Adventures of the Orange Flash

Prologue: Journey to a New Beginning

On a desolate land, one could see craters, kunais, shurikens and other signs of destruction. If you strain your ears, you hear large sounds followed by the earth shaking. If you're wondering what's going on here, then the answer will be war, one that will decide the destruction or salvation of the elemental nations.

Currently two men were facing another across the battlefield, their opponent was none other than Uchiha Madara who is the progenitor of the Uchiha clan and the reason for the war. He had sealed nine of the bijuu within him with one of them being only half while the other half is under the possession of his opponents. He seeks to claim the other half so as to complete his plan, which is to use the moon to cast an illusion on the entire elemental nations and to rule as he sees fit but his opponents won't make it easy for him.

"Let's take him down once and for all Sasuke!" said a boy with blond hair, his name is Naruto Uzumaki, a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and the jinchurriki of the Kurama the nine tailed fox, he currently possesses the ying half of Kurama's chakra and is currently in his six paths mode which was granted to him by Hagomoro the first Sage of the six paths and the surrogate father of the nine bijuus. Naruto's body is covered in yellow chakra, a circular design over his stomach, the whisker like marks are much thicker to resemble a trigram and six magatama are present around his collar. The darker designs give the appearance that he's wearing a body suit beneath the yellow coat and there are six black balls floating behind him.

The boy next to him silently nodded in affirmation, it's his best friend and former team mate Sasuke Uchiha, he had defected from the Hidden Leaf Village in pursuit of revenge but had returned to aid the others, He had also met Hagomoro and now possessed the Mangekyo Sharingan in one eye and the Rinnegan on the other "It's not going to be easy Naruto, especially since he possesses the power of the bijuus,"

"Don't worry about that, I just got a trump card for that problem so all I need to do is get close to Madara-Teme for it to work," said Naruto with a smirk.

"I hope you know what you're doing,"

"Of course Sasuke, this is me we're talking about,"

"Exactly my point," Sasuke deadpanned at the blonde.

"Whatever, let's just beat this guy up and then head so that I can have a bowl of ramen at Ichiraku,"

With that said, Naruto charged forward with Sasuke close behind as they targeted the progenitor of the clan and the cause of the war. "Shadow clone jutsu!" Naruto spawned a few clones that dashed ahead of him with kunai drawn to attack Madara.

"It's best that you surrender, your death is inevitable," said Madara as he held his shakujo at the ready before the clones drew close, then he started defending against the attacks easily due to the power of the rinne-sharingan, one of the clone stretched out a chakra arm to grab the Uchiha but it was blocked another clone threw his kunai only for Madara to twirl the staff to knock it into the air before grabbing it and throwing it back quickly to dispel the clone. A few more clones attacked at the same time with the Rasengan, Madara quickly used Kamui to disappear from the attack and appear elsewhere only for Sasuke to come in from behind with a blazing chidori in his left hand and his tanto in his right.

Madara grabbed Sasuke by the wrist to prevent the chidori from getting any closer and used the shakujo to block the tanto, Naruto was coming in fast with a large Rasengan and three smaller Rasengan orbiting around it.

"Take this, Planetary Rasengan!" shouted Naruto as he launched his attack.

Madara swung Sasuke around to use him as a shield but failed to notice the smirk on the Uchiha's face as he substituted with one of Naruto's shadow clones who then grabbed on and held him in place as the jutsu made contact and sent Madara flying before he crashed into a nearby mountain.

Sasuke moved in to use Amaterasu to finish him off, Madara summoned the skeletal ribcage of Susanoo to block the black eternal flames and formed a skeletal arm to grab him.

"You are an annoyance, be gone from my sight," Madara threw a black chakra rod which stabbed Sasuke in the chest and tossed him with the skeletal arm to a far distance.

"Sasuke! Dammit, without him to help me distract him, I don't how I can use it without him being on alert," thought Naruto as he gritted his teeth.

"Do you have a backup plan kit?" asked Kurama from within the mindscape.

"I do but you're not going to like it," Naruto send his thoughts to Kurama who frowned upon receiving it.

"Are you sure that you want to do this? Doing this both our lives in serious danger and a single slipup could lead to death,"

"We don't have much options Kurama and this could end the war in one shot,"

"Okay kit, just know that we're in this together until the very end,"

Naruto smiled warmly at the support of his lifelong friend "Thanks partner," he turned to face Madara "Let's do this, Shadow clone jutsu!" several clones appeared and charged at Madara again.

"You're all that is left to stand in my way, once I'm done with you my moon eye plan will be complete," said Madara with a sadistic smile.

"Not if I have anything to say about it, everyone's counting on me and Kurama so I can't afford to lose!"

"We shall see, Fire style: Great Fire Annihilation!" Madara took a deep breath and unleashed a massive blast of fire at Naruto and his clones. Naruto willed the six Guodama to float before him, then he melded them together into one before expanding it to form a shield which the clones took cover behind it right before the fire made contact.

Madara dashed forward and went around the shield to launch another attack only to find neither Naruto nor his clones there. He felt a sudden jolt of pain and looked down to see a fist buried in his gut which came from a shadow clone, then the other clones quickly followed up with attacks of their own "U….Zu….Ma…Ki!" Naruto dived in from above with a Rasengan in hand "Naruto Rendan plus Rasengan!"

"Shinra Tensei!" Naruto and his clones got blasted back from the eye technique and was sent flying away from Madara, Naruto recovered in midair and skidded to a stop and raised his head to see Madara stretching out a hand for his head.

"Kit watch out, He's trying to use the Deva path of the Rinnegan to draw out your soul!" Kurama shouted out a warning. Naruto grabbed the hand by the wrist and quickly caught the other one which lashed out and held them in place. "You've got to end this quickly, you don't have much longer in this form,"

"What will you do now Uzumaki? I can sense that your chakra is almost depleted," said Madara.

"You're right, which is why I'm going to defeat you by doing this!" A chakra burst out from Naruto's back and was holding a slip of paper with seals drawn on it, then it smacked the seal on Madara's chest. Then the seals glowed a bit, then they crawled of the paper and infused themselves on his body.

"My chakra is going berserk, what did you do to me?!" shouted Madara, he felt as if something was trying to tear its way out of his body.

"It's a special chakra disruption seal that I made during the beginning of the battle, I had my clones create the seal while I kept you busy throughout. It messes with your chakra, something which is very important for a jinchurriki. I've given the bijuu inside you a chance to escape and there's nothing you can do to stop it!"

The one thing that he learned from Pervy sage and his parents is that seals have endless possibilities, he started learning about them after the Jiraiya's death and studied harder after he met the chakra construct of his father. Madara cried out as eight red tendrils of chakra shot out from his body and into the distance.

"Kit, those were the spirits of the bijuu that just came out, that Uchiha bastard is now nothing more than a hollow husk," said Kurama with satisfaction at finally taking down Madara.

"It's over for you," Naruto swung Madara around several times before tossing him into the air, he was about to prepare a Rasenshuriken to finish him off when he heard the Uchiha yell out.

"You little brat! You ruined my plans! If I'm going down then I'm dragging you down with me!" Madara started going handsigns very quickly then he began to glow brightly. Kurama's eyes widened upon realizing what he was about to do.

"Kit get out of there now! He using what's left of his chakra to turn himself into a bomb that will explode over a mile radius! You have to get a move on!" shouted Kurama.

Naruto was about to run when his six paths mode faded away and he was in his ragged orange jumpsuit, he struggled to his feet and started to run but it was that the exhaustion from his previous battles had finally taken effect.

"Kit at this rate, you won't be able to make it," said Kurama.

"Dammit, then what should we do Kurama?" asked Naruto while still running.

"Kit, I want you to listen to me carefully,"

Meanwhile, Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke who was healed by the pinkette were running across the battle towards where they last saw Naruto.

"Hurry, we must get to Naruto to help fight against Madara!" said Kakashi, then they heard an explosion and saw white energy spreading out.

"What was that?" asked Sakura worriedly.

"I don't know but I hope Naruto's okay," said Sasuke, then he saw someone approaching them and recognized who it was "Naruto?!"

"Hey guys," said Naruto with a sad smile which confused them.

"Why are you looking so down? Surely you were able to beat Madara right?" asked Kakashi.

"Yeah I did, but the truth is that I'm a shadow clone," hearing this put shock and fear in the hearts of the members of team 7.

"W-what happened to the original Naruto?" asked Sakura.

"After freeing the bijuu, the boss was about to finish Madara off when he used a jutsu to self-destruct in order to kill him. The boss was too tired to get away so Kurama performed a kenjutsu which would send the both of them to another dimension in order to escape the kamikaze attack," said the clone.

"Then surely you will be able to come back right?" asked Sasuke, but the clone looked away from them.

"The jutsu is a one way ticket, isn't it?" Kakashi only to receive a nod from the clone. Sakura started to cry as she realized that she would never see Naruto again, just when team 7 had finally reunited.

"That was when he created me and had transform into a kunai which he threw far away from the blast so that I'll meet you and say his goodbyes, as well as give you this scroll," the clone held out a scroll which Kakashi took with shaking hands.

"Who is it for?" asked a tearful Sakura.

"It's someone whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, only she can open it," said the clone, then he shook a bit "My time is almost up. Kakashi-sensei, Sasuke and Sakura-chan, I'm leaving Konoha in your hands now. Please protect it,"

"We will Naruto, and that is a promise of a lifetime," said Sasuke. Naruto smiled happily before disappearing in a puff of smoke, the remaining members of team 7 to walk back to the others to tell the sad news that their favorite blond will never be coming back.

Somewhere in a certain mountain, a large blue orb burst from the ground and hovered in the air then five smaller orbs colored red, blue, yellow, orange and green. Then they floated over to the large blue which started to glow.

"We must return to our master," said the blue orb with smaller ones glowing as if in agreement. Then they took off to the sky in a beam of white in search of their mysterious master.

This is Hussbek online with the first chapter of a new fiction. This is a Naruto/ Sonic the hedgehog crossover, it has been on my mind for a while now so I decided to put it up among the others. This is just the prologue and I hope you like it. I'm pretty sure a few of you know what those orbs are and those who don't know can guess what it is. Read and review like my other fics like always.

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