The Things I Wish I'd Said

A Moment

** This chapter is written from the point of view of none other than Tamaki himself**

Ava and I were in the same class, and unlike her I didn't study nearly enough to make the grades my father and grandmother expected of me. I just get caught up in the theatrics of making the host club successful. I was given a gift- beauty and charm, and it's a shame that it's not in my future to use it.


Ava dropped her textbook in front of me, the noise echoing through my bedroom. I gave her a sheepish smile as I sat up. "Sorry about that."

She rolled her eyes and my heart sputtered in my chest. Her face was so cute and expressive. "Tamaki, the exam is in three days. Please study with me. If you keep dozing off, we'll never finish."

I laughed at her pertain expression and stretched my arms over my head. "How about a break?"

"A break," she blinked, "You've been sleeping!"

"Ah, but you haven't had a break yet, princess. You're going to get stuck like that if you don't take one soon. Then you'll be all crouched over that dingy calculus book the rest of your life and that's no way for a lady to be!" I flashed her a charming smile as I tossed the book over my shoulder in a flourish.

"Tamaki!" Ava scurried to rescue the tome.

"Aw, come on, Ava. Ten minutes."

She set the book back on the table, "You promise?"

I jumped from my seat, spinning her around with me, "I knew I'd win you over!"

The brunette pulled out of my arms, clearly flustered. It was strange the way making her blush was different than the way it was for the girls who came to the club.

I fell silent watching her stack her belongings properly on my desk before meandering around looking at my room. I was nervous as she peered at the pictures and belongings I had displayed. I'd never had anyone like her in my life. Sure, the host club had come but they didn't see through me the same way she did. Ava was special, she didn't fall for my charms but she liked me anyway. She didn't comment on everything or ask questions she didn't really want an answer to. She was reserved but so free that I didn't understand her in the least. I suppose that's why I was drawn to her in the first place.

"You have seven minutes left, Suoh." She winked at me with a smile and sat on the edge of my bed.

My entire body ignited in a furious blush. She was so pretty it was almost painful to watch her.

I mumbled an excuse and shut my door behind me breathing deeply as I walked down the hallway.

When I returned, Ava was stretched out on my bed, eyes closed and arms above her head. A ripple ran through my body. Her back arched slightly from the bed, her entire figure elongating as she stretched. She then turned to her side with a sigh of a breath. "Ava?"


"I think seven minutes is passed."

She smiled, eyes still closed. "I'll allow five more."

I watched her breath in and out unsure of how to continue. She was beautiful. She was… I didn't know exactly how to describe her. My breath hitched when she stood and walked towards me rubbing at her eyes sleepily. Every step she took closer to me made my heart speed up. I wanted her to stop in front of me, wanted her to look up at me, I almost reached out for her as she passed. She picked up her books and proceeded back to the bed.

She smiled at me happily from there. "Let's study here. I've never studied anywhere but a desk. Maybe it'll be more fun."

I returned the smile, the words to describe her suddenly filling all of me. She was perfect, and I wanted nothing more in that moment for her to be mine.