Chapter 33,

Something old, new, borrowed & Blue.


The day had finally arrived. She was becoming a Belikova.

Dimitri had dropped Rose off at her mothers house the night before, keeping to the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding, Dimitri was nothing if not traditional.

The days before had been hectic and there had been so much to do. Dimitri had decided that they would marry before the baby arrived, which Rose had wholeheartedly agreed to except she hadn't given thought to when Dimitri said soon, he meant a month. A month. Thankfully, Rose's bruises had healed and there was only mild pain in her hand and ribs as it was.

Her mother and soon to be mother- in law had been going non stop helping her plan and make sure everything would be as perfect as the union of the couple in question. Rose got everything she wanted, there was nothing Dimitri couldn't make happen. Rose asked him on multiple occasions what he would like, or his thoughts on something but the only answer she got was "If you're happy so am I" then he would flash her his effortless smile and kiss her forehead when she huffed at his reply. This was the man she was marrying, and she wouldn't want him any other way. This was her first and only wedding. Rose knew Dimitri was it for her, he was the one she was going to spend the rest of her life with, give him children and love him unconditionally. He would keep her safe and love her no matter what, he'd already proved that to her.

Rose looked at herself in the mirror and felt like crying. Not out of sadness, but happiness. She never thought she would be getting married, and before thirty. Rose chuckled, wiping away a tear that had escaped her eye.

Her dress was perfect, with a sweetheart neckline covered in lace that made its way down her arms in elegant sleeves. The top fabric gathered underneath her breasts and the fabric of the skirt flowing delicately to the floor showing off the slight baby bump underneath. Rose loved being pregnant, it was a gift to be pregnant especially after the first pregnancy had been so brutally taken from her. She cherished this one even more, and no one was going to take this baby away from her. Dimitri, Boris and Vlad were the only ones in the know of the pregnancy. However Dimitri was the only one who knew if it was a little Russian prince or a little Russian princess. Rose had wanted to keep it a secret but Dimitri had frowned and scowled throughout the doctor's appointment until Rose had rolled her eyes and told the doctor to tell Dimitri the gender when she´d left the room. After that he had been all big smiles, she even thought she saw a little skip in his step as they left the doctor's office.

A knock on the door made her turn around and grab her flower bouquet placing it in front of her bump to hide it from view in a hurry. "Come in" at her words her father poked his head in and smiled the widest smile she had ever seen. He stepped into the room looking as handsome as ever, he was in a crisp cut suit with his blood red tie around his neck and a matching handkerchief in his pocket.

"You look so beautiful Kizm" he kissed her cheek and smiled at her "are you ready?"

"Never been more ready" Rose replied smiling genuinely at her father "he makes me really happy baba"

"He better or I'll kill him" Abe grumbled wholeheartedly


"I'm kidding. Mostly. Alright darling let's go get you married to the reaper"

"Baba" Rose said halting his steps

"Yes Kizm"

"There´s something I want you to know before we go out there"

"What is it darling? Are you having any second thoughts because if you are, I can get you out of here and I know your grandmother will be more than happy to harbour you in Turkey for as long as you need" Abe quickly told her

"What? No, nothing like that baba. I have some good news actually" Rose laughed at her fathers words.

"Well what is it?" Abe urged her on the worry evident in his posture and furrowed brows.

Rose smiled at him before taking his hand and placing it on her protruding belly and watched as her father's eyes widened in shock, his lips parted as he drew in a breath. Looking down at her abdomen his mouth stretched into a smile "I´m going to be a dede again" he met her eyes "boy or a girl?"

"No idea" Rose chuckled "Dimitri knows though, he was sulking so he got to know the gender"

"I'll have to talk to him then" Abe muttered

"Baba!" Rose scolded

"Alright, alright." Abe cupped his daughters face in his large warm hands

"Congratulations my dear, you deserve this happiness"

"Thank you baba" Abe drew her in a big bear hug

"Let's get you down that aisle before Dimitri comes and drags you to the altar"

"He wouldn't…" Rose stopped mid sentence as she noticed the look her father gave her "he told you he would, didn't he"

"Threatened is more accurate" Abe stated linking his arm with hers, steering her to the large doors that lead to her future.

"I love you baba" Rose whispered as the doors started to open

"Love you more, Kizm" Abe gave her one last squeeze before stepping onto the church aisle.

Dimitri stood at the end of the aisle, his heart beating so fast he could swear the floor was moving under his feet as he stood at the altar with his brothers behind him. He didn't get nervous, ever. This however, was the most nerve wracking moment of his life. He knew she was moments away from walking the long aisle, too long of an aisle, he should have chosen a smaller church.

"Stop frowning" Ivans voice broke through his inner turmoil "This is a wedding, your wedding for Christ's sake."

"Shut up"

"Are you nervous ?" christian piped in much to Dimitri's annoyance

"Mudak" (Мудак) Both his brothers laughed at his whispered outburst, gaining their mothers attention as she sat in the front row glaring at them, ordering them with a look into standing straight and behaving. A mother she was to the core.

Dimitri drew in a deep breath and puffed his chest when the sounds of a piano flew through the air signaling his future. There wasn't a sound to be heard apart from the music and the beating in his chest as the door opened, there was no word in the world that could sufficiently describe the sight appearing before his eyes. She was the most beautiful creature that had ever existed, and she came closer to being his with every step she took. She walked from one row to the next filled with guests who stood when she passed their seats leaving each and everyone in awe. Their eyes had met the moment the doors had opened and nothing but the two of them remained as she came closer to the altar where he held his hand out ready for hers. Dimitri watched as Abe kissed his daughter's cheek before placing her hand in Dimitris. This was it, there would be no going back.

He watched Rose exhaled when her fingers felt the warmth of Dimitris' hand, all traces of nervousness left her body with that single touch, this was her home, he was her home.

"So beautiful" Dimitri mumbled running his fingers down the side of her face, in awe.

Neither Dimitri nore Rose paid much attention to their surroundings or the priest for most of the ceremony, until their vows were to be read and Dimitri

"You are the best thing I've ever waited for and to be with you is all I want. Just You and me against the world Roza." stroking her hand, Dimitri continued "I take you in wife, to be with you always in wealth and in poverty, in disease and in health, in happiness and in grief. From this day until death separates us. Always and forever."

"I choose you Dimitri, now and forever through better or worse I choose you." her sight grew blurry with the un-shed tears,

"You are Blood of my blood, and Bone of my Bone. I give you my body, that we two may be one. I give you my spirit, 'til our life shall be done. You are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone. Always and forever."` Dimitri smiled as she finished speaking, Always and forever was right.

"Do you, Dimitry, take Rose to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love, to honor and to cherish?"

"I do" Dimitri answered without hesitation

"Do you, Rose, take Dimitri to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love, to honor and to cherish?"

"I do"

There was silence for a few moments as they stared into each other's eyes. "Then without further ado, You may kiss the bride" The priest happily exclaimed, smiling widely at Dimitri, who stepped closer to his wife and cupped her face, looking deep into her eyes then diving in for their first kiss as husband and wife.

The warm touch of Rose's lips almost brought him to his knees, this was the moment he knew he was complete. Her body curved into his when he wrapped an arm around her waist, drawing her close to his chest in what seemed to be an endless explosion of fireworks in his heart.

Her fingers dug into the lapels of his jacket, holding on for dear life as she got the most breathtaking kiss this man had ever planted on her lips since they had met.

There were hurrays and whistles in the air, the loudest of all were coming from Alexander's direction as he stood amongst his brothers cheering them on when Dimitri refused to let go of the woman in his arms. His woman.

Their lips parted after a long while, their foreheads touching both refusing to let go of each other just yet.

"This is the happiest day of my life" Dimitri whispered to his wife "YA lyublyu vas" (Я люблю вас)

"I love you too, muzh".

The venue was stunning, glittering with silver and white glowing candles on every table flickering with the movement of waiters and people as they walked past. Everything was just as Rose had imagined it, the black and white colour scheme modern with a romantic touch of the red roses surrounding every available surface. This was a dream come true, the man of her dreams held her close as they entered the large venue in the hotel's main hall. They were greeted with smiles from every direction from friends and family. The whole ordeal had been taken care of by the women in their families, Janine and Olena at its head assisted by Chloe, Julia and Sarah and Dimitri's sisters. The whole thing was a vision of perfection.

Standing from his chair Dimitri drew Rose with him to the dancefloor, helping her with her dress until they entered the center and the music flew through the speakers, filling the room with romance as they started to sway in tune with the soft sounds of the ballads being played.

"Thank you Roza" Dimitri suddenly whispered in her ear

"For what"

"Marrying me"

"Your mine now Dimitri Belikov" Rose smiled touching her nose to his savouring the feeling of his arms around her waist.

" 'till our lives shall be done"

"And even then" their lips met once again, softer than before. There was no need to rush, this was the beginning of forever for both of them, there was never going to be another woman for Dimitri. Rose was what he had been waiting for all these years, every hardship and every scar was a reminder of his journey towards the love of his life, and every life after that.


"Da, lyubov´ moya"

"I think our mothers know I'm carrying the next Bratva member"

"What makes you think that ?"

"They are both smiling knowingly at us as we speak and my father is terrible at keeping secrets"

"That's a little ironic isn't it?" Dimitri chuckled "considering his occupations"

"Not when you think about it, I mean do you keep secrets or just withhold information that people don't need to know"

Dimitri's smile got bigger "beauty and brains, how did I get so lucky?"

"Tell me about it" a smirk spread across Rose's face

"You are the most beautiful sight in the world"

"Thank you, Mr. Belikov"

"Forever, Mrs. Belikova."

The party was still in full swing when Rose touched Dimitris shoulders as he sat amongst his brothers drinking and conversing, They're accents thickening with every drink. As soon as her fingers came in contact with his body, all his attention focused on her "Everything alright, lyubov´ moya ?" his arm snaked around her body pulling her onto his spread thighs

"Everything is perfect" Rose stroked his cheek, not caring that there were at least 30 sets of eyes on them as they shared an intimate moment,

"having fun ?"

"I am. What about you Mrs. Belikova enjoying yourself ?"

"Mmhmm" Rose agreed, receiving a questioning look from her new husband in return as he took a sip of his beer, never taking his eyes of hers

"But?" he prompted

"Well" Rose began leaning into whisper in his ear "I think it's time we consummate this occasion"

In an instant Dimitris face transformed into a pretitorial smile. This was the best night of her life and she knew it was about to become so much better. Taking one last sip from his beer Dimitri placed Rose on her feet, ignoring everyone around him he grabbed her waist and squeezed, "I like your thinking"

With a flick of his hand, Rose was hanging of his shoulder her yelp bringing attention to their presence as Dimitri headed towards the elevators on the other side of the hall "Dimitri" Rose scolded as he strutted across the dancefloor, not caring about the people already occupying it. They simply parted like the red sea when they saw him coming. "What are you doing ?" there was no fight in her voice, she loved when he let go and took charge.

As he reached the large open doors leading into the hall Dimitri turned and faced the smiling growed before them with Rose still hanging of his shoulder

"Thank you all for coming, stay and enjoy for as long as you like." he paused

"My wife and I are going to make use of the rather large King bed and the egyptian cotton sheets she insisted on" slapping her ass for effect. He smirked at the scolding he knew was coming "Dimitri!" the room erupted in laughter and hoots of encouragement, the loudest coming from Rose's grandmothers laughing at their scowling husbands as they watched the groom carry the bride into their new life as husband and wife.

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