Jack Skellington. The leader of Halloween Town, the master of fright himself. He brought Christmas across the holiday trees and single-handedly made a mess out of it. Yet he's still famed and praised.

I hate him.

Most don't know me. I'm his older brother, the true heir to the throne. Being the firstborn, Father saw me in a good light. But only one thing kept him and Mother do what I was born to do:

I'm human.

Yep, a human being. Pale skin, messy black hair, cold blue eyes, skinny to the bone. A lot like Mother. She tried to assure me that it was okay, but I never believed her. My theory was proven right every time that Father left me in town on Halloween night.

It was always You'll look like the humans or You'll look like a trick-or-treater. I was sick and tired of it.

So it didn't help when Jack was born.

He was immediately the favorite child for his scaring abilities. His extreme admiration of Halloween Town. His being a skeleton, for God's sake! But I'm still the oldest.

So why is he the king?

I still remember the night. I had turned sixteen recently. Three years before Father was supposed to step down.

Supposed to.

I was listening in on their conversation about who would be the next monarch. Father's opinion on the matter worried me and Mother's gave me some relief at first. But then she gave in to it. I still remember her exact words:

"Tell them Jack will be the next Pumpkin King."

I was mad. No, scratch that; blind with fury is a better way of putting it.

Jack was six at the time and totally unaware of the situation. He asked what was wrong. That's when I snapped. I dragged his sorry tailbone outside to the backyard, taking a picture of me, Mother, and Father along. Idiot Jack was, he was standing oblivious and asking why we were outside. So I broke the picture.

Over his skull.

And I beat hime until he collapsed, made him cry out in pain until his throat hurt, made him cry until he could'nt. I pinned him down and made him swear to scecrecy about this incident or be shown a real beating. He agreed and ran inside.

Twenty-five years have passed since that night. I had practically abandoned my family. Only one person appreciates me now. My hatred for Jack. So no matter what Lock, Shock, and Barrel tell you, they didn't bring back my best friend.

I did.