A/N: It's good to be back after two years. Life took over and stuff, but were trying to get back to writing... Chapter written by Robotkitty5848!

Alex's P.O.V.

I kept myself calm as I searched around the living room of the house, Allen checking the kitchen and Rod investigating the upstairs. The house was a bit small on the inside than it was the outside. There was nothing out of the ordinary about the house. But then I spotted it. A newspaper on the table in front of an old-looking television. Picking it up I read an article about someone escaping from jail by killing the others in their cell and than the officer keeping watch over them. The picture was a recent picture of Justin, dressed in black and white. It must be his mugshot!

"You find anything?" Allen came from the kitchen, wiping his hands on his pants. Doesn't look like he found much in the kitchen. "I didn't see anything out of the ordinary there. Must say this is such a boring place. White walls with a light yellow floor? Pretty lame."

"Read this," I gave him the paper and called for Rod to come down from the second floor. The ginger didn't seem to have any evidence either and no one still hasn't come home. Was Skye not going to come home anytime soon? But I was more worried about Justin.

"Damn, this is serious. This is fucking messed up. I think we know how he got out."

"What does it say?" Rod looked worried, blue eyes alert as he snagged the newspaper for himself. He went pale at first, before turning a bright red. "Holy Goddess! This is bad. What should we do? There's no one here and that dangerous fiend has my wife! She's in danger!"

"Rod, calm down." I placed a hand on his shoulder. "We will find her. Looks like no one is here. No Justin or Sam. And no Skye. We have to get back to town."

"I refuse to leave without Sam," Rod clenched his fists in anger. "She could be hurt! What if he harms the baby. He clearly doesn't care if he has to kill to get what he wants."

"We have no other leads. Maybe the others found something. We have to try to get in contact with them."

"Hopefully they have some kind of clue. But we've done what we could. Let's go," Allen rubbed Rod's back with a hand. "We will find her, Rod. She will be alright. She's strong. He couldn't have taken her that far. Surely someone would have seen him dragging a pregnant woman."

I couldn't stand seeing Rod so heartbroken. He nodded at Allen's words, going silent with tears forming in his eyes. I had to turn away so that they couldn't see the tears in my own eyes. I was worried to death. Where in the world did that bastard take my best friend?

We will find you, Sam. You will be okay. I refuse to believe anything else! Oh, Goddess, let her be okay!

Hazuki's P.O.V.

I couldn't have been any happier with my life than at this moment. I was married to the guy I had grown a crush on and became the mother of adorable twins. Link and Zelda had gotten his brown eyes and orange hair. As it was summer, I had fields full of corn and tomatoes. It was the best season for me, as I loved vegetables. So I was sitting with Fritz on our couch with a small plate of veggies when we heard the knock.

"Can you go see who that is, honey?" He picked up the remote on the small cluttered wrapping paper desk next to him. "Maybe it's about one of the fields. I've been waiting for Elise to give up the mushroom field."

"You can take that one," I stuck my tongue out at him. "I hate mushrooms."

"You sure you don't wanna compete for it?" a challenge sparked in his eyes as he finally found the channel he was looking for.

"Maybe," I placed a fingertip on his nose. "Can't keep our guest waiting. Make sure to pick up the kids from Iris when it's time."

"Will do," Fritz flicked his gaze up to the big grandfather clock to see how much time he had as I walked down the steps to the first floor. I had turned the upstairs area into our room. The kids lived downstairs next to the kitchen. It wasn't the biggest house, but it was a lot more spacious than when I lived alone.

I shake my head at the memories of when we were just friends. We had bonded from the first time that day on Eda's farm. But then all the drama with Chase went down and I thought that our friendship was going to end in disaster. I was so thankful that we had gotten over all of that. And now everyone in was happy. Maybe he was the one at the door. But he wasn't alone. When I swung open the door, it wasn't Lillie's boyfriend waiting for me. Ibuki and Minori were standing outside of my home, looking ragged and scared as if they had been through something horrible.

"Ibuki! Minori! What in the world happened to you both, you look miserable! Please, come inside. You too, Chase. Wait, who's this?" I didn't know the other brown-haired woman with them. But when I looked down at her bulging belly, I felt like she needed my help. Why else would a pregnant woman look so sad and hopeless?

"We'll explain everything to you," Minori put her hand on my shoulder. "We need your help, Hazuki. You know Alex. That girl's her friend, Sam. Our parents-"

Minori's words broke into tears as she began to shiver, Ibuki letting her lean against his side.

"Alex? Is she alright? What happened? Please, tell me everything." I grabbed Sam's hands in mine and gave hers a light squeeze. "You also look like you've been through an ordeal."