Its a Saturday, and Clark descends from upstairs to greet his adoptive parents. Jonathan and Martha are in the living room, bantering as usual. Upon seeing Clark, Jonathan looks at his watch for a second. "Good morning, sleepy-head; have a rough night?" The boy just shrugs, not sure what to say. "Any other guy my age would blame the car crash, but you both know I wasn't hurt." At this, Martha speaks. "The first time I saw you brush something off that would seriously injure most people, it scared me to death. One of the barn's support chains came loose, and a 500-pound block landed right on top of you." Jonathan nods, confirming his own memory. "I'd gone to deliver some corn, and came back to find your Mom in hysterics. For a moment, I thought you'd been killed...but sure enough, not a scratch. We both knew nothing would be the same after that."

Clearing his throat to change the subject, Clark briefly hesitates; both adults quickly pick up on it. "What's going on, Clark?" Jonathan asks. Pacing the floor, Clark tries choosing his words carefully, but stumbles a bit. "Okay, I know we've gone over this many times...but I told someone." Martha immediately looks toward Jonathan, whose expression has changed from curious to worried and slightly angry. Trying to calm the situation, she gently touches his arm. "We both knew this was going to happen." Shifting her view back to Clark, her voice remains calm, yet still protective. "What happened?" Clark sighs, more resigned than anything else. "I told Lana, yesterday afternoon." Jonathan speaks, clearly trying to restrain himself. "What brought this on, Clark? Was she asking questions?" "She saw me get sick from the meteor rock in her necklace at school. I couldn't hide my lack of injury from the crash, and those meteors killed her parents. After you showed me the ship, I didn't want to lie anymore." "Does she know its in the cellar?" Jonathan asked. Clark shakes his head, and the older Kent calms down. Martha, meanwhile, seems more concerned with Lana's well-being. "How did she take it, son?" "She cried for a few minutes, then settled down after realizing I had no control over the ship. She swore to keep my secret, and I know I can trust her. Her life was radically changed that day, and direct or not, I was the cause. Keeping quiet just felt wrong; I hope you're not too mad at me."

Running his hands briefly through his hair, Jonathan Kent clasps them in front of him...almost like a prayer. Then he sighs, standing to look Clark in the face. "I don't agree with your choice, son...but I know you've carried this weight for a long time. At least Lana is a friend, and you told her willingly. Better that than anyone snooping around the farm, or word getting to the Luthors." Clark's expression changes again, like he's been reminded of something. "On that note, Dad...Lex came by yesterday. We didn't go inside, just chatting in the driveway. But he did say he wanted to speak with you, and apologize again for the crash." "My only hope for Lex Luthor, is he learns to drive slower. At the very least, he'll save money on auto repairs." Clark starts to object, but Martha shakes her head. Jonathan continues, his words a mix of anger and regret. "I know you want to believe the best of people, Clark...but trust me, the Luthors are bad news. Lionel swindled Pete's family from their corn business, and from the little I've heard, Lex gave the word "rebel' a whole new definition during his time in Metropolis." Clark's response is respectful, yet firm. "Lex did say his Dad became different, after his Mom died." Jonathan's tone softens, and he simply shrugs. "I can only speak of what I've experienced, son. While Lex's only crime has been reckless driving, Lionel's a master at manipulating people. I've seen that many times; do not underestimate him." "Is that why you're so against Lex? Because of his father?" There's a moment of silence, with Jonathan being very careful to stay patient. "Most people are shaped by those who raise them, Clark. We all have a choice to be different, but some don't know how. All I've seen of Lex so far reminds me of Lionel...and until that changes, I'd prefer to avoid him."