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Chapter 3

My brothers and I had eaten when those three girls from our school walked in. I watched as they walked by and we were unnoticed by them. I looked back at my brothers and saw them looking at me as well. We got up and walked out of the building leaving the girls to eat their dinner while we headed back to our apartments.

Minutes passed as we finally reached our destination and parted ways to our rooms. Unlocking the door, I went straight for my bed and plopped down upon it exhausted. I laid there for a time until I convincingly spiraled off my bed and made my way to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I stepped into the warm shower as thoughts ran through my head about my first day at the new high school. How I met that weird girl, Himeko, and how I met that red haired girl, Momoko.

Momoko. She seemed somehow familiar, yet I can't place where I've seen her. Why does she seem familiar anyway?

Her image was imprinted in my mind. When I saw Momoko reading and her hair resemble the glow of the sun. The way she lit up as she read her book.

I shook my head before I thought too much of her, however the feeling I get when I think about her or when she's near me is odd. I've never felt this feeling where my gut feels as though it's twisting and churning within me.

Stepping out of the shower, I put on my usual pajama attire- which was some black shorts. I strolled out the bathroom and turned off its light. I headed to my bed and laid down, exhausted and drained from the day. I never liked the first day of school more than any other day, but most people aren't either. Laying on my pillow, I snuggled into it and took a deep breath.

A forest. Once again, I was in a forest. Growing tired of this repetitive dream, I began to feel enraged. Why do I keep getting this dream? What does it want with me? I wandered around the forest when I stumbled upon an open area. It was a clearing deep within this forest- I know where this is going.

I stepped out onto the parcel and scanned for that oh-so-familiar figure and how this dream will play out. Standing there for a couple of minutes I waited, and to my surprise no weird black figure came. I wandered around for a while, provoking the thing to come out from sheer boredom. However, it never came. Feeling bewildered, I started to head back into my imaginary woods when I heard feet hit the ground behind me. I swung my arm around, bracing for a fight, but stopped when I saw a familiar face. The rosy red hair flowing in the wind as my arm stayed in midair, frozen with perplexity. Why was she here? I stared still confused as she smiled at me and my heart felt weird.

My heart felt as if it was beating a hundred miles an hour. I couldn't look away from her eyes. Arm still outstretched in midair, I soon relaxed as I heard her giggle at me. I looked up into the existent but nonexistent sky and sighed confused without a measure of doubt. Was this supposed to be a sign? I looked back at Blossom, the girl who I used to hate with a passion, and treaded closer to her.

Smiling still, she looked at me with almost a concerned look. I was just feet away from her as her arm outstretched to my face and rubbed my cheek. My face burned as I felt her loving touch, I wanted to almost embrace her oddly enough. What is this feeling? Why do I have it?

Her gaze matched mine as I questioningly looked at her. We had been in silence for the longest time while questions raced through my head. I had to build up the courage first to ask her them.

"Do I know you?" She had broken the silence. She did not know me? What do I tell her? Do I tell her the truth? I could start over with her, pretend we had never met and start anew.

"No, I'm Brick." I introduced myself as she looked at me questioningly

"Brick…" She repeated pondering over my name as I became nervous. I hoped she wouldn't figure out that she knew me.

"I'm Mo- I mean Blossom." I heard her stutter out

I smiled warmly at her as she eyeballed me, as though she was still trying to remember me. Instinctively, I took her hand in mine. Her hand was small and dainty compared to my own, and it seemed to fit perfectly in my hand. I looked from our intertwined hands to her face and saw she started to grow red. I studied her face, wondering why it did that but she quickly looked away. Finally letting go of her hand, I watched her try to hide her face from who I assumed was me.

"Something wrong?" I managed to spit out as she became flustered

"N-no." Stuttering as her face became a neon red color, "B-but why did you h-hold my hand?"

I honestly don't know. The feeling overwhelmed me and I acted on an impulse. Why did I do that? I mentally sighed. I am asking way too many questions and this is too confusing.

"I have no clue. I'm just confused, can I go back to my regularly scheduled nightmare?" I asked the never ending forest behind me. I would much rather deal with that weird black abyss than this.

Blossom looked at me perturbed. I sighed once more wanting this pleasant yet evil dream to end soon, I'm starting to feel quite uncomfortable. Then before my eyes Blossom started to disappear.

"B-Brick?" I heard her cry out as she started fading from my sight. I grabbed her and held her close as she started to fade even more from my sight. She looked at me almost panicked and concerned, then all of a sudden she was gone. The way she cried out for me, how I couldn't help her, it tore me inside and out.

Soaked. I was soaked in sweat.

Rolling out of bed, disgusted of myself, I headed towards my bathroom. I washed off and slipped on a new pair of shorts and check the time. The clock flashed 2:37 A.M.

I sat upon my bed, head in hands. My head throbbed in pain and my heart ached at the dream I had. I don't understand anything.

'It's decided then,' I thought as I laid back into my blanket, 'I'll just skip school tomorrow.'

I couldn't handle my bizarre dreams and needed to take a break- even if I had only gone to this new school for one day, I've had these dreams for the longest time. Turning off my alarm clock and rolling over, I headed back to sleep.

No dream? I awoke without jolting up or in a cold sweat. Why didn't I have a dream? I always had some sort of weird dream in a forest. What happened? Shrugging it off, I lazily got up out of bed and got dressed in my usual attire, ripped jeans, black tank top, and red and black sneakers. Exiting the apartment, I locked up and headed for a place to eat.

Wandering for quite a good time, I finally decided to go to a local pancake restaurant. As I was being seated the restaurant was quite packed and a line seemed to wrap around the place- plus I may have sweet talked one of the workers here to get me a seat faster. I glanced around the place, seeing all the local pictures and trinkets that hung on the walls when I saw a glimpse of long red hair in the midst of the other customers in line. I stood up for a moment to take a better look.

Seeing it once more I was sure it was her. I got up and walked past my confused waiter and grabbed a small, dainty hand. Oddly enough it reminded me of Blossom's hand, but I shook that notion from my head. I pulled her out of the crowd and saw that it was my classmate, Momoko. She looked at me confused as I racked up the courage to ask her, "Do you want to eat with me?"

She stared at me, even more confused than before as I elaborated on my intentions, "It's a long line, I thought you could eat with me but if you don't then I'll leave you b-"

"Sure." I heard her say as I smirked and led her to my table. We sat across from each other and ordered our food. After ordering I decided I might as well strike up an awkward conversation. I mustered up the courage and asked, "So why aren't you in school?"

Momoko looked at me and our eyes connected for a second then she looked away replying, "I'm excused because I'm studying for a big exam coming up."

Watching me she then asked, "Why aren't you in school?"

I rubbed the back of my head debating on what to tell her, then decided fuck it.

"I skipped." I replied bluntly as Momoko rolled her eyes

"Figures." The red haired girl mumbled as she took a sip of her drink

She is hard to get along with sometimes. I sat with her awkwardly in silence as she went through her stack of books, probably reviewing for tests. Once she had finished she took out a pink notebook and started writing inside it. I tried to look inside it but she kept moving it out of my view. I guess whatever was inside it she didn't want me to see. Relaxing back into my seat, I played with what little things I could. Resorting to twirling a straw in my drink to bawling up napkins and pelting them at unsuspecting people.

When our food arrived Momoko finally put her books down. I dug into my pancakes and bacon while she had some kind of egg sandwich. It wasn't long until I finished my food while Momoko still sat in front of me eating. The waiter passed by surprised that I had finished so quickly. He gave me the bills and I decided to pay for Momoko's breakfast as well as my own.

As I stood up I said to Momoko, "I'll see you around pinky."

She looked at me confused while I was confused myself. I didn't mean to give her a nickname but I suppose that's what I'll call her every once in a while. I paid for our food and walked out the door and down the street for a couple minutes.

Well what to do now…

"Brick?!" I heard a female voice exclaim behind me. I turned to find a curly haired brunette ready to pounce on me. Flustered and terrified I hopped out of her way as she landed on the ground. Hovering over her, I checked to see if she was okay physically- I knew she wasn't mentally already. Although it was a stupid move of mine to do, she sprang back up just as quickly as she had fallen. Now I have a brunette as a necklace.

I sighed, "Why the hell are you out of school?"

The curly brunette looked at me as if she was hurt by the question.

"You weren't there my Bricky- do you expect me to go to school if I can't see my own boyfriend?!" Himeko cried out as she grabbed my arm and clung to my side for dear life

"Himeko. Let. Me. Go." I said quite annoyed at this point

"But Bricky-"

"Don't call me that." I replied shaking her off my arm, "And don't ever touch me like that, I am NOT your boyfriend, so leave me alone."

I started walking away when I heard footsteps race up behind me while I side stepped out of her tackle. Himeko laid once more on the ground while I walked around her and continued my stroll. Albeit, she seemed determined because I heard footsteps racing up behind me. I sighed and moved out of the way.

To my surprise, no one landed on the ground. I heard a person gasping for air behind me, however. I spun around to find the person's face engulfed in a beautiful shade of red hair cascaded over her face. She was bent down with her hands holding her torso up on her legs. The rosy haired girl raised her head and regained her breath.

"Brick, why did you do that?" Momoko asked fixing her backpack

"Do what?" I replied as I walked away with her following closely behind

"You paid for my breakfast." She stated as I shrugged

"Believe it or not I'm a good guy- at times." I smirked as I turned a corner into the big city

To Be Continued

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