A Pharaohs True Faitz

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Prologue: Ceremony

About 10,000 years ago the Egyptian Dynasty changed families. The family was known as the Yu-Go Dynasty/ The pharaohs of this time were kind, gentle, wise, and honest, plus where very devoted to only one wife. This allowed them to enjoy family life, which some scholars say was an asset to their success. Yu-Go men only had around 2 children, mostly born as twins. Also, during their reign, they created a game (Contest) that they used to deal with conflicts from the other kingdoms. It was known as the "Shadow Game". (To us known as Duel Monsters) It helped keep the peace for over 4,000 years. The Yu-Go's, in their wisdom, created the Golden Millenium pieces along with a crystal called the "Atlantican Imperium Crystal" made from a crystal from Atlantis. The Golden Pieces where hidden away in a tomb that only the Pharaoh and his closet advisor knew, the information was passed down to the next generation after the Coronation Ceremony. The Crystal was given to the new Dark Mage at the time of the self same ceremony. As tradition decrees the Elder Pharaoh became the Dark Mage as his son became Ra Pharaoh of Egypt.

Peace has reigned for nearly 5,000 years, and as time passes so does the reign of the pharaoh. Yami Yu-Go IV is passing his eldest son Yami Yu-Go V, his younger son (by five minutes) Yugi Yu-Go is being named as a Dark Priest of the land. Both boys carried the markings that made them Princess of the Desert. Their hair spiky with gold streaks with in the blackness, skin pale yet slightly tan.

Yu-Go was proud that both of his sons have proven themselves in the "Game" as well as here in the world. After this ceremony, both would be ready for what ever came their way. Yu-go *looks around the room* as the ceremony continues. The Eldest Dark Priest moves in front of him, with robes of purple, "Yami Yu-Go IV, allow me to remove the items of Pharaoh...*this is done quickly*...And help you into your new role as Head Advisor to the Pharaoh, The Dark Mage...*Robes are put on and the staff is brought forward*... As what has been done in ancient times it is done now...*the Priest kneels and holds the staff up to Yu-Go*...Take the staff and the knowledge's that have been passed down though the ages." Yu-Go takes the staff, the crystal glows brightly, as if to acknowledge him.

Yugi, who stood at the right hand of his brother and across from his father, watched this with interest. 'So, it will be my duty to do this and many ceremonies.' Then the Eldest Priest moved towards Yugi, "Young Prince Yugi Yu-Go, are you prepared to recieve the robes of Dark Priest?" Yugi nods as he answers, "Yes, and to serve Ra as he sees fit." The Priest smiles slightly, then, "Allow me to help remove your common robes, and assist you into the robes of Dark Priest." This is done with little flair and to soft music in the back ground. Then, to the shock of all who are at the ceremony, the elder priest again calls forth another priest with a Red Staff with a smaller crystals at its tip. "This is my own staff, handed to me when I first became a Dark Priest. Now, I Yumi Yu-Go, Second son of Pharaoh Yami Yu-Go II, hand it ot my own Grand-Nephew. He will be taught to become the High Dark Priest as it was done with me." After this was said, silence through the ceremony. Yu-Go seemed to be even prouder than before. Yami was also proud of his little brother, and used their own power to congratulate Yugi. "Good job, now you will live for as long as I, and not pass as the mortals do." A slight grin was all Yugi could allow himself to give, not trusting his thoughts or words.

Yami, aware that it was now his turn, returned his attention to the Elder Priest Yumi. As Yumi approached Yami, he bowed and then started the finally part of the ceremony. "Prince Yami Yu-Go V, are you prepared to accept the responsibilities of Pharaoh, the embodiment of Ra, King of all Egypt? Are you ready to accept the pressures of being a king? Will you be kind, helpful, and thoughtful? Not demanding, tyrannical, or selfish? Will you ask for help when needed, will you protect the kingdom when attacked, will you promise to listen at least to your advisors for their ideas before marching headlong into danger? Do you promise to uphold the ancient promises that your family have been protecting for over 5,000 years?" Yami, slight shaken by the demands of the Pharaoh, but knew he had been trained for this moment for all his life. "I do accept all the Responsibilities and Obligations that you have set before me. I as that Ra, and my advisors guide my hand with truth and honesty."

Priest Yumi, with a slight smile and nod "Yami Yu-Go V, First son of Pharaoh Yami Yu-Go IV, please remove your princely dress...*as this is done quickly with other lower priests in attendance, as Yumi is handed the oils to anoint the new pharaoh, this takes about five minutes of mumble jumble *" (STS ~ What you think I am gonna tell YOU what was being said? Seiya ~ *mumbles* She just doesn't know what was said. STS ~ Watch it boy, your walking on thin ICE!...Yugi ~ Lets get back to the story please?) "Now, advisors, dress the newly reborn Pharaoh...*Yugi and Yu-Go both do as told by Yumi, then they bow to Yami when done*...and so the Ceremony Ends, All Hail PHARAOH YAMI YU-GO V, EMBODIMENT OF RA!" Cheers and Hails could be heard through out the Palace Temple.

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