Challenge Alternate Names:

Ghost in the ARC.


Arc's Future's End.

ARC of Atlas.

Arc of Revengence.

Premise: In different timeline which Jaune did his job of not allowing anyone interfering with the succession in which resulted in Pyrrha gaining the other half of the Fall Maiden's power.

But even if this timeline diverged from many others there were still greater casualties which would change forever the world Remnant.

Follow Jaune Arc in this diverge timeline where he instead of Pyrrha confronted Cinder, but rather than dying he survived at the greatest cost a human would pay for his lifeā€¦ his own HUMANITY.


1. Jaune Arc is turned into an aura powered Cyborg in Atlas after his fight with Cinder. There they use Penny Schematic and Atlesian Knights design (or possibly a secret project which didn't have volunteers or that said volunteers never survived) as base with Pyrrha using her Semblance Polarity to assist in this process. Resulted in Jaune Arc humanity turned into WEAPON codenamed: ARKNIGHT-00 (prototype) which is aura powered cyborg which can produce aura in larger quantities, his Weapons Crocea Mors replaced by a Plasma Sword powered by aura.

2. Pyrrha is alive and half Fall Maiden now under Atlas protection.

3. Penny would later be redesign using Jaune Arc schematic and data by Gepetto (which I presume would be the name of Penny's father).


PM or Review anyone who is interested taking the challenge.

Though I am interested in also the alternate premise which is Cyborg Jaune going back in time to Kill Cinder or all the Maidens, so that the events in his timeline dont happen. Making himself public enemy.