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Twist led me through a labyrinthine route, I hadn't noticed before, when I'd been there. I had been there a few times for business-trade purposes, although I never stayed back to search secret routes .

"This, way." He pushed aside some leaves and there, underneath a few leaves, well-concealed, lay a laptop. And in the laptop, was her. It gave me chills to be standing in front of her although the distance between us was quite more than a few hours. I guessed she must be in one of her secret labs beneath the now destroyed Blakk citadel.

"What do you say, Rose?" She spoke, her voice like a hidden dagger, careful and silent until the last moment when it would stab one in the gut. I swallowed before replying. I sat down comfortably, putting the Laptop on my thigh. Easy to handle. Besides I needed experience for the near future.

"They trust me. Especially the Shane. He's gone bonkers over the thought of him having a sibling." i reported, keeping my voice as formal as possible.

"Why, aren't you?" She taunted knowingly. "Don't you share the same blood?" she knew my whole story, yet she wished to irritate me. And I couldn't do anything for that.

"We never had the same parents. I never met Eli's mom. Will Shane was never my biological father." I spoke, choosing my words carefully. I saw Twist widen his eyes and shock.

"Then why do you trust her?" he blurted out, then clamped his hand hard over his mouth. "Sorry," he muttered, lowering his eyes.

"Must I remind you that I know what I do, Shade?" she asked raising her eyebrows. In the computer she was wearing a lab-coat over a grey shirt. Her blue spectacles were the same shade of blue as Eli's hair. Her brown hair was tied up in a high bun and her olive eyes danced, teasingly. Twist flinched on hearing his surname. He never used it and I didn't believe that I never even realised it.

"You know the price at stake, Rose. I expect the plan to work out well, best if it is better." She spoke and the computer went off. She had disconnected.

I shut the computer down and hid it under the leaves, leaving it concealed the same way I had found it. No one would have believed that there was a gadget underneath the leaves. And if they did, there would be no chance of them finding it. Searching through the lush green leaves for the first ten layers or so will tire them and they'll give up.

"'Can't believe you're not a Shane." Twist muttered to himself, shaking his head. "I was thinking of killing you after the talk." He then looked at me.

"'Didn't know your surname." I smiled in an encouraging manner. "Twist Shade. Sounds good."

"It isn't anything like that. I hate them, those Shanes. I hate my name. I hate MYSELF!" he yelled the last word real loud and then turned around, his back to me

"Twist" I put my hand on his shoulder and he shrugged it off. He took a few breaths and relaxed, I could see his shoulders raise and lower rhythmically. He brought his hands and rubbed it across his face from the forehead to his chin.

"Do you know why I hate them?" he asked me then, turning around and looked at me in the eyes- teal against crimson.

"No," I shook my head. He sighed.

"Well, when I was a young boy, about ten years, my dad and me, we visited an old mine that had stopped being used. We worked as smugglers. My dad wanted to be a painter and I loved his paintings a lot. It had this sort of a magical aura to it. But when he began selling it, not many came to buy. Those few, who did, paid very less money for it. It wasn't enough." He sighed then sat on a stone. I sat on the ground in front of him and put my hand on his knee, urging him to continue. "Then, to feed our family, he had to steal and smuggle out goods. Well then, Will Shane came and, well, I was there very much in front of him, and then -" He broke off, unable to continue.

The Lady had told me that Twist's dad was killed by Will Shane and he was desperate to have his revenge on him. But I didn't know that this was the story. The first time I had come to visit her, against my will, I had seen him lean across a door and when I passed, he glared at me, looking up. At that moment I had want nothing more than to get out of there, after I was done with the damn visit. But then she recruited me and we were put in the same batch, as the Lady put it. We were supposed to work together, help each other in the time of need. But I didn't know how I was to help and support him when he hated me from the bottom of his heart.

But now... he wasn't bad. Neither was I. We were just in the same boat. He lost his family. And I had lost mine. At the end of the story, I had to wipe off the tears, flowing down.

When he asked, "Wait am I a good story teller?" that brought a smile on my face. I looked at him. he grinned back. "Well come on then," he stretched his arms and feet and stood up offering a hand to me. "Your brother's going to be worried for you."

"Poor thing," I said as I dusted my pants. It was awkward that Will Shane wasn't my dad, although he'd taken very good care of me. I mean I admired him a lot. Who doesn't?

"Hope to see you soon, I-am-not-a-Shane girl." He waved at me before disappearing with the Thugglet Slug. That always had given me the creeps. I wondered where Twist was.

Cross jumped onto my shoulder and nuzzled me. "Aw... thanks sweetie." I said as I gave him a befitting scratch. I was really glad that I had such a faithful arsenal. Twist too had a faithful arsenal, only they'd been ghouled, their Slug energy had been corrupted. My Mecha was standing all by itself, faithful to me. I knew I was betraying Eli, and so I decided to name my SPD Model Mecha, "I love you Speed. Thank you for being faithful to me. Thank you."

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