Who said that going to a high school in the middle of nowhere was a good idea? It wasn't me. Oh why did I ever listened to Dirk in the first place? Sure he's my best friend but I don't like new places. I'm still getting use to living in Bluebell. And now thanks to Dirk my sister Lillian and I will be going to a school in Echo Village.

I never heard of Echo Village. What is Echo Village? More importantly, where is Echo Village? Oh I know this is a bad idea. But it's to late now. Dirk, Lillian, Ash and I are on the bus, on our way to school.

"Philip, Philip, we're here!" I heard my sister say as she dragged me off the bus. "Are you excited?"

"No. This is a bad idea Lilly." I told her as I tried to get away. "You guys aren't in any of my classes."

"That's not true. I'm in your gym class." Ash said with a grin.

"I'm in your math class." Dirk added.

"Besides, we all have lunch together." Lillian reassured me.

"Okay, but what if-" Just then the school bell ringed. I sighed. Here goes nothing.

My first two classes were okay I guess. I always did like Earth Science, and wood shop was okay. The teacher was cool, and there's a girl in my class. I didn't know girls liked wood shop. Who knew? Well, at least she was nice. She said her name was Rio. She's also pretty.

"Soooo? How was your first set of classes Philip?" My sister asked me while we were buying our lunches.

"They were okay." I told her as we were walking to a table and sat down. Ash and Dirk joined us a minute after we sat down. At least I can eat lunch with my friends.

"You guys like anyone yet?" My sister asked us with a grin. Lillian's guy crazy for some reason. I don't get romance anyway, I think we're to young for-

"What's up Lillian? Everything okay?" A female's voice asked my sister. I turned around. Wow. I can't believe my eyes. There's a very cute girl at my table. Just look at her. Just wow.

"Oh hi Felicity! Yup. Everything is fine!"

"Glad to hear it." The girl smiled at me. Well it was meant for Lillian since she's sitting next to me, but I swear, she smiled right at me. "Well, I should get going." The mystery girl said as she walked away.

"Lillian, who was tha-" great. Class. Now I'll never know who that was...

"You like her don't you?" Ash asked me with a smirk.

"Who?" I answered his question with a question as we were getting ready for gym.


So that was her name. "She's pretty, but I don't like her." I lied. I know I just saw her but I must admit, she's hot.

"Oh. I thought you liked her by the way you were looking at her." He smirked.

"..." Great. He knows. "Okay maybe a little."

"Ask her out."

"No way." I punched Ash on the arm. "She doesn't even know me Ash."

"So? This is high school Philip. Just ask her. What's the worse thing that could happen?"

"She could laugh at me. What if she said no? You know I'm terrible with girls. Can we just drop the subject please?"

He sighed. "Fine."

The rest of my day was okay. Ash and I made a new friend in gym named Rod. He seemed nice. And it turned out he was in my math class as well. I also got to see Rio again. But as the day went on, I couldn't stop thinking about Felicity. I don't know. Maybe Ash was right. Maybe I should ask her out sometime. But she wasn't in any of my classes. How would I talk to her? How would I talk to her? Besides from Felicity, my day wasn't as bad as I thought. Maybe this school wasn't bad after all. I made a new friend or two, plus I got to hang with three of my best friends at lunch. Maybe the school year won't be so bad. Now if only I can talk to Felicity... We'll see what happens. Tomorrow's a new day.