can sling again too. My friend Mario too had a similar promise. But now he slings too." Eli smiled.

"I can. And I know it. How else do you think I was able to sling so well?" Then I laughed hard. Real hard. It felt good.

"Then I'll just let you fresh up." Eli stood up.

"I miss him." I said, making him stop. Then he turned around.

"I too miss him a lot." Eli said before walking out and closing the door. I could see that he had been disturbed and decided not to provoke him anymore with my stories.

I just shook my legs before getting up. I realised that I was in an old grey shirt and shorts. My dress was neatly folded on the seat under a bag which, when opened, revealed new toiletries and a brush. Instinctively, I ran a hand through my knotted hair. I then had a brief shower and put on my own comfortable clothes.

I was done brushing my hair seeing my reflection in the mirror, when a photograph caught my attention. A photo of Will and Eli as a child. As I held the photo I began crying. I ran my fingers lightly over Will Shane. "I am sorry. I am so sorry, Will."

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