Chapter 2

Sitting through geometry was boring. I fiddled with my paper and books, doodling at some points then pulling out my phone at other points. Some students would look back at me as I squirmed around impatiently. I would just glare at them and return to whatever I was doing at the moment. I was working on a drawing sometime during the class when I soon realized what I had drew subconsciously.

I stared at the black paper and the glowing figure that stood immersed by darkness. I still could not make out what the figure was, but there it was, with me in class. Drawing attention to myself for suddenly stopping all my fidgeting, I looked up and saw a couple of people staring at me bewildered. I scowled at all the wandering eyes until they quickly turned away.

Soon, I found my own eyes wandering until it settled on the red haired girl in front of me. She seems familiar to me, as if I have known her my whole life. The girl was hunched over her desk as she worked out equations while the teacher had sat down to wait for everyone to finish the worksheet he had handed out. I pulled out my phone, I was capable of doing the problems on my own- I understood everything- however I am lazy. Finding the worksheet answers, I copied them all down and turned in the worksheet.

I casually got up and strolled down the row of desks to the teacher's desk and placed down the worksheet. He watched me for a minute as I made my way back to my seat then looked down to grade my paper. Soon I discovered I was the first one done, which I wasn't surprised. I turned my attention to the rosy haired girl in front of me as she worked diligently on her paper. When she had finished her paper, she walked up to the teacher to turn it in then twirled around back to her seat and walked out the classroom.

I instantaneously snagged my own stuff and followed her out the room. I pursued her down the stairs and outside to a big Sakura Tree that stood in the center of an exposed area off to the side of the school. The red haired girl sat at a picnic table underneath the towering Sakura Tree as she read her books. Hesitantly, I walked up to her and sat across from her as she kept reading her book. Her red hair flew through the wind and every once in a while she would have to place strands of hair behind her ear. I sat silently observing her until she noticed I was staring at her.

Our eyes made contact and a chill went down my spine. It did seem weird for a person you barely just met to sit across from you and stare at you. She closed her book and placed it inside her backpack as she refocused her attention onto me.

"Is there something you want?" She asked slightly annoyed

I thought it over and looked back at her, "No not really."

She sighed and continued, "So why are you watching me read a book?"

I shrugged, "Trying to make friends who aren't Himeko."

She laughed cutely. She had her hand cover her mouth as she laughed at what I assumed I said.

"So you've met Himeko?" She calmed herself down and asked

I nodded yes.

"Well my name's Momoko." The rosy haired girl stated as I smiled

"I'm Brick."

First period ended and the rest of the day went on smoothly and fast. Soon school ended as fast as it had started. I found my brothers walking with some girls. One was blonde with long, curly hair cascaded around her shoulders while the other girl had long, straight, jet black hair tied in a high ponytail with a green cap on. Boomer seemed to be getting along with the blonde haired girl while Butch seemed to be having problems getting along with the black haired girl.

"Oh Bricky!" I heard a familiar screech cry out as I quickly dove behind my brothers in an attempt to get away from her

"Bricky?!" She cried out as I hid behind my snickering brothers. She soon passed us and I came out from behind them.

"Bricky?" Boomer and Butch said in unison as I punched both of them in the gut. As they were gagging, Momoko walked up and started talking to the two other girls. They all nodded and ran off. Baffled, I walked down the street in hopes to find an arcade or somewhere to eat while my brothers limped behind me.

We rounded the corner only to find the Gangreen Gang waiting for us. They still looked the same, weak and useless. They surrounded us and tried blocking our ways out.

"So kids, just hand us what we want and we'll go." Ace the leader said as he adjusted his glasses

Boomer, Butch, and I stared at each other and broke out laughing.

"Ace you've grown old in these few years it seems your memory is also failing." I announced as he stared at us puzzled

In the years since we were hit by the white rays we have grown even stronger. In order to be even stronger than our normal state we have to transform with these weird belts. They start to glow and transform us.

As we transformed we wore black ripped jeans and color coded tank tops with black leather jackets. Our hair styles turned back to what they were all those years ago when we were about ten. I had the red outfit, Boomer had blue, and Butch had green. The Gangreen Gang stood watching us dumbfounded.

"Remember us Ace? We don't really use the name anymore but you'd remember us as the RowdyRuff Boys." I said as Ace soon snapped from his daze

"Oh yeah, those Rowdybrats. You weren't much of a fight either, still don't look like it with that stupid getup." Ace snapped back and soon we all were fighting

All we had to do was punch them once and they were out, the fight didn't even last a minute. We rounded them all up together and tied them up. Soon the Powerpuff Girls Z arrived as we both stared at each other for a while.

There she was. Blossom. Her long, red hair whipping through the air as she hovered across from me. I start to feel something within me and it wasn't hatred for them. It was a tingling sensation in my stomach, but I didn't pay it any mind. My brothers and I flew off without a word to the three girls and off to go detransform somewhere and eat.

I thought when we had returned I would still feel hatred towards them, but this feeling I just felt. It was different. What was that emotion? I have never felt anything like that before.

I shook my head clear of the thought and landed in an alley with my brothers and continued our stroll down the street to find food. We rounded the corner and looked around the area.

To be continued

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