A Fanfiction Series by Joshua Belyeu

Based on characters created by Jerry Siegel, Jose Shuster, Al Gough, & Miles Millar




Businessman Lionel Luthor sat silently in his office, at the top floor of his company's high-rise office building, LuthorCorp. He'd inherited the business from his father Lachlan, who had started it thirty years earlier as an agricultural venture. Since replacing his late father as CEO ten years ago, Lionel had caused quite a stir in the corporate world, merging different businesses together in the fields of military technology and medical research. Many called him a crackpot, and Lionel had to admit the first few years had been a chore...but profits had skyrocketed in every area during the last 24 months. In the blink of an eye, it seemed LuthorCorp had done the impossible for the corporate world of the United States.

However, that was the least of Lionel's concerns at the present moment. Deep in thought, he kept repeating the same word to himself, almost in a trance.


Suddenly, a loud buzzing interrupted him, eliciting an aggravated response.

"What?!", he yelled. A young man's voice filled the room, sheepish in tone. "Uhm, I'm very sorry to bother you sir, but uh..."

Lionel frowned. This couldn't be good. "Now is not the time for nervous reactions, Siegel; get to the point."

"Your son has just arrived, and Robert Queen is demanding a meeting," the man continued, rapidly spitting out information to avoid annoying his boss any further.

"Damn", Lionel muttered.

"I beg your pardon, sir?" came the reply.

"Never mind, Siegel; thank you. Show them in." "Yes, sir."

Two large double-doors swung open electronically, as a pair of individuals entered the room. The first was a young boy around ten years old, dressed in a private school uniform. His hair is a fiery shade of red, and his face slightly freckled. His expression is one of both awe and fear.

"Lex, keep your posture", Lionel ordered.

The boy obeyed, looking straight ahead, his lips quivering slightly.

"Better", Lionel said, turning his attention to the other man in the room. A fellow corporate titan, Robert Queen stood tall, about six feet two inches in total, with medium blond hair, a square chin, and eyes like emeralds, in a face that shows one emotion: contempt.

"What the hell are you trying to pull, Lionel?" Queen yelled, his voice full of bile and contempt.

Lex gasped, surprised that anyone would dare challenge his father in his own building. "I got word you just outbid me for Virgil Swann's communications satellite, at the last minute no less!" Robert fumed. Still cold in his expression, Lionel stared the Queen family patriarch in the face.

"It's called good business, Robert."

"That deal was finalized twenty minutes ago, by Swann himself; how on Earth did you manage this?!" Robert snapped.

"Simple", Lionel replied. "I convinced him to extend the negotiation period."

Not fooled for a moment, Queen continued. "You threatened him, didn't you? I know your hands are far from clean, you malicious bastard."

"That would be most irresponsible, Robert...and not too different from one of your own ploys a few months back, as I recall," Lionel said, grinning.

"Working within the bounds of the law to establish mutual benefits between competitors is very different from intimidating the world's foremost authority on astronomy. I just spoke with Swann again before coming here; he wouldn't explain the matter."

Lionel rose from his chair.

"Our meeting is adjourned, Mr. Queen. I have an appointment to keep in a small town not far from here. Let's go, Lex."

Forcefully placing a newspaper on Lionel's desk, Queen said, "You might want to avoid the chopper, Luthor. NASA detected a meteor shower approaching North America a few hours ago."

"Enjoy your vacation in the Bahamas, Robert; give my regards to Laura and Oliver," Lionel said. Walking out of his office, the two Luthors boarded a private elevator. Once the doors had closed, Lex spoke.

"Where we off to, Dad?" Grinning, Lionel adjusted his own suit and tie.

"A meeting with destiny, my the town of Smallville."