Adventures of the Orange Flash

Chapter 1: Touring the New World

"Kit, hey Kit wake up!" shouted Kurama.

Naruto groaned a bit as he opened his eyes before getting up to look around. He was currently standing in a sewer which he recognized to be his mindscape, where he often meets Kurama. He turned around to see a giant fox with rustic orange fur, long ears like a rabbit's and nine tails.

"Hey Kurama, so what's happening right now?" asked Naruto.

"We're currently floating in a void between dimensions and are on our way to one of them, but I don't know which one," said Kurama. There was silence in the mindscape until Naruto spoke up.

"Kurama, are you sure that there's no way for us to return?"

Kurama looked sad for a bit before he replied "I'm sorry kit, but the old man told me that if I or the other bijuu were to use the Trans dimensional jutsu, there's no chance of returning to our original dimension as there are many others for us to pinpoint,"

"Then I guess my dream of becoming Hokage won't come to past," said Naruto with tears building up in his eyes.

"I won't have any of that Naruto! Don't forget that it was you who united us bijuus, won the war and saved countless lives. That is far greater than any other Kage, and all of it was done by a ninja named Naruto Uzumaki, so quit it with the water works!"

Naruto looked at the fox in surprise before he wiped his eyes and smiled warmly at Kurama "Thanks Kurama, I guess I needed that,"

"Don't mention it kit, we're friends aren't we," asked Kurama to which Naruto nodded happily "Good, anyway there's something that I wanted to talk to you about?"

"Really, what's up?"

"I discovered something interesting, turns out that you have a Kekkei Genkai two to be exact,"

"What?! I have to Kekkei Genkais?!" shouted Naruto in confusion.

"Yes, the first one is called the Swift release which give you the ability to move at high speeds, you must have inherited it from your father which makes a lot of sense as he could move at such speeds even when not using the Hirashin kunais,"

"But then why couldn't I use it until now?"

"I don't but it must have activated when you merged your chakra with mine, that's the best explanation so far. The second is your Uzumaki blood, but that was active the whole time as it gives you high levels of stamina and the ability to heal quickly,"

"But I thought my ability to heal came from you?" asked Naruto.

"Not really, it was your Kekkei Genkai this whole time but you being my jinchurriki simply enhanced it to higher levels," said Kurama.

Naruto placed and hand on his chin with a thoughtful look on his face "So let me get this straight, I can move at high speeds like my dad and as well as take hits and heal like my mom," then he smirked "I sound so badass right now!"

Kurama simply sighed in exasperation before he chuckled softly "But I noticed something else, I sensed something infuse itself in your body some time ago, every time I try to locate it, it hides itself from me,"

"Is it harmful?"

"So far it hasn't done anything bad to your body, but the weird thing is that it had a bit of your chakra before it infused itself in you and I heard something like 'I have returned to you master," before I lost trace of it,"

"That sounds as if I met it before, but I don't remember being a master to anything. I guess we'll just have to wait and see,"

"Kit, you might wanna wake up. It seems like we've arrived, and just to let you know the Trans dimensional jutsu could have certain side effects on the user so let's just hope that it's not too bad,"

Naruto simply smiled and waved him off "Relax Kurama, it's not like I would look a fox that walks on two feet," then he disappeared to find out about this new world that they're in.

Naruto opened his eyes and there first thing he saw were blue skies, then he slowly got and looked around to find himself standing in a lush forest with animals running around.

"Wow this place is beautiful," Naruto raised his hand to scratch the back of his head only to notice that his arm was covered with orange fur, then he felt something waving behind him and turned to see nine tails wagging "What the heck?!" seeing a nearby stream, he quickly ran over to look at his reflection. There he saw an anthropomorphic fox with black whisker marks and his hands were possessing claws that retract and come out upon his command.

"I guess that this could be the side effect," said Kurama from within the mindscape.

"What do we do now Kurama, I can't go around looking like this! Who knows what kind of reaction we would get if someone sees us like this!"

"Kit calm down, we'll know what to do when the time comes, I have noticed that your chakra system has been seriously strained due to the constant battle without rest. So I'd advise that you don't use high leveled jutsus, sage mode, Chakra mode and even your Rasengan and shadow clones,"

"You mean none at all?" asked Naruto.

"Well you can use the Rasengan at half its power which is without a shadow clone and you create no more than five shadow clones. That's how much your chakra system can currently handle while I fix it,"

"Got it Kurama, so only quick Rasengan and five clones are my limit. Now let's check my inventory," Naruto looked at his forearm and was relieved to see a seal which is a storage seal to keep his tools and other items. He bit his thumb and swiped a blood on the seal to release the items as they lay on the floor for him to look. So far he has a stack of explosive tags, a hundred kunai and shuriken each, empty scrolls, a brush and ink for drawing seals, and a couple of his father's Hirashin kunai.

"I remembered to pack all the necessary tools but I forgot to pack a change of clothes," Naruto muttered in annoyance.

"And this is why everyone calls you an idiot!" said Kurama while laughing, Naruto's eyes twitched.

"Stop laughing and let's get a move on!" Naruto sealed the items back in the storage seal but then he noticed a tattoo in the shape of an azure dragon on his other forearm "I wonder what this is, could I have something to do with whatever infused itself with my body?" he shrugged his shoulders and started walk through the forest.

Along the way, Naruto came across something that caught his interest. It was several golden rings that were floating just a few inches above the ground. He walked over and cautiously picked one of it up to observe closely, he could sense a slight pulse of energy from it.

"What do you think of this Kurama?" asked Naruto.

"I don't know but I think you should gather more of them, maybe you can trade them for the currency in order to buy the things we need," said Kurama.

Naruto nodded in affirmation, then he took out the brush and ink to draw a storage seal on his palm, then he grabbed the rings that disappeared into the seal.

"How about I try out my dad's Swift release as well as get myself back in shape?" said Naruto, receiving a grunt from the fox. Then he crouched low before taking off leaving a small crater at where his feet were.

Music Start: Sonic Generations OST; Green Hill (Modern)

Naruto was tearing through the forest a speeds which he had never gone before outside the Tailed beast chakra mode which even surprised Kurama himself.

"Whoa this Kekkei Genkai totally rocks, dad must have had a lot of fun running circles around his enemies all day!" shouted Naruto excitedly. "Hey, what's that up ahead?" Naruto a flat panel with endless treadmills on the ground. When Naruto stepped on it, he felt himself thrown forward with a small burst of speed "Whoa, I guess that boosts my running speed for a short time," he kept on running until he came across a cliff face. Smirking slightly, he started running up the wall without applying chakra to his feet and soon felt himself slow down until he saw more of those flat panels which he now calls dash panels, he ran on them to regain the speed lost and kept on going till he reached the top.

Naruto ran along the edge of the cliff and there was a gap between it and another cliff "I doubt that I can jump that far," then he saw a metal ring with a glowing inner rim with three plates showing arrows pointing into them. Without thinking, he jump high into the air and through ring and felt himself launched further until he landed on the other side "And that would be the aerial version of the dash panels.

He found himself in a craggy area with two mountains on both sides, Naruto was vaulting over the rocky obstacles and soon came upon a ledge too high for him to reach and no dash panels to help him out "Now how do I get up there?"

"Hey kit, follow those trails of rings," said Kurama who was looking through his eyes the whole time. Naruto followed the trail and came upon a red platform with a blue circle and yellow star in the center, and he could see a grey spring underneath it. Naruto looked up to see more of them placed in different areas and got the idea, then he stepped on the first one which bounced him into the air to another one and continued to do so until he reached the top. He started running downhill and heard rumbling from and looked behind to see large boulders rolling behind him "Whoa, a rockslide!" He ran faster with the rocks getting closer, then he saw a spring to his left and quickly jumped at it and bounced into the air and away from the rockslide.

"Phew, that was a close one!" said Naruto wiping sweat off his eyebrow.

"You were lucky kit, if you hadn't used those springs to get away, you would have gotten crushed by those boulders," said Kurama "Now get going, we should be close to a town or city from what I'm sensing,"

"Okay furball, I got it," Naruto took off again, not before hearing Kurama grumble about being called a furball.

Music End

Along the way, Naruto was getting used to the Swift release and even created a few moves with it. Then he finally skidded to a stop in front of a cliff which was overlooking a city next to the ocean with boats floating through canals within it, Naruto also saw people walking on the streets wearing clothes that are different from the ones that the civilians from his own dimension wear.

"Wow, this place looks so beautiful and it's close to the sea. It kinda reminds me of the land of Waves, don't you think so Kurama?" asked Naruto as he enjoyed the view.

"I have to admit it Kit, it certainly does. Now you should go and gather information so that we can find out where exactly we are and how things are done in this dimension," said Kurama.

"Sir, yes sir," said Naruto with a mock salute, then he jumped off the cliff and skidded down the wall until he reached the bottom and walked towards the city.

As he walked along the streets, he noticed people were giving him looks but was surprised that he didn't sense any trace of negative emotions with his sensory abilities that he got from Kurama. "Hey fox, you have any idea why they're looking at me like that, I thought they would be disgusted with the way I look,"

"I think it might have to do with the fact that you just walked into the city, wearing clothes that make you look like you just came out of a warzone?" said Kurama.

Naruto looked at himself and realized that his favorite orange and black jumpsuit are so ragged that they made him look like a hobo "You're right, I'd better head to a clothing store and buy some clothes. I hope they have some with orange there," After asking for some directions from the citizens, Naruto was able to locate a store that sells clothes and entered it.

"Hello there, how may I help you?" asked a man who standing behind a counter.

"Hello sir, I was hoping to buy some clothes here since my old ones are much too ragged," said Naruto.

"Of course, feel to browse through our collection and when you're done, you can complete your purchase here with rings,"

"I guess those rings are a form of currency around here, it's a good thing that you collected a lot on the way here," said Kurama with Naruto nodding in agreement.

After looking through the clothes, Naruto came wearing an orange and black flak jacket with multiple pockets and a hoodie with the zipper open, black cargo shorts with red flames and orange high top sneakers with dragon designs on it. Naruto was able to salvage some stuff from his old clothes which were his headband, ninja pouch and his kunai holster which he wore with his new clothes. Naruto headed back to the counter and paid for the clothes which was a cost of 500 rings before he left walk around the city.

He walked by a shop and saw a brochure that caught his interest "Maybe this will give us some information," He took one and read it for a while. He read that he was in a city called Soleanna which is a constitutional monarchy with an economy dominated by tourism and precision machinery, they worship a sun god who goes by the name Solaris. The brochure also states that the city falls under the rule of Princess Elise.

"Hey Kurama, it also says that there's an event called the 'Soleanna Sun Festival where the citizens give their thanks to the sun by honoring the sun god Solaris, and it's going to be held tonight plus the princess will be there as the main attraction. Think we can hang around and see it?" asked Naruto mentally.

"Well since you humans celebrate an event once every year, I don't see any harm in it," said Kurama.

"Come on buddy, what could possibly happen?" said Naruto with laugh, what he didn't was that he was in himself into the craziest adventure with certain people whom he'll form a bond that will last a lifetime.

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