I have been having some questions or concerns that I haven't answered yet, so here are the answers to those concerns and questions that reviewers might of had. I hope these are good enough answers for you, but if they aren't, please PM me for more information. I am not against answering questions and concerns for the story or more.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia.


Guest: Did America give birth to some of his states? If so, could you make Germany the other father?

Yes, America did give birth to most of his state, so Germany will be the father of some of his states. Though, the states like Texas, will not be.
Also, I am counting this as a point for the Germany x America team!

Guest: When are you actually going to start this story? It sounds very exciting. Please put Germany and America together.

I will start by the 11th of May, that's the deadline for all the pairings and oc states. Any state that hadn't been filled in will be created by me. I am happy that you are excited for the story to start, and I have to agree since this will be the first story I will be putting out for the public to read. Please be patient though, since I have very high standards for myself and it will take some time for me to start on the intro. I tend to be very harsh on myself.

Guest: Thanks for the update. Can you please put Germany and America together please? There is not enough GERMERICA pairings in fanfiction. GERMERICA

To put your mind at ease, Germany x America are in the lead for pairings for America. So unless another pairing for America takes the lead, it looks like it might just win. Though, with the popularity of Russia x America, there is a big chance of a tie. But, it's all up to the outcome of the votes. I did vote for the pairings if that makes you feel any better?

Guest: This is just a suggestion. Not everyone has to be shipped. In fact some people might be put off by this.

Thanks for the suggestion! And, thinking about it, I guess I did go overboard with all the shipping and pairings. The states will no longer be up to be paired. And, I might shave off some country pairings in case that isn't enough. It will definitely going to make it easier on me when I am counting all the votes for pairings.

LucediDo: For some reason it won't let me write a review from my account. So instead I write it like this now. First: The chapter with the states is gone. Chapter 1 and 2 are identical - the chapter with the votes. You might want to correct that, so people can see which states are still Free. Second: I vote for Pennsylvania x Virginia. (And FrUK!) Third: I am not completely satisfied with my character, so I might send you a PM with a more detailed description of Virginia in the next few days.

Thanks for pointing that out to me, LucediDo. I didn't notice that the list of states were gone, and I am sorry for that. I will fix it whenever I am babysitting (I am doing this in the middle of math class right now, so there is only so much I can do right now). For your second, I will no longer be accepting state pairings, and it was explained. And, for your third, I will be updating the biographies, so I will be fixing that for you today, since I took my ADHD medicine today (finally).

FlyingMintBunny: Can there be a threesome?

Yes, threesomes are allowed as long as no one who are considered siblings are put in those threesomes.

fluffnights: Can you make more than one?

Yes, you can make more than one state OC. :)