3rd Person Pov (November 29th, 2014)

It's the day of the Particle Accelerator is set to be turned on, Barry and Lu (Moana who's nickname is Lu from her middle name) both fell back on the bed breathless. Lu said 'Well, now I know why you woke me. Happy anniversary, Bare.' Barry chuckled 'Happy Anniversary babe.' Lu got up with a sheet on her 'Uncle Joe should be round fro breakfast soon considering we live next door get dress or I won't be there for our Anniversary dinner. You know I can be late.' Lu said taking a dress with her into their bathroom locking the door before Barry could walk in, twenty minutes later she came out wearing a red bodycon dress with a lace top, black and silver 4 inch heels, her wedding and engagement rings and her double infinity necklace that hung just above her heart.

Her hair in her natural curls light brunette, with light blue eyes, tanned skin ( she get's from her father that walked out on her.) and natural look with red lipstick. Barry said shocked 'Have I ever told you how beautiful you look?' She walked to him with the top of her head reaching his eye sight, Lu smirked 'Maybe once or twice.' 'Well let me tell you again.' Barry said pulling her in for a kiss, she smiled grabbed his arm pushed him into the bathroom throwing a load of clothes at him and said 'Get dressed breakfast will be done in 15 minutes.' She grabbed her bag, walked down stairs and greeted Joe who was already in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and breakfast already done.

Joe step the mug down and said 'So, Happy Anniversary Honey.' Lu said 'Thanks, Uncle Joe. Wow, 4 years already I wanted to ask you something.' 'Sure go ahead.' Joe said eyeing her up. 'You've put up with me for so long and now that Barry and I are thinking of starting a family and if I have any kids they will need a grand-dad. What I'm saying Uncle Joe is that will you be my dad.' Lu said with tears threatening to spill he pulled he into a hug and said 'I'd be honored to be your father.' After a few moments Barry walked in with his CSI kit and everything else that he needed, the sat and ate, Joe left after finishing, Barry then left before realising he was going to be late. and left behind the files that he was supposed to bring for Joe on the Mardon brothers.

Lu slipped the files into her bag then placed the dishes in the dish washer, and Called STAR Labs, the receptionist answered 'Hello and welcome to Star Labs line who may I ask is calling and for whom.' Lu said 'Hey Katie, it Dr. West-Allen could you either put Dr. Wells or Ronnie Raymond on the line please.' Katie said 'Right away Dr. West-Allen. Hold for one moment please.' Ronnie answered 'Hey Lu, are you going to be late.' Lu said 'Yeah by about half an hour Joe left some files Barry was supposed to take but he forgot them so i'm going to have to give it to them at the latest crime scene. Tell Dr. Wells I'll make it up to him by going to Jitters on my way back, Vanilla caramel latte no foam extra milk.' Ronnie laughed 'You got it,' Lu picked up her keys and walked to her car getting settled Ronnie continued 'Hey can you pick Cisco up on your way here his car broke down from Jitters also can you pick me up and large black coffee and a white hot chocolate for Cait.' Lu said 'You know it I will see you in 30 minutes.'

She hung up and drove to Barry's latest Crime Scene, when she arrived there Barry had just gotten there. The Captain said 'Where's Allen? You can't keep covering for him, Joe.' Joe said 'I know but Singh, it's Barry's Anniversary 4 year with Moana.' Barry Pushed through and said 'Sorry I'm late, Captain Singh.' Singh didn't sound impressed 'What was it this time, Mister Allen?' He said sounding annoyed 'Did you forget to set your alarm clock? Before you answer, I should remind you , that the excuse you gave me last time was car trouble. Wanna know why that one was so memorable?' Barry smirked 'Well my wife owns a car and was having trouble getting started so I helped.' Singh shuddered 'Allen I did not need that mental image in my head. Happy Anniversary Allen, if you get this case finished on time you can leave early.'

Lu walked through and stood behind Captain Singh, Detective Chyre, and Joe while Barry did his job. He opened his case putting his gloves on looking down at the tire tread marks Barry said 'Getaway car is a Mustang Shelby GT-500. Shelby's have a rear super-wide tire specific to that model.' He looked at a small stick brown substance, talking to himself 'Hmm, there's something else.' He walked up to Chyre pulling a pen out of his pocket and picked up the substance and put it into a evidence bag and said 'Fecal excrement. Animal, I'd guess.' Barry stood up and took of his gloves and closed his case Joe said 'Barry where's those case files that I asked you to bring on the Mardon brothers?' Barry slapped his forehead hurting himself, Lu spoke up holding out the files 'Barry forgot them when he left so I brought them down while on way down to STAR Labs. Bare next time keep our private activities private, I don't think that your Captain needs mental image. I'll catch up boys later.' Joe took the files, three of them be side Joe had their mouths open like cod fish.

Two minutes later, Lu parked two blocks away from Jitters. Just taking her purse and keys she ran into Cisco Ramon who was waiting for her there Cisco said 'Hey Lu, thanks so much for this.' Lu smiled 'No problem, my car is park to blocks away. Want to wait in their while I get coffee, full fat no foam pumpkin spice latte.' Cisco said 'Where have you been all my life woman? You remember my favourite coffee, my favourite food, video games, superheroes,' Lu gave Cisco her keys and said 'Happily married for the last 4 years today.' she left Cisco there and went to wait in line when it was her turn Iris served her, Iris said 'Your regulars,' Lu said 'Always also can i just have a green tea please Iris.' Iris raised an eyebrow as she gave her the lattes, coffee, hot chocolate and tea and said 'Non-Caffeinated green tea, for you and is there something your not telling me. I won't tell anyone, I promise. Come on, Lu I'm your sister you can tell me anything.' Lu said 'Iris I ask Joe to be my dad that's it plus if i were pregnant Barry would be the first one to know. I'll see you tonight at the opening of the Particle Accelerator.'

Lu handed over the money and walked out with them all Cisco parked out front, she hopped in the passenger side and they drove out to STAR Labs. They arrived there in no time Cisco took his cup while Lu took her bag and the other they arrived in the cortex, where Ronnie took his and Caitlin's drink, Ronnie said 'So who are you impressing?' While sipping his drink, eyeing up her outfit she laughed 'FYI, it's my Anniversary with Barry I've been married 4 years.' Ronnie said 'It's a wonder he hasn't knocked you up yet!' Caitlin Snow hot his arm making him choke on his coffee, 'What goes on in her private life is none of your business Ronnie.' Cait said, 'Relax Cait, he just teasing me like an older brother would. Even though Joe knows we are trying he keeps saying he's too young to be a grandfather. Iris though I was this morning when I got a green tea.'

Cait pulled something from the printer, and said 'I got your blood tests back, your not pregnant. I'm sorry.' Lu smiled, 'Cait, it's fine now i need to give this latte to Dr. Well before it gets cold.' she walked off to his office and knock on his door, 'Enter, he answered, Lu walked in and said 'Here's your latte Harrison. Sorry that I'm late Barry forgot files for Joe and i had to pick up Cisco.' Harrison said taking a sip, 'It's alright as long as your here for today, is the accelerator stable?' 'All parameters are in their normal setting, the electromagnets are correlating with each other and are not touching high levels of hydrogen particle within the accelerator chamber but Cisco an Ronnie are working on that. Lu Said 'Also Hartley was also moved from the building yesterday.' Handing him the tablet, she was holding. He said 'Good, go to your office. I know you will need the rest for tonight when we launch. I will have Cisco or Ronnie alert you when you will need to give you speech.'

Later on around about 6, everyone was getting ready bustling round for to their work stations. Lu, Wells, Ronnie, Cisco and Cait all stepped outside, for Wells to give his speech all cameras pointed at them. Well stepped up to the podium and said 'My name is Harrison Wells. Tonight, the future begins. The work my team and I will do here will change our understanding of physics. Will bring about advancements in power, advancements in medicine, and trust me that future will be here faster than you think. and Now Dr. West-Allen.' Lu said 'As Dr. Wells said this is a historic day for Central city for us to be unveiling the Particle Accelerator which is a fast improvement in the modern day science we know today. we've bee working to use Electromagnetic plus generators in order to stablise the quantum field in order to keep the dark matter and all other unknown elements into a stable field form which we can study for advancement in research testing medicine and other. Thank you!' They walked back inside, Wells had left them leaving the four of them there Cait passed Lu her bag. Cait said 'Are you sure you can't stay any longer?' Lu said 'Sorry Cait, I've got a sort of romantic picnic in Barry's lab at CCPD cause of the storm he's waiting by my car. Ronnie, I'll see you tomorrow don't leave me hanging about where you two want to go on your honeymoon i know a private Island that you could get cheaply off the coast of Figi. Cisco , you alright to get home tonight.'

Cisco nodded and Lu left the waving goodbye meeting Barry at her car he kissed her greedily on the lips and they slipped into the car and drove to his lab where Barry had set up a table with candles they ate and then sat by the window cuddle together while Barry's had played with her hair. Barry said 'I'm lucky that I found you. I don't know what I would do without you.' Lu smiled softly 'Neither would I, image whenever meet or born to different parents but I feel like fate brought us to get her an i don't want us to separate, because I'm too afraid that if the man in yellow does come back does that mean one of us could be at risk.' Barry said 'Let's not think about that at the moment, this storm is really picking up help close the sky light.' They go up an pulled on the chain to help pull it up then a massive wave of energy was released from STAR Labs in the distance as Barry and Lu watch the chemicals in glass containers started to lift. They kept pulling on the chains till lightening broke the Sky light and the bolt of lightening seemed to split into two at Barry was him by a red bolt of lightening and fell back onto his shelf on paperwork, Lu was his my the other that glowed a dark pink/purple could that him her square in the chest that sent her into a bunch of chemicals and glass cut her skin and the chemical seeped though and darkness clouded her vision.