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Broly Saga : Chapter 2

For Vegeta this was infuriating. He was in the middle of a training session when he felt Kakkarot's youngest brat and his own son ki jump all the way to Super Saiyan. Which already ticked with him as if it was only Trunks he would understand, but for a seven year-old brat to reach what he worked all his life to achieve was something of a blow to his pride.

Then, he felt both ki fading as a presence he didn't feel in seven year asserted itself and his annoyance turned into dread.

That fool Kakkarot couldn't EVER strike the finishing blow?! Broly was still alive and now he was trying to kill his son?!

At this in a reaction eerily semblable to Gohan he flew through the roof of Capsule Corporation to where the fight was taking place. He could feel Gohan, who he had come to call by his given name out of respect at the Cell Games would arrive quicker than him. Seven years ago he would have grudgingly acknowledged that his son was safer - not safe since only he could be trusted with his own child wellbeing.

Now, he thought with disgust peace had gone to the Brat's head, he could feel he was a Super Saiyan yet he was barely stronger than his own normal form! That was ridiculous. He thought for a time that the brat could become a rival to his own power, not like Kakkarot, nothing could… replace him as loathe as he was to admit. As someone inspiring him to reach higher. A fellow warrior keeping him on his toes.

Yet the brat as he had scraped the tip of his own power instead let it fade away by complacency. There was nothing to catch up to since said brat would only get weaker whereas he got stronger.

He even felt said brat's ki plummet before raising once more, higher than before - Up to almost as strong as he was before the Cell Games. He arrived at that time to see him pathetically lose his transformation as he was about to obliterate Broly.

He couldn't hold it anymore - He openly shared his disgust to the once warrior he had come to respect.

How the mighty had fallen.

He would say more later on, now he had a Legendary Super Saiyan to surpass. Attacking him with a savagery only he possessed and skill befitting of the Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta countered each of the Super Saiyan with his own, every opening was mercilessly taken advantage off, every mistakes made to bite his opponent in the ass.

It felt good to have a real fight on his hands once more.

As Broly readied his Buster Shell Vegeta put one hand out, his open palm facing his foe.

"Big Bang Attack!" The mighty sphere of Ki overwhelmed the shell, adding its power to his own as it sped in the air towards his target. Eyes widening Broly took it head on with a scream of pain - his first since he came on the earth - overwhelmed by the powerful attack, seared by the intense heat which almost did justice to his namesake.

Smugly, Vegeta smiled as the Saiyan and the attack impacted the ground with a tremendous explosion which blowed winds with a strength akin to tornadoes from it's epicenter. The attack lighted the fighting arena ablaze as if the sun was rising once more.

Down below, the noise made two figures, a young woman and a child stir.

As Vegeta was fighting Broly, Gohan was awed. It was downright humbling to witness the foe he had struggled so much with being taken apart in a couple of moves. It wasn't the difference in power. Vegeta was just that much more skilled, that much more honed. Whereas he had come to think that Broly was just stronger than he was when they fought, he realized by watching from outside that it was a gap made out of a difference of skill.

He once was that skilled. But he grew rusty. His honed reflexes dulling to seven years of intense studying and housekeeping. His senses bordering as any member of their group on precognition now reduced to tentative feeling and eyesight. His knowledge of his body and own limits which he had once been so conscious of now lacking. He didn't even feel his body falling apart…

As he was musing, he could feel a power exploding at the edge of his senses.

In the crater formed by Vegeta's attack there now stood a green almost glass like shield encompassing the whole crater. That's where it was coming from. At the very center of said crater, a snarling Broly looked livid.

From his throat an indescribable sound thundered "[!]" Like the herald of a storm to come this noise only announced it. From the earth under their feet to the skies themselves everything began to shake. Across the world weather anomalies made themselves known as the wind currents shifted violently and the wind pressure increased. This resulted in literal storms, in hurricanes appearing across the world. Countries where it hadn't rained in weeks now found themselves flooded - this was a natural disaster. Even here, what animals hadn't already left began to do so.

Earthquakes shook the world with at it's epicenter a pillar of green light exploding outwards.

"Now, Gohan!" Shaken out of his trance caused by the mind-boggling power they were so close to he realized what was happening. Broly was ascending something which couldn't be allowed otherwise they were truly doomed.

"Kamehameha!" The teenager yelled forcing an overly strained body to give it his all. There was no point in preserving his body if it meant dying afterwards after all.

"Hyper Explosive Demon Wave!" From Piccolo's hands a beam of highly concentrated energy erupted, one containing all of his power which swallowed Gohan's before adding it's power to his one. The golden and blue beam sped towards the monstrosity's shield.

As Vegeta saw this, he hesitated. He felt that he could crush Broly even with his Legendary power-up but then he remembered what happened with Cell. How in his pride he let him reach his full power. And how without Gohan's…Help it ultimately cost him Trunks's life. He was the Saiyan Prince, and he was no idiot. His son's life was hanging in the balance and he could swallow his pride if it meant protecting his family. So just this once…

He would help.

Letting out a yell of exertion Vegeta brought his opened palms upon his head, palms facing the sky he gathered power in said hands. "Gallic Gun…"

"Fire!" The titan of a golden beam raced towards Broly absorbing Piccolo's and Gohan's beam inside it . Their yells becoming one as the blast reached it's target and impacted with a titanic beam.

Vegeta merely smirked.

"We did it?" That was Piccolo.

"Wait…Something isn't right" Gohan said as he looked to the point of impact and more importantly, felt it. There, singed by the blast and grinning evilly stood Broly in his most memorable form. The one etched in Gohan's memory.

Standing tall with his arms broadly open and his hair, now green and spikier than they were before was a monstrously tall and board monster. His muscles bulged more than Trunks when he powered up to the second "Ultra" Super Saiyan state with as he remembered none of the drawbacks his intimidating look was completed by his now maddened blank eyes.

"Mfu…Mfufufufu…Hahahahahahaha! It almost…hurt"

Gohan and Piccolo were too shocked to move and simply didn't have time for it as the transformed Broly took both of their skulls and slammed them together before ramming them on the ground as he flew at breathtaking speeds, knocking both out.

As Vegeta observed the scene, he was too slow to react in time to intercept Broly.

He was simply that fast.

At this he didn't lost any second in going after the behemoth-like Saiyan, Ki blasts at the ready to draw his attention.

"You seems to have forgotten your real opponent here, so I took the time to remind you!" Explosions littered Broly's body as Vegeta dived on him, forcing him to release Gohan and Piccolo, the former of which who was losing consciousness while the latter was out cold. Vegeta's fist empowered by the Super Saiyan energy blazing across his body, said aura being the only source of light in the current night setting with Broly's sickening green glow smashed into said Saiyan stomach which unfortunately ended up as a repeat of that day seven years ago when Vegeta slammed his leg into Broly's neck.

Meaning that it didn't do anything at all. Nothing visible at least.

Grunting Vegeta didn't let up "Take this!" He snarled, low-kicking Broly's leg in a sweeping motion - Trying to take advantage of his considerable weight. At this the son of Paragus did not even tick

"I remember you seven years ago, cowering away from me… Not much has changed I see?" Broly taunted maliciously "Even then, it was only Kakkarot who managed to drive me off…" he said as he caught Vegeta's leg after parrying a high kick.

He did not expect Vegeta's snarling motion. His other leg coming with the strength of a sledgehammer on his forehead forcing him to release him. Vegeta then brought his legs in a headlock on Broly using it to free his hands which now pointed at his torso. A worryingly huge amount of energy now gathering on his hands as Broly was still destabilized by the hit while his throat was being squeezed by the Saiyan's Prince legs.

"Never mention Kakkarot…" Vegeta snarled "As if he was superior to me! FINAL FLASH!" As he released Broly's from his legs grip he fired a tremendously powerful Final Flash, more powerful than any he had fired on Earth before at point blank on Broly.

The resulting wave and explosion once more shook the Earth.

"Goten, what are you doing?! You need to get away from here!" An increasingly worried Videl shouted after him, she had only regained consciousness in time to see Gohan's defeat at Broly's hands before two of the Cell Games fighters came to do battle with him. Now they needed to retrieve Gohan and get out of this battle zone since it was obvious they would only get in the way.

"You don't understand! I can't help them" And he was right, right now he couldn't even muster enough power to fly and his whole body hurt more than it ever did "But the Dragon can make this all better, we can wish for Broly to disappear!" Goten said with determination to an exasperated Videl

"Can't you see it's a fairy tale? No dragon is going to help us!" She all but shouted, they needed to get away already "Right now the only thing we can do is withdraw and come back with help" Even if she didn't know what kind of help, she doubted her father would be of any help if at all against this, she wasn't an idiot.

"If it's a fairy tale then… Why are the Balls glowing?" Goten who had retrieved the bag in which they put the orbs showed her and she suddenly went quiet "We only need to make the wish before is beaten!"

She didn't know who that was but she presumed it was the flame-haired man fighting the monster currently. She was flabbergasted at the glowing balls. She had examined one before and there was no tech inside. It was simply glass-like balls so they had no reason to glow at all… Unless they really were magical.

"Ok… So it was hmmm…"

"It was?" Said Videl

"I don't remember how you summon the Dragon!" Goten seemed panicked and now Videl was too "Then we need to get out of here already" Videl interjected.

A tired voice barely audible said "It's… Arise Shenron and grant us our wishes"

"Trunks?! You are alive!" Goten was overjoyed and almost glomped Trunks where he stood before Trunks reminded him that they were both hurt and that boys didn't do that kind of thing it was embarrassing.

"Yes, thanks to you-" He was interrupted as surging from the now levitating Dragon Balls a Giant Chinese Dragon appeared as the sky turned blacker than night. The Serpentine Dragon was a majestic creature to behold whose body was covered in green scales protecting his back and a pale softer yellow underbelly. On his head were two humongous antlers for any human. Everything was completed by deep, pupil-less, otherworldly red eyes.

Videl was now completely taken aback, eyes bulging out of their sockets as Shenron appeared in all his glory.

"You mortals who have awakened me, speak your wishes for I will only grant two" The dragon rumbled in his deep voice which was almost soothing to hear.

"It..talked didn't it?" Videl half asked as Shenron seemed to take offense and Trunks shared a resolute glance with Goten

"We wish for that big brute fighting my father to go away!"

"Yeah!" Goten interjected

"So you wish for me to get rid of the Super Saiyan known as Broly?" Shenron's voice rumbled

"Yes!" They shouted in unison, even Videl

Shenron's eyes glowed for a second then he said "This wish cannot be granted, the one known as Broly is stronger than my creator, which means that I cannot do anything to him unless he agrees to it" And with that their hopes plummeted

"You… can't grant it? Some magical dragon you are!" Videl shouted as Goten and Trunks were openly panicking

"Do not test my patience human, now state your two wishes so that I may return to my slumber!" Shenron looked thoroughly annoyed now.

"I know! We can wish for my father back to life! Big brother always said he was the strongest!" Goten yelled as Trunks looked to have regained high spirits "Yeah we can do that! Your dad was almost as strong as my dad so if they fight together they can beat him" Said Trunks to which Goten responded that his father was stronger.

Videl merely interrupted them "Now is not the time to bicker!"

"Can you bring back my father back to life?" Asked a hopeful Goten in a weirdly timid voice.

"Your father?" The dragon stated "This wish cannot be granted I'm afraid, the one known as Son Goku has already been brought back to life once which means I cannot do so again. Pick another wish" Now Trunks was basically boiling at this point while Videl eyes widened to the size of a respectable saucer.

"Already been brought back to life before? What are these people?…"

Goten looked almost as if he was going to break out crying and both Trunks and Videl softened, even the Dragon. As they now understood how much Goten wanted to wish for his father to come back even if he didn't tell them beforehand.

It was at this moment that Broly's power got even more preeminent and Gohan and Piccolo's ki seemed to fade… And they faded fast.

"That's Big Brother and ! They are dying!" Goten yelled "We need to go help them!"

"Gohan is dying?!" Videl said with horror "That bastard attacked him while he couldn't fight anymore?…" She tightened her knuckles to the point they were almost white "I'm going to get that bastard back" She tried to fly up but she fell back down clutching at her ribs.

As the situation devolved into chaos, Trunks was trying to stop Goten from basically running to the battlefield in their states. It was then that the dragon rumbled once more.

"If you do not have any other wishes, then let me go back to my slumber!"

Goten, in a very uncharacteristic manner just yelled at the Dragon "Then why don't you just go away?! You can't do anything, you couldn't get rid of Broly, you can't bring Daddy back and you can't even help Gohan and !" Tears were flowing from his eyes.

"I can" The Dragon instead of leaving looked into Goten eyes "Heal your Brother and his friend that is" Shenron bellowed.

"You…can? Then do it right away!" Goten cried his eyes boring into Shenron's ones.

"So it shall be… Your first wish has been granted, do you have any other wishes?" Shenron stated in a monotone deep voice.

A warm glow surrounded Piccolo and Gohan bodies healing all of their injuries in the process. It rejuvenated them to the point they even felt fully rested and sated. It was more than any Senzu Bean, it was like a complete rebirth. Thus they regained consciousness immediately.

"We are… Alive?" Piccolo stated "But… The skies… someone summoned Shenron? But Vegeta and… Is that massive power Broly's? They are still battling! Who could have summoned the Dragon?! What if Broly sees it and destroy it? Or makes a wish upon it?" Piccolo raged with a very good reason.

At this, Gohan's senses perked up "The Dragon… It is close by Trunks, Goten and Videl! They are alive!" The Half-Saiyan understood right away "They must have summoned him to heal us so we could go help Vegeta". Gohan's fist clenched "I'm not gonna bust that chance to do away with Broly…" This was punctuated with the Saiyan transformation into Super Saiyan.

"Wait Gohan!" Piccolo yelled "One of us needs to go to the kids and Shenron, if he is still there it means the second wish hasn't been stated in which case we need to send him back. Thus, we will be able to re-use the Dragon Ball in only six months. But more importantly…" He paused "If we can't defeat Broly, someone needs to make the wish to take all of Earth's population to another planet, preferably New Namek so as to make sure nobodies actually dies from this and we can live to fight another day" His wise words echoed unknowingly Videl's

The plan was sound but it didn't sit well with Gohan "We aren't going to run away from him, we are going to kill him once and for all-" "Now you listen Gohan, I can't believe I have to say that to you of all people, but Earth's survival is more important than pride! We can't afford to make any mistake here. Can you feel Broly's power? It higher than Cell was after his regeneration and Vegeta has nowhere near this power, he is fighting with all he already has and you can feel this as well as I can!"

"Then go to the Dragon, Piccolo, I will go help Vegeta, if I tap in my ascended form I could maybe get enough time for Vegeta to deal a finishing blow-" "It won't work, I felt your power earlier in that form and right now it's barely stronger than Vegeta currently in his Super Saiyan state"

The words were delivered bluntly, as usual with Piccolo. They hit home though, sharper than any blades.

He wasn't strong enough to be anything else than dead weight.

He once was. But not anymore.

Because he had taken the easy way out of letting others fight his battles while he reaped a life of peace as the reward.

Because it was so much easier to follow his mother's wishes of him becoming a scholar and a good role model for Goten than to fight her on that.

Because once he had tasted complacency, it was just so much easier.

No bloodshed anymore, no more burden upon his shoulders… Only wasting away on a desk while his muscles atrophied from lack of exercise beyond a light workout. While his senses dulled, while his fighter mind adapted into a scholar's one.

Calculus wasn't going to be of any help against Broly. All the knowledge in the world didn't mean anything without power to back it up.

He didn't realize it as he silently nodded at Piccolo's demands as he was going to help Vegeta. He didn't realize it as the latter's Final Flash detonated in the skies. He silently floated away to his destination. His brother. To act as a backup plan in case things went awry.

He wasn't an asset anymore. That thought hurt more than it should have.

He let things become like that, didn't he?

He wasn't any protection for his brother, he wasn't any protect for said brother friend, and he wasn't any protection for the girl he had come to enjoy having around.

Let alone the planet.

Even the hidden power which always bailed him out, the one his own father had bet upon was no help - His body wasn't sturdy enough to handle it. Not anymore.

He landed besides Goten who was cheering for his Brother and a strangely scowling Trunks.

He didn't understand. Yes, Trunks didn't understand why Gohan was coming here instead of going to help his father and he told him as much.

"That's part of Piccolo's plan, if we manage to beat Broly he wants us to send Shenron's back to be able to wish upon him in only six months time. If we can't manage it he wants us to wish upon Shenron to send all people on Earth to New Namek besides Broly. That way we wouldn't have any death and could train up to defeat him…" Gohan said with a forced smile.

"But why aren't you going to help Piccolo and Father now? We can do this for you so you can go and help can't you?" Trunks said with a venomous tone.

"Stop it Trunks! Of course Big Brother is going out there now, with the three of them they can get Broly!" Goten said cheerfully, as if Gohan being here meant everything would be fine.

How nostalgic. He felt once like that when he saw his Father on the battlefield.

Only his father never disappointed him.

He opened his mouth to tell them that he wasn't wanted on the battlefield but he suddenly stopped.

No, he was not going to say that.

'I may not be as strong as I once was but…' "Videl, Goten, Trunks, make the wish if we are defeated or Broly comes this way to make a wish or try to destroy the Dragon" Gohan stated.

"Gohan?" Videl called for him as he was taking off.

"Yes, Videl?" Gohan responded

"Get him hard!" She said with absolute resolution

"I count on it" He blasted off

Nothing they did was fazing that thing.

To his irritation, not even his Final Flash at point blank which still blew off half of Perfect Cell's body did anything more than wound Broly. A shot that had everything he could muster and the blasted man couldn't stay down. He was now heavily burned across his whole body which was still smoking but his power had not dropped.

If anything, it had risen.

"…KAKKAROT! KAKKAROT!" Broly now seemed to go ballistic, his primal rage using Kakkarot as a focal point which resulted in his power basically shooting through the roof.

He also seemed to lose all reason he exhibited earlier as a trade off for said power becoming essentially a Berserker.

The Namekian who rejoined the battle earlier expressed the same sentiment of concern "His power is now beyond what Cell ever had! How are we going to stop him?" To his annoyance.

"Besides stating the obvious, if you have a plan well… I'm all ears Namekian" The Saiyan Prince sarcastically stated.

Before said Namekian could respond however Broly shot at them "KAKKAROT!" However he was blindsided by another latecomer to the party.

"Go-Gohan?!" Before Piccolo and Vegeta, Gohan appeared in his Super Saiyan state which was a bit more powerful than earlier surely thanks to his Zenkai power boost. "I told you to stay back on this fight!" Even though Piccolo said this, he seemed oddly pleased.

"I know, I just chose not to hear it" Gohan stated lowly "This is my planet, my brother, my friends who are threatened and…" as he powered up he yelled "I'm not about to stand back and let others do the protecting anymore even if I have to die here!"

"It seems you have not yet gone completely soft on us brat" Vegeta remarked "Yet, if your resolve is back your power is still lackluster, do you have a plan?"

"He is too strong to take one on one at this point, and none of us knows the Spirit Bomb" As he said this he noticed Vegeta taking offense on the first part of his sentence even if deciding not to say anything "Goten and Trunks are in no shape to fight so we are the only ones who can make a difference"

"It's up to us then" Piccolo smirked "I was hoping your fighting spirit would come back, but ultimately it was your choice"

"And I know I made the right one Piccolo"

"More importantly, what is he doing?" Vegeta asked with annoyance dripping from his voice

It was Piccolo who noticed it first, just as Broly recovered from the surprise attack he just started floating there, Ki gathering in a solid sphere around him and then in tremendous amount going to his hands. He was preparing his strongest attack. A planet buster… An attack called…

"Buster Cannon!"

As the sphere of death was formed above them it was being propelled towards the earth. It seemed that Broly in his madness had just decided to obliterate the Earth and anyone on it.

'It seems like the choice has been made for us… We will have to overpower him' Piccolo thought grimly

"Is he insane? Does he want to die too?!" Gohan yelled

"He can survives in space, he did survive Planet Vegeta's explosion by using his energy as a shield when he was but a baby…" Vegeta reminded them as they were readying their own blasts.

"Ka…me…ha…me…HA!" Gohan focused every drop of power he could muster into said Kamehameha once more. He didn't hold anything back remembering his father's words when he fought Cell, any damage to the Earth could be mended with the Dragon Balls.

"FINAL FLASH!" Vegeta fired his second Final Flash of that fight then, which was less powerful than the first one - He was at the end of his rope there.

"Masenko HA!" Piccolo used his student signature technique, severely overpowering it.

For the second time of that day it all went down on a beam struggle of epic proportion where the loser would be obliterated. In the already cataclysmic atmosphere brought about by the moonless sky the Earth shook once more under their feet as they struggled against the incoming attack. Bolts of lightnings came from the sky to said attacks as if drawn to them as a lightening rod. The intensifying winds blowing all around them were just short of being capable of obliterating mountains in the deadly tug-of-war. Even so, the Buster Cannon was gaining ground on them as even their combined might was not enough to slow the incoming behemoth of an attack. The Earth all below them was now creaking and breaking under the intense pressure being given off.

It was still gaining ground.

"We need to put more energy into it, it's not enough!" Piccolo grunted

Vegeta only growled as a response, he was already at the end of his tether.

'More, I can give… more! It's now or never' With that, Gohan ascended to Super Saiyan 2 once again in this fight and just as he did so he put everything in his blast making his already abused muscles scream in protestation.

Merely staying in this form took all he had.

This resulted in the wave of energy on their side becoming more substantial, they were starting to push back…

As he thought this, the attacks forced to a standstill reached Critical Mass.

Vegeta yelled "It's going to explode!"

And explode it did, the struggling beam detonated between them in a gigantic explosion marring the skies with a cross of light. First retracting on itself the energy expanded all around them. Mountains came crumbling, trees were uprooted and the warriors closest to the epicenter took the burnt of the attack, they were sent flying back.

Piccolo's arms were torn by the explosion, passing out of blood-loss as soon as he landed on the ground, clothes charred by the intense heat. Vegeta saw the approaching explosion first and managed to rupture his own Final Flash to bring his arms and legs in a parry, focusing on defending himself to minimize the damage.

And Gohan… The blast's strength sent him hurling in the downed trees for miles, his clothes being shredded in the process, severals gashes opening on his skins as blister and wood parts stabbed him each time he plunged through a tree. His body was literally littered with gashes and burns as he was sent back, not losing consciousness even at the end of it.

As for Broly… Since he was still being protected by the green shield he conjured he was only sent back upwards, almost breaching the upper limits of our atmosphere.

Goten, Trunks and Videl were not spared from this either, the winds were so strong that in the battered state they were in, they were also sent back - too far out of reach to make any wish.

The Z-fighters were defeated.

That was it, they needed to make the wish.

That's what Gohan realized as he struggled to stay conscious. Not even their combined might defeated their foe. He could literally feel him coming back even now, he would be there anytime to finish them off.

Not being able to stand up he was crawling on the ground using his chin and only usable leg. 'I can't feel Goten and Trunks close to the Dragon, I'm the closest so I need to make the wish' Shenron was not far from his position, he could literally see him just towering over him.

"Speak your wish mortal!" Shenron utterly unfazed by what happened, it was time to send them all to New Namek…

"S-Send… all of the people on this p-planet-" Pain exploded in Gohan's face as he spoke, effectively stopping him from speaking. Towering above him was a snarling Broly who even as maddened as he was seemed to understand was was happening.

He wouldn't let them escape.

Broly released him, he was now in the air between the Saiyan's huge fist and the ground, face towards the skies.

The son of Paragus brought his punch on his stomach, burying Gohan in the Earth and making him spit Blood, Bile and Vomit in shock.

Another fist came on his stomach and Gohan wasn't able to stop screaming now. This continued until Gohan couldn't feel his stomach anymore.

He could only see spots of light, his eyes not getting enough blood to properly see anymore. He could however feel what was happening. Broly had stopped pounding on him as a new voice made itself known.

"Leave my Brother alone… You big bully!" 'Goten? No Goten, Run away! Run away Goten!'

"Kakkarot!" 'That's not Kakkarot you idiot! leave my brother alone'

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhghhhhhh!" Goten cried in pain as a sickening sound echoed in the battlefield, his wails now becoming unbearable.

Broly was torturing his brother.

"S-Stop!" Gohan croaked, he had blood in his mouth.

He managed to open his eyes.

As he opened his eyes the spectacle which welcomed his sight was nothing short of horrific.

Broly was crushing Goten's limbs in his humongous hands, the latter of which legs were bent in several points thus making unnatural angles. Blood was dripping slowly underneath him coalescing into a sizable pool at the invader's feet.

That was not right.

Goten shouldn't be hurt protecting him.

He should be protecting Goten.

Goten should not have to suffer as he did when he was a kid.

He wanted a peaceful life for Goten.

A voice sounding strangely like his dad resounded in his head even if sounding wrongly stern for the man. "Then you should have built that peaceful life for him".

That was not anger, this was disappointment. He knew it was not his father talking, he knew it was his own regrets.

Once again he thought. He took the easy way out.

While his seven years old brother instead of running away tried to protect him against an overwhelmingly superior foe.

Much like his father always did for him.

Much like Mr Piccolo always did for him.


"I trained you to be my successor because I saw potential in you, in the end you were nothing but a disappointment" His 'father''s voice stated in the black void of his mind.

"I'm… s-sorry to be a disappointment…" He did not realize he was speaking out loud "If only I could… Have a second chance… If only I-I was still the one I w-was… at my peak…" He was crying now but not because of physical pain "G-Goten… E-veryone… I'm sorry…"

"Is this your wish?" A deep voice rumbled through the air as his mind came to an halt, breaking through his own self inflicted disgust, Shenron's voice came to him.

Broly's attention was still on his little brother who Trunks came to help in a maddened cry.

"My…w-wish?" Did he understand it well?

"Do you want to once again become the one you were seven years ago, after the Cell Games?" Shenron's voice rumbled and he could not believe it.

Shenron was giving him… A chance. A chance to do over his mistakes. A chance everybody wished for once in their lives was offered to him on a silver platter. He didn't care how, he did not care which.

His brother's screams gave him all the motivation he needed to yell "YES I WANT IT!" He sobbed, this was his lowest point "I want… To once again become t-that person!" He managed to say without stumbling. His broken screams echoed in the eerie silence which fell upon the battlefield as a cry for hope.

"So be it!" Shenron said.

And everything became engulfed in white for Son Gohan.

To Videl, this could not get any worse.

Everything went down to Hell this day. First they were attacked and made short work of, then Gohan was defeated, then two of his friends she assumed went to try and help him to no avail. Then Gohan turned into the Golden Fighter but she couldn't care less as she saw him go and help the other two fighters take down this monster.

The one called Broly.

And… They were brutally taken down once more in an explosion which could not be any trick.

Then… Gohan was laid upon by said Broly and she could not even move to try and help him, she never felt so angry at herself, so powerless.

Then… that sick bastard started torturing Gohan's little brother. She had seen sickos in her line of work but that was disgusting. He then proceeded to beat Trunks to an inch of his life as Gohan sobs reached her.

"I'm… s-sorry to be a disappointment…" He did not realize he was speaking out loud "If only I could… Have a second chance… If only I-I was still the one I w-was… at my peak…" This wrenched her heart. Gohan was blaming himself for all of this. "G-Goten… Everyone… I'm sorry…" This made it worse.

His hopeless tone.

To her even if she did not want to admit it, the goofy superhero was the paramount of superhuman strength.

Seeing him… so defeated sealed their situation…

"We're done for…" she sighed while she missed was was said between the Dragon and Son Gohan.

"Do you want to once again become the one you were Seven Years Ago, after the Cell Games?"

To which he responded.


And suddenly, an explosion of power overtook her senses. Even to her underdeveloped senses it was like a beacon of explosive strength almost overtook her.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" A yell of exertion was at the epicenter of it all and a startling golden light then illuminated the sky. The Earth shook once more under her but somehow the air felt… Gentler than earlier? This all happened as a pillar of Golden Light ascended to the heavens wreathed in lightning arcs. The clouds were being parted by said beacon of light which turned into a tornado of swirling golden power around them all.

At the middle of it, a single scream thundered like it was ascending to the heavens.

Broly only stared.

For as soon as the dust cleared from the battlefield and the Golden light died down a figure started drawing itself at the very center of the pillar of light.




Another shockwave came upon the battlefield as the power at the center as the light dissipated and shrank down to expand around a person's form. Said person looked a bit shorter than herself but not by much. He was wearing a pristine Purple Gi held close by a red sash around his waist which held in two breaches of fabrics propelled outwards because of the intense aura. He was not wearing any undershirt much like Gohan always wore, but this wasn't what was startling about him. Standing tall, his short height was belied by sharp spikes of hair standing on end on his head besides for a long stray and sharp bang falling over his face. Blond hair, of a golden quality. As if they were kissed by the sun.

She had seen Gohan's little brother and his little friend assume such a form before but it lacked substance in comparison. It was like comparing a small stream to the floodgate of a barrage crumbling, pouring all the water it held at bay in a devastating waterfall. His golden aura didn't merely hug his body - It was standing far from said frame, and was littered by bio-electricity bolts humming in frequency with said aura. It was like they were playing music in a violent rhythm.

But the most striking features… It was his eyes. There was no warmth to be found there at all. They were of a clearer shade of teal than she was used to see in Golden Fighters but that was not the reason.

They were sharp. The eyes of an apex predator upon his prey who happened to be Broly. Not vicious or malicious but merciless. Determined. This was a substantial transformation. Like a vengeful angel.

And… She recognized him as weird as it sounded.

It was the Delivery Boy. The one who was at the Cell Games.

And since she now very much doubted that her father won against Cell… If there was one thing she knew it was that if such a warrior was there at the Cell Games then her father would not even have to climb into the ring. No matter how weird it was since he was the same age as that time she knew one thing, even if she did not know how.

He was on their sides, and they may just survive this.

"Your wish has been granted! I will now be taking my leave"

At first, for Gohan, light was all that he felt. It was a strangely soothing light for his mangled body, as if he was floating between life and death. Then images broke the calm as they came upon him in a fast forward fashion.

As he felt his body shrinking down years after years he saw in reverse order his life from this very day to the Cell Games. From his training in the last months to his admittance into high school. To his countless days playing with Goten and studying in his room under his mother's diligent ways. Years after years his body became younger, and everything came back to him. Skills that had been forgotten. Reflexes which had faded. Body conditioning.

To him, it felt as if he exited the Hyperbolic Time Chamber yesterday.

He instinctively knew how to fight and he did not realize the difference with how he was earlier today… Or was it seven years into the future at this point ?

More important than this… He could feel it, begging to be released under his skin. Thrilling under his skin, begging to be used, to be unleashed on his opponents. He did not realize how this feeling came to disappear in the last years. And now he realized how it felt… empty without it.

How he missed it.

He was still wreathed in Shenron's light which was slowly fading… He could feel his muscles materializing once more on the real world, his bones regaining substance and himself being revitalized.

He did not need to look into a mirror to know he was eleven years-old again, at least in body.

And as he regained his normal sight, as the last images of his life after the Cell Games disappeared - Him announcing his father's death to his mother- the first image of his new life that he saw was his dear little brother being squeezed to death by Broly.


He did not need to be begged.

He unleashed… his power. He could feel that Shenron had even healed him… Or was it just regaining his eleven years old body that did this? He did not care but his power, nothing like the pathetic display of earlier came pulsing forward. He jumped straight to his Ascended Super Saiyan State, what he would come to call Super Saiyan Two. And there was no resistance. His body didn't hurt.

If anything it felt right.

His power did not own him - His body was trained to handle drawing upon his hidden power for years at this point… He owned his power.

He had not always deserved it, especially these last years… But that would change.

As he ascended he glared at Broly.

He would pay.

"Your wish has been granted" Shenron said.

"Thank you… for everything Shenron" He said slowly, with no anger dripping from his voice "I won't waste this, this is a promise until my dying breath" He stated with passion as his aura ignited once more.

"Now, Farewell!" He did not know if he imagined it but was Shenron… Smiling?

It was time to deliver the beatdown of an age.

"You have hurt people very dear to me…" Gohan looked around, and felt - His senses had regained their once unparalleled sharpness - Vegeta, Piccolo, Trunks, Videl… They were dying or almost for Videl "…And my own brother…!" Goten was barely hanging in there

"So what?" Broly smirked maliciously, squeezing upon Goten drawing a yelp of pain.

Gohan appeared just besides him, he immediately noticed two things. The son of Kakkarot was no longer in his grasp and the sharp pain in his arm where Gohan was squeezing with enough power for him to feel pain.

"So… I will never forgive you!" Gohan then disappeared, holding Trunks and Goten in his arms and lowering them near Videl before reappearing face to face with Broly. His eyes locked onto Broly's puppiless ones.

They paused and then their auras ignited.

Anything even breathing would spark a confrontation.

It was taking everything Gohan had not to rush in like a madman but he realized it. If he did this he was no better than Broly. He now had the hindsight of an adult mind in his very powerful pre-teen body. He took several calming breaths and smirked at Broly.

"Raaaargh!" The son of Paragus fired off a punch that Gohan dodged, it was followed by a high kick with all of the Legendary Saiyan considerable weight behind it. It was deflected instead of parried, Gohan then took advantage of an opening provoked by Broly's sudden shift in weight.

He low swept the only leg which was standing on the ground, Broly's only support. It was then almost easy to follow him with his considerable speed, Gohan appeared just under Broly, taking support on the ground with his two hands on the ground below him to free up his legs.

Which he brought on an arcing skyward kick on Broly's head.

The alien invader righted himself in the air and sent several Buster Shells at him but as he noticed.

They were easy to dodge even if they were scarily powerful.

In no wasted movements, in almost dance like graceful movements reminding anybody seeing it of Piccolo, the son of Goku dodged all of them.

In a burst of speed he came on Broly, giving momentum to his knee which in not even a second nailed the latter's shin, Gohan kept dodging any counterattack moments before they hit him. For every hit, he brought down three on any opening he could take.

And they were several, it seemed the angrier Broly became, the more his guard devolved.

That was something he could work with. He had a whole lot of experience with the mistakes losing your head in a fight to the death could mean.

"You know, it's something I had troubles noticing before but which seems obvious now…" Gohan said as he deflected several hits before counter-attacking with a tremendously powerful hit in Broly's gut. "But you are pretty worthless as a warrior." He taunted

It sounded cocky and rightly so, but it had the Legendary Super Saiyan snarling at the mouth. "Worthless?!" His muscles were tensed, ready for assault.

"Yes, your form is all over the place…" He pressed another opening which looked almost too good to be true allowing him to almost dislocate his opponent's shoulder "You have countless openings…" Broly cried in pain "And when the power difference isn't as overwhelming as before it's clear as day that you are no martial artist!"

"I LAID WASTE TO ALL OF THIS WORLD'S FIGHTERS!" The Juggernaut screamed as his Ki formed the same shield as before around his body. That is until Gohan smirked cockily "Scared already? It is as I said… Any competent fighter could pick you apart, you only rely on power without skills to back it up!" It was almost there…

"And you did not lay waste to all fighters in this world!" His opponent was getting stronger. But his hits were even wilder, they where thrown with considerable power and he would definitely breaks bones if he touched but… His movements were telegraphed. At this rate, keeping provoking him would give him all the openings he needed to make him expand his energy and use the slightest opening afterwards to blast him into oblivion if he conserved his own energy.

"I'm still here… To defend this world from you. I'm Son Gohan, the son of Son Goku, of the one you call… Kakkarot!" There, he played his trump card and pushed the most obvious and painful of his opponent's buttons.

"YARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH" Broly exploded with power and definitely abandoned any reason, he was now rushing at him, trying to hit him much as Cell once did in his own hulking form. That Broly did not lose speed was not an issue.

Like his Father and Piccolo once taught him there were several deciding factors in any fights. His experience taught him that there had different orders of importances. A great enough gap in power would compensate for gap in skills, much like Freeza's powers were more than enough to crush Vegeta, all these years ago while playing around.

Then there was speed, if you were powerful but not faster than your opponent then it meant nothing, you had to hit to deal damage, for power to even matter.

And at the end… There were skills. It had to be there, but an ant no matter how skilled couldn't defeat a human.

But a tiger could kill a human, because it was simply more physically powerful, even without having martial skills.

However, right now, even if Broly had the edge in sheer power, Gohan had an edge in speed brought by his lither form and smaller frame.

He also had a massive edge in skills.

After his wish, Gohan basically returned to his post Cell Games state, even before he fought Bojack. His body was returned to him at this exact point of time, his power followed suit, as did his conditioned reflexes. His senses were those honed in his eleven year old self. He had however the advantage of an adult mind. What resulted was an odd mix of his fighters capabilities at his peak thus far and an analytic mind brought by years of schooling mulling over his mistakes and shortcomings during the Cell Games.

What resulted was a fighter better suited to handle the massive emotions spikes of his Super Saiyan 2 form with knowledge of how to draw it out. And more importantly.

How to play an opponent into making the same mistakes he did with his anger.

Their fight was now taking place far above the destroyed mountains, closer to where Vegeta and Piccolo were laying unconscious. Gohan had succeeded in taunting Broly just enough to make him resort to close combat where there was less of a chance of him to try and blow up the planet.

He would be put at a disadvantage if he had to defend from another Buster Cannon.

The Half Saiyan disengaged and crouched in his own stance, a mix of Piccolo's and his Father's before motioning for Broly to come at him.

He could almost see the hulking Behemoth come at him flying aura blazing in slow motion.

'Five Seconds, time to end this' Gohan thought as he shifted slightly his stance

'Four Seconds' He righted himself, Broly's ki spiked while his left arm's muscles constricted - He would attack with a left hook.

'Three Seconds' The son of Goku slowly breathed while gathering energy beneath his skin.

'Two Seconds' Broly was upon him, it almost surprised him but it seemed said warrior regained a bit of reason as his power spiked once more - Was there no limit to that guy's growth even mid-battle? - and instead opted for a right kick. Still telegraphed but he had to end this quickly.

'One Second' Now.

With this, Gohan's plan came into play. He had taunted Broly into a rage to keep him from noticing that he was holding back a good chunk of his own power. At first he had thought that he ought to come at him with everything he had.

Unfortunately, Super Saiyan's power tended to grow stronger with adversity he thought wryly of the time his own strength came through for him.

By making this a battle of skills, the Earth raised Saiyan conserved his power, making Broly's waste itself for one single strike.

As he raised his own leg to parry Broly's own in his first parry in the fight he unleashed all of his power as his aura blazed once more. The shock from their legs coming into contact unleashed a shockwave almost as strong as the explosion from earlier.

One half second of surprise. Broly looked… taken aback.

For the first time in his life, a single warrior matched him power to power while in his strongest form.

"Kamehame…" Gohan said quietly with a steel quality to his voice.

Broly had no time to brace himself for what was to follow, he instinctively tried raising a shield.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" The last part was yelled. From Gohan's hands a pointblank Behemoth of a Kamehameha surged.

This was the last part of Gohan's plan, at this angle the Kamehameha would leave the Solar System without hitting any planet. He could now cut loose. As soon as he was sure his wave had hit Broly he stopped holding back the last of his reserve. No sense in unleashing everything if it was dodged right? He only gave enough to make sure it wouldn't be deflected at first but afterwards he put everything.

The Kamehameha wave doubled in size bathing the whole north hemisphere of the Earth in a blue glow akin to an aurora. For one moment it was not night anymore.

The sky was clear blue, during the night.

As the massive wave, erupted, Broly's shield cracked even as he tried to fly through it, soon enough it was no longer enough. His shield was smashed into bits like so much glass while the attack enveloped him and he could do nothing to stop it, as struggling as he was.

All he know was light, a light unlike the soothing one Gohan felt earlier was nothing but destruction, the scorching heat of a thousand volcanoes seared his skin to reveal the bones under. Soon even these were vaporized. As he was reduced to nothing he had only one thought, one word staring at his destruction ironically uttered by the man who faced the destruction of the planet he himself escaped so long ago uttered, one named Bardock.

"Kakkarot…" With this, the last remains of Broly were obliterated from the universe, for good.

The massive blast kept traveling the universe long after swallowing Broly, eventually becoming just another comet coursing the universe long after said warrior death.

Behind it all, only letting up once he felt Broly's ki disappear for good, double checking for good measure the Super Saiyan 2 smiled with relief.

More importantly, with this wish and him recovering his old body and power… He had recovered his fighter's instincts.

Author's note : Updates are coming to my others stories, this however is going to be heavily worked on as a full length story. I have many ideas about how things are going to turn out after the recents developments. How Gohan basically… Shrinking and having a localized time reversal done on him will affect the whole DB continuity? How his interactions with other characters will change?

I'm deeply interested by your thoughts on the story this far, and your predictions ;)

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Before I forgot here is... The dreaded power levels corner.

As like Vegeta once said in the Abridged Series : Power levels don't make any sense, and this is to stay polite. Not after the Frieza saga, so instead I will use landmarks.

We will use the diverse form of Cell for this.

Goku, seven years ago at max power : 50% of Perfect Cell's power.

Gohan Adult Super Saiyan in Chapter One and Two : Semi-Perfect Cell's Power

Gohan Adult, Super Saiyan 2 in Chapter One and Two : 50% of Perfect Cell's Power and this is before his energy started falling as his body could not handle it.

Vegeta Full Powered Super Saiyan : Perfect Cell's Power, more or less.

Piccolo : Between Semi Perfect Cell & Perfect Cell's 50%

Eleven Years Old Gohan, Super Saiyan after Zenkai : Around 90% of Perfect Cell's Power.

Eleven Years Old Gohan, Super Saiyan 2, fully powered : Two times Cell's power after coming back from his intended self destruction. (Super Perfect Cell). His injury got him to about the same power as said Super Perfect Cell.

Super Perfect Cell : Around three times stronger than Perfect Cell.

Broly LSSJ : Five times stronger than Perfect Cell.

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