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I know I'm in the middle of writing a whole bunch of fics, but I just watched RWBY recently and got hooked. Then I went and got my brother and classmate hooked…but that's completely beside the point. Anyways, I'm currently putting True Colors on hiatus right now, so I thought I'd start something new. This fic is a one shot collection about Ruby and her mentor. These fics will not be in chronological order, rather we'll be jumping around. The first couple of chapters will be actual plotline, the rest will be just random fluff about Ruby and her mentor figure.

By the way, this is a Star Wars crossover, but since nobody goes to the crossover area, I'm just posting it here in RWBY. I'll be putting any translations in the bottom. Enjoy!

I do not own RWBY or Star Wars

After Volume 3 EP 12

The young huntress in training glanced at her new teammates. It had been a tough past couple of days recovering from the shock. So much had happened: Beacon falling, Blake vanishing, Cinder Fall's betrayal, the death of Penny, Yang's wound, Phyrra's...

Ruby pushed the tears back with the hem of her cloak. She needed to be strong. She had a new team to lead, to find Cinder Fall and make her pay.

"Hey guys," she managed, "Thanks for coming."

"Hey, thanks for asking us to join you. We'll have so much fun! Plus you'll never be hungry because Ren will make pancakes and..."

"Nora, I don't have a stove on me. I can't make pancakes."

"Aww, you're not fun Ren."

To her surprise, their blonde teammate remained silent. It looked like he hadn't slept for days.

"Jaune, you gonna be okay?" the red hooded girl queried.

The teen raised his head, managing a small smile. "Yeah, I'll be fine Ruby."

"Okay then, Jaune." The girl nodded, not believing him for a second. "So where should we start?"

"Haven, that's where Qrow thinks Cinder Fall went." Ren replied, "I'd suggest we start as soon as possible."

Ruby grabbed her bag, ready to join her teammates when her father peaked his head through the door. "Oh, before you guy Ruby, you should pay Mr. Vau a visit. I think he'd appreciate seeing you before you leave. It has after all been a full year since he's seen you."

The girl froze in her tracks. "Oh my gosh, you're right. I almost forgot about him. How could I ever forget about my mentor?"

"You alright Ruby?" the rest of her team stared at her quizzically. However, the girl had vanished, leaving behind only a trail of rose petals. Ren stared at Nora, who only shrugged. "We should go follow her."

The three remaining members of team JNPR eventually reached the end of the trail of petals. "Why would Ruby come here to the woods like this?" Jaune pondered, "Doesn't she know it's probably infested with Grimm?"

"Maybe Ruby's friend is a Grimm then! Just like Renny and I's sloth!" Nora suggested.

"Nora, I don't think Ruby would befriend a Grimm."

"Aww, you're no fun." The hammer wielder pouted.

"What are you guys doing here?"

The group spun around in surprise to find the red hooded girl watching them from the trees. "Gah, when did you get up there?" Jaune cried.

"Um…just a few minutes ago."

"That means you're just like a sloth!" Nora exclaimed, "Maybe you're a sloth in disguise!"

"Shh! You'll attract the Grimm." The girl dropped down from her perch to join her friends. "Patch is a Grimm nesting ground. It's infested with Grimm and has to constantly be hunted to keep the population under control."

"Really?" Jaune paled. "So who hunts them?"

"Well, my mother used to, but when she died, my mentor took over."

"You mean Qrow?" Ren asked.

Ruby giggled, shaking her head. "No, not Qrow; he's my uncle. I'm talking about my mentor, Mister…"

Her sentence was suddenly cut off by a loud roar. The group spun around just as a large Ursa leaped out of the brush. Ruby made eye contact with her new team, instantly getting her point across. Weapons drawn, the four slowly surrounded the Ursa, waiting for the right moment to strike.


To their surprise and astonishment, the Ursa crumpled to the ground before dissolving into black smoke. Ruby turned towards the source of the sound and grinned. "There you are! Hey, it's me Ruby! You can come on out!"

"Well what do you know, it really is you ad'ika. What in all Remnant are you doing here with these di'kut?" The group now could see a middle aged man drop down from a tree. He wore a dark shirt and fur leggings, covered by a blotched grey overcoat. He could be considered handsome if not for all the scars riddling his face, with his high cheek bones and dark tan skin. Over his shoulder, a bandolier held several dark ammunition cartridges. What caught the team's eyes the most was a matte black assault rifle with the clip jetting out from the left side rather than the bottom.

"Relax, they're not di'kut, they're vode to me. They're my teammates." Ruby protested, "Guys, I'd like you to meet my mentor, Mr. Sev."


Ad'ika – kid, lad, sweetie (towards your juniors)

di'kut – idiot

Yes, I'm making Sev her mentor. It just made so much sense. If you're a Star Wars fan and you loved the Clone Troopers, then you should know Sev, the lost member of Delta Squad. If you're a fan and you don't know who Sev is because his amazing character was done away with by Disney, then you're in luck, because I'll be introducing him for you. Again, please follow!

If you are familiar with Sev, PM me with your ideas for one shots about his life in Remnant. If you're not, just sit tight and enjoy the tale of one of the Republic's finest soldiers…yes, more cool than Rex.

May the Force of the Lord God Almighty be with you Aways!