Chapter 1

(Brick's P.O.V. for entire story)

There it was again. The ominous figure encompassed by the surrounding forest. It moved with the darkness, and appeared everywhere around me, as if inspecting me. What was this thing? Why did it seem so interested in me?

Its shadowy arms wrapped around my shoulders as it draped its cold body over me. It wouldn't talk and it wouldn't leave me alone. Soon I was sucked inside its glacial body once more, feeling that I was losing my senses. The darkness engulfed everything in me, inside and out. In the distance, however, I saw a distant glow. It was small but I could feel the warmth it emanated from within itself. With what little sense I had left, I struggled to pull myself towards it.

The glow seemed to have a figure inside it, too bright for me to see though. I was within grasp of the light when I jolted up.

I awoke in a cold sweat. That dream again. I placed my hand atop my head as I took deep breaths to regain my strength. Ever since I was hit by that white light over five years ago I've had this dream. What does it all mean?

I languidly rose from my bed and headed out to my balcony. I slid the doors open, revealing a glistening city shining brightly at night. I dangled my arms over the railing looking down from four stories high up in a building. I looked up at the sky to clear my thoughts of the dream I just had and remembered why we came back to New Townsville.

We had left this town because of a certain superhero group. As you probably have figured out, yes it was the Powerpuff Girls Z. Anyways, we left because of the volcano erupting and moved to a different city. After a while we grew accustomed to getting what we wanted since there were no superheroes to stop us.

The white rays that hit my brothers and I altered us a bit. We aged a little faster, but for a short time period. My hair grew so I've kept in a ponytail since then, my brother Butch cut his hair short while my other brother Boomer grew his slightly longer- but not much.

I miss pillaging the small city we lived in for a couple of years, but it never really stood as much of a challenge to us. Glancing at the sky I saw stars gleaming, shining their light down. A pink light flashed by in the somber night sky.

I smirked at the thought of having a challenge again. This could be exciting for once.

Soon I forgot all about my dream and went back inside my apartment and crawled into my nice, warm bed. I still had school after all.

I awoke abruptly to the sound of knocking. I rolled over and walked sluggishly to my dresser to put on my ripped jeans and to grab my chain wallet. I sauntered over to my closet next and pulled on a black tank top and my red cap on my dresser, then slipped on my red and black sneakers and headed out with my black backpack.

As I walked out of my room, the clock flashed 7:30 A.M.

Time to see our new school. I locked my door and walked down the stairs with my brothers following. We turned the corner and headed down the street.

"What do you think the school will be like?" Boomer asked as he readjusted his backpack nervously

"Who cares as long as there's a soccer team." Butch replied placing his hands behind his head

"But what if they don't like us?" Boomer continued as millions of questions raced through his head

"Boomer, who the hell cares if they like us or not? Just piss 'em all off then." Butch snapped as Boomer nodded understandingly

I looked back at the two, "Do you guys have your schedules?"

Both of them held out a piece of paper to me.

"Good, then I'm sure you can find your classes on your own." I snickered as Butch took me up on the challenge

"Hell yeah I can. Don't need anyone's help. Just watch me." The raven haired teen stated

"I-I-I guess I c-could…" The blonde haired teen stuttered nervously

"See you boys later then." I said as I walked through the gates of New Townsville High

I scanned the area, seeing how huge the school looked. It seemed to have everything as far as I saw. It was a three story building laid out over the vast area. It had to accommodate over one hundred thousand high school students. Now all I have to do is figure out which room I go to…

I looked down at my paper and read over the room numbers once more. So room 3A…

"Hey cute, red haired boy?" I heard a squeaky, annoying voice call out

Hoping they meant someone else, I continued reviewing my classes when the high pitched voice yelled again.

"Hey~" It sang out as I finally looked away from my paper and at the creepiest girl I'd ever laid eyes on. She had curly, brunette hair up in a ponytail. She wore a purple skirt and leather boots with a purple tank top with a tiara imprinted on it.

"What the hell do you want?" I snapped annoyed by this chick already

"I just wanted to say hi…" She pouted as she twirled her hair about

I looked her in the eyes and looked back at my paper.

She looked at me hurt and dramatically placed her hand over her chest. The brunette gasped then laughed.

"You're too cute." She stated as I walked off and into the building

"My name's Himeko!" She exclaimed behind me. I rolled my eyes and proceeded inside the school. So room 3A…

I scanned the area searching for the room. 1A, 1B… Where the hell do I go? I paced back and forth until finally someone couldn't take it.

"Hey!" I heard a female voice exclaim

My head snapped up hoping it wasn't Princess. To my surprise it was a red haired girl with a big, red bow tied in her hair. She wore a short denim skirt with black tights and leather boots, along with a pink tank top and a black jacket.

"Do you need help or are you going to pace a hole into the floor?" She asked as I nodded yes

"Let me see…" She snatched my paper and glanced it over, "3rd floor first door on your right."

With that, she walked away and up the steps. I soon followed behind, and walked up to the 3rd floor to the room and entered. The room was filled with chattering teens, but that all came to a halt as soon as I walked in. I felt everyone's eyes on me as I walked to my seat in the back and placed my stuff down in the dead silent room.

What a great way to start off a class.

I noticed the red haired girl sitting near me reading a book. Well this class can't be all that bad…

To be continued

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