Private Counsel Gotham fanfiction chapter 2

A/n: I had no idea Bruce would end up having a conversation with Capt. Nathaniel Barnes before the episode INTO THE WOODS aired. I was surprised to say the least. Either it was pure happenstance or the writers of the show are reading fanfiction.

Bruce never thought that he would be walking into a police station alongside Alfred, who was clearly arrested more than once by the GCPD. Having been close enough to hear Alfred's murmurings, he heard something along the lines of 'At least I didn't get tasered this time.', which almost made him laugh until he was led into the office of Captain Nathaniel Barnes.

"Bruce Wayne, I'm Captain Nathaniel Barnes. I wish we could have met under better circumstances. Have a seat."

With everything that happened in the hospital with the gunman being slain rather violently by Karen, Bruce felt very restless. "I think I'll stand for now, Captain Barnes. Where is Karen Jennings?"

"Right now, she is being detained in a separate cell due to her rather unusual condition and because she cut a man's throat to the point of near decapitation. I'm not about to put her in a cell with other people who could very well become another notch on her belt. Apart from that, I want to know is why you, Mr. Pennyworth and Ms. Jennings were trespassing on private property and your relation to Ms. Jennings."

Bruce huffed out a frustrated sigh while gathering his thoughts together. The more he thought of it, the more he saw that there was nothing in what he was doing to incriminate him or Alfred.

At least what he was planning to tell Captain Barnes.

"I was trying to learn more about my parents; who they were, what they were doing and what led to their murder. I looked into some of my father's activities and it led me to finding Karen. My father, he was a caretaker of sorts for her. She mentioned a hospital that she was kept at and we went there, hoping to find answers. Instead, we wound up here."

Captain Barnes looked him over with a look of sympathy that did not last long. "The case of your parents' murder is closed. Even if it was still open, would finding anything bring your mother and father back to you?"

"No. It would not." Bruce admitted out loud. "It would have helped me find out who ordered the death of my parents and why."

"It's a tragedy that your parents are gone but you are still alive and there are still people here, even in this city, who care about you."

"Are you going to charge me with trespassing or Alfred with possession of a licensed firearm?" Bruce asked evasively.

A knock on the door caught their attention. "Enter." Barnes ordered before one of the GCPD Strike Force officers entered with a file in hand. "The file on Karen Jennings."

"Thank you, officer Reyes. Dismissed." Barnes replied. before looking over the file of Karen Jennings for a moment.

"There's nothing to charge you with since you did nothing to warrant any arrest other than wandering around someplace you should not be wandering around. As for Mr. Pennyworth, he ought to be glad he did not shoot any of the police officers who arrived at the hospital." Barnes answered before a question immediately rose in his mind. "What are you really looking for, Bruce?"

"The truth about what happened to my parents and what they were hiding from me."

In his time as a Marine and as a cop, Captain Barnes had seen the look in a man's eye when he's been in the thick of it for too long and the look of someone who was broken from traumatic events.

What he saw in Bruce's eyes was beyond anything he had ever seen.

"You still have a life of your own. Do not squander it." Barnes spoke.

"I don't plan to, Captain." Bruce answered.

A/n: OK. This is what I could come up with in regards to Captain Barnes & Bruce Wayne. How did it come out? I hope they did not come off as OOC (out of character).