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One month after Volume 3

The gruff man led the teens to a beat up cabin at the edges of Patch.

Honestly, the remainder of JNR didn't know what to think of the man who Ruby called her mentor. He seemed a little...off. Ruby began telling the party about how he had trained her before Qrow had. Apparently the man had inspired Ruby to hunt and instilled her love of weapons in her. In other words, Mr. Sev was the reason why Ruby was weird.

"And then Mr. Sev went Bang! Bang! Bang! And Woosh! The Grimm were dead! Isn't he so cool?" The girl had finished telling one of Mr. Sev's hunting stories, much different from the stories of Professor Port.

"Ru'ika, that's not what happened. I found them at the willow tree, I took aim, then I added three kills to my count." The man corrected.

"Oh wow!" Nora exclaimed, "Have you ever met a sloth? They're so much fun!"

"...no, I haven't..."

"Aww!" The girl pouted before clinging to her best friend. "Ren, he's no fun, just like you."

Jaune in the meantime had caught up to the red cloaked girl. "Ruby, why does that man call you Ru'ika?"

"Oh," the girl giggled, "That's his nickname for me. It means 'little' Ruby in his language. He's always called me that, even though I'm not little anymore." She emphasized the last part loud enough for the man to hear.

"A wise man once said, 'size matters not'. My Sargent corrected the saying, 'Size doesn't matter, it's armor that makes a warrior'."

"What armor?" Jaune asked in response.

"Where I come from, my people wore armor all the time. It's like a second skin to us. Only when I came here to Patch did I shed my Beskar'gam. Mrs. Rose didn't feel like it was appropriate here."

"I remember that time!" Ruby chirped, "It was the first time we got you out of that broken old suit of armor. That armor was sorta scary. It made you look like a robot."

"Hey, Ne shab'rud'niÖ."

The girl instantly froze. "N'eparavu takisit!" She bowed immediately.

To Jaune's surprise, the man chuckled slightly. "Ad'ika, do not worry. Just don't compare my Beskar'gam to a tinnie okay?"

"Ok, thank you."

"So then, Mr. Sev," Jaune began, carefully choosing his words. "Where do you come from?"

"Oh Jaune, that's a funny question. He's from outer space!" Ruby chided her friend.

The group froze. "Outer space?"

"That's even cooler than Pancakes!" Nora cheered.

6 years before Volume 1

Sev peered through the scope of his sniper rifle once more. Nope, still no sign of it.

He had been tracking a pack of Beowolves for the past three hours, hoping they would lead him to one of their many hidden nesting grounds. But first he needed to find the Alpha. So far, he hadn't seen a single Alpha in the pack, so he had remained out of sight, waiting in hopes of an Alpha.

He wiped the sweat off his brow. It was times like these he wished his Katarn Mark II armor was still working. He missed the advanced scanners, built in night vision, and right now...the AC. But alas, the armor had run out of juice, and without the high tech facilities on Republic bases, he couldn't recharge his armor and gear. So now he was back with the basics.

At least his rifle still worked. He was glad that Qrow had been able to acquire Dust Cartridges that fit his rifle or he would have run out of ammo long ago. Sure it took some recalibration and modification to accept the Dust based ammunition, but it was worth it in the end. He had a reliable toy that needed little maintenance and could shoot straighter and farther than any Remnant sniper rifle of its size.

Now to be patient and wait for...

"Hiya Mr. Sev!" A small hooded head dropped down in front of him.

The commando literally fell back in surprise. "Don't do that! You almost alerted those Beowolves to our position!" He reprimanded the child.

The nine year old frowned. "Oops, sorry Mr. Sev. I just wanted to see what you were doing."

Sighing, the commando resumed his concentration on the Beowolf pack. Good, they hadn't noticed the commotion. Ruby, on the other hand, hadn't let go of her curiosity and tried to take a peek in the scope with the commando. "So...what are you doing?"

Sev shot the girl an irritated look. "I'm hunting, what does it look like?"

The girl grinned. "What are you hunting?"


The girl's eyes instantly lit up at the answer. "Ooh, can I look?"


"Aww..." The girl pouted. "Please?"

Sev sigh. This was getting annoying now...wait...was that a...

"I really wanna try. Mom won't let me use her bow and Dad only really hangs out with Yang so I can't use any sort of weapon."

"Well, you're young. You're not training to be a soldier." The man explained. Yes that was an Alpha. Now just to get a lock on it.

"When did you start using a gun?"

"When I was two."

Apparently the thought of a two year old didn't strike the girl as odd. "Aww, you get to use guns earlier than me. Why can't I use a gun at two?" She complained. "You know..."

"Silence!" The commando barked, effectively shutting up the girl. He closed his eyes, let out a deep breath, and when he opened his eyes, the dot was on the monster's forehead. He grinned before pulling the trigger.


Ruby literally jumped in surprise, quite high for a girl who's just discovered her Semblance a week ago. When she came down, she squinted her eyes to see the previously peaceful heard scurrying around in confusion.

Sev chuckled darkly. "Pirunir sur'haaise." He grinned as he took aim at the farthest Grimm before squeezing the trigger once more.

"Go Mr. Sev!" Ruby cheered, "Go Mr. Sev!"

Within two minutes, the entire pack had dissolved into smoke. The commando grunted at a job well done. But Ruby was exhilarated. "That was so cool Mr. Sev!" She hugged him tightly.

She then had a thought. "Could you teach me how to be a hunter like you?"

The commando gave her a hard look. "No..."

"Why not?" The girl protested. "I'll listen and obey you and help you out!"

"One, you're too impatient. You wouldn't be able to start still long enough to hunt them without being detected. Two, you don't have a weapon. You'd need to learn the proper procedure to use a long range weapon like that. Three, it's too dangerous for someone like you. You tend to get ahead of yourself and not think things through. Those tendencies will get you killed. And finally..."

"I know," the girl muttered, "I'm too young."

The man shook his head. "Actually I wasn't going to say that. Most warriors train their sons once they're old enough to walk and run."

"Oh," the girl beamed, "Then what were you going to say?"

"This is something your father or mother should be doing. It's their duty as warriors to train their children to become warriors as well." The man pointed out. "It would be wrong for me to deny your parents the honor of training their children."

"But I know they're going to say no." The girl protested. "Please teach me! I promise to be good!"

The girl's big eyes were on the verge of tearing up. The commando couldn't say no to that sort of face. Anyone who tried hard enough could learn patience. He did have a spare DC in his hut from the supply drop. And he could keep a close eye on her, but still allow her to learn self sufficiency and independence. And as strong as Summer and Taiyang were, they weren't Mandalorians, which meant the duty of training the next generation of Mando'ade fell upon his shoulders.

"Fine," he muttered, "But don't expect this to be easy."

"Yeah!" Ruby cheered before hugging the man tightly. "I'll make you proud Mr. Sev!" She muttered as she pressed her head against the man's chest.

"I'm sure you will Ad'ika."

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Ru'ika – Little Ruby (used affectionately)

Beskar'gam – Armor

Ne shab'rud'niÖ - Don't mess with me

N'eparavu takisit – I'm sorry

Pirunir sur'haaise – make their eyes water

Mando'ade – sons and daughters of Mandalore