A Pharaoh's Faitz

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Warnings and Happiness

As the newly made friends headed back, towards the palace, little did they know that they were being watched from the shadows. "Soon, I will rule all of Egypt. I will be the King of the Shadow Games. Not that small boy who claims to be 'Pharaoh.'" The voice comes from a shadow of a man in a near by alley, he moves his head and Ra's rays touch his silver hair. Another man near him moves with the shadows, as quietly as a cat. "So, Noble Pegasus, what is the job you have for me?" asks Bakura, known to most in the city a Tomb Robber. A hand comes down on Bakura's face, "Don't ever say my name in public again. I have warned you many times. I have TOLD you to call me Maximum." As Pegasus regains his known composure. "What I want you to do is to find out why the Pharaoh's and the Dark Priest's own personal guards are with those two women. They must be important to our targets. So you must find out if they are the weak points of them."

Bakura, rubbing his face stands, has evil glints in his eyes, "I will have my two spies, who are already in the palace, get the information for me. It should not take long. Considering, that they are the Princesses of Atlantis." Pegasus' eyebrows rise, as this is said. "So, you already are watching the Pharaoh? I should have known." As he laughs. His companion grins. "Yes, Peg.. I mean Maximum, I thought you might want to know who they are. Nice pieces of meat if you ask me... Maybe worth a pretty penny, to those who like that kind." Pegasus, thinks for a min, "No. You know they might be the right kind of bait to get the Atlantians to join our side over the Pharaoh. But for now, go and get the information, I will return to the Inn. Be there by Midnight." As he turns and leaves. Bakura bows his head slightly, after the nobleman was out of hearing range, "For now go and rest, but when the Coup comes I will be Pharaoh. I will have the power of the Items."

While the girls are enjoying there day out amongst the market place. Work never stops for both Yugi and Yami.

Yugi enters the chamber of the Elder High Dark Priest, bows at the waist, "Your student is here for more teachings." "It is good to have one such as yourself, young Yumi. Always, are you on time and polite. Today we are to strengthen your meditation and physic skills. Please, *as he points to a couch* take your seat, and lets begin." As Yugi moves to his seat, the aromas relax the mind and body. Yugi relaxes, empties his mind and enters a trance state. There he sees many different images.


Dreams of the future

Images of happiness followed by war, then a man with a golden eye, a boy with a golden necklace, attacking the palace. Shadows of people being traitors, from inside the palace. His own body, laying on the floor of the throne room. His brother, sad but, fighting on with anger and sorrow. The bodies of 3 women on the floor near the Pharaoh. The "Shadow Game" gone wrong. The energy of Millenium pieces being used to protect the world.

The pictures change to more happier times to come. Himself and Karma enjoying a private dinner, Ra setting in the Nile. Himself asking her to become his bride. Then the reactions of what she will say...'Who knows, if she will say "Yes" or "No". But I have never met a girl who enjoys the same things as I.'

***End of Meditation***

As the Meditation ends, he shakes his fuzzy head. "So, student, what were the images you saw, today?" Asks Uncle Yumi. Yugi frowns slightly, "Many images that...startle me...but others that I welcome with open arms." Yumi nods knowingly, "I understand... I have had visions of a man with silver hair and a golden eye inciting riots and attacking the Palace, and killing the family, save for Pharaoh." Yugi nods, "I, too, have seen the same images. I fear that I and my brother will be the last of the line here." "It is said that, even though you may die, Ra will grant you eternal life." says Yumi. Yugi nods, then bows as he leaves for the day, "Till tomorrow, Yumi."

While Yugi goes through his lesson, the young Pharaoh Yami listens to the scribes and lower advisors, the ways of the taxes coming in and also the complaints from the peasantry. Making the decisions that will make or brake his rule over the country. Most are similar, complaints about other peasants or land lords. The tiffs have arrived and are inventoried into the store house. Yu-Go watches his sons face, as the emotions flicker over it, knowing the choices he has made to be the right ones.

Yami's thoughts wonder, while there is a lull during the list of complaints. 'Am I, Yami, in love with Silvia? I think I am, I can't seem to keep my mind on the business at hand, when she is not in the room. But when she is in the room its worse. I wonder if Yugi feels the same for Karma...' As he continues to think, Dark Mage notices that the Pharaoh's mind has wondered, "I think it would be wise to cancel the rest of the court meetings. Till tomorrow, *nods his heads* Advisors."

The Pharaoh doesn't even notice the absents of the other advisors. Yami, still deep in thought, 'Does she like me? Does she love me, like I love her? Well that answers one question. *Chuckles to himself* Should I ask her? Will it last as long as Mother and Fathers' has? Should I practice asking her to marry me? Or should I just pop the question?' Yami seems in distress, and embarrassed about what he is thinking... A golden Eagle calls out across the desert, it startles him out of his thoughts. Pharaoh looks up slightly embarrassed, but finds that only his father the Dark Mage is in the room.

"It seems, my son, that you have many questions on you mind, so I sent the others off till tomorrow. I thought it would be wiser for them not to know that your mind was wondering...It seems that it has been doing this for the last couple of days." says Yu-Go. Laughing lightly, "Yes, father. I seem to wander into my own little world when the pressures of court start to get really boring...Like the petty complaints of the peasants, I mean could they not handle that themselves? Why do they come to me?" Yu-Go chuckles at this, "I asked the same questions of my own Father. *continues to grin* As he said to me, I say to you. The peasants look to you, cause you are the Son of Ra. The one who will lead them into the future. Pharaoh Yami, you must remember that some peasants and nobility are not as nice as they appear to be. The nobility have been known to treat most peasants as servants or worse, slaves. Peasants don't like the rich ruling over them, for being treated like like they are worthless. So you see, my son, we are the judges of the WHOLE people, not just peasants." Yami nods with understanding.

"Dark Mage, you are dismissed, but please send in my servants. I need to prepare for my dinner to night with Silvia." As Yami leaves the throne room to go to his private chambers.

The servants prepare the private dinning chambers for both of the bothers. The priestess Isis, blesses the rooms just after the set up is finished, and watches how the slaves bustle around with food and lighting. 'It seems that the Pharaoh and the Dark Priest are going to have special dinner guests. Probably the princesses who are staying here. I wonder...Could it be that they have found Soul Mates, already? Ones who would destroy the Dark Kingdom? I must talk to Maikial.' She leaves a dinning area, and looks for her partner in crime. Maikial is working in the Throne room, dusting off the throne itself.

"Maikial, what is going on? Why are the slaves in such a good mood? I mean are the Princess having more important guest than the Princesses?" asks Isis as she enters the room. Maikial looks up with an evil grin, "My dear sister. Have you not heard, that both of the bothers are in love and plan on asking the girls to marry them this night? That is if they don't die from the poison I'm planning to put into the food." Isis looks startled. "You can't, you know if you get caught, both of our heads will roll. Besides, we must wait for Lord Bakura, and pass this information to him."

As she finished speaking, he enters the room. "So, my friends, what is the information that you have for me, on this lovely day?" Isis, bows lowly, "Sir, we have found out that the Brothers plan on asking the visiting princesses to marry them, this very night at dinner. But, Maikial, plans on poisoning them before they get the chance to ask." Bakura looks over at Maikial, "Is this true? Not a bad plan, but right now we need you two to get into the confidences of the princesses or the Nobles. To find out how we may destroy the Dynasty." Both bow as he leaves. "So, now we have no REAL fun until he says. That's not fair at all." Grumbles Maikial. "But, when he is ruler here we will be at his left and right hands. That will make up for the servitude that we go through now." Grins Isis.

As Ra starts to set into the Nile, the preparations are finished on the two private dining areas. The Servants who will be serving are dressing the finest silver for the Pharaoh and gold for the Dark Priest. Waiting in the Kitchens for the call to service.

'Yugi, are you as nervous as I am? I can feel you being jumpy, are you gonna ask Karma tonight?' 'Yami, my brother, you talk of nerves. Yes, I am nervous, but I know the answer we are both hoping to recieve. I just pray only part of my meditations come true. The other half just false dreams, that are thrown in to confuse me.' 'Brother, what do you mean? Have you seen death, and destruction again? That would be once a day since the day you were took into the Priest hood.' 'Yes, brother, it would. But today I have seen happiness for both of us, in to days dreams.' 'That is very good...very good indeed. Have you spoken to father or uncle about the dreams?' 'Yes, to Uncle Yumi. He says he will look fully into them later this night. But what disturbs me most is that the palace will fall from those who are from the inside. Well, no time for more reflections, it is time we great our future queens.'

As the Twin connection breaks off they both leave to meet their guests in the dining halls. As they enter the dining area's they notice that the girls are already there dressed in their best clothing.

Silvia is dressed in white and silver, her dress is that of the Egyptians, it shows to its best advantage of her whole body. Her hair has silver ribbons intertwined into it, and her light make-up accents her eyes and lips.

While Karma, also dressed in Egyptian clothing, chose more of gold, to show off her darker skin and hair. Also, with golden ribbons intertwined into her hair.

Both gentlemen are stunned at the beauties before them...It seems at the exact same moment in different rooms that the brothers as the sisters the same question. Not waiting for after dinner. "My lovely lady, will you marry me...Please make me the happiest man on this earth?"

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