Turning around they all saw Natasha West with a pink glow about her, 'You are adopted.' Nat classified, 'So that argument between you and Eli was about me,' Lu said 'Yes,' Nat said 'It was, he wanted to tell you that night. I told him that you were too young to understand but you weren't. That night when I was going to come home from work I was going to tell you I thought you were ready.' 'Why didn't you tell me?' Joe asked, 'The girl that I raised into the woman she is today and she's not even biologically related me, Why?'

Lu had to sit down, because her leg felt like jelly 'Why?' Lu said quietly. Nat said 'When I was 15 the doctors said I couldn't conceive a child. When I married Eli, he was my high school sweetheart a rushed marriage, he wanted to try for children I told him I couldn't he said let's get a surrogate, but it was too expensive.' Joe said, 'Why didn't you ask Francine and I we would've help you.' 'Joseph, we hadn't talk in 3 years,' Nat explained, 'The one night I had gotten up and I saw a flash of red lightening outside the living room window and a blur of a man in yellow,' Barry's fist clenched up at the sound of hearing that.

'The next thing I know there was a baby on the front porch,' Nat said 'Newborn, I took her to the hospital with Eli no one claimed her and we soon adopted you Lu. I know you don't like your name Moana but I had a fascination with Hawaii. That's why I named you that. Eli left because I did want to tell you, because our marriage was breaking apart because he was cheating on me for a year with another woman who could give him what he wanted which is Annalise.'

Joe knelt in front of Lu's chair and said, 'I'm so sorry baby girl, I didn't know.' Lu said, 'It's all right, your still my dad and nothing can change that and Mom, your still my Mom.' The glow on Nat dimmed 'It looks like it's my time to go,' Nat said 'But, Barry there is someone who would like to talk to you.' As Nat disappeared, another woman took her place, Nora Allen, 'Barry, my sweet Barry.' Nora said holding out a hand to him, Barry began to cry as he enveloped his Mom in a hug. 'I never thought I'd see you again.' Barry cried, Nora said 'I am always with you Barry. No matter what.' Lu got herself up as Barry and Nora pulled apart, Barry wiped away his tears then held Lu close with his hand resting in her baby bump.

'Mom,' Barry said, 'I'm going to be a dad.' Nora smiled 'I know baby, I'm going to be a grandmother. Joseph West, thank you for raising Barry you have brought him up to be a wonderful young man.' Joe said 'It was my pleasure Nora. I think of Barry as my own son.' 'Barry, I love you so much and I will talk to you again, but please tell your father that he is going to have a grandchild.' Nora said as she disappeared, Wells said 'I think when I say this for everyone Welcome to team flash and cosmic Annalise.' Annalise said, 'Please call me Anna.' Untangling herself from Barry, 'I know we may not be sisters but we can be friends Anna.' Anna smiled 'I would really like that, I'm 20 years old and I'm going to be late for my shift at Jitters. I'll be back later.'

Later, at Jitters, Lu stood at the counter with Fel as Barry and Oliver sat down, Barry said 'so how's it going with Felicity?' Oliver said 'It's not. Guys, like me Barry don't get the girl I would say that would apply to both of us, but Lu is like my little sister and if you ever make her unhappy like you did no amount of running you do will hide you from me. I will come at you with everything I've got.' Fel came up with his cup of coffee to go, 'Ready to go?' Fel asked 'Yep.' Oliver said Lu joined them, 'I know you're selling the house so I got you guys a little present.' Handing over an envelope to Barry who then open it and looked at the papers which showed that they owned an apartment which was in the process of being built and would be ready within a year to move in.

Barry said, 'Oliver you didn't have to do this.' Oliver said 'Think of it as a gift yes you will get help with Jessie from joe within the first couple of months at least this means, you get to live together. Lu, you up for some light training when you come to starling next week.' Lu said, 'Yep,' 'No, Barry said 'You're not doing anything that could hurt the baby.' 'Barry Allen,' Lu said calmly 'I'm currently 4 months pregnant and will continue to grow to accommodate our baby. So, light exercise and training helps to fit and not have to deal with baby weight after giving birth.' Fel asked 'Who are those doughnuts for?'

'Me,' Lu said 'I'm craving them and you can't say anything else about them.' A week later, Lu was with Fel in the Arrow cave, Oliver came after being on a mission with Roy Harper (Red hood) and Digg all still in their suits, Oliver said 'What about this A.R.G.U.S angle?' Fel said while walking with them 'Well, A.R.G.U.S wiped all evidence of their agent's death after he was killed.' Lu said 'Or at least they thought they did, our boomerang victim, Kai Wu.' Digg said as the formers agents face appeared on the screen, 'His profile was so clean should've known it was an A.R.G.U.S cover.' 'Well now that we know Wu is A.R.G.U.S maybe Lyla can give us a leak.' Roy stated, 'If this is an A.R.G.U.S thing Lyla is going to want it to stay that way.' Digg said, Oliver retorted, 'Tell her to stop letting people get killed in my city.' Digg smirked 'You really don't care about my marriage, do you?' Oliver began putting his bow away and said, 'Well I would, if you and Lyla were still married.'

The next day as Lu sat next to Oliver, Cisco went around the Arrow cave and being told by Oliver not to touch anything, Cait asked over Fel's shoulder pointing to the Salomon ladder 'What's that?' 'Something to distract me from work.' Fel muttered 'Where's Mr. Diggle?' Cait asked 'Running down a lead.' Lu changed into workout clothes for the Salomon ladder, with no baby bump, Cait looked alarmed, she asked 'Where's the baby bump? Did you lose Jessie?' 'She's still there Cait,' Lu said, 'I've learnt that I can project a forcefield strong enough that it hides the bump and protects the baby.'

Oliver said 'I suggested it, in case we need Cosmic Dreamer in the field. Plus, a lot of people are going to be asking questions as to Lu comes out of a coma. Cosmic Dreamer appears, Lu gets pregnant, Cosmic Dreamer vanishes.' 'Touché,' Cait said, 'You've got some muscles on yourself Lu.' 'I can thank Oliver and Batman for that,' Lu said, jumping for the wooden pole she continued to make her way up it as Roy and Cisco drooled slightly at the sight of Lu doing the Salomon ladder. 'Hey, Lu where's your suppression necklace?' Cisco asked. Fel sheepishly said 'I kind of broke it.' Cisco blinked 'I'm sorry can you repeat that.' 'Fel broke it,' Lu said as she dropped down to the ground as Fel glared daggers at her 'Don't look at me like that.'

Cait asked 'What about all the power fluxes you've been having?' 'They are sorted,' Fel said 'After I broke it took it apart and made a small micro-chip of it.' Lu then said, 'It's in my right hand out of sight and out of mind.' Oliver then picked up his phone 'Our target is storming A.R.G.U.S. and Lyla is there.' Without word, Roy Lu and Oliver suited up as Cisco muttered 'Mm-hmm. Bad ass. Wait, that's a different mask.' Lu said, 'I know next time don't buy one on eBay.' Disappearing she made it in time to stop a flying boomerang from coming at Lyla, by catching in midair a pink unicorn laid on the floor not far from her. Arrow and Red hood began fight the guy who sent the boomerangs at them as he kicked red hood to the ground he launched to boomerangs at Arrow then another two at Cosmic.

Jumping in midair she could dodge the boomerang that imbedded its self in the nearby wall and the flash came running in stopping the boomerangs from hitting Arrow, the man threw something to the floor and disappeared with the smoke as did the unicorn. Flash smirked as he sped out of the building, they all stood in where the man last was Lyla asked, 'What was that?' Arrow asked, 'A better question, who attacked you?' Digg said, 'And don't tell them it was an internal A.R.G.U.S. matter.' Lyla said 'His name is Digger Harkness; his speciality is weapons and technology before he went rogue. Started selling his services to the highest bidder, when he couldn't find the prefect heist.' Cosmic said 'I know that name, he's Australian wanted for several diamond heists, he worked for the joker for a short time before he terminated his contract. I was said that he was killed.' Red hood said apparently not and has a love for stuffed unicorns.' Lyla said 'Yes he is very much alive, we had him in our custody three years ago. But Amanda Waller, thought that his skills would be ideal for something called task force X. Members of which she is still pursuing, he escaped on his way to Belle Reve.' Cosmic said 'We need to consider that every A.R.G.U.S. facility is compromised. There's only one place we can keep you safe.' A few minutes later they walked into the Arrow cave, Fel asked Lyla 'Are you okay?' Lyla said 'Can't work for A.R.G.U.S. without making a few enemies. I'm sorry to involve all of you in this.' Digg brought out an evidence bag filled with parts of boomerangs from the A.R.G.U.S. facility Lyla asked, 'Is that A.R.G.U.S. property?' 'It's evidence,' Lu said Cisco and Cait shared looks as to seeing another side of Lu they hadn't seen before, just then Barry ran in and settled on a chair eating Sushi. Lyla looked at Barry jumbled for words Lu mental face palmed, Cait said 'Hey! Secret identity.' Barry said, 'They're married.' 'We're not married,' Lyla and Digg said at the same time, 'Or together,' Barry continued 'Whatever. Lu told her about me.' Lu shook her head 'You, didn't?' Barry asked 'Nope,' Lu said, 'I keep secrets, even from you.' Cisco said, 'You must know the identity of Batman.' Oliver said 'Cisco now is not… You know about the identity of Batman.' Lu said, 'It's not my secret to tell.' 'You're-you're.' Lyla stuttered, 'The flash,' Barry said 'Sushi?' Lu covered her nose, 'Please get rid of it.' Lu asked as Barry sped out of the room with it, Lyla said 'It's alright I couldn't stand the smell of fish when I was pregnant with Sara.' When Barry came back in Oliver said 'We need a location on the man who's after Lyla. His name is Digger Harkness.' Barry said gleefully 'The first step is to work the evidence.' Lu said, 'Barry can Oliver and I speak to you for a moment, please?'

Walking a good distance away from the others, Oliver said 'We appreciate your help back at A.R.G.U.S. But we have this handled.' 'You don't want to team up again?' Barry questioned, 'Things work differently here, Barry.' Lu said, 'Starling City is meaner.' Barry said 'I seem to remember helping you pretty good last year, and that was without powers. I've been practicing Everything you taught me. I'm-I'm casing new environments; I'm not running in blind.' Oliver sighed 'We do this my way and whatever styles Lu uses out here don't question.'

Barry nodded and couldn't contain his excitement, Barry asked 'What's our first move?' Lu walked back over to the others 'We need to reassemble the evidence,' Lu said as Barry sped over to try at put them back together but Lu was faster, freezing Barry in mid speed then assembled the broken boomerang that looked as good as new. Barry returned to normal 'What did you do that for?' he asked, 'Slow down or you'll give yourself a nose bleed.' Lu said, Cisco then picked up on of the reassembled.

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