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Hot Potato

'It's not your time yet!' A voice… Judy? I drifted upwards, lifted by some omnipotent power. Or maybe just Judy.

Paws on the ground. It was time to focus on the next task. We moved on to the next stage, grateful that we had emerged safe and sound.

'Well, well, well. How interesting. The two valiant heroes, defeating the obstacles. I guess it's time to unveil the next stage of the plan, eh? So here's how it goes… razor sharp blades? Check. Night Howler? Check. Here's one piece of advice: stay alert. Good luck.' The … voice had a light hearted tinge to its voice, as if watching our deaths was akin to just another reality TV show like Survivor. I grinded my canines. I would not allow myself to be hit by one of those accursed blades.


A blade embedded itself on the ground between me and Judy. It was stainless steel, able to give a clean cut to its victim, whether a vegetable or a sentient being.


Another one thudded on the floor, clearly a bad shot. It was well-worn, clearly not sharp enough to cause a laceration.

Judy hopped around me, trying to deflect as many as she could with her sling bag, letting centrifugal force do the work for her. 'What am I doing… I can't just let her get hurt for me. 'Whipping out a blade, I fashioned a shield of sorts, made of used up ration cans. The blades came harder. Faster.


A section of the metal wall collapsed, unleashing the lava from the previous rooms. I sighed. 'Oh great. Not only we have to deal with these sharp blades, we have molten lava to deal with now. Marvellous work, Carrots.' Judy uttered a single word. 'Focus.' She continued deflecting the sharp blades.

All of a sudden, hot potatoes began to emerge, albeit on fire from the lava. 'Oops! Kind of switched on the food processor left by the humans. I'm sorry.' The voice… innocent sounding yet taunting at the same time.

The lava suddenly turned a darker shade of red, shimmering in an hostile way, inching closer… and closer… before receding.

The ground rumbled, as a suction system began vacuuming out the hot stuff while the knives began to decrease in the number. Hot exploded spuds were in numerous places: The ceiling, the floor, the poster in the background… wait. A poster? 'Ah, damn it. I've run out of ammunition. Might as well let you two die later.' It was nonchalant, as if it knew of something we did not. I walked closer to the poster, Judy following along to see what had intrigued me.

It was old, edges crumbling, caked with dust and had a yellowish tinge to it like a well-worn novel. It had a musty smell; containing secrets of times past. It stated: 'Decontamination room…' There was a tear in the poster. 'antechamber… reactor room… boiler room…' It was placed next to a map of this… 'Fallout facility?' I scrutinised the text, hoping to dig out a clue of what it meant. 'Built in 2050… before the Great War… nuclear warfare…2077…' 'Holy shit…' I whispered to myself. 'Animal testing… 2150… sentience… 2200… observation of Zootopia… commenced on 2300… 'I stood awestruck. All this time… our ancestors had been… observed? We were… just merely another experiment to this species. I seethed. Who were 'they' to play God? How could they… not care about our feelings, our hopes, our dreams… and use us as some test subject? And the voice… did it belong to one of them? That would explain everything… this was… just yet another experiment to test our ingenuity, without caring for the death of a life... our lives.

'So you found that poster… well done. Sadly, I've to disappoint by saying that I am not a Homo Sapien Sapien, or however you say it. I am a Canis Lupus Familiaris…' A sharp intake of breath was heard from Judy. 'Canis Lupus…Familiaris… domesticated… wolf?' Judy hissed. I blanked out, not understanding her words. 'Judy…' I was interrupted by the outburst that followed. 'You… learned their ways… you maniac… you. Are. No. Mammal. You… are a traitor.' The voice simply hummed away, whistling. 'Keep on speaking. I've heard all this and more. You think you can change me like you did to Nick? Well, dream on, lady. It's been nice playing with toys like you two… so durable. But I'm afraid it's time for the finale.' The walls tore themselves up… revealing the final trial.

A bloody open space unveiled itself ahead of us. Words… written in blood, some still dripping bit by bit onto the floor. The signs of mammal misery on the walls. Skulls… all over the floor, a clear depiction of a very possible fate. Carcasses… draping the floor like a tablecloth sent from Hades. And in front of us… a huge death trap. A machine of steel and blood. Red glowing mechanical eyes. Razor sharp blades of diamond as claws. Nine tails, all acting as whips to torture the selected victim that was unfortunate enough to be chosen. 'Ah… welcome to my domain.' The voice called out, louder this time. 'You might have noticed the unfortunate décor, but I don't really have the time to clean up, you know?' 'So now… let us see… we have Nicholas Piberius Wilde on the point to be turned savage, eh? Usually I just get some wild canines to kill my victim, but this time you came a pair. Perfect entertainment, eh?' Judy by this point was turning green, looking ready to puke at the sight of the gore, but she managed to hold it in, whilst spitting her statement with venom. 'You… are the real savage here, killing animals and enjoying it like the sadomasochistic bastard you are.' I kept quiet, knowing Judy didn't usually curse like this. The machine's eyes simply turned to look at her, with a hint of satisfaction in its eyes. 'We shall see… young doe.' Before I could duck, a pellet, possibly the same one Bellweather had utilised, cracked and split open on the back of my neck. The serum… soaking into my fur… the blood on my face… vision… turning… red.

Then it all went blank.

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