The dreamer and the rose

She was young, beautiful, naïve, nothing like the Egyptian people saw her…. A whore, that's what they called her, but that is far from the truth. She could have been a dancer, a star, but she got pregnant at a young age, her mother married her off soon after, to the first wealthy man she came across. HEwas cruel, possessive and had a horrible temper, he was twice her age. The only reason, she stayed with him was to protect her little girl. She was scared and lonely…. All she wanted was someone to talk to…until she met him.

He was not like any slave she had ever seen, tall, handsome, he only could have been 2 or 3 years younger than her, no less than 20 or so. He was her chance.

The slowly and gently fell in love, the best year of her short 22 years. He made her smile, laugh like she never had, and he loved her little girl as her own, little Delia even called him papa. It was an ominous dark rainy day when HE found about their affair…. She begged HIM spare her love, but HE did not listen... her love was sentenced to a lifetime in prison, as for her … she was black and blue the next day. Some say that the Rose and the Dreamer were no more… but she would get herself and her little angel out …. Somehow.