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"So what is Haki?" Usopp asked now that they arrived at the north shore.

"Zoro Nami do you guys remember when I survived that powered up cannonball?" Luffy asked.

"Cannonball?" Usopp and Kaya asked.

"Yes, although you never did explain how." Zoro stated.

"Well, I survived using Haki. Although that time I used a different Haki than the one a few moments ago." Luffy said sitting down in the grass by some trees followed by the others.

"So what is Haki exactly and how many types are there?" Nami asked.

"Ok, basically Haki is pure will power and there are three basic types or colors. Armament, observation, and conquerors also known as king's Haki. Are you guys following me so far?"

"Yes" Nami and Zoro said.

"Sort of." Usopp commented.

"Not really." Kaya said. Luffy let out a puff of air to Kaya's response.

"Ok, I'll go over them one at a time with an explanation and demonstration." Luffy said getting a nod from everyone.

"First up is armament Haki. Armament is when you use your willpower to create an invisible 'suit of armor' around yourself. If you focus enough you can make the 'armor' harder and visible like so." Luffy said as his right arm turned black. "This form of Haki not only allows you to protect yourself but also strengthen your attacks and allows you to bypass the defenses of devil fruits even logia types."

"What, devil fruits actually exist?!" Nami and Usopp exclaimed in unison.

"Yes, devil fruit do exist. They are very rare in the four blues but quite common in the grand line." Luffy answered.

"What do you mean by logia type?" Zoro asked. Luffy facepalmed.

"Ok, let's make this quick and get back on topic. There are three types of devil fruits paramecia, zoan, and logia. Paramecia, the most common type of devil fruit give the use a superhuman ability, like a body made of rubber, controlling your bones, or creating quakes. Zoans, the second most common give the user the ability to transform into a specific animal or creature. Such as a dog or cat. Logias are the rarest of the three and considered to most powerful. This devil fruit type gives the user the ability to create, control, and turned into a specific element like fire, ice, light, lightning, or sand to name a few. And most 'normal' attacks like punching, kicking, shooting, and stabbing, don't work on logias. All devil fruits take away your ability to swim and-" Luffy took up a very serious look and tone. "- never under any circumstances try to eat a second devil fruit or you will die. Understand." Everyone nodded their heads in understanding as they took in the information with both fear and wonder in their eyes.

"Now back to armament Haki." Luffy said standing up with a nearby stick in hand. Luffy walked over to a nearby boulder. "Another thing you can do with this Haki is 'coat' your weapons with it to increase their overall strength and striking power. Like so." Luffy said as he held up the stick and coated is with Haki turning it and his hand black. Luffy then did a diagonal stroke at the boulder, after a few seconds the top half slid off. Luffy looked at the faces of his Nakama and found amusement in their surprised expressions.

"Zoro try to cut this stick." Zoro a little puzzled and a little insulted (like he couldn't cut a stupid stick) by Luffy's 'requested' he stood up and walked over to Luffy then took a stance. Using wado ichimonji he did a draw strike only to be stopped by the stick still coated with Haki. To say Zoro and the others were surprised was an understatement they never thought that Haki could make this much of a difference.

"Now you see what armament Haki can do with a simple stick now imagine what it can do with proper weapons." everyone sat or stood in Zoro's case in thought before smirking at the possibilities, Zoro adorned an evil smile at the prospect.

'If I can learn Haki then maybe I can ….. No, I'm almost at the goal.' Nami thought.

'I wonder if this Haki can be used with my stars?' Usopp thought.

'If Usopp learns this Haki maybe it will help him achieve his dream.' Kaya thought.

'If I learn Haki it will bring me one step closer to defeating him. Luffy meeting you is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.' was Zoro's thought.

"Next up is observation Haki." Luffy said getting everyone's attention again. "In essence observation is the ability to hear the world around you. Now before you start asking questions what I mean by hearing the world around you is that everything has a voice of sorts that it admits. May it be a person, a rock, a tree, or one of Zoro's swords. You guys understand so far?" after getting some nods from everyone Luffy continued.

"Observation Haki you'll be able to sense or hear the presence of those around you and predict attacks shortly before they happen. Nami please assemble your staff for the demonstration." Nami stood up and assembled her staff while Zoro sat down. Luffy closed his eyes and turned around. "Now try to hit me." Nami took several swings at Luffy who dodged them all with ease while calling each one. After about a minute Nami sat back down and Luffy turned to face them again with a big smile.

"Lastly we have conquerors Haki. conquerors are basically projecting your will onto others if your will is stronger than the ones under its influence will either cower in fear or simply pass out. There are other ways to use conquerors but I will not go over them since unlike the other two conquerors can not be thought, you're either are born with it or you're not." with this everyone had disappointment other faces. "Now I recommend those that are on my crew learn the first two and if they show signs of conquerors I'll work with them in mastering it after all I have all three."

"Good, if you couldn't use conquerors then you wouldn't be fit to be my captain." Zoro said in a serious tone.

"Well, it would be embarrassing if I couldn't since there is a strong possibility you can use it Zoro." Luffy said with a smile know full well Zoro is a conqueror user. Zoro got a huge dark grin as he took in the information.

"The next thing I want to talk about is the three life energies. Now these energies are similar to Hai but they are very different things. They're known as aura, chi, and chakra." Luffy paused to make sure everyone was following. Zoro had a reminiscent look on his face.

"First aura. Aura is the outer energy that surrounds everything. Like observation Haki it allows you to sense those around you but instead of hearing what's around you, you feel what's around you. What makes aura different from observation Haki is that you can turn it into one of five elements fire, water, earth, wind, and lighting. Each element has two stages of power, the base element, and the extreme. Like, for example, my element is fire so my extreme which I can't do yet is lava or for instance, water is the base so the extreme is ice. You following me so far." everyone nods not saying a word.

"Next is chi one of the two inner energies. The two inner energies are referred are basically your physical and spiritual or mental energy. Chi is the physical energy, the stronger your body is the stronger your chi is. Chi like armament Haki can be used to enhance your attacks but instead of enhancing from the outside like armament Haki, chi enhances from the inside. Also with enough practice, you can use chi for first aid and speed up the healing process. This technique is call vivification."

"Lastly is chakra. Chakra is spiritual or mental energy and not much is know about it. What I do know that depending on what kind of personal nature you are affecting your chakra. For interns, if you're an outgoing person like me your chakra will be hot and if you're a closed off person it will be cold. When you use chakra your body will emit a type of 'steam', if you have hot chakra it will burn what it touches if you have cold chakra it will freeze what is touches. That is all that I know about the tree energies. I do have other 'abilities' I could talk about but to avoid frying your brains I'll what till later. Now let's get some sleep we have the fight to win tomorrow morning." Luffy said ending his speech.

Everyone but Luffy went to get some sleep thinking about what Luffy told them. Zoro had a huge grin at the possibilities. Kaya was thinking how to use the abilities to help Usopp and her friends. Usopp was thinking how to use them with his slingshot to protect Kaya. Nami was torn. She couldn't decide if she could learn the abilities and use them to kill Arlong or to stay with the original plan. In the end, she ended up staring at the stars. After several hours she got up and walked down to the beach deciding to look out at the ocean.

When she arrived at the beach she hired water splashing and immediately assembled her staff looking for the source of the noise. What she saw had her face go red. Out in waist, high water was Luffy washing his body. In the light of the full moon, Nami got a good look at Luffy's body. The somewhat small frame of his seemed to be nothing but muscle, even with his back turned to her she could tell he has a well-built body.

"What are you doing up so late Nami?" Luffy asked snapping Nami out of her daze.

"I couldn't get to sleep. So, I thought a walk on the beach would help. You?"

"I can't sleep for more than an hour at a time without having nightmares." Luffy said turning around revealing two very distinctive scars. One, a jagged X-shaped scar on his chest and the other a burn scar on his right upper arm going up his shoulder nipping his neck and dripping down his chest stopping two inches below the collarbone. Nami started wondering how someone as strong as Luffy could get scars like that. Luffy walked back the shore, his body started to steam as the water on his body evaporated. Nami turned around with a huge blush having seen his 'package'.

"What do you think you're doing Luffy?" Nami asked not looking back as Luffy started to put close on.

"What do you mean, I'm getting dressed." he stated like it was the most obvious thing it the world. Nami in her embarrassed state was about to retort when the images of Luffy's scars flashed in her mind. Curiosity got the better of her.

"Say Luffy, how'd you get those scars?" Luffy was taken back by the question.

"They were given to me by a very powerful man that killed people very close to me." Luffy said with sadness in his voice. Nami turned around, glad he was wearing pants now and looked at him with understanding in her eyes.

"The one on my chest was given to me after he killed one of my family members. I fought to save him with some very powerful friends but I was outclassed at the time. When we were making our escape, the man throw some pants and went after the exhausted me. My family member took the hit, he died in my arms." at this point, Luffy was starting to cry remembering Ace's death. "My mind shut down and the man came after me again. Luckily I was saved by my friends and we escaped but not before he gave me this." Luffy said with a hand on his chest scar.

"I ended up getting my gramps to train me so I wouldn't lose anyone close to me again. Unfortunately, that meant working for the one that killed my family." Nami was surprised at this. Luffy was more like her than she realized. "About three or four months ago we fought and he gave me this." Luffy said grabbing the scar on his arm.

"We didn't finish the fight. I left to heal and find my crew to fulfill my dream. If somewhere down the line I meet him again I'll kill him." He said with determination. Nami stood there holding her left shoulder where her Arlong tattoo is comparing Luffy to herself.

'He's just like only he chooses to fight back with everything he has. I wonder ... Could I be like that? If I help him would he help me? No, I'm close to my goal now just a little more.'

"We have a few more hours till the enemy attacks. You should get some rest." Luffy said grabbing the rest of his close and headed up the slope.

"Right have a good night … Luffy." she said with a sad smile.

"Night" Luffy said returning a smile. With that Nami left the get some rest while Luffy went to calm his mind for the battle ahead.

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