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Deep in Impel Down the most brutal and horrifying prison in the world lies a man that's battered, bruised, bleeding, and most of all broken. His name is Monkey D. Luffy the last of the strawhat pirates. Having defied the world government at every turn and finally reaching Raftel. Only to find the entire marine force waiting for them. For ten days they fought, on the tenth day it all went south with fleet admiral Akainu's arivil. One by one the strawhats fell until only Luffy and Zoro remaind. Luffy heart and mind slowly broke down with each comrade killed. It wasn't until Zoro jumped in front of Akainu's attack in an attempt to save and snap Luffy out of his breakdown that Luffy's will broke. Seeing Zoro impaled by a fist of magma with his swords broke and melted like when Ace saved him was all Luffy could take. With no will to fight the remaining marines haled Luffy away.

"Why? Why did they have to die? Why did they all have to die?" Luffy cried. The only thing going through his mind was his last fight every day all day. His strength was useless, he couldn't protect any of them, even if they did decimate the marines, there were too many of them and Akainu's strength was too great. Luffy failed to understand the world government's fear of him finding the one piece. Luffy cried himself to sleep again all he could say was "everyone….forgive me"

"Wake up. Come on boy wake up"

Luffy slowly woke up expecting to see the guards there to torture him again only to find himself in a small room lying comfortably on a bed with his wounds bandaged up although with his seastone shackles still on. Confused with the situation he sat up, looked around and said " where….where am I?"

"About time you woke up"

Luffy turned around to see an old man wearing a brown shirt, tan slacks, and brown shoes sitting next to a used medkit. He smiled at Luffy as he got up and walked closer to him stopping three feet away." glad you're awake" he said in a raspy voice.

"Who are you old man and where am I?" Luffy asked staring at the man. Luffy watched as the man raised a fist at him and and opened it when he said "open". Luffy hired a 'click' and looked down to see his shackles were open.

"How'd you do that old man" Luffy asked as he knocked the shackles away and rubbed the spots they were latched on to.

"I eat the open-open fruit, I open things like that." He said he pointed behind Luffy. Luffy turned to see a hole the the wall. But his eye widened when he saw his cell on the other side. Luffy stared at it until the man walked over and pushed the edges together till it was closed. The old man turned to Luffy, who turned his gaze to him.

"So, you opened a hole to my cell and pulled me out?" He said. "Thanks ol-" was all Luffy said before calapsing.

"Are you ok"


Some time later Luffy was devouring a mountain of food the man stared in awe at the site before him.

"I know they said you had a huge appetite, but this is unbelievable" the man mumbled as Luffy lays back in his chair 'for the first time since entering impel down' after eating the last of the food, patting his swollen belly and giving a long belch.

"Man, that was some great food, definitely bests the slop in impel down." Luffy said before looking at the old man. "Thanks again old man"

"No problem Luffy"

Luffy just smiled for the first time since the battle before realizing something. "Hey old man, how do you know my name? I never told you."

"I know who you are strawhat Monkey D. Luffy captain of the Strawhat Pirates."

Luffy's eyes widened with horror and pain as all the memories of his friends lying died before his come rushing to the front of his mind. Luffy grabbed his head and fell onto the floor "NO NO NO NO NO! STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO REMIND ME!" Luffy screamed with tears in his eyes.

The old man just looked at him realizing the wounds he just ripped open. "I'm sorry"

"THE STRAWHAT PIRATES ARE DEAD" Luffy scream pinning the old man to the wall. He just looked back at Luffy with a blank expression. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? DID YOU BREAK ME OUT JUST TO TORMENT ME? WHY DID YOU EVEN BREAK ME OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE?" Luffy screamed tightening his grip demanding answers.

"What if I told you I could give you a second chance?"

"What?" Luffy said wide eyed and baffled.

"Take a look at that paper over there" the man pointing to a newspaper on the table. Luffy looked at the old man before letting him go and walking the the table and opening the paper to see a picture of an old marine before reading the headlines.

Marine Admiral Coby Retires.

Luffy blinked for a moment, confused with what he just read." Marine admiral…. Coby. where?

"The old man in the picture is admiral Coby." the old man said. Luffy looked at the picture again. Luffy's eyes widened at the picture.


"Simple" the old man said walking over to Luffy. "it's been sixty years since you were imprisoned. As for the second question you spent six years in impel down, I used my powers to open a hole in time to pull you to this time."

Luffy just stood there blinking trying to grasp what he just hired. "So I'm in the…future"

"Yes" the old man replied taking the paper. Luffy sat in a chair replaying everything that just happened, being pulled here, the food, his nakama, second chance…...second chance?

"Old man what did you mean buy 'second chance'?" Luffy asked look at the man with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. The man smiled back at Luffy.

"Exactly what I said, a second chance" he said as he formed a hole by connecting his fingers. "Open" the area inside his finger changed."look inside."

Luffy peered into the opening and at first stared in shock then started crying. "My...my...my nakama" he cried.

"Yes" closing the hole. "No, bring them back. I want to see them again." Luffy said trying to calm himself.

"I'll do more then that. You'll travel with them again" the old man said with a smile.

"R-Really, w-why would you d-do that for me? Luffy asked. The old man's expression turned grim.

"Because …. The world has become too twisted and corrupt to live in anymore. The marines prsut to unhold their 'absolute justice' has gotten so out of hand that they'll come bust down your door if you os much as look at them funny. that s why I brought you here in hopes that I could convince you to go back and stop them."

"How and why me" luffy asked

"By achieving your dream and becoming the king of the pirates. As for the 'why you' because you were the closest to finding the one piece"

Luffy's hope skyrocketed thinking about traveling with his friends again, chasing there dreams, and going on adventures. Luffy's thoughts were interrupted when he hired the old man start taking again.

"There is one cost to going back though, you won't have the power of the gum-gum fruit this time. Knowing that will you go?"

Without the slightest bit of hesitation Luffy said. "Absolutely"

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